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  1. Played some PS3 games last couple of months. All happy getting my percentage from 40 tot 44%, and now see all of you mentioning 98/100% completion scores 😅 I think I’ll be happy to reach 50%. Shame I dont have the save files from PS3/PS4 games anymore, juist a few.
  2. I got it playing an exhibition match. When you select the teams you see they have a star rating. Just pick a weak team from France second league or something like that, they have 1.5 or 2 stars rating. And play against a strong team like Barcelona or Real Madrid, which have 5 stars. Set the AI difficulty to amateur/beginner to get this trophy the easy way.
  3. This song is the number one thing I think about talking about Final Fantasy XV. Love the harp Final Fantasy touch.
  4. PSN: SvV_Ying PS systems: PlayStation 4 Play a wide range of games. Help with online or co-op trophies is always appreciated and fun.
  5. inFamous: Second Son is quite easy. Bloodborne for the challenge.
  6. Gwent and Blitzball. The LaBlanc massage mini game in Final Fantasy X was a strange one😄
  7. Festival last year, not much of the Laughing but was actually anxious with this bird on my shoulder Back in 2011, playing a FIFA 12 tournament😄 festival in the picture though
  8. SvV. The S stands for my name Stefan and my surname starts with Van V, hence the dubble v. Added Ying after the underscore because only SvV wan't available on PSN. Ying is beacause at that time I was a huge fan of the Ying Yang Twins.