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  1. After reading what many people are trying to do to get the online pass and the DLC's for this game I saw that most of the solutions was buy the digital version of the game on the psn store (I have the fisical version of the game) so I dicided to go and look at the store how much the game was and it said 20€ and this is not the goty edition, scrolling down a bit you will see the bundle with the online pass inside for the game and all the DLC's has well. Hope this helps some people. By the way this is on the Portuguese store don't know about the other in Europe or other continents leave a comment below if it is different in your country. (I advise you not to do a background download it occurs an error) Just to let everyone know that even if you pass has expired like mine naughty dog will be giving you a new one if you get the bundle, it works fine I just confirm it.. *This does not include the dlc left behind.
  2. Everything was in there besides the left behind dlc I do believe is because it is being sold separately at 10€ but I'll get in a couple of days once I get paid.
  3. I have bought the Ellie Edition wend it came out and the game comes with a pass I never play it online on my first PlayStation account and wend I play it yesterday it ask for it and a map that I could download it for free, I try to download through out the game and I couldn't so I went to the store and downloaded the bundle and it did not ask me for the maps or the pass again. This is what happened to me and I cannot answer the who's or the what's and I know some people cannot play due to the pass, this end up working for me.
  4. It came included with the rest since alot of people with everything else so it should be for everyone that's what I'm trying to say sorry if its a bit confusing.
  5. Hello everyone I don't mind getting more friends for my Vita I usually play more on my PS3 with others but I do have a couple of games with co-op for my Vita. I play mostly RPGs and FPS but I like almost every tipe of game. Add me if you so desired my PSN:Zerefe1984
  6. I had a nostalgic moment wend reading some of your posts since I played most of the games that were mentioned here (unfortunately not all of them), this was a difficult task choosing only the best 3 out of God knows how many rpgs I have played in my life. 1- Xenogears 2- Final Fantasy VI 3- Vandal Hearts This are the one that stuck with me the most.
  7. Hey everyone, looking for people to play and have a good time. I play most rpgs and FPS, I have quite a few games ( not all of them are on my profile, just to let you know) since I lost my password to my old account. (life happens)😢😢 I'm an achievement hunter so I appreciate people that have the same games has me but everyone is welcome. PSN :Zerefe1984 PS Sistems :PS3 and Vita (hopefully PS4 one day) Accept Blank Request: I don't have a problem. Tks for reading this.
  8. Hello everyone, I just got Tales of Hearts R. (Still need to start at some point.)😢
  9. Hello everyone, If anyone is still playing and doing this trophy or just want to help a fellow gamer send me a friend request PSN:Zerefe1984, if you are interested I have other games has well. Happy gaming everyone.