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I am an avid video game player, mostly console and exclusively PlayStation. I do some small SNES playing from time to time with an emulator on my computer and a USB controller. I also have some mobile games of course and dabble with web browser games from time to time. I am huge fan of THE Final Fantasy series, playing every one from VII onwards with the exception of the two online versions. The little bit that I play on a computer right now is a mission or two every few months of StarCraft II. Trying to be a Trophy Hunter but with slightly under 650 unearned trophies and at least 9-10 games currently on my backlog, it is going to be a long road. Looking forward to a PS5 but hope it is not for a long time and when it does come out, hope they start up a new trophy system, giving me the chance to start from scratch. Another two series that I enjoy and have played every game of is God of War and Dragon Age.