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  1. What's the point in sharing knowledge if people prefer to stay blind to the truth?
  2. Exactly what I expected. Over here in the EU it's even more expensive (with the current discount): it's over €50. I'll wait until it hits €30 or lower, at least! Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  3. If you believe he was out to instigate anger and frustration, you're paranoid or delusional, whatever you want to call it. He said nothing wrong, and I would've said the same thing in his place, after witnessing how you people are acting like the Apocalypse is upon us. You have a right to demand a finished and polished product as a consumer. I do not defend Hangar 13 in this issue. Never said it's not disgraceful to release a game in this state. However, I can not take you seriously anymore when you start freaking out this much over a damn trophy, or claiming I am against consumer rights. (smh) i'd count my blessings if I was you and be happy I got hold of a free copy, instead of having to pay full price. Point number two: they can't revoke your license. You got the game for free through legitimate means, you should have a digital receipt of the "purchase" which counts as a legal document of a valid transaction. Sony fucked up in that regard, you own the game. Yes. You got me, dead to rights. I'm out to divide you all and create a rift in this community, which will have repercussions for countless decades. Grab yer torches and yer pitchforks! Good God, you've gone off the deep end. That patch for Island Saver must've been a very simple hotfix or a patch which has been in their queue system before launch. ---- I don't think you all know just how developing and submitting a patch really works. Let me give you a quick rundown of the process: Countless people submit bugs and glitches over at their support department. The support team forwards those to their QA team. Those have to reproduce the bug in their current builds, to know what the actual hell is going wrong. When they were able to reproduce it, they put the appropriate dev team members on it to fix it. This happens for hundreds of issues being reported, alright? All being handled by the same employees, because keep in mind: not everyone is qualified to handle all these bugs. Not to mention some bugs are fixed quicker than others. Then they test the builds, to see if the issues reported are fixed, if those do not cause new ones (models glitching, animations going nuts, things popping in and out, etc) and if the fixes for all issues combined do not conflict with one another. You don't want a hundred patches for every single individual issue, right? You want one patch which fixes everything reported at that time. When all that work is done, they prepare their patch release submission and forward the new build (which optimizes the software and fixes bugs/glitches mentioned in their patch notes) to Sony, which takes days or weeks even, depending on the number of anomalies addressed. There are thousands of games out, so there are other patches being submitted as well; a new build ends up in a queue. Once you move up in that queue to first place, Sony performs testing of the patch, e.g. checking if the patch doesn't brick PlayStation consoles. As soon as Sony greenlights the patch, it gets pushed to users. Small process, huh? Yes. Mafia II: Definitive Edition is full of framedrops, audio issues, bugs and trophies acting up or not popping. A shameful build for a remaster of a 2010 game. But hey, they can fix all that in just 48 hours, right? Of course they can. Not to mention developers aren't human beings, they wouldn't need to eat or sleep in between or have weekends, haha. The mere notion of it is complete folly. I was hoping for one serious reply. Just someone who is able to put everything into perspective and call for some common sense. Was that in vain, or what. I'm serious about this: some of you are badly informed - or just not informed at all, lol - and cry about the tiniest thing every single minute until a patch has been rolled out. It's like you want everything and you want it right now without any regard for realistic expectations. Instant gratification. Before I get another disingenuous reply saying I defend this build of Mafia II, I'm going to repeat it one last time, and I hope your minds can actually process the sentences I put down here: no, this game should've been working properly from the start and anything they do to fix it is too little, too late. The damage is done, and it's a poor remaster. But we're in this mess now, and all you can do, is wait until the patch is being rolled out to consumers. And no amount of complaining or incessant whining is going to make time flow quicker, make people work even harder, and make the queue over at Sony advance faster. I'd expect a mature and decent reply from some people over here on my answer. But after having witnessed the strangest, mind-boggling comments on just one reply of mine, ranging from falsely accusing me of stupidly defending a game company to claiming I want to split this community, I fear that's wishful thinking on my part.
  4. I think I already know the answer, but is Modern Warfare worth it for the campaign mainly, at this current price? I'd only play the multiplayer occasionally, I prefer singleplayer campaigns.
  5. Unfortunately, they do need approval of Sony, and it is a necessary step. And the remaster is pretty weak in terms of technicality, I will agree to that. But complaints and frustrations set aside: those will not help get the patch rolled out any quicker. You'll have to just be patient and play/do something else in the meantime. That all being said: this is a much more proper reply than the one you gave that one guy for telling everyone to calm down. What do you win by telling someone to "go away, man", when he never even said anything wrong to begin with? I thought your reaction was really exaggerated.
  6. If you are absolutely serious about Ratchet & Clank being the worst (WTF) PS4 game you have ever played, then count yourself lucky you haven't played any actual bad games. I'd happily play this one any day over some of the actual genuine crap I've had to sift through over the years. I thought Ratchet & Clank was just fine. Nothing groundbreaking, but still had a lot of fun with it. And yes, I played the original games too.
  7. This is really pushing my buttons. Not the broken trophy - which they will most definitely fix - but the reaction of some people around here. Releasing a patch takes time, it's a process where Sony is also involved in and needs to approve the submitted patch before it gets pushed through to users and owners. Which also takes up some time, because the process is slow and arduous. Should this have worked from the beginning, at launch? Yes. Is the Definitive Edition a lazy remaster? Absolutely, the technical side of the game is a mess. But Jesus Christ. Are you people really losing your actual minds over the fact that you can't get your precious little platinum trophy right now? It's almost as if your lives depend on it. In the greater scheme of things, it is just that: a stupid virtual achievement which will get fixed. If you are this upset over a trophy, you should set your damn priorities straight in your life, or seek some goddamn help. It baffles me to see just how triggered some people are over this, just because someone tried to be the voice of reason and asked to stay calm.
  8. Practice. That's key. Stick to a route you're comfortable with, and then just keep going, keep shaving off a few seconds here and there until you nail it. Here's my run which I posted on my Twitter channel a few months ago: Two things really matter: taking out a few clusters of enemies with grenades, and keeping momentum in the air and on the walls. As you notice, that's when your speed peaks and what will help you bag that trophy. Try to stay off the ground for most of your run. Check out my run, hope it's of any help, keep practicing and I'm confident you will get it eventually. Good luck!
  9. Agony. At least the title was accurate.
  10. Worth playing? yes. Worth playing as a stand-alone game at the current retail price? No, it's a lazy remaster and full of technical flaws which they still need to iron out with a patch. Worth playing as part of the Mafia Trilogy? Yes. Conclusion: get the Mafia Trilogy if you can.
  11. Anyone have any idea when the free offer goes live today? Edit: it's live, just checked it. The regular edition doesn't show up in my search results on the store (Belgium), so you need to either check it on the webstore, or access it through one of the DLC packs by clicking the "game page" option on your PS4 system. Kind of scummy that the regular edition isn't viewable in the results, you only get to see the Gold Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition. It's as if they want to force people to buy the more expensive ones.
  12. The Mafia Trilogy? Most likely, assuming the remake will be good: yes. This one separately, at this price? Hell no.
  13. Jesus Christ, what a clusterfuck. Tried it four times with Henry's car, didn't work. Always kept crashing into an invisible wall. And no, there's no fucking way to open the gate manually, stop saying that. I shot the gate to pieces so it would drop, tried punching it: the wall's still there. Reloaded the entire mission from the main menu, but picked my own car from the garage: didn't work. Invisible wall. Said "fuck it", and did a hard reboot of the game. Resumed the chapter, got in the car, drove to the gate again. Invisible wall at first, then I backed up to smash it again out of desperation... Suddenly the wall's gone, and I bust through the gate properly! Mafia II's a good game, but this remaster is - technically speaking - a disgrace. If Hangar 13 is in charge of this, they should be ashamed of themselves. How can you screw up a remaster of a game that came out ten years ago?
  14. Often thought about getting CoD WW2, but felt I didn't need it. Great to see that it's for free now, because I'd happily download it and play it fully!
  15. Can confirm. They fixed it. I'm from the EU - Belgium, and the "Faster, Baby!" expansion just became available for free. It's the only one that was missing after I was able to procure "Sign of the Times" and "Stones Unturned".