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  1. I know the pain. Those challenges are one of the most frustrating and unnecessary additions i have ever played. It is like making DLC out of all the flaws the game has. (That fucking headshot trophy with its clunky aiming and god awful head hitboxes were almost dead of me. Fuck that guy walking on the stairs.) Other challenges are just luck based (Daredevil) or require skill and luck (by my hand alone: losing runs for thugs spawning next to dog and immediatelly one-shotting is a lot of fun, Right?) Doesn't help that you have to finish the game and both story DLCs twice (and if you do not plan ahead than three playthroughs for the last DLC). Dante's Inferno - The challenges DLC is so boring and long i head to read books/watch videos during doing it. Oh, and the best thing is there are co-op challenges so good luck with that (and there is fucking 15 of them). Danganronpa V3 - FUCK that board game and mining mini game. But the worst thing for me was pacing of the game and overexplaining everything (like seriously i understood the first time you don't have tell me three times or more). Overall the worst Danganronpa (and the most annoying). Batman: Arkham Knight - I hate this game with passion. I bought it twice (the first copy on PC was unplayable). I don't know if my first experience seriously ruined the game that i dislke even the combat and its camera but i seriously thing that game has trouble with its inputs (and fucked up camera that changes directions of your imputs).
  2. That is tough to say because i enjoyed most fights but as before mentioned Guardian Ape, Owl (2nd fight), Isshin the sword saint, Demon of Hatred and Gyoubu Masakata Oniwa (for the introductory sentence and then might as well include that one Full plated knight with the best dying voiceline ever: Robertoooo!)
  3. Nathan Drake collection - It might be easier than the PS3 games 100% but still you must do at least 3 full playthroughs to get 100% in each game (4 if you do not want to start with crushing difficulty) and one of them is Brutal difficulty which is as stupid as lunatic + was in Fire Emblem. Oh, and did i mention you must do speedrun as fat drake and whenever you uit you must immediately reapply it otherwise you must do another playthrough. Overall going for 100% killed any enjoyment i could ever have with the games again. Danganronpa V3 - I would rather throw my TV out of the window than ever having to look at that board game again or trying that mining mini game. Dante's Inferno - Those Challenges in Trials of St. Lucia are so fucking long and boring i would rather stare at drying painted wall than playing any second more. God of War: Ascension - I hated the game thanks to the copletely fucked battle system, overly tanky normal enemies and bad camera. One last cherry on top i had to buy the game twice because the code for online pass did not work for me (and the multiplayer was, as you might expect, complete shit show)
  4. Danganronpa V3 - It has ungodly amount of ultra boring griding in a board game minigame and that stupid mining minigame almost made me just uninstall it it and forget it. The Witness - The Challenge trophy. I suck in time based puzzles and i like to take my time which is not possible here. I even rage quitted it because of those nauseating pillar puzzles. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - It is not hard game or rophy list but it just made me realize that i suck in FPS games on consoles ( I can aim for shit on them).
  5. Looks great. It is just unfortunate that Sony censored it, so i will not be getting for PS4 (PC version is not censored so hooray). List looks really similar to any Compile Heart game so it is going to be more time consuming than hard (if you do not buy cheat DLCs).
  6. I am glad to see people doing challenge runs in Soulsborne. I personally did SL1 run in DS1 (RTSR, FAP ring, Power Within and Club just melts everything), DS2 (hardest thanks to adaptability), DS3 and Bloodborne BL4 with story chalice dungeons (those that lead to Yharnam). But the most fun with challenges i ever had were those inspired by Lobos. I tried the randomizer run and that was a lot of crazy fun, recently i tried enemy randomizer which was neet too and last but not the least Scorched Contract for DS1 (the best mode for DS). The most hellish challenge i did for me was (challenge forced upon myself by my OCD) collecting every single piece of equipment, all of the spells, armors etc. in every single Soulsborne game. To this day i have PTSD of those female ghosts and their Ghost dagger.
  7. I did the trials twice. Once on steam and just recently on PS4. Main problem is if you want to 100% them. I still hate the trial Bonfires (and Daredevil achievment for that matter). That is completely random and just goes to show how clunky the controls of the game are and the hard one is complete RNG bullshit with all those assassins who sometimes can hit you or pull you from anywhere you are and sometimes miss you when you are basically in their faces. It is infuriating because of the inconsitency. Then there is the headshot trophy. The hitboxes of the heads are completely screwed and specifically on those weepers who have heads only from eyes up (or that is at least how it feels) and don't even let me start on that walking assassin on the stairs. The other complete shit is By my hand alone where you have to kill everyone personally. This would be alright with fixed spawn points but they aren't. I give you an example i got to 12 wave killing everyone personally but then the game said Fuck you i am spawning a guard, assassin, a dog and thug next to each other and as soon as thug spawns he throws the bottle and one hit kills the dog. Oh, and did i mention there is a bug when you kill weeper (or anything else) to fast with a finisher it won't count as your kill. The main problem with it is that it just underlines everything bad with the game and makes DLC out of it (like the stealth on higher difficulties is stupid because you can get spotted through walls and so on).
  8. The witcher 3 - both DLCs (Especially Blood and Wine) Bloodborne - My favourite part of Bloodborne is the DLC with best bosses of the series and my favourite area (the hamlet) Dark souls 1 and 3 - all of them (Mainly The Ringed City which is my second favourite soulsborne DLC right bellow The Old Hunters) Mass Effect 3 - Citadel (To this day i think this is the best fan service i have ever experiences) Borederlands 2 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
  9. Alice Madness Returns has gone pretty dark in my opinion. From what i remember (if i understood it properly) there was downright implied child rape and human trafficking of lobotomised people as sex slaves, brainwashing Alice and persuading her to be a whore by one of caretakers etc. Then there is Danganronpa 2 where there is implied necrophilla and Danganronpa Another Episode has incredibly dark pasts of those kids (physical a mental child abuse, child prostitution, drug abuse etc.). Then in Dragon Age Origins you can sell your cousin to be gang raped in one of the origin stories (city elf).
  10. First thing first i would recommend going with Man-at-Arms instead of Shieldbreaker, because he is way tankier and can guard plus riposte. I don't know what trinkets do you have for Leper but i alway found Highwayman more consistant damage dealer with high critical chance. For the virtues i don't know if it works on console (and if it still works on PC for that matter) but you could do it this way: When you know you are getting afflected open menu and move to exit. If it is virtue, don't quit and if it is something you don't want quit immediatelly. (It is hard to discribe so you should just watch a speedrun for this exploit.)
  11. This is great news. I will definitely pick up Torment but i don't know if i will pick up Baldur's Gate, because i have modded the shit out of the game and i don't know if i want to experience vanilla again just like with Dragon Age and Mass Effect (what am i kidding myself, i will buy them all).
  12. I don't know about that but the whole game seems like it is written by 50-year-old who pretends he heard teenagers talking. I absolutely despised the corny dialogues. The story might have been alright but i couldn't get into it and taking it seriously for that matter (it is too awkward to be taken that way) thanks to those cringe worthy dialogues. I won't comment on the political views there because David Cage is worse in that matter (And I hate his style of writing).
  13. This was the first time for me but good to know that it is relatively normal.
  14. Yeah, I had to rebuild database thanks to this patch.
  15. That is one hell of a number. Luckily i have sold my Xbox to a friend so that backlog is not my problem anymore.