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  1. Not quite. It be a major grind but, you could earn roughly 20 of the trophies via the demo. Nearly half.
  2. Which trophies do you suspect you will earn from the demo? I know that once the list was made public I went back into the demo and did some grinding to get a couple of trophies. The following are the ones I am confident I will get: Awoken to a Nightmare In Rode a Hero Wavelengths and Wishes Urgent Task Clashed of the Altered Fistbump A Gathering Storm The following are ones that I may also get but I am unsure of for different reasons: One Way Ride - I think this is the final step that the Demo allows as you leave the compound. Hard Barganier - I feel as I have sold 300 items. One Man's Junk... - I feel I have dismantled 300 items. Prospector - I know of about five to six ore deposits. I believe I have hit them all up around the same amount, closing in on or just passed 30 times. So roughly 11 trophies but, 7 for sure will be earned. I hope they auto-pop, been a LONG time since I had more than three trophies pop all at the same time, so it will be very nice to watch as I earn seven in a row.
  3. I ended up only getting six: Awoken to a Nightmare In Rode a Hero Wavelengths and Wishes Urgent Task Clashed of the Altered Fistbump A Gathering Storm
  4. Already got access? That's awesome! I got 9 more hours to go. I too am working on that trophy via the demo and have not been able to earn the accolade that correlates to the trophy. Congrats on 13 trophies at once though. I know I could have had a few more but, I had other games to play and I didn't want to grind them out.
  5. That is a good choice, too.
  6. Whether you are an old fan of BTD 5 or a newcomer, this thread is for discussing our favorite towers. No matter the level or the difficulty (so long as it is not a challenge that excludes your favorite), what is your go to tower that you always play with each and every time? Mine is the Monkey Buccaneer. A simple tower though a bit heavy on the price in the beginning and one of its Lv4 upgrades, this tower can do it all. Lead, ceramic, black, camouflage, MOAB, or fast bloons, this tower hits them all. Sure it needs water (most levels have water or you can buy a special agent at a reasonable price) and as mentioned, can be heavy in terms of cash for upgrades but I can beat a couple of levels with just one Monkey Buccaneer. Hard to say that about most towers. Give me a Glue Gunner and I can do some damage! Lol. So what is your favorite Monkey tower?
  7. Hey all. I am writing a short message to again thank you for your participation. It is not easy, cheap, or even practical to find a game whose Platinum fills a specific letter slot. I do hope this post will bump the thread to the top and help draw in some new Hunters. Keep playing. Good Luck!
  8. Welcome to the A-Z Platinum Title Club! This club is a spin-off idea from the A-Z Platinum Club 2.0 by @Winston, so please go check it out once you had a chance to post your list here and participate in that club as well. This club's intent and purpose will be very similar to its Flagship Club. It is a place for dedicated Trophy Hunters who want to complete an entry for every single category with a well earned and sometimes difficult Platinum Trophy. All are welcomed to join and participate, no matter their skill level or dedication as long as you meet the requirements below. The twist to this club is instead of using the video game's title to determine your entry, you are using the first letter of the Platinum's Title. See the examples below. Examples: Darksiders' Platinum is titled BFA, so its entry would be the letter 'B' category. Armello's Platinum is titled ...Happily Ever After, so its entry would be for the symbol category. Black Clover: Quartet Knights' Platinum is titled 5-Leaf Clover, so its entry would be for the number category. Dragon Quest X' Platinum is titled アストルティアマスター, so its entry would be for the non-English category. Non-English means Platinum Titles that do NOT use the Latin/Roman alphabet letters. Use this link to start your search and ask any questions you may have. Please read the requirements for joining and afterward, submit your list in a post and you'll be added to the corresponding Tier for your well-earned achievement. After you have submitted your list, feel free to make any changes and updates to as you like. All I ask is when you submit a new post, just state you updated, that way it is easier to track you and your changes. REQUIREMENTS: No hacked/flagged games on your account. This is a clean Club. You need to have at least 7/29 entries on your profile to join the Club. How to decide the Platinum title entries: The game MUST have a Platinum. You MUST earn the Platinum. Any PS4, PS3, PS Vita Platinum is allowed. You do NOT need to 100% a game in order to use the Platinum's title. Use the PSNProfiles Game/Trophies list to decide the beginning of a Platinum's title. If you have 2 or more Platinum titles for the same entry, you decide which one you want to be showcased on your Original Post. You also need a number, a symbol, and a non-English Platinum to get the A-Z Platinum Collection to 100%. See above under 'Examples' You need at least 30 posts on the forums. This club is looking for serious Trophy Hunters and dedicated PSNProfiles users. State the full title of your Platinum in its appropriate category and then state the game after in () to show separation. Here is an example that you can also use as a template. Please note if ANY of your Platinum Titles are an Ultra Rare earn: Hi there, I would like to submit my list. I currently have 7 categories! ~ ...Happily Ever After (Armello) # 5-Leaf Clover (Black Clover: Quartet Knights) A BFA (Darksiders) C D E F Game Complete (Ferrari Racing Legends) H I J K L Master of Spinjitzu (Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin) N O P Q R S The Beyonder (Marvel Heroes Omega) U V W X Y Z non-English アストルティアマスター (Dragon Quest X) There are 29 entries with A-Z, a number, a symbol, and non-English categories. There are Five Tiers to this club: Earn all 29 Categories to become a Grandmaster. Earn 28/29 Categories to become a Master. Earn 21/29 Categories to become an Expert. Earn 14/29 Categories to become an Apprentice. Earn 07/29 Categories to become a Novice. There will also be a secondary grouping with each category for the Elites of the Elites. For each Tier, any sort of Platinum will suffice, however, for the special rank within each Tier, only Platinums that are deemed ULTRA RARE by PSNProfiles will be counted. Please note in your submission if any of your Platinum Titles are of the Ultra Rare variety. - Hall of Fame - Here you'll find everyone who joined the A-Z Platinum Title Club. Players are listed by order of post to ensure continuity, reduce mistakes, as well as foster healthy and spirituous competition. Who will be the first one to earn the title of Ultra Rare Grandmaster?!? ULTRA RARE GRANDMASTERS zajac9999 15 OCT 2020 GRANDMASTERS AvengedEvil 30 SEP 2020 Evil_Joker88 02 OCT 2020 ULTRA RARE MASTERS MASTERS Fnee2000 16 DEC 2019 damage_6-9 17 DEC 2019 JungleCat20 13 JAN 2020 zajac9999 18 APR 2020 gary_danial 22 APR 2020 Xylobe 28 SEP 2020 ULTRA RARE EXPERTS Andrea 16 DEC 2019 Han_the_Dragon 16 DEC 2019 Fleks_Mhteam 16 DEC 2019 Ptirle 17 DEC 2019 Wdjat Prinny Doods 18 DEC 2019 Leenewbe 18 DEC 2019 irishmonkey77 05 MAY 2020 reckscollie 29 JUL 2020 EXPERTS Andrea 16 DEC 2019 captainskyhawk 16 DEC 2019 Kevvik 16 DEC 2019 i-kicked-a-brit 16 DEC 2019 Arctic Cress 16 DEC 2019 ladynadiad 16 DEC 2019 Matto_Isi 16 DEC 2019 Metal Slime King 16 DEC 2019 Deceptrox 16 DEC 2019 Obsi Eez 16 DEC 2019 Han_the_Dragon 16 DEC 2019 Neocarleen 16 DEC 2019 Fleks_Mhteam 16 DEC 2019 Dr_Mayus 16 DEC 2019 DoctorDrPepper 17 DEC 2019 MisterGibraltar 17 DEC 2019 Ptirle 17 DEC 2019 Wdjat Prinny Doods 18 DEC 2019 Leenewbe 18 DEC 2019 Winston 19 DEC 2019 Kristycism 21 DEC 2019 Maverick6146 21 DEC 2019 JackHayden0893 24 MAR 2020 jemmie 07 APR 2020 MargulisValda 11 APR 2020 irishmonkey77 05 MAY 2020 AllstarAaronski 05 MAY 2020 Banana_Sausage74 26 MAY 2020 reckscollie 29 JUL 2020 jonesey46 21 AUG 2020 WARLOCK1972 21 AUG 2020 MikeCheck-- 21 AUG 2020 TomoTakino 21 AUG 2020 Berendsapje 27 AUG 2020 StewartBros 28 AUG 2020 MaxABStevens 14 SEP 2020 Cherrywood 28 SEP 2020 Winston 28 SEP 2020 GraniteSnake 28 SEP 2020 shaneyboy619 16 OCT 2020 ULTRA RARE APPRENTICES Evil_Joker88 16 DEC 2019 Dr_Mayus 16 DEC 2019 Kristycism 21 DEC 2019 Banana_Sausage74 26 MAY 2020 Matto_Isi 05 JUL 2020 shaneyboy619 16 OCT 2020 APPRENTICES Matrim_Drasgen 16 DEC 2019 Khain24 16 DEC 2019 Lorajet 16 DEC 2019 jboorad124 22 DEC 2019 kingofbattle8174 23 DEC 2019 AmarisSkye 16 MAR 2020 Ampplaca 07 APR 2020 ShogunCroCop 05 May 2020 The_Real_T-Bomb 05 MAY 2020 Rune_Crys 27 MAY 2020 markie816 14 JUN 2020 mcjonathan888 27 AUG 2020 BlackSquirrell1 28 SEP 2020 Gray-Fox-44 28 SEP 2020 ULTRA RARE NOVICES Matrim_Drasgen 16 DEC 2019 Kevvik 16 DEC 2019 captainskyhawk 16 DEC 2019 Metal Slime King 16 DEC 2019 Obsi Eez 16 DEC 2019 Neocarleen 16 DEC 2019 MisterGibraltar 17 DEC 2019 AvengedEvil 21 DEC 2019 Maverick6146 21 DEC 2019 Ampplaca 07 APR 2020 jemmie 07 APR 2020 gary_danial 22 APR 2020 jonesey46 21 AUG 2020 MikeCheck-- 21 AUG 2020 GraniteSnake 28 SEP 2020 NOVICES Zanreo 19 APR 2020 willythom88 05 MAY 2020 I want to thank @Winston for getting A-Z Platinum Club 2.0. Thank you @Dr_Mayus for creating the original club. A big thanks to @Han_the_Dragon for helping me flesh out this club, providing ideas, and very welcomed feedback. Thanks to @Sly Ripper for creating PSNProfiles and of course THANK YOU to all the Trophy Hunters who come here to the A-Z Platinum Title Club. Please create a post and submit your Platinum Titles. Happy Hunting!! "Good Luck!" - General Pepper, Starfox 64
  9. Tornadoes are good choices too. Combine them with Ninia Monkey's Distraction ability and the push back is amazing
  10. Ninja and Apprentice are great choices. More shurikens and fire path are my go to choices for my monkeys.
  11. Oh god, I hope not! I don't even have the Plat for the PS4 version yet and won't have the desire to want to go through that pain again!
  12. Yes, I just learn of the re-assigning capability even though it is like a year old. Lol. Wow! Level 40s?!!!!! My main team is in the late 80, maybe 90s, I don't remember and my best run was approximately 75% damage to Omega's health.
  13. I am having some issues beating Omega in Trial Mode. I am in the upper 80s in levels. Basch is my main and he is a Knight/Bushi (bad combo IMO, don't recommend), Ashe is White Mage/Uhlan and Vaan is a Shikari/Black Mage. I forget the combo of the other 3 but each of the 6 remaining classes are represented and their levels are below 40. I have tried following other guides on the net, think my biggest problem is level. I got through the first 98 levels, some challenging and took a few tries but got them. Omega is not easy for me. I try the Reverse strategy and works but it wears off quickly and by the time I am able to get it back on and get back into the fight, it has either worn off again or Omega berserks a character and lose control. I think the best I have done is 30% HP left. I tried different approaches. Use Bubble belt to prevent having to always cast it. Use the item that prevents berserk. Would like to beat it without going back and leveling but that may be my only option. Any thoughts?
  14. Thanks. Yeah my downfall was my wither was my weakest character in the low 30s, so they would never survive the fight. Thanks for the info. I need to get back to it, just trying to clean up too many games. Lol.
  15. You can buy this game today (24 FEB 2021) as part of the under $20 sale for 10.49 if you have PS+
  16. I have found the disk and have got it back in the PS4 where it belongs! I am playing an hour or so around the different levels to get back into the rhythm. I will also explore the new update of being able to change my classes. With that addition, as well as leveling up my secondary team, I think I finally have a shot at this defeating Omega. If I do so, it should be my last entry in the Bestiary and puts me at Trial 100, which I have learned is far easier than 99. If that happens that knocks out two of the four trophies needed for the Platinum, and really it is basically three as the fourth is just beating the game. Not sure if I'll get Mist Walker but, a step closer is always better than not.
  17. I am having trouble accessing the DLC for A New God. The following link says where to go to access and that trouble is quite common. I contacted Ubisoft. They put it on me that I should be doing my own troubleshooting first but, did send some LONG instructions that might possibly help. I dunno as I have not tried any yet, I wanted to get this info out to others. ..... Here is what I submitted to Ubisoft about my issue. I am not posting the chat, it was short, and nothing in it. Hello. I pre-ordered the Gold Edition of the game. I have the latest update (1.10) and I have even asked the game to manually search for updates. I can not access the new DLC that the Internet says will appear in the bottom left corner of the main menu as the selection picture/link is not even in the corner. I am off today from work and wanted to be one of the first to stream and collect the trophies for the new DLC. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Customer Support. Your best option is to start by resetting the console display and audio settings. If that does not work, try lowering your display output resolution. If you continue to experience issues, try clearing your PS4 Game Data Utility files. Doing so will clear any install / update data and DLC content. Note: All DLC items can be re-downloaded. Exclusive Content is tied to the account and does not need to be re-downloaded. 1. Navigate to Settings > System Storage Management. 2. Select the content you want to delete under Applications or Captures, press the Options button and select Delete. Next, test your game disc on a second console. In some cases, you could have a bad game disc. Please try testing your game on a second console to determine if you have the same results. 1. If you have the same issue on a second console, please try exchanging your game disc at the retailer for a new copy. 2. If you do not have the problem on a second system, the issue may be local to the save files on the console. Return to your Playstation 4, back up your save file, and try deleting your save progress. Backing up your save file: 1. Navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device 2. Select a game. 3. Check the box for the desired save state and select Copy. Clear Save Data Utility files. 1. Navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage 2. Select Delete. 3. Choose a game. 4. Check the box for the desired save state and select Delete. Once completed, please retry your game. If you continue to have problems, please update the case with the results of the steps above. Regards, Ubisoft Support
  18. Glad I posted this then because I wouldn't have even thought of going to the store for the DLC of a game I ALREADY OWN! I started the download. Thanks all. Hope this helps others.
  19. Matrim_Drasgen Final Fantasy XIII Hi. I have no proof that I did my trophies legit. However, I have been a member of this community for quite some time, I have written some guides, and have a decent reputation on the forums. The dispute looks to be specifically about 6 trophies and maxing out each role. However, the trophy has nothing to do with switching. All you have to do is level each role until it is one away from the maximum. Then do all of them one after another. It is not that hard to max one, click to the next, pick the next role and max, etc. It has been a long time since I earned these trophies, well before my serious trophy hunting days, but I don't even have the Platinum. Why cheat for six bronze trophies and not earn the Plat? Looking at the trophies, I even got them in the order I liked the classes, so I know I earned them in that specific order on purpose. I did not cheat, so yes, it can clearly be done that fast and if I have to go through every person's profile who has Platinumed the game to find examples, I will.<br /> <br /> Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon on the matter.
  20. Well, I thought I knew what I was doing but, clearly not. My Alchemist dad will not give me scrolls. That family is my side family. I talk to him every year. In fact, after every drop of myrrh. It is Year 6 and I have only ever received one scroll, back in Year 2.
  21. Nor the Greek Gods, IF they were real, would be speaking English with a Greek accent based on your logic as they would be speaking Greek. Accents are difficult for people, especially those with hearing loss as @Ac3dUd3- stated they have or perhaps have an audio learning disability where it is extremely difficult to hear certain sounds, especially if it is sounds that you are familiar with but presented in a way you are unaccustomed with hearing in that particular manner, e.g., someone speaking English with an accent.
  22. Utilizing Hermes' task board and the Ubisoft Connect challenges, you probably need somewhere between 50-75% of all chests. The more challenges you do, the fewer chests of course. To the best of my ability to find everything, I believe I got 100% in Hermes' and Aphrodite's zones, 90% in Ares, 75-80% in Hephaistos, <60% in Athena, and probably not even 25% in Zeus' zones.
  23. I got it. It is just cosmetic. The armor was cool for a bit, the helmet wasn't bad but I wasn't a fan of the plume.
  24. Every time I have cast the Fireball spell, no matter the map, the location, number of enemies, my buildings and Vikings, the spell immediately freezes the game and causes it to crash.
  25. I am still new to the game (couple of days and have just barely bought Hitch for the first time) and I do not have much experience with this type of gaming genre. I do not like any other gaming communities to be honest, so I try to do all my research, questions, trophy help, etc. here on PSNP. I know the game gives guidance as to which hero should go where and it looks like specializations might change that as well, but are there any set-up hero formations that are absolute. I try to follow the guidance the game gives or move one character around at time after I have five or more to find the best DPS I can but looking to take the trial and error out of the equation. I know their are other heroes besides the traditional starting dozen and I have two (Hitch instead of Delina, and Farideh. I do not use Farideh as she seems weaker then Minsc and there is a trophy tied to Minsc specifically) and know that the heroes from the events are better and to get my hands on them as early as possible. Heroes to the right are better then heroes to left correct? So if a Lv 10 Bruenor and a Lv 10 Arkham were fighting and had no gear at all, Arkham would do more DPS, correct?