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  1. Wow, that's a surprise. I actually really enjoyed Odyssey. I know both games are very similar, and depending on your choice of historical theme, you'll like one more than the other. For instance, I'm a sucker for Ancient Egyptian art and history, so I loved Origins's setting, and yet I also really enjoyed exploring Ancient Greece and the Cyclades. Bayek was an okay protagonist, but I felt Kassandra/Alexios was fleshed out more (I played as Kassandra, the canon protagonist). Their story and background resonated more with me. Aside from that, Odyssey combined a lot of great elements of previous games and rolled it all into one: visual customization from Unity, a skill tree introduced in Origins, the naval exploration/combat from Black Flag, ... And it introduced dialogue trees and different endings, giving it an even bigger RPG feel. I felt the game was a love letter to AC fans, and I enjoyed it a lot, despite the fact that there were very few connections to the actual AC lore. I'll happily drop a bomb here in the thread and say that this game finally surpassed AC2, for me personally. Ezio's first game was a classic - it still is. But no AC was ever able to knock it off of its pedestal ... Until Odyssey came out. There is one thing I'll give you, though: the game's open world felt bloated. There was so much to do, too much for some people. I remember getting my review copy, and the first thing I thought when I zoomed out and looked at the world map was: "Jesus Christ, this open world is so huge, maybe it's too big even, for the first time ever in a video game." Granted, they wanted to go for the epic scale of an "odyssey", and in that respect, they did justice to the subtitle. So you can't complain that you didn't get any bang for your buck, because the game was jam-packed with stuff to do. TL;DR: Odyssey > Origins, despite the few quibbles I have with Odyssey. But they're both great.
  2. I've noticed people sometimes mass-accept friend requests. They let them accumulate, and then accept all of them in one go once they feel like it. So it depends on how people approach friend requests. I tend to accept them instantly, or asap at least. If I'm focusing on getting a difficult trophy, it could take me longer before I accept them, but I usually don't delete requests or delete someone from my list, unless you're (generally speaking) very toxic, rude or if you behave very inappropiately. In short: don't be a dick or a bitch, and you're good in my book. Very easy rules, right? It's called "having had a proper upbringing". I know I posted it before in this thread, I believe, unless there are other "PS4 Friends" threads, but I'll put my info down below again for anyone who wants to add me: PSN: JoaLoft I love adding both male and female gamers (including real-name requests), especially if you play various game(s) genres and you love the occasional platinum trophy. Don't have to be hardcore, just be genuinely invested in gaming.
  3. Despite the huge number of platinums I own, I only have one Birthplat: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS4) If you're getting a platinum trophy on your birthday, I'd say Skyrim is a pretty great one to unlock on your own special day.
  4. Destructoid. They provide good, reliable coverage. After the debacles that took place over at Gamespot and IGN (and some of their highly debatable reviews), I refrain from visiting their websites completely. I used to visit VG247 a long time ago as well, until they put a major spoiler of Metal Gear Solid V as a headline on their main page. I kid you not. The title was: I had not finished MGSV at that time, but that was enough for me to blacklist them. Haven't been to their website since, and I'm glad I haven't. Plus: while I visited VG247 often, they also put a disproportionate amount of Destiny news on their website: what the weekly offers were, how to get all the newest Legendary weapons, all the newest Destiny videos of Arekkz ... I swear, they could've called the website "Destiny247" or "Arekkz247" and no one would've noticed the difference. Stay far away from their website. You're much better off elsewhere.
  5. I figured I'd put this here, considering I was almost finished with the long road towards this particular platinum trophy. SPOILERS BELOW If you're playing through the game (whether it be the basic version or the Royal Edition with all DLC installed), and you think the game glitched just like it did for me because of a few confusing quest objectives: no worries, the final quest is deliberately designed like that, with the DLC implemented. There were numerous game-breaking bugs and glitches in the earliest versions of the base game, so it wouldn't hurt to provide some clarity if anyone was afraid their game completely screwed them over. Everything seems to be fixed in the latest versions, though. It just sucks that you actually need to play through that particular expansion in order to get the platinum trophy - again, only applicable if you have the Royal Edition or that specific expansion installed. I think it's a bad design decision they made, but hey. That's just my opinion. Hope it helps you out, and good luck acquiring the platinum trophy! *Tested with Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Royal Edition - Version 1.03
  6. This is excellent news! I was not too keen on the original offer of Plus in July, so imagine my surprise five minutes ago when I went to add the games to my collection, and I see Detroit instead of PES; I've never played Detroit before (I have played Beyond and Heavy Rain), so I'm really pumped! WIN!
  7. Hmm, there should've been a third option that says "Yes, but only in singleplayer games/modes if it doesn't affect trophies". So I'll refrain from voting. If it's just to mess around with the physics in an open world for instance and you love a good chuckle, go for it. Anything else is a very big no-no for me, e.g. cheating to earn trophies very easily, cheating online, etc.
  8. Dragon Ball FighterZ. That one takes a lot of dedication, impressive.
  9. Is there an easy way to order them in terms of time it took to achieve them? I don't feel like checking every single one of my ultra-rare platinum trophies manually.
  10. I actually want to ask about two titles. Thief and Need for Speed: Rivals are both super cheap in this current sale, they're €2;99 and €4,99 respectively. Worth picking up at that price point? Yes or no? And why (not)?
  11. I feel mixed about this month's line-up, but that's because of my personal preferences. I've never heard of Horizon Chase Turbo, and I'm not into sports games. But I can imagine football fans being really happy that they're getting PES 2019 for free, so good on you guys. It was to be expected that this month would not be as great as last month's Plus offer was.
  12. Phasing out Terrorist Hunt could very well be a thing, considering the future of R6. Doesn't anybody think the timing of this overhaul seem a bit too coincidental? Exactly a week ago they announced a fully-fledged coop experience in the universe, with Rainbow Six: Quarantine (ETA 2020). They pretty much said so on-stage during their E3 press conference even: "What Siege is to PVP, Quarantine will be to PVE coop". I think that solves the mystery. Bye bye, Terrorist Hunt. Hello, Quarantine. (Pretty interested to see where Quarantine will go, truth be told!)
  13. Fair warning: save files of the basic edition are not compatible with the Royal Edition (and vice versa, I reckon). So, you'll have to play everything all over again. I don't mind it so much, because it's an intriguing game that I'd play a second time from start to finish, but I can imagine this will piss some people off.
  14. People lose their minds so quickly when something goes down. Chill the f*** out. I was logged in before the outage, so I didn't experience any real problems, aside from not being able to play games online. But it didn't affect me much at all; I was just getting some BioShock trophies in the meantime. Also: everything went back to normal around an hour ago over here in Belgium, even did a few rounds of R6 just to try out the online connectivity. All systems operational!
  15. I think this goes without saying, but if you are still logged in: DO NOT LOG OFF OR TURN OFF YOUR CONSOLE. I've been live before the outage hit, and I can still access and play my digital library of games, so that's something at least.