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  1. For me it is not a platinum but 100% for Dante's Inferno. The trophy It's in the Trial, which not only requires you to master another new charecter but complete quite a few challeges. Unfortunately those challenges are online only (yes, even the single-player ones). After getting disconected five times in the last round of platinum challenges (takes around 1-2 hours), i just gave up. This trophy is not worth the time investment.
  2. I am going to tag on with The Sexy Brutale. And i will add Mary Skelter: Nightmares, which is pretty enjoyable dungeon crawler.
  3. ME 1-3 (PC) Dragon Age Origins (PC) Witcher 1 and Wild Hunt SMT in general (especially Persona series, Nocturne, IV Apocalypse and Digital Devil Saga)
  4. Well, all achievments/trophies are obtainable in about 3-4 hours on pc version/ps3.