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  1. Thank you so much guys for all the helpful info. I completely forgot about Story Mode. I'm going to try that and then get back to you folks here. I appreciate it all much!!!! So much detail C:
  2. This game has some really short time trials and this is the only reason i do not have the base game platinum. I just can't seem to beat the hunting grounds trial "Ravenger Control Trial." Override 2 Ravengers and destroy the Thunderjaw. Ive tried so many times but they're either too far apart, enraged and hard to overcome or the Thunderjaw gets involved too early , ect ect. any helpful tips from you peeps?
  3. Just want to update peeps that this game is currently $1.99 on sale.
  4. If a company like Steam or Sony want to uphold a legitimate and "serious" achievement/trophy system then they have to limit or ax things like this. It devalues a ton of the effort placed in these games and the enjoyment received by players. On one hand, I feel like "hunting" has certainly taken some of the positivity out of the community when it comes to some games, it's still a unique and interesting system that gives us a little more tangible pleasure from things we do. Gives a little more weight to these digital things we purchase for enjoyment. Games like "Mayo" on Ps4 are funny, sure but when there's possibly 20 or more of those types that give Platinum trophies then it also debunks the leveling system that comes with trophies. Vice-versa for any other system that has these two things linked. I'm just happy that these systems don't contain loot boxes or have connections with other cosmetic changes for our accounts or profiles. Then it would become another issue too. In my opinion, it should NEVER be allowed for developers to make games purely to level up or give away trophies or other "achievement" type things. That's just not right. These are consoles and gaming platforms. We're not paying for achievements, trophies, ect and that was never the intent for these "trophy" systems. We shouldn't have to, they should be secondary pleasures for the enjoyment we pay upfront for.
  5. There's a few for me, some indie, some bigger games. I've had the chance to play Horizon Zero Dawn before I broke my Ps4 and I gotta say that's definitely gonna be a purchase for me here, pretty soon. Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - This is looking utterly stunning and the "in your head" companionship is a really interesting mechanic that really has my attention. Psychological horrors and themes are always interesting, thrilling and fun for me. The Last Guardian - I've always been a huge fan of this developer. ICO and SoC have been amazing, gorgeous games to venture into it. Nier: Automata - Huge fan of Nier & Drakengard. I wish we had Drakengard remasters or ports. Life Is Strange Sequels. Gravity Rush 2 Night In The Woods Rime Perception - Unsure. Pyre - HUGE fan of SuperGiant. They've done something truly amazing with their creations Bastian & Transistor. Absolver Everything Sundered - Though this one seems pretty harsh. High Risk, High Reward. Detroit: Become Human. The Last of Us 2. Final Fantasy 7 - Remake Death Stranding Kingdom Hearts 3 Shadow of Colossus Remaster.
  6. Hey there! Hope you're doing well! Been a while.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Hey, yeah it's been a while indeed. Things could go better as I've been hospitalized for the past few weeks. How have you been?

  7. Any MMO game you're going to run the risk of expansions. Honestly though I'm happy developers add more trophies. They're accomplishments. That's basically the heart of a trophy hunter. Without trophies you're back in the ps2 era, though I honestly wish we sometimes were. I played games far more to heart then P: If you pay with money or your personal time then there should be rewards and aside from in-game-content what's more rewarding? Trophies. To show you've gone the distance.
  8. I'm getting excited to read the new ps4 patch notes!
  9. Hey there~ Hope you're doing well!

    1. BlindMango


      Hey blankmar! I've been doing pretty good, hope you've been great too!

  10. Honestly, it's this trophy that's stopping me from getting the game at this moment. I really wanna play this but I would wanna get all the trophies for a narrated game like this but having to play it a few times is so hard for me.
  11. I didn't have any issues with glitched trophies and the game itself never gave me any problems. The biggest thing was to make sure you make enough saves. Sometimes games do this, replay the endings and see if it pops properly. For me this was an awesome game. One of my favorites, easily. The first game I ever played on Hard difficulty too, if I remember correctly. I didn't have an issue, beyond actually getting the trophies. The one I had the most trouble and feared wouldn't pop right was Leader of The Pack. Personally, I think sometimes linear as hell is just fine. Sometimes the game is entirely about one single story and the beaten path is all there is or is needed. I'm not saying you think it needs to be open-world or something but I certainly think linear as hell stories are pretty sweet a lot of the time. Sometimes games get too lost and convoluted.
  12. I've gotta agree with a few others.. The Legend of Dragoon. Amazing game, wicked story and it brought some battle mechanics not yet seen. People have been making forums and mini-sites devoted the search for a group to remaster/remake/give a sequel to this amazing game.
  13. I honestly think you should attempt One Piece.
  14. Him not being able to join a match is likely a good thing to notice. This is the one of the purposes of stress testing. Hopefully you'll get some time in whenever it's next available :/
  15. Beyond: Two Souls & Final Fantasy VII here I come