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  1. I did it. Keep reloading with mission select. Had to do it 4 times but I did it like that.
  2. Ok, i´ll wait then. Thx 4 the advice
  3. Thx 4 the tip. I'll try that one after I get all the rest.
  4. Guys, I bought it on release day but it was an abomination to play and couldn't proceed with the story. Are most problems resolved? I have a first gen PS4 so I'd like to know if I could boot it up again. Thx
  5. Daf*ck is this trophy? Been trying for hours. Fastforwarding, reloading checkpoints, loading endgame... I don't even have one to show for. Any helpfull tricks that I missed?
  6. But can It be done online? I don't have 2 controllers and the game is already 10 years old.
  7. I'm fairly new here and i just want the trophy but how does this work? Do I have to buy credits to trade? And How for the items. how do you level the Items up? I mean I don't see any stats for the items so I don't know what to equip and how to upgrade...
  8. Nope, no pro. Just a regular first gen Playstation.
  9. I feel you bro. My ocd is also kicking in but I'll have to wait till I get my PS5
  10. Can't it's mission: impossible. Never have I seen a game so horrible as this one on my ps4. I just deleted the whole thing, 'cause I wanted to put it out of its missery. I'm gonna keep my copy & I'll play it once I get my PS5 in a few months. For those who wanna try: They will make statues for you if you succeed.
  11. Of course I'm worried about Cyberpunk on my first gen PS4. At the point that is almost unplayable. Crashed in the first 10 minutes, glitches, problems with textures it's absolutly horrible, can't finish some missions.. I'm even thinking about quiting the game and start over once I have my PS5 because it's pure horror at this point.
  12. I don't get it. I haven't had a single win since I've played the game. There is always something that bothers me and I fail after the second or third round.. Game looks cheap but it is addictive... and I hate it already...
  13. 19,20 got the silver trophy as well but my thumb is fucked up of all the tries I did...
  14. Is this one glitched? I have all collectibles but this one doesn't pop up...
  15. Don't think so. I had the same problem with the ps3 version. But servers cost money and need maintenance. This game won't sell million copies and is aimed at the hardcore fan (like me 😀). So making servers for the few lucky few... not a chance