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  1. Here are some achievement guides that I found useful. I figured they would be useful or until someone creates a Playstation version trophy guide note there are fewer trophies than achievements but all the ones you need to worry about are all there. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=722148709 credit to Steam user Ponkberry https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Slime-Rancher/achievements unsure as who to credit for this one Remember to have fun.
  2. Just got the Plat. it was very easy. 90% of trophies will just come naturally. only three that were slightly hard was hat trick (just do the 7Zee Rewards Club in your house till you get a passive that will have gold slimes give 3 at once), Rush Plortmaster ( i suggest looking up a couple guide and see what they did and the tricks they used before trying) I managed to get it my first try with honey and boom slime combos. ended with 90,000 and needed 75,000 (its money overall earned so you can spend to buy upgrades. not sure if there is a in game total tracker.
  3. July 18 2018 and it still exists. I am going through this now and i really hate bugged trophies.
  4. I lost it laughing my ass off. other videos say to shoot straight up. so i went to try the way in the video you shared and i completely missed the island and got it. thank you so much.
  5. SO i have followed guides, i have tried about 20 times with each of the 4 animals. I landed on every different spot of the floating island i can see, wont unlock, i have tried rebooting ps4, the app, i have tried deleting and reinstalling the game (digital version) and have even gonna as far to try on an alternate account and it still wont unlock. yet i see others able to get it no problem. What am i doing wrong? im using the cannon near the island, the others seems too far to even work at max power
  6. Red dead redemption for ps3
  7. While i enjoyed the game the thunder strike puzzle is locking me out of the game. i have spent many hours following all the guides and warnings and tips to get it to activate. I even went as far as starting two new playthroughs and still the same. So fair warning to those who want to platinum the game. Its doable just doesnt always work. the last thing i was not able to try was deleting the game and re downloading because I was playing on psnow and you cant do that.
  8. Doesn't looks like they fixed it at all.
  9. yes. I followed what you said and had the 50th raider attack when i woke up and went to check. so thats probably about 22 raider attacks in 8 to 10 hours since i had 22 the night before. got the plat!
  10. hmmm, I am also one that has not had any problem aiming, maybe it depends on the weapons? i use bows and sniper rifle and can land headshots quite easy. my there is some sort of aim assist option I dont know about? but driving is horrible
  11. nice job. its my last trophy and i have 28 raider attacks. I followed your instructions and now will leave it on overnight and hopefully ill get it.
  12. Oh yeah duh, lol. i was blind to that. ill edit my TC and fix it I am unsure about that. its a good question.
  13. the only thing I did different when properly timeskipping was forgetting to disconnect. you said earlier that "i could just turn off update clock via internet, no need to turn the actual network off" but turning the network off does the same thing. As long as i turn it back off next time i start up the app and correct the date. So yes it had to do with the internet and is why i was trying to warn people. to learn from my mistake of not doing it right, and is the reason i made this thread.
  14. what happened for me was dwellers out exploring the wastes would get nothing, they would not battle or collect anything. Tried restarting the app. tried bringing them home and sending them back out. The other problem is days would not progress. no daily evaluations. I think i may have confused people by saying i was locked out of objectives. That was incorrect. I meant that i can no longer skip ones that are too hard or annoying. if i want to skip them it costs more and more quantum. so technically im not locked out, just heavily slowed down. sorry for the confusion but i still stand by not doing what I did.
  15. Remember, if you time skip ALWAYS, ALWAYS TURN OFF network > connect to internet box.EDIT: ( i have been informed by a lovely person that you can uncheck the update clock via internet option) I made that mistake and its gonna lock me out of getting 100 objectives done, and i was pretty close too. so to all of you learn from my mistakes. Ill have to start over to get that one and I only have myself to blame for not reading up more about it. To anyone else feel free to share any mishaps you have performed so that others may avoid this. Maybe have this as a tips thread if there isnt already one. If there is please disregard and happy gaming to you. Edit: I think i may have confused people by saying i was locked out of objectives. That was incorrect. I meant that i can no longer skip ones that are too hard or annoying. if i want to skip them it costs more and more quantum. I didnt go back in time if anyone is wondering.