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  1. This seems like a really fun idea, a way to expand your comfort zone, and try new games. Doesn't look like it is active anymore though. :/
  2. That is a huge accomplishment! Congrats!!!
  3. Ok cool, I haven't been doing Free Plays multiple time thinking there would be 250 throughout but glad to know now. Finally beat area 150 but it took 40 Small Contracts, 8 Medium, 2 Large, a potion of Medium Giant's Strength, and a Medium Potion of Fire Breath.
  4. Does anyone know how exactly Free Play works, in regards to the trophy Been There Done That. Do I just start it, beat a few areas and then can leave? Or is there an actual end to Free Play?
  5. Next Free Play question. Are there 250 Free Plays or are there less and you will have to play those few mission multiple time to get the trophy Been There Done That?
  6. I am only Mortal with God of War: Norse Life.
  7. Hi there. I have five Platinums: FF7 FFX-2 FFXIII-2 FFXV FF Type-0
  8. Platinum #33: Completion Obtain all available trophies #2,258 9th Mar 2019 8:05:12 PM 5,777 ACHIEVERS 94,661 OWNERS 6.10% VERY RARE Overall Enjoyment: 7/10 Plat Enjoyment:4/10 Play Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficultly: 4.5/10 Not a bad Final Fantasy, definitely not the worst (8 & 15) and clearly not the best (7, Tactics, 9, 10) but okay. First sequel in the Final Fantasy series and it had an above average story to tell but it had so many damn grindy trophies that it kind of kills the flow of the game. Story is simple and when you really look at it, very short and never achieved. Most of the main charater and some sub-characters from FFX make their way naturally into the story and the ones you are missing can be found with proper knowledge, guide, or search on the Net. Remember getting the game back on the PS2 but never made it out of Chapter 2 and I got hung up three years ago on Gunner's Gauntlet. Nice to have it complete and bring my total number of how many Final Fantasy games I have beaten to 11.
  9. Alright! Started off strong in March, getting my Platinum early and finishing off a game that has been in my backlog since February 2016!!! Yikes. Lol. However, FFX-2 wasn't a bad game, I just struggled with gunner's gauntlet and so I put the game down, next thing I know I forgot about it and it's low 6% percentage haunted me and my stats, so I figured with my trophy goals this year it was a perfect game to get back into and achieve 100% in and I am glad I did. I like Final Fantasy, it will always be the Number One Series in gaming though they will make crap games (looking at you 8 & 15) but I will never turn my back on them. This helps me be 3/3 for the month portion of my goals and helps me out with getting either two Platinums this month or in April. Still haven't found a good trophy competition I want to enter yet and I need to write a second guide but I am tracking along and am slightly ahead. If I can keep the press on, I should be able to accomplish every single one of my goals for the year.
  10. I have never done a New Year's Resolution but figured this year I could do one, just combine it with my goals for Trophy Hunting. I am not an impressive Trophy Hunter but I do enjoy playing a game to its fullest and hearing the sound of a trophy 'POPPING'. The more at one time, the better. Below are my goals that I will edit updates to but never change. If I achieve a goal, I might place a new one for the same goal. Earn 20 Platinums for a Total of 50 3 / 20 1. Dragon Sinker 2. Gem Smashers 3. Final Fantasy X-2 Earn 1 Platinum in Every Month of 2019 3 / 12 JAN - Dragon Sinker FEB - Gem Smashers MAR - Final Fantasy X-2 Level Up Three Times to be Lv 20 Before 2020 0 / 3 Games Completed be Half of Games Played GC 28 / GP 67 = 41.79% Get Completion Ratio to 85% 75.42 / 85.00% Unearned Trophies Under 500 628 / 499 Trophies Per Day to 0.85 0.71 / 0.85 Profile View to 2000 1605 / 2000 World Rank of 170,000 194,363 / 170,000 Country Rank of 50,000 58,860 / 50,000 Trophy Total of 3000 2258 / 3000 Gold Trophy Point Total Over Silver Trophy Point Total 15,750 Gold Points / 15, 750 Silver Points Write Two Trophy Guides 1/2 Dungeons II - Take Part in One Trophy Competition 0/1 I actually have more based off the information under the 'STATS' tab but some are either contradictory or simpler then the goals I have stated thus far. So I will add more once I am able to breakdown goals that are heavily linked to each other.
  11. Hi, I would like to submit my list! I currently have 11 letters! I know not enough to put me into one of the four Ranks but a great start. Look forward to pushing myself to grabbing Platinums for my missing letters. Side note: I currently have 32 Plats and 10 of them are a 'D' game, lol.#ABloons Tower Defense 5CDragon Age: Origins (My first Platinum Trohpy)EvolveFinal Fantasy VII God of War: Norse Life HelldiversIJKLMiddle-Earth: Shadow of WarNiohOverlord: Fellowship of EvilPQRebel GalaxyStyx: Master of ShadowsThe Order: 1886UVWXYZ
  12. Wow, thanks soultaker! Appreciate the help.
  13. I am still new to the game (couple of days and have just barely bought Hitch for the first time) and I do not have much experience with this type of gaming genre. I do not like any other gaming communities to be honest, so I try to do all my research, questions, trophy help, etc. here on PSNP. I know the game gives guidance as to which hero should go where and it looks like specializations might change that as well, but are there any set-up hero formations that are absolute. I try to follow the guidance the game gives or move one character around at time after I have five or more to find the best DPS I can but looking to take the trial and error out of the equation. I know their are other heroes besides the traditional starting dozen and I have two (Hitch instead of Delina, and Farideh. I do not use Farideh as she seems weaker then Minsc and there is a trophy tied to Minsc specifically) and know that the heroes from the events are better and to get my hands on them as early as possible. Heroes to the right are better then heroes to left correct? So if a Lv 10 Bruenor and a Lv 10 Arkham were fighting and had no gear at all, Arkham would do more DPS, correct?
  14. Hey, appreciate the help. Finally got past level 100 a few days ago. Doing ok in the Torm campaign but it is tricky to get my footing in the special event and racking up enough favor to get the gold to go further to get the good prizes.
  15. Ahhh, my bad. Lol. Yeah, that game is not enjoyable. Even for a Plat, it has no value but I have have spent more on other games and haven't felt much better.
  16. Well, read the whole paragraph under that entry and you will see I say I was wrong and that the game is not worth it at all at the price I paid for it and thought maybe it be okay for free but it looks like you say differently.
  17. I have three quick Platinums, i.e. under a day of play time to get the Trophies. The Order: 1886 - Discussed above but amazing game, worth price now and even more so when on sale. Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - I got this game as I had been eyeing it for awhile as I love a good tactics game (look forward with much anticipation for Final Fantasy Tactics to come to the PS4 with Trophies) but to primarily confirm the guide written (Regalia guide) for the game could be followed step-by-step as it is laid out and you get the Platinum. Yes, you do. I have not gone back to play the game to enjoy it for a game yet but do have plans to do so. Just maybe not this year as I have Trophy goals for 2019 (Mat's Trophy Goals) I want to see if I can accomplish. Gem Smashers - I saw this game on a friend's profile and thought it looked really neat and fun to play. It had a great amount of Gold Trophies, quick Platinum on top of what looked to be fun, and I needed it to get my Platinum for February as FFX-2 was FAR more grindy and time consuming then I thought it would be originally. Well, Gem Smashers totally was not worth the on sale price of $3.50 I got it for and grew very frustrated and enjoyed it less and less each passing round. Controls were difficult to master, death blocks were too sensitive, and bosses always were a different color then what you were and therefore, couldn't be damaged. So of my three "fast Plats" (what I consider fast by the Plats being obtained in under a day though 12 hours is more accurate), in order of worth it to not worth it: Worth it all the way. Probably worth it but can't say with certainty. Not worth it at all unless maybe you got it free somehow.
  18. The Order: 1886. Biggest complaint I ever head (and most frequent too) was it was way to quick and that made people angry who spent $60 (or more if there were other editions, which I do not know if there were/are) on the game to be done with it in a weekend (and of course you can do it less then a work day now with all the guides out there to assist in both the game and the trophies). In fact, those complaints had me not buy the game until I saw it on sale for roughly $10 on the PS Store. I enjoyed the game immensely. It is quick but you know that now going in and the game is at a decent price and goes on sale at least twice a year. Definitely worth picking up for a great game, quick platinum, decent amount of Silver trophies, good amount of Gold, and no Bronzes. From either a gamer's perspective or a Trophy Hunter's, The Order: 1886 is very enjoyable and amazing.
  19. Thanks. Slowly getting the hang of it. Got the two heroes from this weekend's event. Making my way up there as I really see the difference in having more favor to earn more gold. Some of the blessings specifically say across all campaigns. So the ones that do not, it only applies to the campaign that favor comes from, yes?
  20. Platinum #32: Gem Smashers Lover Obtained all trophies! #2,246 28th Feb 2019 9:47:07 PM 2,369 ACHIEVERS 3,008 OWNERS 78.76% COMMON Overall Enjoyment: 3/10 Plat Enjoyment:5/10 Play Enjoyment: 2/10 Difficultly: 5/10 The game isn't as hard as my opinion in difficulty lists but the controls are tricky to get in control. From a trophy hunting and platinum point of view, it was great. No bronze trophies, fast, lots of gold trophies. I was able to squeeze out the Plat in FEB, keeping me on track with my goals (Mat's Trophy Goals) and helping to set me up for FFX-2 as my MAR Plat and possibly picking up my fourth platinum of the year (possible fifth if I could ever get that damn jump rope game down). Even on sale and paying under $3.50, didn't like the game as I thought I was gonna and bit frustrated with it overall.
  21. I was able to get my second Platinum trophy for the year and was able to get it in FEB. I had to resort to a cheap trick with Gem Smashers as it is a very short game and I was able to Plat it in about 4.5 hours. No bronze trophies and there was a great amount of gold trophies (8 of them) to help with my level boosting goal, gold point total over my silver point total (they are tied and I didn't even plan it!!! Lol) as well as just plain old numbers. Great game for my Trophy Goals purposes and that was of the reasons I bought it but it was not a game I enjoyed. Looks fun but the controls are not friendly and despite playing with all three characters and beating the game with one (as required for trophies) I never could get used to how your little animal avatar responded to the environment or my inputs. I was hoping it would have replay value but as soon as the Platinum 'POPPED', I closed the game, deleted all screen captures, save files, and the game itself.
  22. I haven't used any Blessings yet. I have just shy of 4k in Torm and 900 in Kelemvor. Only gold favor I see under Torm is in Tier 3 "Less Distracted - Distractions drop 25% more gold over all campaigns." Kelemvor has a gold favor in Tier 1, "Golden Riches - Increases all gold found by 20%" but it doesn't say across all campaigns like Torm. What is an offline gold scroll? Only think I have gotten from offline is a one time offline earned this much gold. Can't remember if my PS4 was in stand by or off completely. Nor how long I was gone. Does any of this matter? I have 3 small chests, 17 small bounty contracts and 1 medium. I got most of that from the free package as a PS+ Member.
  23. Yea, mine wouldn't go back to as high as it was, so if I kept shifting the same unit, it would just steadily go down.
  24. I just downloaded Version 1.09 but it came with some problems. I was wondering if anyone else is having these issues. When I logged into the game, I did not get my offline gold of about 17 hours. You only get offline gold if you put yourself on a map and then quit the program there. Game calculates gold based off level, number of Heroes/DPS, and how long you are gone. Sound is not working. Reset fixed sound. The screen where the heroes kill the enemies only half loads but the game still plays. Reset fixed battle map. When I upgrade an existing hero, my DPS count in the upper left corner goes down instead of up. It is not every time and I do not know if the next level up sets it right, I am still learning each hero and trying to figure out the best formation arrangement. I know it is possible that I do not know the heroes well enough and that at certain points in their level up path, their power goes down for some reason. I am on a free play map in the Sword Coast. Haven't had this problem since Patch 1.10. Moving a hero in formation will lower DPS (which I understand, certain heroes provide buffs due to proximity). Problem is, when I move the hero back, the DPS doesn't go as high. I played with it for a bit and took my DPS from 67q all the way down to 900k and wasn't able to kill the enemies on that wave anymore, so I know it is not just the DPS counter visually going down but my actual DPS as well. Haven't had this problem since Patch 1.10. Thank you for any help. I am going to turn off the game after I finish this free play run as well as my PS4 to see if that will correct the problem.
  25. I just downloaded my patch today after work (26FEB19, 7pm Central Time Zone).