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  1. Well, won't get 100% more than likely as I felt the game was not enjoyable. Doubt I beat my head against a wall playing the entire thing over again for New Game Plus and Ultimate difficulty. Played easy first time around and thing was a pain with its lack of dodging and playing as normal people sneaking around. Will look into heist as I own it but doubt it is any better.
  2. IMO, no the game is not good. Story is enjoyable and swinging through the city is fun but the fighting mechanics is horrible. I agree with Neme but also atrocious is a bit harsh. Biggest video game disappointment ever for me and I would only give it a 6. A very hard 6, want to do less but I respect some of it like the story and visual. Keep pushing on Neverwinter. Get the final trophy for Helldivers as I just got the Plat. Eyeball FF9 and FF12 as each have a stupid trophy that I am just not dedicated to getting yet. But my main 99% focus will be Styx: Shards of Darkness.
  3. Really hope Marvel doesn't go back to Insomaniac. It is a very poor game. Dodge mechanic is non-existent, combat is sub-par and the constant playing of non-Spider-Man characters is annoying. Only fun part is zipping through the city but only when you arent doing a time mission from Taskmaster. I will finish it, get the plat, do the DLC because I paid for it but I will hide it from my profile. Disappointed is an understatement. Did enjoy the story. Always liked the story Spider-Man brought to the field.
  4. Game seems really good and the trophies seem to fit well. I am bit worried about the Insane difficulty ones.
  5. Punk rock was cool. Black cat suit has a great design. 2099 is wicked. That is as far as I have unlocked. So with 2099, the chest looks like a Punisher symbol and his mask look's like a Magneato helm.
  6. I am very happy with the trophy list. Good concepts, they appear to tie into the game and the few different ways you can play. I think most are similar to the first and the differences will make this game its own and support itself in being a sequel at the same time.
  7. Agreed. It is awesome to see high percentage on profiles that have tough games and ones that take hours of dedication. Some people do pick simple games to have complete control over their profile. That is fine. Rack up 100% and get fast, easy plats. Some profiles are more impressive but that is still based on our biases of what we think is impressive or worthy. Your mention of little planet 3 means nothing to me and when I see that plat, I juat skim over it only seeing a plat because I got no care for it, the game or the series. My profile has some easy games, some hard games (for me), games I love and some I was disappointed with and others I would like to finish. A couple games were because of trophies and plats but I got the game on sale, it provided fun, and met some friends. So a win 4 ways. Others would knock me but it is what it is. Happy with my games. Think my profile is very good. I make it better and grab trophies. Challenge myself with tough or time consuming games and reward myself with easy plats. All about fun in the end.
  8. Nearly all of it.
  9. Not true. Dragons play a big role. They have been the final boss for a few different expansions (called modules in the community) and most of the problems and group of bad guys are part of The Cult of Dragons and defeating Tiamat, the evil 5 headed Dragon Queen, is a big deal. Dragons play a very important role in the game.
  10. Always happens. I bought One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 for the PS3 for 60 and then next month, PS Plus gave it for free. :/
  11. Yea, Monster Hunter does seem like a drawn out game for 100%.
  12. Level 16 with 1885 trophies. 23 Plats, 126 Gold, 436 Silver and 1300 Bronze. My 7th gold trophy to level me up. Helldivers "Making mountains out of molehills" Kill 100,000 enemies 23rd Aug 2018 10:03:09 PM 4,524 ACHIEVERS 2.10% ULTRA RARE
  13. Thank you, appreciate the help and quick reply.
  14. When Mafia III was given for free in August for PS Plus, did the DLC come with the game or do I need to buy it if I want to 100% the game? Curious if I need to buy the pass below now while it is on sale. menu%3Aplus
  15. Another great place is the first Boss battle, Green Dragon. There is enough minions and Green Dragon has high health so you won't do enough damage yet to kill to quickly. Like you, I got around 400 hits for the combo.