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  1. U can? I platinum if yes i go 1000g
  2. If the server found no party game o begin it z loss? After 1 victory ?
  3. here I have decided to end the trophy hunt for its that last of us 2 will not be finished because I have the fleme to do it a second time I wanted to ask you a little opinion of my trophe hunting or I not start immediately at the time so a lot of ejei loan and not play more so here is just a notice if you find it pal or all just shit :
  4. Apres sa serais bien faire un rang sur tous les joueurs psn et non du site psn profil
  5. Yes
  6. Sorry my english i m french to rank the ranks of the average games a b c d e f I don't understand why it's done on only those on the site and not on all psn? because we are combiens on this site compare to all those who play those who do not give a real action even if I do that ceuw which I like I am not either a platinum hunter thoroughly I do not understand why we can not do on all the psn for example warface breakout we are 6pourcent a platinum on the site and psn 0.1 so there are really not many people who are on our site and it is quite unfortunate to see its not? I know I do not have a great psn profile but if we take into account the real global its head change all ultimately not? what do you think of her and my psn profile at the same time :) kiss my friend hunter trophy
  7. Sub you twitch and youtube kira76400

  8. Sorry my english i m french i changed my name account kira76400 now i m pky_kira-leader but i lost my premium? Please no possibility no buy of new
  9. Hi all friend of hunter trophy sorry my English I m French lol my profil is he good or no I found i no a good completion
  10. how flag the game ? Yes it is its I remember it then a friend showed me on my account it show me that on the la va goes ^^ really sorry I remember it not even more really sorry a little Sad Is also included in the ranking for
  11. oui c'est sa je m'en souvien a l'epoque un amis m'avez montrez sur mon compte il m'vaez montrez que sur celui la sa va ^^ desole vraiment je m'en souvenez meme pas mais vraiment desole un peu triste de plus figure au classement pour sa
  12. kira76400 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trophy do in 2010 i don t know no why i play always on ps4 actually is my account is legit i dont know why really sorry my english is bad