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  1. Oh god, I hope not! I don't even have the Plat for the PS4 version yet and won't have the desire to want to go through that pain again!
  2. Yes, I just learn of the re-assigning capability even though it is like a year old. Lol. Wow! Level 40s?!!!!! My main team is in the late 80, maybe 90s, I don't remember and my best run was approximately 75% damage to Omega's health.
  3. Thanks. Yeah my downfall was my wither was my weakest character in the low 30s, so they would never survive the fight. Thanks for the info. I need to get back to it, just trying to clean up too many games. Lol.
  4. You can buy this game today (24 FEB 2021) as part of the under $20 sale for 10.49 if you have PS+
  5. I have found the disk and have got it back in the PS4 where it belongs! I am playing an hour or so around the different levels to get back into the rhythm. I will also explore the new update of being able to change my classes. With that addition, as well as leveling up my secondary team, I think I finally have a shot at this defeating Omega. If I do so, it should be my last entry in the Bestiary and puts me at Trial 100, which I have learned is far easier than 99. If that happens that knocks out two of the four trophies needed for the Platinum, and really it is basically three as the fourth is just beating the game. Not sure if I'll get Mist Walker but, a step closer is always better than not.
  6. Glad I posted this then because I wouldn't have even thought of going to the store for the DLC of a game I ALREADY OWN! I started the download. Thanks all. Hope this helps others.
  7. I am having trouble accessing the DLC for A New God. The following link says where to go to access and that trouble is quite common. I contacted Ubisoft. They put it on me that I should be doing my own troubleshooting first but, did send some LONG instructions that might possibly help. I dunno as I have not tried any yet, I wanted to get this info out to others. ..... Here is what I submitted to Ubisoft about my issue. I am not posting the chat, it was short, and nothing in it. Hello. I pre-ordered the Gold Edition of the game. I have the latest update (1.10) and I have even asked the game to manually search for updates. I can not access the new DLC that the Internet says will appear in the bottom left corner of the main menu as the selection picture/link is not even in the corner. I am off today from work and wanted to be one of the first to stream and collect the trophies for the new DLC. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Customer Support. Your best option is to start by resetting the console display and audio settings. If that does not work, try lowering your display output resolution. If you continue to experience issues, try clearing your PS4 Game Data Utility files. Doing so will clear any install / update data and DLC content. Note: All DLC items can be re-downloaded. Exclusive Content is tied to the account and does not need to be re-downloaded. 1. Navigate to Settings > System Storage Management. 2. Select the content you want to delete under Applications or Captures, press the Options button and select Delete. Next, test your game disc on a second console. In some cases, you could have a bad game disc. Please try testing your game on a second console to determine if you have the same results. 1. If you have the same issue on a second console, please try exchanging your game disc at the retailer for a new copy. 2. If you do not have the problem on a second system, the issue may be local to the save files on the console. Return to your Playstation 4, back up your save file, and try deleting your save progress. Backing up your save file: 1. Navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device 2. Select a game. 3. Check the box for the desired save state and select Copy. Clear Save Data Utility files. 1. Navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage 2. Select Delete. 3. Choose a game. 4. Check the box for the desired save state and select Delete. Once completed, please retry your game. If you continue to have problems, please update the case with the results of the steps above. Regards, Ubisoft Support
  8. Matrim_Drasgen Final Fantasy XIII Hi. I have no proof that I did my trophies legit. However, I have been a member of this community for quite some time, I have written some guides, and have a decent reputation on the forums. The dispute looks to be specifically about 6 trophies and maxing out each role. However, the trophy has nothing to do with switching. All you have to do is level each role until it is one away from the maximum. Then do all of them one after another. It is not that hard to max one, click to the next, pick the next role and max, etc. It has been a long time since I earned these trophies, well before my serious trophy hunting days, but I don't even have the Platinum. Why cheat for six bronze trophies and not earn the Plat? Looking at the trophies, I even got them in the order I liked the classes, so I know I earned them in that specific order on purpose. I did not cheat, so yes, it can clearly be done that fast and if I have to go through every person's profile who has Platinumed the game to find examples, I will.<br /> <br /> Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon on the matter.
  9. Well, I thought I knew what I was doing but, clearly not. My Alchemist dad will not give me scrolls. That family is my side family. I talk to him every year. In fact, after every drop of myrrh. It is Year 6 and I have only ever received one scroll, back in Year 2.
  10. Nor the Greek Gods, IF they were real, would be speaking English with a Greek accent based on your logic as they would be speaking Greek. Accents are difficult for people, especially those with hearing loss as @Ac3dUd3- stated they have or perhaps have an audio learning disability where it is extremely difficult to hear certain sounds, especially if it is sounds that you are familiar with but presented in a way you are unaccustomed with hearing in that particular manner, e.g., someone speaking English with an accent.
  11. Utilizing Hermes' task board and the Ubisoft Connect challenges, you probably need somewhere between 50-75% of all chests. The more challenges you do, the fewer chests of course. To the best of my ability to find everything, I believe I got 100% in Hermes' and Aphrodite's zones, 90% in Ares, 75-80% in Hephaistos, <60% in Athena, and probably not even 25% in Zeus' zones.
  12. I got it. It is just cosmetic. The armor was cool for a bit, the helmet wasn't bad but I wasn't a fan of the plume.
  13. Hey Everybody! This update is probably one of our most significant we have. Not only does it include our first TWO Grandmaster achievers, @AvengedEvil and @Evil_Joker88, but it also includes our first ULTRA RARE GRANDMASTER @zajac9999!! It's amazing! In less than a year from the original post (16 DEC 2019), we have achieved a lot of milestones. We have roughly 50 participants, we are on the 6th page for posts, and we have every Tier filled with a Trophy Hunter!! It's quite an achievement. This is my first (and probably only) trophy hunting club to moderate. It has not always been the forefront of my priorities but YOU all have done your best to keep it alive! So thank you! Everyone good luck and keep Hunting!
  14. Are you sure? I only ask because everywhere else I have done research for this game says to answer the letters. I am in Year 2 with one drop collected. I have answered three letters, all from my mom. Am I too late or can I stop answering letters now and I will be alright?
  15. I didn't say one character. I said one caravan for one town with eight members in the caravan and only four of them taking part in the battles. Someone came and helped you on your gamecube, then they played one of the eight members attached to the caravan. I agree though. They didn't put the work into the game to fix the problems that are obvious with porting a game with local multiplayer to internet multiplayer. However, story-wise, only one of the four internet players collecting a drop from a tree makes sense, is logical, and the way it should be. Better MP connectivity, load times, grouping options/staying group, and collecting artifacts for all players should be fixed.