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  1. Hello everyone I don't mind getting more friends for my Vita I usually play more on my PS3 with others but I do have a couple of games with co-op for my Vita. I play mostly RPGs and FPS but I like almost every tipe of game. Add me if you so desired my PSN:Zerefe1984
  2. I had a nostalgic moment wend reading some of your posts since I played most of the games that were mentioned here (unfortunately not all of them), this was a difficult task choosing only the best 3 out of God knows how many rpgs I have played in my life. 1- Xenogears 2- Final Fantasy VI 3- Vandal Hearts This are the one that stuck with me the most.
  3. Hey everyone, looking for people to play and have a good time. I play most rpgs and FPS, I have quite a few games ( not all of them are on my profile, just to let you know) since I lost my password to my old account. (life happens)😢😢 I'm an achievement hunter so I appreciate people that have the same games has me but everyone is welcome. PSN :Zerefe1984 PS Sistems :PS3 and Vita (hopefully PS4 one day) Accept Blank Request: I don't have a problem. Tks for reading this.
  4. Hello everyone, I just got Tales of Hearts R. (Still need to start at some point.)😢
  5. Hello everyone, If anyone is still playing and doing this trophy or just want to help a fellow gamer send me a friend request PSN:Zerefe1984, if you are interested I have other games has well. Happy gaming everyone.