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  1. Try watching this video series for all collectibles. It helped me a lot when i was going for the plat.
  2. I overall enjoyed the game but there are a few things that needed work. Mainly the romance. Not only it came out of nowhere without any build-up (like seriosly count how many times did they talk to each other) but it was so fucking awkward and out of place, I even remembered David Cage and his romance in games. My other major problem is that all of the normal enemies feel more powerful than the bosses (hardest secret boss being that motherfucker with shotgun in morgue at the end of the game). Just the fact that you don't fight more than one makes it so much easier. It makes you feel like a weakling (when you are supposed to be really powerful vampire). Then a few fast travel points would be nice because at the end of the game you are running from one corner of the map to the other and it gets old and annoying really fast. especially, having to fight the same enemies over and over again without getting anything of value out of it. On a scale it is a 7 or 8/10. 7 When you bother to listen to all those citizens and complete their clues like i did.
  3. Even though i disliked RE 6, RE: survivor is much worse. That one takes the crown for me in shitty RE games.
  4. I had to delete all of my saves (of course i copied my current one) so the game thought i just started it. Then i just ran through it and achieve level 4 because the trophy Jack of All Trades glitched on me, too.
  5. I bought The Witcher 3 about 5 times including season pass (i bought physical copies of both DLCs) to get all the collectible stuff (read Gwent cards) they released.
  6. So i was looking through the trophies, i earned so far and i somehow did not get this story related one. Is it glitched or does it have any other requirenment i don't know about.
  7. Batman: Arkham Knight - I can't even begin to describe how much i hate this game. The worst thing about it is that i will make myself suffer to get 100%, eventually.
  8. Definitely Trails of Cold Steel III. Not only this game has become my favorite Trails game but JRPG in general and GOTY. The plat was absolute blast. I just had to do everything + Nightmare difficulty which i would do either way. I can't wait for Trails of Cold Steel IV.
  9. My favorite part of the store is when they randomly stop accepting my debit card, so i have to use paypal (unless of course that one is not fucked, too). How in the fuck is still there such a bug is one of the biggest misteries of the world.
  10. Mine is Splatterhouse. That actually is strangely fitting.
  11. There is also guide from Zoelius if anyone is interested (https://www.neoseeker.com/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-cold-steel-iii/walkthrough).
  12. There is absolutely horrendous amount of mistakes in descriptions of consumables (food etc.). Basically almost every food restoring CP (or any other item) is mistranslasated to EP and consumable is completely wrong (Freddy special Z). Dialogues were in my opinion almost on the same level of quality as previous ones.
  13. Batman Arkham Knight for me. I hate it with passion. The only game i regret buying and i fucking bought it TWICE because the PC version was unplayable (so much for second chances). It has it all: awful boss fights (mainly Deathstroke and that running away boss with batmobile), horrible batmobile controls and how often you must use it, shit ton of collectibles, awful side missions (and extremely short and shitty DLC) and the worst target system i have ever seen (seriously, half the time i was punching where i did not mean to).
  14. There actually IS one difference. U.S. version doesn't have all the subtitles the EU version has (only the less known languages are missing).
  15. I know the pain. Those challenges are one of the most frustrating and unnecessary additions i have ever played. It is like making DLC out of all the flaws the game has. (That fucking headshot trophy with its clunky aiming and god awful head hitboxes were almost dead of me. Fuck that guy walking on the stairs.) Other challenges are just luck based (Daredevil) or require skill and luck (by my hand alone: losing runs for thugs spawning next to dog and immediatelly one-shotting is a lot of fun, Right?) Doesn't help that you have to finish the game and both story DLCs twice (and if you do not plan ahead than three playthroughs for the last DLC). Dante's Inferno - The challenges DLC is so boring and long i head to read books/watch videos during doing it. Oh, and the best thing is there are co-op challenges so good luck with that (and there is fucking 15 of them). Danganronpa V3 - FUCK that board game and mining mini game. But the worst thing for me was pacing of the game and overexplaining everything (like seriously i understood the first time you don't have tell me three times or more). Overall the worst Danganronpa (and the most annoying). Batman: Arkham Knight - I hate this game with passion. I bought it twice (the first copy on PC was unplayable). I don't know if my first experience seriously ruined the game that i dislke even the combat and its camera but i seriously thing that game has trouble with its inputs (and fucked up camera that changes directions of your imputs).