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  1. Lol, that's funny. Not the actual theft, just their choice. Maybe all they needed was the sensor and everything else was just to throw you off their trail. Or they honestly didn't know and thought the sensor would net them a good cash payout. Had my original PS4 stolen in late 2017 as I moved across the countey due to work. Having to restart and loss of all my screenshots and trophy captures hurt worse then buying a new 1TB PS4 at $300. Still may not ever 100% Nioh because I don't feel like playing the base game before I can step into the DLCs, which are just replays of the base game on harder difficulties for some of the trophies, nearly have to replay 4 times. How I understand it at least.
  2. Who isn't upset about that deal. My brothers of course tell me after the deal that they are looking.
  3. I don't have specific Plats I want to get. I have two Platinum goals - earn 20 within the year to have a total of 50 and earn one Plat a month for the year. I have one so far with Dragon Sinker. I have quite a few games that I have already started and within striking distance of the Platinum and they will be contenders for both goals. FF9 - Once I can get those jump rope ones, it is done. Just struggle making it out of the 70s but steady practice and some improvement. FF10-2 - Just got back into this, making some progress, maybe I can eek out the Plat. FF12 - Need to beat Omega on Trial 99 then finish off the 100th. From there, need to do all those specials for Mist Walker. Neverwinter - Slay 1000 Dragons. Around a few hundred, so not difficult, just some time. Then I have games I haven't started but am eyeing as part of my 20 Plats for the year. Have a couple of quick games in case I need a last minute simple Plat for the month. Might be overly ambitious but will see if it will help ease my backlog and if it brings a new level of enjoyment to Trophy Hunting.
  4. I have the Nioh Platinum but I do not have the game 100% complete.
  5. I have Marvel's Spider-Man 100%.
  6. Definitely a feature that should be an ADDITION to the current feature and NOT a replacement. If the community is allowed to vote how long it takes to get a Plat, only Plat owners have the right to vote. Someone who has 50% game done in 16 hours is just going to guess the time until Plat. They have no true way of knowing. They could read forums or guides or ask, but still all they are doing is taking data from somewhere else and regurgitating it as their own when they cast a vote. I would trust one vote from a Platinum owner over a million from non-owners. Of course it is subjective, absolutely no way around that but as more and more data/votes are gathered, a better understanding will be achieved. Especially if you add in a comments section with the votes and names so you can look at someone's profile to see what games they play. This of course won't prevent trolls or give concrete evidence, it just helps make informed decisions. The guide's time and difficulty are for the guide. The Plat owners' vote does not necessarily have to be for the guide, just the game and Plat in general and their comments would hopefully reflect this.
  7. Cool. Thanks for the support. Yeah, make it public this year and let me know. Love to check it out and support. Maybe we can even hook up on some MP game.
  8. I have never done a New Year's Resolution but figured this year I could do one, just combine it with my goals for Trophy Hunting. I am not an impressive Trophy Hunter but I do enjoy playing a game to its fullest and hearing sound of a trophy 'POPPING'. The more at one time, the better. Below are my goals that I will edit updates to but never change. If I achieve a goal, I might place a new one for the same goal. Earn 20 Platinums for a Total of 50 1/20 1. Dragon Sinker Earn 1 Platinum in Every Month of 2019 1/12 JAN - Dragon Sinker Level Up Three Times to be Lv 20 Before 2020 0/3 Games Completed be Half of Games Played GC 26 / GP 65 = 40% Get Completion Ratio to 85% 74.46/85.00% Unearned Trophies Under 500 637/499 Trophies Per Day to 0.85 0.70/0.85 Profile View to 2000 1463/2000 World Rank of 170,000 201,239/170,000 Country Rank of 50,000 61,302/50,000 Trophy Total of 3000 2194/3000 Gold Trophy Point Total Over Silver Trophy Point Total 14,670 Gold Points / 15, 240 Silver Points Write Two Trophy Guides 0/2 Take Part in One Trophy Competition 0/1 I actually have more based off the information under the 'STATS' tab but some are either contradictory or simplier then the goals I have stated thus far. So I will add more once I am able to breakdown goals that are heavily linked to each other.
  9. Wow, wish I could trophy hunt like this. I have seen the names of Despair before, so let the Duos claim victory!!
  10. Unplugged Complete the Screwball Chase #2,157 01st Jan 2019 12:11:17 AM 3,326 ACHIEVERS 4,178 DLC OWNERS 15.61% RARE
  11. Spider-Man. Crap combat, no dodge mechanics, unrealistic enemies, and a constant force to be non-Spider-Man characters which drew out, slowed down, and destroyed a rather good story.
  12. For me, its God of War series all the way. Sure, Ascension is the worst of the 7 and Ghost/Chains ports from the PSP is when most people played those games. God of War has better everything. Story, graphics, game play, replayability, characters, uniqueness. God of War: Norse Life is by far the best of series and in my Top 5 favorite games of all time, a list that hasn't changed in 15 years or so. An earlier post mentioned God of War series was for more casual gamers and I don't know a single casual gamer who plays the series. Every time I have tried to introduce a casual gamer to the series, it doesn't take. Not that the game is only for super hardcore gamers or overly difficult or complex, but its story line is a bit more then a casual gamer is looking for and its gameplay has more going on. It can be played as a hack n slash but there are many times you have to do more and this takes it out of the realm of something casual gamers might enjoy. Its puzzles, variety of enemies, weapons, magic, and collections bring a level of richness and depth that bring flavor to a game where you just square triangle your way through.
  13. Level 17 with 2145 trophies. 29 Plats, 155 Gold, 495 Silver and 1466 Bronze. My 8th gold trophy to level me up, putting gold as the trophy type that levels me up the most with 8 gold level ups, 2 silver level ups, 7 bronze level ups and no platinum level ups. The Prime Evil! You completed the Dungeons 2 campaign! 25th Dec 2018 5:41:48 AM 1,205 ACHIEVERS 4,231OWNERS 28.48% UNCOMMON
  14. Most look story telated with some challenges. Anyone know how Insane difficulty is in the game?
  15. That is hilarious. Shame you didn't get it when you became Lv 2. That would have been epic.
  16. Having both would be ideal. Community involvement is always a plus. I do not think an anyone can vote would help as it would just open the gate to all no matter if they played the game or not. At least with platinum owners, you reduce the amount of people who can even vote. Will you still get votes that are trolls? Sure. However, I think if you added a comment section for these new votes so that an explanation had to be given before the vote could be submitted, it would lower those types of votes. You could also go further and before the vote/comment would submit, a Mod reviewed to make sure they weren't trolling and/or their comment makes sense with their vote. Yes, I know that suggestion increases their work and takes time, not fair nor possible for it to be implemented but at least it would limit the random votes. Back in the more practical, a breakdown of the votes would be nice as well to show how those platinum holders are voting. Agree that this service would take resources to create and possibly maintain but it does have an appeal. Adding it doesn't hurt anyone and wouldn't take away from anyone's experience or their choice to use the guide/go for a platinum either with the exception of another feature being delayed or possibly not implemented at all.
  17. God of War: Norse Life. Graphics, story, gameplay, nostalgia. This game had it all. From start to finish, the game fired on all cylinders and did a phenomenal job bringing Kratos back to life and into a new world.
  18. I haven't succeeded yet with it either but I noticed I had to use bubble as Omega would kill me in between reverses/decoys due to speed of attacks and amount of damage. Didn't see your solution. Congratulations. None of my mains have Wither so I need to grind my alts up so they can survive for a small bit and use the Technique, hopefully it will be enough.
  19. I am having some issues beating Omega in Trial Mode. I am in the upper 80s in levels. Basch is my main and he is a Knight/Bushi (bad combo IMO, don't recommend), Ashe is White Mage/Uhlan and Vaan is a Shikari/Black Mage. I forget the combo of the other 3 but each of the 6 remaining classes are represented and their levels are below 40. I have tried following other guides on the net, think my biggest problem is level. I got through the first 98 levels, some challenging and took a few tries but got them. Omega is not easy for me. I try the Reverse strategy and works but it wears off quickly and by the time I am able to get it back on and get back into the fight, it has either worn off again or Omega berserks a character and lose control. I think the best I have done is 30% HP left. I tried different approaches. Use Bubble belt to prevent having to always cast it. Use the item that prevents berserk. Would like to beat it without going back and leveling but that may be my only option. Any thoughts?
  20. Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  21. Actually, if the game is not good that is the game's problem. I am not trolling. I have my opinion. The visual of the game and story were/are enjoyable. Actual playing of the game was not, especially combat. I did not feel the story was short because I did all the side quest before I would advance in the main quest. It was annoying when I had nothing else to do and Spidey needed me to check out the neighborhood and had to wait on that for 5 minutes. It was annoying to play as MJ and Miles and really took away from the game. Except for when you controlled MJ in Grand Central Station. That was cool. The game does not live up to the hype. Bad move on my part to pre-order the digital deluxe but its in the past. I got a Plat and great handful of trophies. Doubt I get 100% due to Ultimate mode but I'm ok with that.
  22. Yea because if you read the rest, the game play sucks.
  23. Not really, it is a crap game that visually looks good and for the most part, has a great story. As I leveled and was able to work around the obvious flaws of the combat system, I was able to tolerate the game. Never truly enjoyed except for flying through the air.
  24. Well, won't get 100% more than likely as I felt the game was not enjoyable. Doubt I beat my head against a wall playing the entire thing over again for New Game Plus and Ultimate difficulty. Played easy first time around and thing was a pain with its lack of dodging and playing as normal people sneaking around. Will look into heist as I own it but doubt it is any better.