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  1. The Sexy Brutale - My favourite puzzle game of this genration. Danganronpa V3 - Yeah, it had pacing issues, some of the minigames were bad and it overexplained everything but i still loved my experience with it. Dishonered 2 - How is it possible that nobody talks about this game. It is better version of Dishonered one with better mechanics, graphics and a lot more fun. Prey - I got vibes of System Shock 2 out of it so it claimed its place as one of my favourite sci-fi game. Toky Xanadu Ex+ - Falcom are truly incapable of doing anything bad. I hope that it will get a sequel.
  2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) The Devil's Rejects Halloween (1978) Braindead (sometimes known as Dead Alive) Evil Dead 2
  3. Asdivine Hearts - This game could have had amazing trophy list if they put any effort into its trophy list (i want trophies for winning all the tournaments, side quests etc.). Valliant Hearts Song of the Deep
  4. Yep. Most games i want in one sale. That is exactly how i like it.
  5. Batman: Arkham Knight - I have a little history with this game. My first experience with the game was the god awful pc port, that already pissed me off to no end. But when i got it for PS4 for some reason and started playing it, i still hated most of the changes mainly that fucking batmobile. I hoped it would get good but the more i continued the worse it got, so i just deleted the game and ever since then i try to forget that i bought this game twice (even though i fefunded the PC version). Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain - I just got completely burnt out on the game. The gameplay is amazing but the story is almost nonexistent, so i could not be arsed to go on. Maybe some day i will at least finish the game.
  6. You can add me as Titan. I have these plats: God of War (PS3) God of War II (PS3) God of War III (Both) God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Ghost of Sparta God of War: Ascension Now i just need some time to finish God of War (PS4).
  7. Yeah, this looks like Aeon arcana social link to me (like Marie or Aigis).
  8. I don't think this game will have any rarer plat. If it goes by like every other soulsborne game, then there will be at least one type of build, that will destroy the game (for Demon's Souls,DS,DS2 magic, for Bloodborne it was bloodtinge builds, hell even Nioh could be broken).
  9. What did they do to Front Mission? Now i am practically terrified what Square Enix will do to Parasite Eve.
  10. Exactly. I have already bought several releases of asian games with english subtitles and it works fine. Yeah, i might pay 30 euros more but to to get full product i am willing to. Now to play these games i will have to wait for some modders or some to actually import english subtitles into japanese version. The only good thing about it is that i will never buy censored game.
  11. I don't know the tabletop game but from my experience it is a very different from JRPGs (or turn based RPGs in general). You can pause the game and give orders to the characters but the combat is in real time (like strategies). The other thing is that these games take a lot from D&D so you will have to specialize characters for certain traits, distribute stats, reading heavy and so on. If you want a comparison then i would go with Dragon Age: Origins or Balder's Gate. In my opinion top down RPGs can be more complex and in some aspects harder (in the older ones you could fuck up by making shit builds). Divinity could be a good start (Although i would go with Dragon Age, because that is in my opinion not so heavy on texts and from what i remember easier overall) and the game is amazing so you could enjoy it as is. And if you like this one definitely pick up the second game, which is even better.
  12. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - I heard how everyone claimed to be piss easy on Uber difficulty. Hell, i might actually agree if there was not the final boss. I must died there about 30 times before beating it by camping. And those fucking challenge maps on gold were so frustrating i rage quitted the game for some time. God of War(original) - The Challenge of the Gods. as if those challenges not saving was not bad enough, all of them were long and annoying. And in the one where you had to fight about a hundred medusas, i actually thought the game glitched, because they just kept spawning.
  13. It depends on the game. If i lked the game, i will keep the game, so i could play it again if i ever want to. Digital games i just mostly finish and then delete to safe space.
  14. You will lose let's say 5 seconds, which is (in my case) much less than i would lose in the labyrinth (i could not for a life of me remember the path). Just have a mobile ready or if you live with someone, ask them to do it for you. I got the trophy once i started with this method (well, it still took about 5 tries).
  15. If you want easier time with the challenge, i would recommend to take a photo of the finished labyrinth puzzle to have the road in the labyrinth easily accessible. Other than that just perservere and you will get.