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  1. Hi, I was huge fan of Hitman in 00s, but stopped playing after Absolution. Today I saw that Hitman 2 Gold Edition is on sale for a very good price and I also have PS Plus version of Hitman (2016), so it's finally good moment to start completing new trilogy (having in mind that 3 online trophies in Hitman 2 and server shutdown). I've got few questions regarding all 3 games: Hitman 1: 1. Is PS Plus version enough for completing all trophies? Or do I need to upgrade it somehow? Hitman 2: 2. Will I have access to all Hitman 1 content in Hitman 2 with just PS Plus version of the first game? 3. Is Gold Edition including everything I need to 100% Hitman 2 (except Legacy Pack)? 4. Legacy pack trophies won't autopop if I completed them in Hitman 1? Am I right? And also Hitman 3: 5. Will Hitman 1 PS Plus version and Hitman 2 Gold Edition be enough to have access to HITMAN, HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass addons/trophies in Hitman 3? 6. Does all trophies from all 3 legacy addons for Hitman 3 auto-pop if I have 100% in first two games? I'm gonna play PS5 version of the game.
  2. $22,99. Here it is:
  3. Ofc you can buy it separately. I have physical disc and bought only DLC.
  4. Oh rly... It was on my list for so long and I finally decided to play it 2 weeks ago with horrible PS4 quality on PS5. Couldn't be any worse timing
  5. Thanks a lot for quick reply First 4 questions were the most important for me, because I will wait for better offer to buy the third game anyway.
  6. I'm saying about solo gameplay survival. Coop is a different thing. On solo even if you screw up roll about lvl 20, but have +50% HP the boss won't one shot you (you can survive 2-3 hits), so you can heal yourself after getting hit (you will have enough time). That's why removing Subject DLC makes it so easy, because in this DLC there are 2 bosses that can chain stun and kill you in later rounds if you miss a single dodge. Also winter dungeon can be very annoying. It's surely worth to get Ricochet gun + dog on start if you play solo (15 mins was just random amount of time, you probably will have it in like 3-5 restarts). That will save you more time in early game and let you rush much quicker through dungeons, so you can use that time for additional scrap loot if needed. With ricochet + 2 nonstatic summons (and turrets if you have Ixillis on round 9) this trophy is piece of cake compared to what people were saying. All you'll have to do is just stay away from boss, roll few times and clear small enemies that will aggro you. With that strat you don't have to care which bosses are first and which are last, if you were able to solo main game. And still Barbed Terror isn't a rare glitch. I was fighting it 4-5 during my tries and everytime needles weren't there (only animation) after I go back next to doors. I've got 2 more ppl to confirm that this glitch was 100% on their solo runs too.
  7. For future purpose: if you just stand at the entry doors to Barbed Terror he will do animation of summoning spikes, but spikes won't appear. Ofc you can pick up ammo and go back to this place and it will still work. If anyone want to save time my best tip is to reroll survival until you can buy Ricochet and Dog Summon on start (cost 1000 scraps that you have on start). This will be enough for you to just run through and fight bosses. It's better to spend 10 mins before run to get good start than spent an hour and don't have luck to drop or have a chance to buy ricochet gun and any running summon.
  8. Definitely you should do this. I had this tip from another guy and it made survival solo piece of cake. Before that I died twice in round 8 from Jackal despite having summon lifesteal ring. I got 10 bosses on first try after uninstalling Subject DLC. My setup was: Ricochet for bosses, Chicago Typewriter for dungeons, dog, turrets (swarm is better), +50% health, +armor potion, 2 random rings (didn't have any for summon buff) and Soul Anchor talisman. I was just rushing most areas summoning dog and only loot swamps, because if you have 2 swamps in 10 rounds, then you have enough scrap to buy potions, upgrades and stuff you need. On boss fights you can just summon everything you have, roll around and kill enemies with ricochet gun. Summons will eat boss' health bar without much of your help, so you need to focus on surviving and not being swarmed by small enemies. Ended on lvl 20 with enemy level 18. I would rate difficulty for a game as 4/10 and survival as 6/10 (with Subject DLC it is rather 8/10)
  9. Thanks for info guys. Probably gonna play Borderlands 3 DLCs first, cause I totally forgot I bought these on last sale and then will try Destiny 2 during next season.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for any FPS to play right now. How long will it take to 100% Destiny 2 (including DLC). I've heard that there is massive grind in a season, but is it really that hard if I have time to play (let's say about 80 hours a month)?
  11. Yup. Experienced in FPS games, never played Destiny 2. Could you give me estimated time to access/complete this raid? I already know that I have 3 months to progress levels and try this raid. But how many hours is required during this 3 months if I start from nothing?.
  12. Hard to say. You have to check if downloading any of these packs have Comrades as separate item to check for download. If it will, then you should be able to use this guide. Did you download full game + comrades or is it still downloading? I had to wait until full ~80GB was on my console then I could play it. You can also try fully disconnecting console from network.
  13. Total Games Played: 39 Top games: 1. NBA 2k20 - 422 hrs 2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 - 210 hrs 3. Ghost of Tsushima - 111 hrs Top genre: RPG - 274 hrs Total Hours of Gameplay: 2204 hrs (2074 offline and 130 online) Days Played: 263 Top Day of the week: Tuesday afternoon Total Trophies Earned 2020: 1512 (32, 120, 359, 1001) Such a huge numbers cause of covid.
  14. You need PS5 to add PS Plus Collection games to your library. Then you can also play them on PS4, so it will work that way.
  15. Can confirm that combination of PS5 and PS Plus Collection version works. On step 7 start downloading, then proceed through step 11. After that delete game, cause probably you will have version 1.30. Finally start fresh download and after initial 10GB check if game version is 1.26.
  16. Ah ok. My bad that I didn't even press Download button to check if there is something next. In fact there is Comrades DLC available there. I will definitely check it today to see if that works.
  17. Is it possible to get this game mode with free PS Plus Collection version on PS5? I got Royal Edition (description contains Comrades DLC) and Royal Pack ready to download, but I don't have separate Comrades add-on available. Do I still need physical copy with code?
  18. 1. Assassin's Creed 2 (top 5 of my games ever) 2. Black Flag 3. Revelations 4. Brotherhood 5. Assassin's Creed 3 6. Rogue 7. Assassin's Creed 8. Unity 9. Chronicles 10. Syndicate (I only enjoyed Jack the Ripper DLC) 11. Liberation Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla are not AC games for me. They're still good games and would place them around place 4-5.
  19. I've also read it earlier and checked size of my saves. It's 12,9MB and not corrupted (playing on PS5). Looks like it's not for everyone.
  20. What is your tracker on Psycho Killer quest? I had 16/17 and one of Cyberpsycho wasn't showing on map until I was around at night (far right side of the map). I have 4 Psycho gigs stucked in journal, but still got trophy after completing 17th and Psycho Killer status was changed to "Wait for call from Regina".
  21. I have 7 gigs stucked (4 cyberpsycho). I've checked in Pacifica if it locks trophy (least NCPD things), but fortunately it doesn't. Completed all NCPD in Pacifica, got "Smoke on the water" stucked and got trophy Greetings from Pacifica!. Also despite 4 cyberpsycho gigs stucked without marker I got trophy for completing all of them. I had glitch that when Regina was calling me, she was talking about 1-2 gig before, but after about 15 gigs it finally catched up by itself. Probably it has caused a tracking problem in journal.
  22. Game of the Year - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 - Let me feel exactly the same like in early 00s Since it's remake/remaster I would add TLoU2 as honorable mention here. Backlog Game of the Year - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Masterpiece in one word. Platinum of the Year - Mafia: Definitive Edition - Again remake, yet again so perfect If 100% was here, I would say Ghost of Tsushima, cause raids in Legends were one of most enjoyable thing this year, but didn't enjoy base game as much. Backlog Platinum of the Year - Devil May Cry 5 - Finally found some time during quarantine to S everything, broken one controller, but got it. Honorable Mention - Playstation 5 Astro's Playroom - Really enjoyable game, that shows true power of most important part of PS5 - DualSense.
  23. Ehhhh... Again these NG+ trophies. Wish they would just stick to online mode trophies.
  24. Dark Souls 3 while waiting for Demon's Souls Remake. Also THPS1+2 (few levels remaining to 100).
  25. Persona 5. Still can't force myself to play it.