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  1. Batman: Arkham Knight. Not for the trophies, but because i hated the game from the start to finish (And thanks to few of the Batmobile section i almost have not even finished the game). The one game i ever regret picking up.
  2. Finally someone, who actually shares my opinion. I can see the apeal but i just think the game so boring (not even mentioning my distaste of the main protagonist). The gameplay is just too bland for my taste and the "tearjerking" moments left me completely cold. Main offender was the beginning. I could not believe how many people cared about a character that they knew for 10 minutes. On that note my least favorite Uncharted is the 4th one (Thive's End). I am not it is bad by any means but the pacing almost killed me. If there is one game that was too long for its good than it is this one. Every single chapter of the story just dragged on and on and once i got to that island i almost stopped playing. Oh, and i despise David Cage as a writer. Every single game from him i either absolutely hated (Indigo Prophecy, HEAVY RAIN, Beyond) or just desliked (Detroit). His writing is just so overly emotional, his messeges are as subtle as a rock to the face, full of plot holes and the fact that it things about itself how deep and genius it is. It just feels like those awful festival art movies. Oh, and did i mention his WTF sex scenes. I admit they are funny (well at least the Heavy Rain one) (or utterly creepy - Indigo Prophecy).
  3. Yeah, I can't believe i forgot about that. Maybe i just want to forget about the transgender krogan and the shit that was forced onto me in Inquisition.
  4. My expectations are so low for the new Dragon Age thanks to the Andromeda debacle (i still can't believe what they did to one of my favourite franchises), that i can't find myself getting mad about this tacked on multiplayer (at least i expect it will be the same garbage that was in Inquisition that everybody will try once, and then ignore it). Considering that the quality of the franchise went downhill ever since Dragon Age II (and i did NOT hate the game. It was just really different with pretty bad characters. Yes, i am looking at you fenris, Sebastian,Anders) I might as well ignore it and rather replay Dragon Age Origins (again).
  5. 1) Nocturne/SMT IV Apocalypse X Persona 5/Persona 3 FES - I can't decide, which series i love more. If it is SMT, which introduced me to JRPGs through Nocturne, or Persona (Just great games overall). So i must go with these four games ( can't narrow it, my preference depends on the mood) 2) Dragon Age Origins - My favorite western RPG. It actually made me it love more than Baldur's Gate (huge nostalgia) 3) Mass Effect series - I take the whole series as a one game and that is the only reason, why it is on the third spot (ENDING without the MEHEM mode really pissed me off). Well, saying that i still replay it once a year.
  6. Thanks for the answers. Now i can buy and finally finish all God of War games on PS3. And yeah, as a former Xbox owner it definitely was cheaper overall (and paying 10€ for one trophy, becase I am not going to bother with multiplayer otherwise, is just ridiculous)
  7. I have a question if I could buy the game digitally and get the network pass for physical version or if it must be used on the digital version. (Unfortunately, my PS3 storage memory is too small to install the game digitally)
  8. Danganronpa V3 - I will never understand, why the persentage is so high considering you must get S ranking in that monolith minigame and the ridiculous grind in the board game. And i am not even mentioning that dungeon crawling RPG. The Witness - Again, the Challenge trophy was so hard for me (especially if you are like me who never could remember the path through the labyrinth). I can't believe so many people finished this timed puzzle. Honorable mention - Those throphies in Nathan Drake collection for Brutal difficulty. I have never played such badly balanced and frustrating difficulty.
  9. You don't have to do it in one sitting but if you are going for the Donut Drake trophies simultaneously, you must activate the skin every time you load the game.
  10. For me it is not a platinum but 100% for Dante's Inferno. The trophy It's in the Trial, which not only requires you to master another new charecter but complete quite a few challeges. Unfortunately those challenges are online only (yes, even the single-player ones). After getting disconected five times in the last round of platinum challenges (takes around 1-2 hours), i just gave up. This trophy is not worth the time investment.
  11. I am going to tag on with The Sexy Brutale. And i will add Mary Skelter: Nightmares, which is pretty enjoyable dungeon crawler.
  12. ME 1-3 (PC) Dragon Age Origins (PC) Witcher 1 and Wild Hunt SMT in general (especially Persona series, Nocturne, IV Apocalypse and Digital Devil Saga)
  13. Well, all achievments/trophies are obtainable in about 3-4 hours on pc version/ps3.