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  1. Hmm, never tracked my time. Felt I did it quickly but maybe not. Might have been a bit too conservative.
  2. No, I got hit by a slash attack and his sword twice. I gave up and moved on. Will re-try on easy since the requirements are unknown but it is definitely more than just having health. I actually got Jesse to tell me I passed but didn't pop the trophy so I dunno.
  3. There is more to Biker Boy then just finish with 80% Health. So far, on Normal, my personal best is around 90% and I did not get the trophy. Jesse keeps telling me I failed the test. I went into the fight against Roche with 100% Health and was only hit a maximum of three times, two of those hits were at the very end as I pushed to get the kill before he went on to the wall again. Not sure what it is but there is something else that I am not triggering that other people are accomplishing.
  4. Ok, cool. Seems like the speed-up boost speeds up your time played as well. I ran the issue by @BlindMango back in October when I posted this concern and was told not to worry about being flagged.
  5. The trophy guide is wrong. Multiple sources state that kills for a trophy only count on one character, not across multiple.
  6. Bleh. Didn't really care for arcade run on hard. The first four missions with Mercia were fine but that final one stunk. Over a dozen attempts, but from the bit I can gather, it was that particular map. Well, one down. Got to work on the main mission to unlock everyone. Game is fun, though the 'S' Rank speed run and having to play on hard difficulty takes away from being able to sit back and play for enjoyment. Hey, thanks for the info. My first four maps were quick and fun on hard, it was the last one that I just couldn't get. I lucked out a little at the end but I should have lost it as well. I was hoping for some sort of prize - like gear, a unit, a bonus - for beating the arcade on hard but all you got were lousy stars.
  7. Ok, so you have to do all the arcade runs on hard? The trophy doesn't specify difficulty, it just says all. I wasn't sure if all meant beat every hero once or beat them all (easy, normal, and hard) with a hard run stacking easy and normal. I was really hoping I didn't have to do hard on all of them. Just got Mercia's hard and that took many attempts, very frustrating. No matter my strategy, the computer just kept pumping out Golems and Emberwings every other turn. Clearly they had more gold then I even though I had one more village then they did nearly the whole match.
  8. I have 19 Letters but only 8 Ultra Rare Platinums. I actually have a 9th but it shares a letter. I didn't even try to get a single Platinum because it was UR, got them all for various other reasons. I was shocked when I learned I had so many.
  9. WOW!! Congrats! Really great and I strive to join you!
  10. Not a good start for the PS+ Games for 2020. With PS5 to come out this year, time to focus on clean-up, playing already bought games, and preparing for the transition.
  11. Well, 2019 has passed and I accomplished 9 of 14 Goals I set for myself for the year. Not too shabby, as the main two that truly mattered to me were a Platinum every month and 20 Platinum Trophies for the Year, I accomplished. One of the goals was not in my control at all (Have 2000 profile views) and trophy competitions were rarer than I thought, nor possible with my other Trophy Goals, though I did find one that would have worked, I was a month too late in its discovery. I got my 50 Platinum Trophies milestones, beat a couple of backlogged games and discovered a couple of games that I liked better than I thought. I also found some bad ones too. So this post will be putting my 20 Platinum Trophies in order of favorite to least with an explanation as to why. Of course, it is all opinion and what I feel made or broke a particular game won't be the same for others or why it was the opposite for them. Mat's 2019 Platinum Trophies/Games Ranked: (Will edit to add explanations for each entry.) Vampyr - Without a doubt, the best game I played and earned the Platinum Trophy for was Vampyr. At the time playing it as well as now, I can't think of a single negative about the game. Now, it is not my most favorite game (doesn't crack Top 10) but for my 2019 Trophy Goals, it is #1 with a bullet. It plays extremely well from either a Trophy Hunter's or a gamer's perspective. Great story, battle, music, dialogue, plot, and art style. Not sure if a sequel is possible or even being thought about but I would check it out if it does release. Star Wars JEDI: Fallen Order - What I liked most about this game was it told a new story in the Star Wars universe. The game takes place after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and I feel it did a great job providing a new story in between two of the movies, giving new info, characters, etc. without stepping all over what has already been established. As a game, it plays well but gets better as you get more Force Powers when you progress. Its biggest downfall was its customizations of your character, the ship, your droid, and your lightsaber with the lightsaber being the worst disappointment of the four. It is nice to change the skins of these four categories but you are unable to really enjoy them about 90% of the time except for your lightsaber's color. I would have liked to have gotten benefits for my customization, increased stats of some sort. Definitely the best Star Wars game I have played in a long time. I do hope this game sets the precedent for future games in the Star Wars universe. Final Fantasy X-2 - Not my favorite Final Fantasy but I did enjoy it. Disappointed that they couldn't let the big sad moment of X stay as it was intended, my guess a bunch of damn whiners and Square caving to the pressure and Square saw a way to make some more money. Which I am not against, make money, produce more jobs, careers, and above all more kickass Final Fantasy games. Just X was a damn near perfect story. When you add in the story from X-2, the story goes from 'A+' to probably a 'B-'. How you fight is different in X-2 versus X but it suits the game. Some very nice moments, the story is well written, has some sad/dark times but overall is quite happy. The art is a bit of an improvement over X but not much, though it is also the HD version on the PS4, so that makes a difference too. Darksiders - Another game that was on my trophy profile list from way back in my PS3 days. Though this is the Warmastered edition and doesn't support the trophy list from PS3, I chose this game to be my 50th Platinum. I was finally able to conquer the 160 kills on an angelic beast trophy. The game is enjoyable to play, similar style to the God of War series. The story is interesting and I have Darksiders II & III to play, which was another incentive to play the original beyond my trophy goals. With all the cool Platinum and clearing an old game nostalgia, beating Darksiders really means a lot. I sort of use it as a benchmark to compare myself as a gamer in a Then and Now situation. With the earning of this Platinum, I plan on getting my PS3 fix and going back to play some old games that I struggled with and seeing if I have become a better gamer. Also, be nice to clean up some game profiles and earn some more Platinum trophies from my past. Looking at you God of Wars. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms: Dungeons & Dragons - I LOVE Dungeons & Dragons. It is probably my favorite hobby, even over video games. Love the story, character progression, world-building, and just having a good time with a group of friends. The only problem is, it requires a group of people and juggling everyone's schedule. It's why I karaoke and play video games, solo hobbies. So, this game is based on D&D but does not play like it nor a traditional game. It is an Idle game (a style of game that is common with mobile games) and you get rewarded for the time you DON'T play the game. So, it is a great game that you keep up with while playing other games, going to school/work, going out, etc. You come back, collect your reward for off-time and progress. A free game too, so that is always a plus. Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault - I discovered this genre of game (Tower Defense) while at college back in 2005. It started on computer games as a mod to custom Warcraft III: Frozen Throne games. It is a great genre that is damn near impossible to find a game in its style let alone a good or even great one. This game is unique in the enemies attack your city in a full 360 degree and you have to build and rotate your towers in a full-circle to protect your command center. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story Final Fantasy VIII Dragon Sinker Antiquia Lost Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Path of Sin: Greed Grim Legends 3: The Dark City Queen's Quest 2: Stories of the Forgotten Past Conan Exiles A Plague's Tale: Innocence Peasant Knights Unravel Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Gem Smashers
  12. Just curious how everyone combines the classes and characters. Which ones seem to work really well together and what benefits each bring to the Gaming Table. Of course, there is early game first-time playing and late-game/second playthrough due to additional classes and characters that need to be unlocked. So, for my first game here is my starting team in the order I acquired them: Ms. Goldberry the Paladin who sits First Chair- As I looked over the trophies, read the guide and comments, I knew it was essential to have a tank, so I wanted to make the best tank I could by using the right character and made the role my first acquisition. I felt Ms Goldberry character passive ability of +3% HP, +3% MP, +2% HP steal, +2% MP steal, +2% EXP was a great one for a tank. Extra health and health steal for the one who will hopefully be hit the most, EXP boost to assist in leveling faster, and then the extra mana/steal to keep them using their abilities longer just felt right attached to the tank role. I went with Paladin over Warrior due to the skills. Paladin's passive health and threat gain stacked with the extra health and life steal from Goldberry, to be able to use the shield and self-heal more often due to the mana benefits intrigued me, and also allows for use of the Paladin's attacking skill as well. Altogether, these two work amazingly well together and while Ms. Goldberry would be amazing in any class, I feel she truly shines as my Paladin Tank. E.T. the Cleric who sits in the middle in the Third Chair - Healers save games. No matter how great, fast, or high your DPS is, you will eventually come across a situation where you just need to freaking heal, especially when you are playing a new game and don't know what is coming nor when. So, I wanted to get my Healer role as soon as possible to start the sweet EXP gain. I went with Cleric because it has three ways to heal: single target, group, and a self-heal that also does damage. I chose E.T. because I wasn't sure how often I would be healing and using mana, so I hope that E.T.'s passive 1 MP/turn would offset some of my mana usage and I could hopefully stack it with items along the way. I know the passive will soon be less and less useful as 1MP gain just won't keep the mana pool full but I didn't see another character I felt would make a great healer, let alone a good one, so some MP gain is better than none. Woofie the Warrior who sits Second Chair - Now, it's time for DPS and I cold-heartedly believe that Melee DPS is hands-down better than range/magical DPS. I also hate rogues. My only option then is Warrior as I do not have anything else unlocked. Warrior also gives me the potential of having an Off-Tank who can increase their threat if need be for the fight and take reduce damage while fulfilling their secondary role. I chose Woofie because I wasn't sure if Rocker's passive was a one-time gain or if it was per level (still not sure but I believe it is only one time) and felt a few levels/items 5HP would be more obsolete and happen sooner than 1HP/turn. I almost went Jock for his +1 bonus to attack but since I am expecting to use Warrior as DPS and Off-Tank, I felt 1HP/turn helped both of those roles where +1 attack only helps the DPS role. Special Guest the Witch who sits last in Fifth Chair - I like the Witch because of its abilities to have more than just DPS, it gave me some Support role options with its sleep ability and the party heal ability after dealing damage to the entire enemy group. Its familiar ability to gain the initiative and increase magic is nice to help improve spells and allowing the character to go first so when that must needed sleep ability or to attack the whole group as the opening salvo, it happens more often than not. Ward assists in providing another option in healing as well as if I don't want to deal out damage for some reason. I chose Special Guest for their massive (IMO) +20 MP gain. Mr. John the Druid who sits in Fourth Chair - The character for this class was tough. My other four characters' levels had Ms. Goldberry and E.T at Level 8 (almost 9), Woffie just leveled to Level 8 and Special Guest was Level 7 but more than half-way. I was very tempted to buy Pizza Guy since he is half price but that is a one-time passive that doesn't do anything again, so he would be no help once he was purchased other than he saved me 125 gold which quickly would be meaningless (I hope) and so I held out until I had the 250 gold to buy my fifth character. I figured Mr. John would be good because of his 10% EXP gain, helping him to catch-up in levels so he was more rounded with the party and not a hindrance. Of course, the fight that gave me my 250 gold also gave me a potion for 1000 EXP, which I had Mr. John drink and leveled him to Level 5 with only about 2-3% away from Level 6, so his 10% wasn't as needed but it still helps out. If I had that potion before my purchase and/or had paid attention with my item gains, I more than likely would have gone Hipster so my Druid could do more Damage. Druid allows me to have more healing options, a second sleep spell, my first Damage Over Time, and restore MP if needed for the party. Not sure how useful the last will be for the Druid as what you spend is less than what you gain but it will at least help out the rest of the party. So, by no means is this the best combination of characters and classes but it seems to be working out well. I do argue that Ms. Goldberry is best used on Paladin (out of the starting seven classes) but makes a great anything, so she should be highly used in your party because she has the best passive abilities. I feel Pizza Guy is the least beneficial because outside of saving you a MAX 125 gold, he doesn't bring anything else to the Gaming Table. Soon, 125 extra gold won't mean much if anything at all because I have read posts where most people are ending their first campaign with thousands of gold in their coin purse.
  13. Well, I did it. 20 Platinums in 1 year with earning at least 1 Platinum per month. On top of that, by completing the goal of 20 trophies this year I earned my 50th Platinum of my PlayStation gaming career. Both parts of earning that many Platinums and earning 20 within a year has been an amazing journey. To be honest, I never thought I would ever earn that many Platinum trophies. When I started this 2019 Trophy Goals challenge, I honestly felt 20 Platinums was reasonable to obtain, but there were a few times I didn't think I was going to make it, I got bogged down in some games that took longer than I thought and were too time-consuming for a Platinum challenge that had a deadline. Plus, some of the games just sucked and I lost interest in them, so couple that with the Platinums were very time-consuming, they got cut from my list of games to use for my Goals. So, Platinum 20 of the Year and 50 of my Career was from a game backlogged from my PS3 days. UNFORTUNATELY, it is the digitally remastered game so it is an entirely different trophy list so the old one still plagues my profile but I might double dip and play it as well to clear the 12% completion rating. The game I am talking about is Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. I started the game back on the PS3 but the Aerial Predator trophy held me up after dozens of attempts across a couple of weeks. So I put it down and just never went back to the game. So, when the Fury collection edition came out (Darksiders 1 & 2) for like $20, I got it so I could finish the story and the trophy list. This was back before I knew that it was two separate lists. I figured since it was the same game, it would be the same trophies and list. However, I conquered the 160 kills, finished the story, and collected the Platinum. The game itself is fun. Even on its hardest setting it still has room for minor mistakes and bad days (especially if you beat on easy first and found all the Abyssal Armor pieces because that armor heals you every so many hits against enemies) that it is very manageable while still providing a challenge. Some people complain about having to ride your horse for 100 miles but I didn't find that one to be a big deal, you ride 0.9 miles a minute so it is just a couple hours of riding at most. Sure the horse comes in late in the game but it is not a major threat to holding up the earning of the Platinum. The story is very interesting and the concept is mostly unique. The twists they wrote into it weren't that extraordinary but it was still fun to play, watch the scenes and deal out justice as War. I am going to start playing Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition soon, and then follow that up with Darksiders III (which was a free game from PS+ a couple of months back so that was an amazing steal for me and also what prompted me to do Darksiders: Warmastered Edition for the Trophy Goals but to set the game as a milestone for my 50th Platinum earned.) I do recommend the game and hopefully, the series but only ever played the first game so I am not sure but I have heard many people compliment and talk up Darksiders III and playing as Fury. All the series needs now is a game for Strife and I think I saw something about it on Steam, so hopefully, it will come out on PS5.
  14. Wow.... I didn't think I was going to find a game/Platinum that I enjoyed even less than Gem Smashers but Unravel took that cake. So uh, yeah I guess kudos. The game has no story, so what I felt was happening was you played as a little pile of yarn that obviously a Demon possesses so it can use its Magic to enter photographs that belong to an old lady so it can rummage through these moments for memories to consume for its hunger and to achieve more power. That is the most logical and simplest plot, so its truth stands due to Occam's Razor. Music was the best part of the game but quickly gets overshadow. Visually it is okay but nothing impressive. NO replay value as you have to play each stage a fuck ton of times so you can pass each stage without dying so you can get a gold trophy. This game has no point other than its trophies and the trophy to complete each stage without dying is the Bane of the list. However, its addition does turn up the degree of difficulty for the game, which for some will be its saving grace. However, the game served me for two purposes: 1. It gave me a 'U' game for the A-Z Platinum Club 2.0 and 2. FAR more importantly, it gave me my 19th Platinum of the Year, keeping the door open for me to finish my 20 Platinums for the year Trophy Goal and earning 50 Platinums overall.
  15. I just got my 19th Letter!!! I am now a Gamma Collector!!!!! I also made some minor changes to my list but not as important! Plus I just purchased a 'K' Letter game and have a 'W' one in the wings. I am coming for you Beta Collector status!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!