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  1. Simon's bowblade was made for the defiled chalice in my opinion lol
  2. Bloodborne was not as difficult as this
  3. Lol you got good Lol the wolf ring farming is not as tedious. Just farm those ghrul dudes lurking all about farron perimeter for the swordgrass
  4. With a lot of souls it's possible. However, the covenants are still impossible to grind without a lot of time wasting
  5. Not as hard as dark souls 3 but definitely tougher than bloodborne. If you however add all the other dlc trophies then you are looking at the toughest soulsborne-like game ever created that's more difficult than each soulsborne
  6. I would suggest fighting 100 eyes for now. Since you just finished way of the samurai, marobashi and the other nioh missions are completely out of your league. Now will also be a good time to start a build. Red demon or kingo set would be excellent for way of the strong. Once you get a set you'll be smashing onryoki in that great hunting mission in kinki region which pays way more than marobashi mission back in way of the samurai
  7. Ahhh kos! Or some say kosm, do you hear our prayers? As you once did for the vacuous Rom. Grant us eyes, Grant us eyes
  8. Ahhhh kos or some say kosm, do you hear our prayers!
  9. All weapons you find start off at the basic level. There is no reverting whatsoever as the weapons are duds with their potentials locked away in the blood gems
  10. Lol ptumerian descendant no way lol I also had it rough but then I started using the pillars. Haven't gotten to darkpaarled beast in lower loran yet do lol
  11. I used Simon's bowblade and stayed the hell away from her. I chessed her with my arrow
  12. The twilight missions man. Not the one from the dlc but the ones in the base game. You are obviously missing one
  13. Being a pro physical edition gamer. I naturally ordered the complete edition from the Philippines on eBay. The complete edition with all dlcs was released for only Asia and Japan as a physical disc. While it was only released as an online download in the west
  14. Assassins creed odyssey
  15. Nioh platinum trophy You are Nioh!!!!