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  1. Most trophies look story related with some challenges. Anyone know how Insane difficulty is in the game?
  2. I am personally struggling with this Trophy. By myself or with my brother, best we can do is 36, just shy of 37 which gives the waypoint. I join random games but always come in after 37 and 50. Once I got in at 46 and went through to 50 and died there but did not get the trophy, guess you have to beat all the stages before 50. Anyone got any advice or willing to help? My main is Warrior but my back up is Wizard. On Warrior I rock Destructo-Spin for Ability, Invulnerability for Talisman and Movement/Attack Speed increase for Relic Rank 3. I don't have as much for Wizard. I use the spell book that gives Invisibility and use the Barrier for Talisman. Have not bought a relic yet, I do not know what is a good fit for the Wizard. My brother rocks Valkyrie. He uses the Spin Attack for his weapon Ability, Summons 3 Valkyries for Talisman and Rank 3 Relic of the one that summons Illusions to fight for you. He doesn't have a back-up to my knowledge. Anyone got any advice or willing to offer some help? I tried that invisibility trick with the Wizard but I can never seem to get it to work. First step is to try and get the waypoint on 37 and then get the 50 but all at once is good too.
  3. I see your point. Can't remember far enough back to my first playthrough of the game. I know I didn't have a guide book and the internet wasn't utilized either, so I can't honestly say how lost I was or how slow progression was.
  4. Agreed. My dislike of 8 for all this time and my new dislike for 15 is not common. Everyone uses that excuse that 7 didn't age well but I find it looks amazing still, better than other games made today, plus graphics for a game is not in my priority for enjoyment. I know 7 is old so I know it won't look good. How it plays, the story, battles, the sweet death of that damn flower-girl are what create an amazing game that I can and still play over and over.
  5. Nowhere near my favorite FF (second least favorite after that horrible XV) but I will get it for the trophies and to re-play as parts of it where fun. Looking at the Steam achievements list given by @Dragon-Archon, I am worried about some and hope they don't make it to the Trophy list. I loved the card game, far superior to IX's (about the only thing VIII really got right) but the different rules in different regions always threw me off and I could never win after a certain point. So worried about Professional Player and Collector for sure. Also, the one where it looks like you have to beat the game without leveling up Squall might be a pain or at least not enjoyable / headache to achieve. Some I don't even recognize like Choco Loot, UFO, Obel Lake Secret, and Top Level Boko. After a certain point, all I cared about was beating the game. Lost any care for the game as the story got extremely weird, card game got impossibly difficult, and to me, it had a crappy knock-off idea stealing from the far superior VII with having damn near ALL the characters with amnesia. Back when there were no trophies, all I cared about was beating every Final Fantasy game and never getting a Game Over, so I plowed through and beat it. The latter was squashed when I had to get one for a trophy for VII and the former only has XIII: Lightning Returns on the list. So now, it is just enjoying and get what trophies I can while I wait for the VII Remake and the inevitable Tactics release.
  6. Platinum #38 A Plague Tale is a great looking game. Its story is interesting and exciting, has beautifully paced action to complement the story and still give you breathing room to explore, discover, and craft. Then a horrible idea gets introduced towards the end, ruins the game of any enjoyment and wanting to learn the conclusion of the story. Platinum #39 Thronebreaker is set in the Witcher series (though I do not know where exactly nor if the three Witcher games are connected in a sequel themselves or a naming convention like Final Fantasy) and is a card-based game with an amazing story, beautiful artwork, and loads of decisions that constantly shape the world around you, your followers, and your battles. The card game had a unique twist where most of the time you don't actually attack with your cards to destroy your opponents and that sort took something away from the game for full enjoyment. However, I do know the story connects to at least Witcher 3 so if you played that game and want some more knowledge of that world, the game wasn't bad.
  7. My June Platinum and my 9th Platinum of the year is Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. The game is very beautiful, great music, long and enriched story with many choices that have great rewards and consequences. Part of The Witcher series story though I don't know it as I have never played a Witcher game before but do have Witcher 3 on my list to play, just not sure if it will be this year for my trophy goals or not. Thronebreaker is a card game. If you like the Witcher series and want to know more of the story, this game is a great addition because even someone with no knowledge of the world saw hints in it about characters and places that the series deals with in other games. The only let down was how the card game itself played. It had a unique twist, you couldn't attack your opponents unless through special abilities. The point was just to have a bigger force than them in a best two out of three fight. It made the fight a lot longer then they had to be and prevented the game from being as fun as it looked to be in trailers and other videos online.
  8. I have never done a New Year's Resolution but figured this year I could do one, just combine it with my goals for Trophy Hunting. I am not an impressive Trophy Hunter but I do enjoy playing a game to its fullest and hearing the sound of a trophy 'POPPING'. The more at one time, the better. Below are my goals that I will edit updates to but never change. If I achieve a goal, I might place a new one for the same goal. Earn 20 Platinums for a Total of 50 9 / 20 1. Dragon Sinker 2. Gem Smashers 3. Final Fantasy X-2 4. Conan Exiles 5. Peasant Knight 6. Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past 7. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 8. A Plague Tale: Innocence 9. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Earn 1 Platinum in Every Month of 2019 6 / 12 JAN - Dragon Sinker FEB - Gem Smashers MAR - Final Fantasy X-2 APR - Conan Exiles MAY - Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story JUN - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Level Up Three Times to be Lv 20 Before 2020 1 / 3 Games Completed be Half of the Games Played GC 34 / GP 74 = 45.94% Get Completion Ratio to 85% 77.27 / 85.00% Unearned Trophies Under 500 640 / 499 Trophies Per Day to 0.85 0.75 / 0.80 Profile View to 2000 1720 / 2000 2nd GOAL ACHIEVED! World Rank of 170,000 164,494 / 170,000 3RD GOAL ACHIEVED! Country Rank of 50,000 48,775 / 50,000 Trophy Total of 3000 2467 / 3000 1st GOAL ACHIEVED! Gold Trophy Point Total Over Silver Trophy Point Total 19,440 Gold Points / 17,640 Silver Points Write Two Trophy Guides 1/2 Dungeons II - Take Part in One Trophy Competition 0/1
  9. I bought my last Reynard building, got the trophy A-ten-hut! I bought my last Gascon building immediately after as I saved up enough resources to buy them specifically together. I got the trophy Army Camp Tycoon first and then Dogs of War popped.
  10. You can Chapter select so you won't need to play the entire game over again. Not sure how it works since I never used the feature but I imagine it would the easiest and hopefully the fastest way to collect your what you need to upgrade.
  11. That is a good tip about checkpoint reloading. I got my Sling Upgrade in Chapter 10, my 100 Ammunitions in Chapter 12, and finally the Equipment Upgrade in Chapter 16. For ammo, I kept 3-4 of all simple ammo types on me in case I ran into a situation, only did the big explosion type when I needed to enter an Alchemist Cart. I believe I could have had the equipment upgraded sooner as I needed just two leathers for the longest time and I got the final one in Chapter 16 but once the game introduced I was done and just pushed through as fast I could to get the Platinum. So I didn't fully explore Chapters 14 or 15 and was no need to do any in Chapter 16 as all I needed was 1 leather. So not entirely sure when it would have been possible to pick up the Equipment trophy. Had I crafted a little less and struggled less with and/or used the checkpoint trick, definitely could have gotten the trophy sooner. I think what you upgrade first plays an important role as clearly expanding the number of resources you can carry at one time is important, probably the most important upgrades to maximize resources and not leave any behind. If I could not pick up a resource due to my limit, I would either upgrade or make some ammo so as not to waste any, even if it meant backtracking several minutes to a crafting bench. Upgrade to not need a bench is definitely a time saver and makes it easier so I push to get that one early too.
  12. Got another Platinum this month with A Plague Tale: Innocence. This game is the newest game on my list having come out earlier this month. It is beautifully designed, voice acted, and the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. Glad I was able to get another Plat for the month. The gameplay style of Innocence is different for me and what I normally play/like but I enjoyed playing the game. I'm marching down the line and heading towards my Trophy Goals. However, with that said about the game: SPOILERS AHEAD
  13. Ok, cool. Just got to Chapter IV. Game is creepy in the dark! Lol.
  14. Everyone talks about not crafting ammo but there is a trophy for crafting 100 ammunition for Alchemy. Can you do all three in a single playthrough?
  15. I'm rocking the One-Year Anniversary God of War: Norse Life theme.
  16. Save the kingdom. It is a gold trophy, bringing my total gold trophies for leveling up to 9, which is half my total level up trophies. The other nine trophies for leveling up are seven bronzes and two silvers. No Plats though.
  17. Absolutely not true. FFVII remake is definitely worth full price. Buying that sucker four times when it gets released: once for myself and the other three for nieces and nephews.
  18. I really enjoyed Nioh. It's the only game of that type I have played. I got the Plat and own all the DLC but my PS4 with the saved file was stolen and I haven't committed to starting over again to finally play the DLC. However, with the announcement of the new PS console soon, my massive backlog of games, really hope Nioh 2 comes out on the new console instead of the PS4. I try to play more but some games take up way more time than I thought or I am not in the mood to play them and put them off. Nioh 2 would jump to the forefront of games to play but I can't keep buying games as there are always more games that I want to play. Really crappy and bit annoying a game of Nioh 2's caliber is coming so late in the life of PS4 and the talk about that next console has been discussed and on the horizon.
  19. My goal is to get a total of 50 Platinums. I started this year with 30 and currently have 37. I feel as if I am right on track to getting 20 for the year. I do have other trophy goals this year but I have to say getting 20 Platinums for the year and one Platinum in every month are my major goals. The rest sort of fall in line with these twos. Mat Drasgen's 2019 Trophy Goals
  20. Platinum #34 To crush all trophies beneath sandaled feetFor completing all trophies #2,299 7th Apr 2019 2:02:33 AM 11,108 ACHIEVERS 29,696 OWNERS 37.41% UNCOMMON Overall Enjoyment: 5/10 Plat Enjoyment:4/10 Play Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 2/10 One of April's free PS+ games. It was fun and the trophies very simple to get. The game had a lot of potential to be really good but was very buggy. Typical problems with lag, falling through the map, etc. Once you worked through the issues, the game was straight forward, typical survival game. If played solo, the game offered a lot of challenges and has a decent difficulty level. Playing with friends severely lowers difficulty and use of Admin Controls brings both the game's difficulty and trophy hunting to practically nothing. Platinum #35 Platinum PeasantGet all the trophies. #2,318 10th Apr 2019 12:24:21 AM 1,424 ACHIEVERS 1,560 OWNERS 91.28% COMMON Overall Enjoyment: 5/10 Plat Enjoyment:3/10 Play Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 6/10 A very unique 2-D platform jumping game with your character constantly moving unless you hold the back button. The game has a decent challenge level that its high Platinum earned percentage would not suggest. The Platinum is earned by the time you reach Level 47 and most probably quit playing as soon as they earn it but the game still has quite bit more to offer afterward and the difficulty keeps ramping up. Platinum #36 PlatinumUnlock every Trophy #2,338 21st Apr 2019 11:53:01 PM 232 ACHIEVERS 265 OWNERS 87.55% COMMON Overall Enjoyment: 5/10 Plat Enjoyment: 6/10 Play Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 3/10 A simple puzzle-solving game. Decent story, enjoyable Platinum to go after and earn, likable graphics. Quick, simple, and relatively easy. Not much to say. Platinum #37 The CompletionistUnlock all trophies #2,370 6th May 2019 2:10:13 AM 143 ACHIEVERS 905 OWNERS 15.80% RARE Overall Enjoyment: 8/10 Plat Enjoyment: 8/10 Play Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 5/10 A very fun RPG. It has a unique twist having to build an academy to train, upgrade, promote, and graduate your Adventures. As you constantly rotate out your team, there is a degree of difficulty that you never quite get over as you are always in need to bring in fresh Level 1s into your main party to satisfy the game's demands as well as the fact that adventurers enrolled later in the game have a higher max level. A pleasant surprise and highly recommend to those who like RPGs.
  21. Visually looks great. Not the way I enjoy playing Final Fantasy games but at least the story appears to be the same. The game's combat will definitely play different and that will many decisions, even a simple one as to who your party of three will be as I can see some characters being more difficult than others or not being fun at all. The story appears to be intact and that is the important part, the same perfect story with better graphics. The rest will sort itself out. Someone mentioned this might fix FFVII problems which it does fix the one problem FFVII has, the game had to end.
  22. September 2012 with 160 trophies.
  23. My May trophy fit into my A-Z Platinum Club I am working on with Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. A super fun game, that I got cheap during one of the past sales. I was happy to get a 'V' game for cheap but the real pleasure was in the game itself. A very fun RPG that had some unique twists with the building of the Academy your adventurers use as a base of operations. There is some pressure keeping up with the demand of graduating a student every 6 months and having to graduate a total of 50 for a trophy but it is this addition to the game that makes it a challenge. The story is great, the art is simple yet clean, and not every fight is walk through the park. Joy to play. Joy to Plat. EDIT: I didn't give this post and by extension, the game, the credit it deserves. Valthirian is a very simple RPG but it is this simplicity that drove it home to be a great game. Visually it is cartoonish but it was beautifully drawn. The maps for battle are simple and repeated regularly with some twist like boulders blocking paths that they didn't the last time you played but there is still some exploration to make sure you find every item and kill every monster. You don't get 100% control of the Academy you build but you chose where your upgrades go and how many you have to increase the stats you believe are important. There are three Tiers of classes with Tier 1 having only one class, Tier 2 is an upgrade that gives you three classes, and Tier 3 gives you two upgrades for each Tier 2 option for a total of 6 Tier 3 classes. Each class plays very differently and brings their own uniqueness to battles. A great addition to my video game collection, the game has replay value, trophies are well thought out, trophy design is enjoyable, and helped with my 2019 Trophy Goals and my A-Z Platinum Club membership. I highly recommend buying the game if you like RPGs.
  24. Idle Annihilation Defeat 1,000,000 Monsters #2,320 12th Apr 2019 7:47:24 PM 67 ACHIEVERS 1,391 OWNERS 4.82% ULTRA RARE
  25. Gem Smashers - Looks fun but the controls are not friendly and despite playing with all three characters and beating the game with one (as required for trophies) I never could get used to how your little animal avatar responded to the environment or my inputs. I was hoping it would have replay value but as soon as the Platinum 'POPPED', I closed the game, deleted all screen captures, save files, and the game itself. Marvel's Spider-Man - I liked the story and the visual. Swinging through NYC was fun. The battle controls sucked, there was no dodge mechanics, and your normal enemies were too strong, fast, and always knew where you were despite being in a gun fight with another faction and the cops and you were sneaking in from a skyscraper and there were no snipers or spotters around.