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  1. Wow all you said was twisted shit you misinterpreted probably on purpose because you love Tobey's dick so much judging by just your undying passion for twiddling you thumbs until spiderman 4. Saying tony fucking blackmailed Peter was perfect in showing how you don't actually want to like it and want every opportunity to shit on this spiderman lol
  2. This fucking "IRon bOy" shit is so tiring and is literally over exaggerated as fuck, and simply not true if you can think
  3. Are you sure you played the first battlefront where only 2 guns were really viable, vehicles could run a hero over and One shot, and bacta ruled
  4. You gotta admit they got you though.
  5. Well fuck...another unattainable to my trophies
  6. Who the fuck do you babysit in the game it’s just you bucko
  7. Personally I hate the undertale list. They made it way too easy with Majority of the trophies dedicated to the dog shrine.
  8. The second time I missed an easy week because of bs. I’m just gonna quit this shit trophy tbh
  9. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone bought the GameStop codes for the U.S and have it work? I don’t want to waste money on something they might not refund
  11. Pretty sure they delisted the dlc in the U.S which is pretty fucking stupid