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  1. Agreed. Easy plats are a great motive builder when other games are time consuming and skill intensive. Nice to throw up 15+ trophies in a day or so. I have a few but The Order was for me to finally play the game. Defense Grid 2 was because I lover tower defense games but hard to find on console and its RNG is one of the worse I have seen so you tend to bog down on the last one and the grind for it is draining. Though, I am sure some can argue I do not have a challenging game list, I like about 95% of the games on my list. The rest, I tried and just fell out of for some reason or another. Some I am one or two trophies short of the plat and just need to grind out like One Piece. Some are I don't currently have the skill to beat the hardest difficulty and get the plat like all the God of Wars. Never thought of on my own nor have I tried since learning about it here of starting a game on another profile to get a feeling for it and its trophies.
  2. Don't have it, crazy ridiculous getting it in this version.
  3. I don't remember how much I bought The Order for but less then $15 for sure. Great game and story, but very very short. Agreed. I still wonder if its being one of the first PS4 games had something to do with the length and ease.
  4. I maxed out licenses back in the upper 50s in level but thanks.
  5. I dont think any of my mains have that technique. Will look into it. Thank you.
  6. Hmm, okay. Different gambit commands then what I am running. Will try them out, thanks. Hmm, just caught the heal commands for Support Character 2 who does not have any white magic. I could make SC2 the attack but SC2 has the Reverse and Decoy. Will have to try and tweak a bit for my current set-up, but again thank you.
  7. Without the reverse, his attack chew up my health pretty quickly. Bashe is only lv 85 with Ashe and Vaan at 88. Thank you for the reply. Seems like I am doing it right, just under leveled.
  8. Easy games doesn't mean bad. The Order: 1886 was a great game. Amazing story, good action, and fun. It was just very simple, short, and easier than most. It is also one of the first PS4 games and I wonder how that played into the game's creation I was going to get the game right off the bat but was told how short it was. So I got Thief instead as I waited for Dragon Age: Inquisition to come in the mail. I ended up getting The Order when PS Store had a major sale on the game. As trophy hunter it was perfect. Fast plat and no bronze trophies. Great to add some number and points to the resume. Always hope there will be a sequel or even prequel.
  9. I am having some issues beating Omega in Trial Mode. I am in the upper 80s in levels. Basch is my main and he is a Knight/Bushi (bad combo IMO, don't recommend), Ashe is White Mage/Uhlan and Vaan is a Shikari/Black Mage. I forget the combo of the other 3 but each of the 6 remaining classes are represented and their levels are below 40. I have tried following other guides on the net, think my biggest problem is level. I got through the first 98 levels, some challenging and took a few tries but got them. Omega is not easy for me. I try the Reverse strategy and works but it wears off quickly and by the time I am able to get it back on and get back into the fight, it has either worn off again or Omega berserks a character and lose control. I think the best I have done is 30% HP left. I tried different approaches. Use Bubble belt to prevent having to always cast it. Use the item that prevents berserk. Would like to beat it without going back and leveling but that may be my only option. Any thoughts?
  10. Bahamut as nothing is better then King of the Dragons. Get to be a Dragon, fly, be a part of several amazing game series (Final Fantasy, D&D) and you get to hang out with other Dragons. Bowser would be a great choice too. Dragon Turtle, cool design, strong, breath fire, can be stopped but is never defeated, owns more castles then anyone and has a wicked cool name.
  11. Well title says Top 20 games so I am going off the path some: 1. Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 2. Chrono Trigger 3. Final Fantasy VII 4. Final Fantasy X 5. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 6. Final Fantasy Tactics 7. Pokèmon - Red/Blue/Yellow 8. Earthbound 9. Dragon Age: Origins 10. Final Fantasy IX 11. God of War (PS2) 12. Skies of Arcadia Legends 13. Final Fantasy XII (PS2) 14. Defense of the Ancients 15. Monopoly 16. Bloons Tower Defense 5 17. Gauntlet Legends 18. Nioh 19. Phase 10 20. Clue
  12. I guess you just cringe then because it was an honor to see it. Just like it had been an honor to see other people's profile. Especially the cool ones who become friends. Wrong term but oh well, happened.
  13. Again, shouldn't have used the term Perfect Profile for 100% completion and 0 unearned trophies. Great to see a lot of people give their opinions on the subject. I still think it is cool and impressive to see a 100% completion profile. Something I won't earn but love playing the games I do and do as much as I can, in and out of the trophy list. Plus, this really has helped me get traffic to my profile and get some new friends. Win-win. Have an idea for couple orher topics but I dont want to keep causing controversy and become 'that guy'. 😏
  14. Some valid points. I don't worry about anyone else's profile. Still it was really cool to see a 100% completion profile for the first time. 900 easy plats or hard or ultra rares is cool but those are talked about all over the place. Perfect profile is not the right term for the thread but it has brought in some cool thoughts. Each stat is tracked and has a number that once reached, it can't go beyond. There is a quantified number of plats in the trophy world. Sure more get added but there are only so many. Some stats can't be reasonably achieved. Others can. Hence goals and what we are willing to accept. Also, those who messaged me off the thread, thanks for the words and invite. Wasn't my intention to insult or cause problems with it all but also not gonna let others talk down valid opinions. Great seeing ideas and thoughts on what is perfect to others. Plus gotten a lot of profile views and some friends, so this worked out. Lol.
  15. Hmm, couple seem to disagree and I definitely disagree with their thoughts but maybe Perfect Profile is not the right term. Once the thought enters your head to be a trophy hunter, 100% completion becomes a part of the equation. 100% every game, 100% every base game for Plat, 100% every ultra rare trophy. Whatever the case may be, a trophy hunter has a goal and works for it. So yes, Perfect Profile may not have been the right term and thanks for twisting the post but it was (and is) awesome to see a profile with 100% completion and 0 unearned trophies. 153 games, most with Plats, DLCs and a varied list. It is a great accomplishment.