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  1. Trophy goals are challenging. Well, at least mine are, Lol. What felt reasonable and accomplishable, has turned out to not be the case. 20 Platinums seemed reasonable. One Platinum a month, with eight months doubling up. I was able to earn three of them in April. Figured it was reasonable. I am in the last four months with eight Platinums to go. I am so close on several games, such as Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XII, that I wouldn't be this disheartened if I could push through and accomplish them. The Thief Platinum still eludes me as well due to the trophies being such a grindfest. I enjoy gaming and I enjoy Trophy Hunting, but when I get trophies that hold me up for months at a time, sort of a kick in the teeth about my skills as a gamer. Enjoy the game and beat the game, boom. No big deal. Now, there is this validation if I am even capable of doing something and online visual proof if I can't. I am gonna keep pushing for this year's Trophy goals because I want to finish it and see what I can actually accomplish. Don't think I will do another yearly Trophy goal for 2020, at least one not so intensive. Will also keep trying to clean up those few trophies that are preventing me from earning my Platinums.
  2. My 12th Platinum of the Year is Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered. I love the Final Fantasy series and as a whole, it is my favorite franchise with God of War being 2nd. FFVIII is not my favorite of the series but it was good to get back into the game. I also was able to accomplish another trophy goal with this particular game as I wrote the trophy guide for the game!! Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered Trophy Guide. It was a big challenge to write for such a huge game (in terms of time, complexity, and its fanbase) that I wasn't as intimately familiar with as I am with other games of the series. There was a trophy, Obel Lake Secret, that I never even knew about the side quest associated with the trophy. So I quickly had to learn about it but still relied on posting the video I watched to earn the trophy. Going to try and see if I can figure out how to say in words what is happening in the video without death by text.
  3. I just earned my second level up for the year, which is a part of 2019 trophy goals, with my 42nd Platinum, Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered. I am now Level 19! This was also the first time I had a Platinum level me up so that is pretty cool. I have earned a level with all 4 trophy types.
  4. What trophy in 7 was difficult??
  5. August Platinum, Grim Legends 3: The Dark City, is another puzzle game that is of the same style and gameplay as Queen's Quest 2. Simple, straight-forward, quick, and enjoyable. It was part of a three-game deal for under $40 on the PlayStation Store, so two more games/Platinums of this type will be added to the list for my goals this year. There are guides and video walkthroughs but a look over of the trophies, it was a challenge to play without the help. I hit some snags but got through the game and POPPED the Platinum at a decent pace.
  6. My July Platinum is based on my favorite hobby, Dungeons & Dragons. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a fun game that is simple and easy to play. The best part of an idle game is your away time from the game (playing another game, sleep, work, school, etc.) still rewards you with progress. Yes, you would make better progress by actively playing, but since it is impossible to play around the clock, it's nice to get rewarded while you are away from the game. It was a great game to play and push to the back-burner when I needed to focus on other games/Platinums. This Platinum put me at 10/20 for the year. So I am a little behind but have some games on my radar that I believe I can pump-out a 2-3 a month. I feel confident I will make my goal for 20 and a Platinum each month. It's going to be tricky and require focus and desire to complete but it's not impossible or impracticable.
  7. Does anyone know how 'SP' earning works? I cast Fire Orb II on a wolf, did 83 damage, and only received 1 SP as a Temperature Wizard, which a Class Skill. The same character used Meditate (a non-class skill) and received 14SP. I have seen SP earning fluctuate all over and the characters and abilities change from round to round. All I know for sure is getting the killing blow nets you more SP as well as more EXP. The game is quite fun and DEFINITELY worth $20.
  8. The release is tomorrow (09 Aug) and it is the first time I have ever seen a Platinum trophy requirements be something other than "Earn all trophies"! It might have occurred before, I dunno but it is a very surprising and interesting first for me. Of course, it may not be possible to earn the Platinum before every other trophy due to the nature/mechanics/requirements of the game but I am definitely going to try.
  9. No, you just have to keep track yourself on paper or computer. I used tally marks on paper and didn't mark it down until I did a reset, so those freeplays where I went past 50 to boost my favor and prep for doing variants and reaching round 250, I didn't count them twice.
  10. I was doing about 10 a day my last 130ish or so, I used FPs before that just to build favor so I could do any variant and have the gold drop necessary to make it to rounds 225-250.
  11. Yea, I just tally marked my 250. If you only focus is 250 freeplays, just pop speed and fire breath potions, burn through the rounds quickly, I was getting rounds down to around 19 minutes my last 30 or so when I didn't have to save potions anymore. Of course, ease up on speeding through the freeplays if your million kills trophy has not popped around 225. Allow a freeplay to play overnight, even if just grinding the same round due for kills. I used Mad Wizard freeplay, read somewhere it had the fastest monster spawn time, maybe in the guide. I can't remember.
  12. I got mine at 75 completed variants. I meticulously tracked both variants and freeplay as well as crows. The only thing that I can guess is some of the variants didn't count, there was a slight bug, or maybe I did miscount but I rarely make a mistake like that when I track these types of trophies, let alone three mistakes for one trophy. But possible I guess.
  13. I see your point. Can't remember far enough back to my first playthrough of the game. I know I didn't have a guide book and the internet wasn't utilized either, so I can't honestly say how lost I was or how slow progression was.
  14. Agreed. My dislike of 8 for all this time and my new dislike for 15 is not common. Everyone uses that excuse that 7 didn't age well but I find it looks amazing still, better than other games made today, plus graphics for a game is not in my priority for enjoyment. I know 7 is old so I know it won't look good. How it plays, the story, battles, the sweet death of that damn flower-girl are what create an amazing game that I can and still play over and over.
  15. Nowhere near my favorite FF (second least favorite after that horrible XV) but I will get it for the trophies and to re-play as parts of it where fun. Looking at the Steam achievements list given by @Dragon-Archon, I am worried about some and hope they don't make it to the Trophy list. I loved the card game, far superior to IX's (about the only thing VIII really got right) but the different rules in different regions always threw me off and I could never win after a certain point. So worried about Professional Player and Collector for sure. Also, the one where it looks like you have to beat the game without leveling up Squall might be a pain or at least not enjoyable / headache to achieve. Some I don't even recognize like Choco Loot, UFO, Obel Lake Secret, and Top Level Boko. After a certain point, all I cared about was beating the game. Lost any care for the game as the story got extremely weird, card game got impossibly difficult, and to me, it had a crappy knock-off idea stealing from the far superior VII with having damn near ALL the characters with amnesia. Back when there were no trophies, all I cared about was beating every Final Fantasy game and never getting a Game Over, so I plowed through and beat it. The latter was squashed when I had to get one for a trophy for VII and the former only has XIII: Lightning Returns on the list. So now, it is just enjoying and get what trophies I can while I wait for the VII Remake and the inevitable Tactics release.