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  1. Wow. Everyone is saying God of War and I don't see it or feel it all. I don't know about the other games, never played them and the only one I might want to is Sekiro. IMO, Cal does not play anything like Kratos, lack weapon changes, abilities are different, and the two's personalities are different which definitely changes dialogue but also the manner in which character approaches situations and fights. I can give you the climbing aspect in the same but that would the only place I could say they have the same component.
  2. Thanks for the vids Abyss.
  3. Gillypod is on Zeffo. I don't remember where exactly but I know it is that planet. It was the second seed I found on the planet on my first visit, so at most, you will need Force Push to discover the seed.
  4. I too went to Dathomir after the first planet. A visitable planet that is not part of the main quest? Yes, please. I got the Magus Lightsaber Sleeve somewhere before the workbench that gave the double-bladed lightsaber. Curious how the gear, upgrades, and customization components work in this game if Kashyyk offers the same upgrade as Dathomir.
  5. How does it play? It seems to me to be Hearthstone. I got the Plat for Thronbreaker but did not enjoy it. I did not like that you couldn't attack in the game. Only certain cards could and not all the time. I felt the restrictions ruined the gameplay. The story and decision making made-up for it, plus the fact you could skip most card battles. So if the LotR CG plays similar to Throne I won't be getting it because is not really a true card game in my opinion.
  6. This video is NOT a 100% Platinum walkthrough. It does not show any of the dominoes puzzles. As such, you miss three trophies following this video.
  7. 3X boost moves the game faster except for the game clock. Encounter rate uses the game clock as one of the factors to determine when battles occur. Yes, you could opt to stay on the roads and tracks but most people wouldn't stay on them specifically. A lot of side-quests are not located on them and running in a straight line from place to place is the general occurrence. So while plausible, not likely and thus, most people won't just have 200 kills when they reach the end. Ultima is not a nuisance at all, it has a few levels of battles and yes to open a path down can be tricky if you do not know what option to chose but that is what the trophy guide is for as it specifically tells you what to do to get to the weapon. I got some flax in the beginning because I didn't mention Odin and some other complaints about how best to play the game, with the biggest being my non-support of a low-level game. You can't really have a low-level game and get 1000 kills on the same playthrough. I don't talk about Odin because he is not a trophy NOR is he necessary to get any other trophy, so the guide got dinged. I would have thought more would have voted for it (especially with many user favorites it has) but is what it is. FFVIII is a complicated game, it is hard to write a trophy game for it because it has at least 4 different ways to play, which mean it almost needs four different trophy guides. It is what it is, but I just hope FFT comes to the PS4 or 5 because it is an amazing game and I will crush that trophy guide. The big key is to know the game intimately and fully. FFVIII is my second least-favorite and as such, only beaten it a couple of times, once recently and the other about 12-13 years ago. I have replayed it several times now to work on the guide but never go after Ultimecia.
  8. The 3X boost sped you through the game and probably lowered your encounters and threw off your natural kill progression. Correct Ultima is NOT needed but it is your first opportunity to get Eden, so agreed not a must to go through that stage but highly recommended so you get the GF early, test yourself on Ultima as a trial run for Omega, start learning Eden's abilities, and lower your risk of missing Eden from Tiamat in Ultimecia's Castle. 400 kills left for Platinum was less then what you initially said, so glad your grind wasn't too bad. Tonberry King isn't that difficult even with a ton of kills and your first chance to get the GF, my guess is you would be around the 600 kill mark, maybe 700, but likely not. Of course, I haven't thought to test this so it is just an experienced guess.
  9. Ok, thanks for the beach update, I will look into it once it is confirmed of the beach's location. Also, Chef's Knives come from Tonberries which occur even later in the game then the Deling City sewers, making it even more impractical for an early game option but a helpful addition for later in the game though. 200 kills naturally seems low for playing through the game while working on trophies, doing side-quests. I have tested this game several times over the past month to provide the best guide and have used a few friends to help, two of them having never played FFVIII before and every run kills were around 800 when reaching the Point of No Return. If you only had 200, you probably hadn't done your side quests, grinded for the necessary trophies, or possibly used the 3X boost to move through the game quicker, or even had the ENC-HALF ability on or the game booster of no encounters used because 200 kills for everything you have to do is extremely low. You will earn roughly 50-60 alone going down to Ultima Weapon with its increase encounter rate. It doesn't matter when you 'Draw'. Doing it early versus later makes no difference. The point I was making about drawing was that you need it for the Death magic that you POSSIBLY have access to while in the sewers of Deling City. Yes, you can go the Card mod route but you have to know the game well enough to know which cards you need and what abilities you need from the GFs but if the beach you are talking about is different from the Balamb beach then it changes everything as you will have most of the required pieces to pull off the multiple steps in your plan to perform the Death trick on the beach. A few hundred grind mid to late game seems highly unnecessary as you shouldn't ever really have to grind more than a hundred or two specifically for the trophy as by the time you do everything but beat the game, you honestly shouldn't need that much more. However, each to their own and there is definitely more than one way to play FFVIII. Thank you for the advice and tip, I will look into working it into the guide.
  10. No, Drinks and Wars do NOT stack. They also last about 20 seconds so you have to track their effects yourself. I have not had an issue of not getting into a fight with him, also got him to appear and fought him about a dozen times now, trying out various things to hopefully provide as much information as possible to defeat him. On the PS4, never had any issue and I have not seen any reports on this site and the few off-sites I am monitoring for this game about that issue. He should be available to you when you are ready. Good luck and please keep me informed of your progress so I can learn from you and tweak the guide to help as many people as possible.
  11. It talks about what is counted as a kill and how to track your kills, which were the questions being asked. Thank you for pointing out that my guide didn't mention good locations to farm. You mention a beach with three fishes but don't specifically say where that is, however, I would guess you are talking about the beach near Balamb. Also, your Death trick is not a fully viable option because your first access to Death magic doesn't come until you reach the sewers of Deling City. In the sewers, you can come across an enemy called a Creep, a black humanoid shadow, that carries Death magic BUT only if your average party level is over 30 as only Lv 30+ Creeps carry Death magic, killing a decent amount of enemies to get you high-enough to 'Draw' the magic. So definitely a good option for mid to late-game but not one for early. Spreading out the kills over the entire game also breaks up the monotony and allows you to work on other trophies. Despite it being a grind, this trophy comes naturally and doesn't require its own time and focus to be earned. For an exact answer, use the following from the FFVIII Remastered Guide: You can find the reports in the following location: Open your Menu Go to Tutorials Go to Information Go to Information (not a typo, you need to choose Information twice in a row) There on the bottom will be Character and GF Report once you have earned them. The Guide also informs you on how to earn each of the necessary components to track your player kills and your GF kills.
  12. Thanks for assisting, shame there is no Platinum for the game. Once I get through my Trophy goals for the year (Mat's 2019 Trophy Goals) I will definitely play the game.
  13. Welll, my big plan since like February was to make Vampyr my October Platinum trophy because NOTHING is more Halloween then Vampires but I got so caught up in playing, I ended up getting the Plat on the last day of September. SMH! Lol. It is such an amazing game. There is one trophy I thought was going to ruin the natural flow/play of the game but it didn't. Gold trophy Not Even Once doesn't allow for you to Embrace the NPC in the different districts for their WAY ABOVE AVERAGE experience gains, vastly helping you level up. You can still kill and suck blood from the enemies that attack you out and about in the city, but you only get 5 exp from them (50 from late-game Vampires) which is not a lot. So you have to make sure to do all the side-quests (investigations) and heal everyone's ailments to get as much experience as possible. Bit of a shame that I couldn't go through and kill the NPCs for their experience but as I played, I learned, story-wise that would have been very detrimental and would have actually caused the game to be a little more difficult and way less enjoyable as you constantly go from district to district, talking, selling, advancing side-plot. The addition of the trophy was a great idea to prevent that and also to reward you with being patient, having a lower level, and not mass slaughtering your way through the game. DEFINITELY check it out Vampyr. Of my 15 Platinums this year, it is definitely was my most favorite and enjoyable one to earn. It has some replay value and it has also been the best game I have played all year, so from a gamer's perspective or a Trophy Hunter's, you will NOT go wrong playing Vampyr!
  14. Every time I have cast the Fireball spell, no matter the map, the location, number of enemies, my buildings and Vikings, the spell immediately freezes the game and causes it to crash.
  15. I am familiar with the concept, just not proficient as I don't practice it. Zell just doesn't make it into my line-up.