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  1. Hey Everybody! This update is probably one of our most significant we have. Not only does it include our first TWO Grandmaster achievers, @AvengedEvil and @Evil_Joker88, but it also includes our first ULTRA RARE GRANDMASTER @zajac9999!! It's amazing! In less than a year from the original post (16 DEC 2019), we have achieved a lot of milestones. We have roughly 50 participants, we are on the 6th page for posts, and we have every Tier filled with a Trophy Hunter!! It's quite an achievement. This is my first (and probably only) trophy hunting club to moderate. It has not always been the forefront of my priorities but YOU all have done your best to keep it alive! So thank you! Everyone good luck and keep Hunting!
  2. Are you sure? I only ask because everywhere else I have done research for this game says to answer the letters. I am in Year 2 with one drop collected. I have answered three letters, all from my mom. Am I too late or can I stop answering letters now and I will be alright?
  3. I didn't say one character. I said one caravan for one town with eight members in the caravan and only four of them taking part in the battles. Someone came and helped you on your gamecube, then they played one of the eight members attached to the caravan. I agree though. They didn't put the work into the game to fix the problems that are obvious with porting a game with local multiplayer to internet multiplayer. However, story-wise, only one of the four internet players collecting a drop from a tree makes sense, is logical, and the way it should be. Better MP connectivity, load times, grouping options/staying group, and collecting artifacts for all players should be fixed.
  4. This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion, but I actually think the multiplayer works for the story. In the story, you are ONE caravan from ONE town. Your caravan can consist of up to eight characters but only four can go into battle. If I take my character and join another caravan, I am joining them on their quest to collect drops for their town. Makes sense I wouldn't progress my caravan's collection, you only get one drop from a tree every two years. Not being able to collect loot? Ok, that is a sham, I should get something or there is no incentive to play with others. Playing dungeons multiple times? You are probably going to do that anyway to collect all the artifacts for either the trophy or just wanting to have the best character you can. Plus, collecting material and gil needed for supplies/equipment upgrade. Trading out after every dungeon completion (especially among four players) would be annoying and time-consuming. Maybe round robin days, each day you have a different host. It is how I do my multilayer. Agreed it is not the best that it could be but on the Gamecube, you had to have multiple GBAs and their special cords to play multiplayer, you only played one file, and I do not know if multiple players could collect artifacts or not. Agreed it is not ideal with the multiplayer or not collecting loot, but it works for how this story exists. I do hope it gets better for you either through a workaround on your part or an upgrade for the game.
  5. You can still take your Alchemist to Lv 12, you just won't get there as early. So maybe it will be year 16 or something, but you can get your Alchemist father to Lv 12. EDIT: Just read your latest post. You are correct, you will still get the scroll.
  6. All right Trophy Hunters!!! We are caught up again and StewartBros has pushed us to SIX PAGES!!!!!! Thanks, everyone who is participating, hope you are having a good time and that this unique way to Trophy Hunt has inspired you to get some Platinums you were putting off. Maybe, it has helped you clean up your backlog. Keep at it!
  7. It's only $30 right now but from the lack of a real multiplayer, that explains why. Hopefully, with enough gripes, Square will fix.
  8. That's awesome, thank you for the breakdown. My problem is, I don't have the right classes on my main team and my back-ups suck, like all in their 30's with their levels. I need to go back and finish it but I got tired trying to beat Omega and do all the quickenings. Not even sure where the disc is for that game. Maybe with this detail list, I can start trying again. Let me know how your Trial goes and if you earn the Platinum!
  9. What the 'F'?! That's it? 9 freaking trophies and no Platinum? I get it's only a $30 game and a remastered of one of the weaker FF's with both sales and Fandom, but still. Such a huge letdown, but EVERY Final Fantasy release since XV has been like that in some way, shape, or form.
  10. Yea, I understand. I stepped away for a while too due to my job, came back, and massive updates changed a lot. I got to get back in and kill some for that gold/Platinum trophies.
  11. Hey everybody! I am sorry I have not updated the trophy club list in months. Yikes!! We are all caught up now as of 12 AUG 2020. Keep striving and let's see who will be our first Ultra Rare Grandmaster!!
  12. Also, the PSN Trophy Guide says it will appear in front of the Chocobo Fast Travel post. This is inaccurate. It is closer towards the wall, on the left side in front of some machine equipment on the ground. So it is possible you did have it on your first playthrough but since it doesn't appear where you are told it will, you overlooked the letter. I know I almost did.
  13. Hmm, never tracked my time. Felt I did it quickly but maybe not. Might have been a bit too conservative.
  14. No, I got hit by a slash attack and his sword twice. I gave up and moved on. Will re-try on easy since the requirements are unknown but it is definitely more than just having health. I actually got Jesse to tell me I passed but didn't pop the trophy so I dunno.
  15. There is more to Biker Boy then just finish with 80% Health. So far, on Normal, my personal best is around 90% and I did not get the trophy. Jesse keeps telling me I failed the test. I went into the fight against Roche with 100% Health and was only hit a maximum of three times, two of those hits were at the very end as I pushed to get the kill before he went on to the wall again. Not sure what it is but there is something else that I am not triggering that other people are accomplishing.