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  1. @Orphioon You were in good hands, these guys are all extremely nice and kind gamers! Especially @ardezembro - I wish you lot of luck for this week (and everyone else who will be going for the trophy) and I am sorry that I won't be able to help afterall! @DuXiC4FuNN will be boosting during the same hours as you - hopefully both of you guys will be able to tackle it! 🤓
  2. It seems like the cut-off point was 61502 at 24th rank this time, which was much lower than I would have expected! 😮 Still it was not fully successful week for us, because @DuXiC4FuNN ended at 28th place with only 40k after his game glitched for some weird reason and made him lose over 20k! 😲 A few days before his PSN account had got temporarily suspended, so I am extremely sad about this. ☚ī¸ Maybe round two this week? But on the other hand I am happy that @Metal_Kizz made it at Rank 18th! I must have been really annoying on Discord this week, because I kept babbling about 'low scores' and 'not enough effort/dedication', while in the end 85k was fine! But damn, I was so nervous! Additional congratulations go to the following guys: @Chtio_loute_59 (awesome score!), @super_saiyan23 and @simpgraus (I am glad you made it, you've really dedicated a lot of time to this 😉).
  3. @Trophessional I understand your point of view now, that's why I was asking you so many questions, because I was not sure about your stance. Feel free to send a friend request my way, I'll be happy to accept. 😉 I guess most people are playing this kind of games, because they are pretty short and easy - so if they have fun, they are doing it right - having fun is all that matters! However, there are also people (especially the ones who made their account 1 - 2 years ago or even earlier like us) who are 'forced' into them if they want to keep/achieve a certain spot in Leaderboards. If I wanted to get to, let's say, Top 10 Czech Republic, I would have to play these games, because otherwise there would be no chance for me to get there in a few years span (unless I was playing for crazy amounts like 18 hours/day ). Luckily I don't care about the leaderboards, so I can make my profile stand out by stuff like low average rarity, high trophies per day ratio (while playing 'normal' games), completed franchises of games, trophies from games achieved before their server shutdowns etc. 🙃 So I avoid judging players by their trophy lists - if I was making such restrictions, I would not really manage to find many people to talk to/play with. I also dare to say that I've developed quite a unique gaming style and if I was looking solely for people who matched it, I'd be forever alone. But I have to admit that when creating a Gaming session, I put many requirements in there and I ask the people interested in participating to read everything carefully, because when I want to boost certain trophies, I want to make the process as painless as possible. So I normally ignore the people who do not confirm that they've acknowledged everything, and when there is a big(ger) interest, I tend to favour people who seem more responsible (high completion percentage, many s, rare/hard/grindy plats, activity around the same time as me etc.) than the others, in order to play with people of the same mindset and to make the session work. So I do sometimes have an elitist attitude too, but mainly in regard to long MP grinds which are usually time-limited (i.e. Server Closure) as well, because I really want to succeed and don't want to end up with an un-plattable game on my profile. 😕
  4. Hey, I made my profile recently as well, and both of us came up with our usernames in similar ways - I really like yours! I admit that I have a similar attitude too (quality over quantity, main focus on hard games/URs and online trophies - if you are interested in knowing my gaming habits, you can read more about them in my Trophy Checklist), but I would not go to such lengths as declining people just for their trophy lists. 😕 At some point most people will have some 'junk' on their profiles sooner or later - personally I will add games that I am interested to play no matter what (whether they are easy or not - I am already limiting myself a lot by not doing non- games) and due to my OCD I 'have to' add each game of a franchise. So, the problem I see here is the definition of 'junk': For instance, if I played Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, would I add 'junk' to my profile? And if I played Kung Fu Panda 2 as well, which one of them would be 'junk'? Because both are kids games (even though one of their s is UR), similar to my other games (Start the Party!, Eyepet, Beach Buggy Racing) which might be considered 'junk' too - what I am trying to point out is that it's completely subjective - and also that even the less casual players (such as me) can inevitably play such games too (if I wanted to play one Kung Fu Panda game, I'd be adding the other one too - would you delete me from friends in that case? 🤔) Personally I would never play Warframe because it has no and it's an endless online-only grind, but I would not call it 'junk' just because it's not appealing to me and decline your friend invite because it's on your profile. đŸ¯ I have many friends with My Name is Mayos on their profiles, but as long as they are having fun, it's not bothering me! Play and let play (but laugh at them and call them noobs from time to time )! Also @Sergen is actually one of the few not-so-casual players and if he wanted to add you and you declined him, you would miss out a lot, because he's one of the nicest and most skilled persons I've encountered on these forums. 😉 He's just tried to explain you why your attitude is a little bit extreme (especially on boards where most of userbase is not really hardcore and therefore won't appreciate it) and asked you to re-consider it. I am trying to do the same - although more subtly - but at the same time I'd like to know some more about it, because I am curious. However if you decide to keep your approach, of course I'll fully respect it and hope you will be able to find some like-minded guys! Off top of my head I already know of a few (although they are a rare breed) and in this forum there are also sections such as Events, Contests, Competitions or Project Platinum in which the more competitive players usually reside. 🎮 And finally, to answer your question, if you are signed into forums and click on your profile in the top right corner and then you click on 'Account Settings' and then 'Signature', you can edit your signature in there. To get the codes of your Trophy Card, back out to the main PSNProfiles page and click on your name again and then 'Trophy Cards'. 🤓 To end my wall of text, I'll wish you a nice day and lot of gaming accomplishments!
  5. @homleshobo I specifically mentioned these guys, because they are the ones who earned the trophy in January/early February and since then they've not stopped helping people for nothing in return. 😉 Most people just help in order to be helped themselves or vice versa (they help the guys who helped them to return the favor because they are obliged to help), however on top of that these guys have also helped many people who had never helped them, which I really value and think it's a great gesture and proof that this community can be united and work together despite many people saying that it's not the case. 👏
  6. It's really nice to see that people such as @Sergen, @derdimi, @Balnazzardi and @DJ_AdruA are not a rare occurrence! This is how the community works together, and all the 12k groups should take an example of these guys! 😉 Actually they are the least selfish persons in this game, because they all have been continuously helping others (expecting nothing in return) after getting their own trophies, and personally I have to say that my huge respect goes to them! 👍 Keep up the great work!
  7. Thanks for your kind words guys, I have to admit that this game has taken over my life during the last week(s) - I can't leave home for long periods of time because I have to keep watching the consoles, resetting them (when they freeze) and reconnecting alts (when they disconnect). 🙄 I am not even able to self-boost the games that I'd like to (or even play on any of my PS4s) because the consoles always have to be ready (and when nobody is boosting, they have to rest)! đŸ˜ŧ At least I managed to get Bling Brigade last week, and during this week I'll definitely 'usurp' my consoles for a few hours, because I still have to do the remaining online Wipeout HD trophies, along with KZ2 Ribbon trophies, KZ3 base game online trophies and possibly Killzone 3 Multiplayer as well. Luckily I don't have to do any DLCs, because I just aims for s, but still I am getting slightly nervous - there is not much time left! However, I am really happy that both 'my' guys (@joust25 and @Ptirle) managed to make it (hopefully, if the trophy won't glitch) - and Ptirle actually secured the first place! Right now I am much happier than when I got the trophy myself! The cut-off point seems to have been 'only' 68.499, which was not that bad too! Additional congratulations go to the following guys: @ZeroGi, @HUKU117, @Ahmed_T_PLatinum @chucuchus - I am glad that you made it! 😉 Hopefully the ones of you who are going for it this week will be as successful! 😎
  8. I am kind of sad that I was selfish during the first week, because we could have helped one more guy if it was not for it. 😕 Considering I've never played the game before, I had no idea that I'd manage 110k on my 5th day against 'only' 7 - 8 alts. I really have to thank @Sergen for helping us out, because if both guys get the trophy by the end of this week, it will have been possible only because of his additional alts. @simpgraus I would not say that 'we' ruined the game, personally I started to boost and play quite late and I was not part of any boosting group, and time was pushing me, so I really had to resort to drastic measures in order to get the trophy. I've been trying to help as many people as possible by answering their questions when I was asked, hanging out in Discord always ready to help and referring people to other groups who could have been free. The truth is, if I did not buy so many consoles and Turbo Controllers, I doubt I'd be able to get the trophy, let alone help many others. So once again I'd like to thank my group for trusting me (despite me being a newcomer) and letting me go for the trophy first. Next week we will have 2 more guys both for day and night 'shifts' and they will have to work even harder without Sergen's alts. đŸ‘ē After the next week we will be disbanding most likely, but I might help someone during the last week on my own. Even though I have to admit that I can't wait for the game to shut down - all of us who have been boosting managed to get sick in one way or another: - I got UTI when I turned off the heating because I thought the consoles were freezing due to being overheated 🙄 - the second of us got fever - most likely due to lack of sleep and his immunity being vulnerable - from the other family members who were all sick 🤒 - and finally, third guy broke his little finger when raging about the game (he got IP banned by Sony for some weird reason and lost precious time 😾) So, I want to appeal to everyone who will go for this to get enough sleep, food and not neglect themselves, because it's really not worth getting sick because of a game, especially so annoying one! 😠 At this point I have to say that I HATE KZ2 WITH A PASSION, and to be honest I just want to give up, but with so many consoles bought I feel like I can give something back/put them to a good use, even though I bought them mainly to self-boost some other (dead) MP games (during this year I'd like to Test Drive Unlimited 2, Far Cry 2 and possibly Modnation Racers + some others as well). 🎮 I wish you all a nice Sunday and good luck grinding to the ones who are going for it this week!
  9. Hey guys, here is my OCD chart in case you'd be curious to see it or for reference if you wanted to prepare your schedule/do some counting : It took me 60 hours to get 152k against 7 - 8 alts at average.
  10. I finally got to properly reading and answering your Trophy Checklist, sorry about that! 😝 It's short and sweet (not like mine) and we have a lot in common: 😉 - I too would like to maintain a 100% completion at some point (although it does not really seem like it at the moment ) - I also want to play just games with plats, because I'd like my number of games played to be equal to plats earned sometime, but I am really on the fence about this now. Due to my OCD, I 'have to' play games in order, so if I wanted to play Red Dead Redemption, I'd need to play Red Dead Revolver first. If I wanted to play Max Payne 3, I'd have to play Max Payne first. If I wanted to play Worms, I'd have to play the first Worms game on PSN first et cetera. So I am now almost sure that I will have to ditch the 'plats only' plan sooner or later, if I don't want to restrict myself like this. - I am slowly preparing my milestones as well, but I am very nervous regarding the current milestones discussion, because if there were changes, our early planned milestones would disappear. I understand the veterans of this site wanting to hide their non-planned milestones, but I am sure that most of us newcomers enjoy the new changes, because we can plan our milestones from the very beginning and have quite a few of them! - I am also trying to avoid extremely easy games and stacks, but at the same time I want to maintain a 30 - 40% rarity, so that I can play games with for example 20 - 70% rarity of a , if they really interested me. 🙂 I have to admit that you really inspired me with your Bonus Challenges, I think I will try to come with some, and my KZ2 grind could have actually been one of them! I think that I am the only Czech guy who has gotten the trophy since the announced server shutdowns, one of the few guys who were not boosting in DLC map (Beach Head, which is fairly easier and faster), plus I put the game to my profile after the announced server shutdowns, which also is not very common. But I will have to do some research regarding this stuff first, so that I would not be pulling information out of a biscuit tin. I noticed that you added Grand Kingdom to your list after all, when do you expect to play it? If it has co-op, I'd be willing to try it out with you. 🙃 I wish you a great day and happy trophy hunting! 👋
  11. This guy is an even more better example - he used to play offline for a long time, and when he set up his PSN profile and added his account to the leaderboards, his Trophy per day percentage was over 4000! Still, it's extremely high after 2 years of him being here. I think the trophies without timestamps should not be added to any statistics (whether it's Trophies by time/day or Trophies per day), because they just mess them up. Just look at his stats, it's fairly obvious! 😉
  12. I don't doubt the right decision was made after all, I probably should have kept my mouth shut when I was wrong, but I really thought there was doubt regarding the games when grimy lifted the Injustice flag and then MMDE said 'This could maybe be a glitch, seeing how glitchy those games are, but I doubt this one is a glitch.' about the Batman Arkham Knight one. OP really ruined his chances by attacking the one of the only few persons who could help him and I find it pretty sad that he struck a nerve and let his frustration ruin his possibility of getting unflagged, because still there was some hope about DmC considering that it's a PS4 version (I'd still personally give him the benefit of the doubt for it, but again I am clueless regarding any PS4 hacking methods). I promise that I won't be posting (irrelevant) stuff to this kind of disputes again unless I do some serious research about the games being discussed. 😉 I wish everyone a good night!
  13. Thanks for your clarification, I knew nothing about his Injustice list, I just assumed that it was alright after reading grimy's verdict. Sorry about that! His post seemed pretty sincere to me, but now I do understand your concerns - but still, that's only 1 game which was cheated without a doubt. So unless two or more of these games appear, he should be fine. Considering that there are many suspicions, I'd recommend asking him to completely un-hide his list and initiate a thorough investigation by the Cheat Hunting team. It's not a standard procedure, but this is not a standard situation either. If he has not cheated anything else but Injustice, there is nothing for him to worry about. However, I'd only look for 'cheated without a doubt' games, such as Injustice, and not games like the mentioned ones earlier (Borderlands 2, Batman Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3, DmC Devil May Cry - maybe?). Still, I think that with +700 games played there is a higher chance of more games glitching, especially if he's played many of the games which are likely to glitch in one way or another. And with just a 52% completion percentage, it seems kind of illogical why he would cheat. It's all irrelevant I know, but if he was an avid cheater, I am sure he would have been caught earlier with so many trophy lists on his profile. I'll refrain from posting from now on and I'll leave this dispute up to the privileged guys. I still hope that it will turn in OP's favor (only unless no more cheated games will be found), though. P.S.: @Smashero I'll respond to your PM later today, I really apologize for the delay! That KZ2 grinding nearly killed me... 🙄
  14. My opinion probably does not play any role, but I am inclined to believe the disputer. He actually put effort into his post unlike most people and the fact that he had posted about the problems earlier really plays in his favor - what hacker would ask for help after cheating his trophies (wrongly) instead of editing timestamps (which probably is not even possible with PS4?) or simply just hiding them? If his Injustice flag was supposed to be removed, it just leaves him with the Batman Arkham City flag (except of this one), which still means 'only' 2 flags, which should reinstate him back to the leaderboards and give him one last chance (unless the DmC flag gets lifted as well). 😐 I'd really be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here (in case no more suspicious lists pop up).
  15. It all depends on luck, I was doing it the completely opposite way @MC_MAY_DIE: 1.) I have not been checking the leaderboards, it seemed like a waste of time to me. I only checked them after I scored 15 - 30k in-game. 2.) When the round ended, I made sure that I got at least one more kill after the game said that I had won. However, I agree with these things - don't be the host on your main and if your host crashes, re-make the room! I am pretty sure that the cause of my low Thursday 14/32k score was the host crashing - it was the first and last time when that console froze, sadly I did not bother remaking the server. And yes, shorter games register much better! At first my set-up was 5 minutes with Unlimited kills, but once I switched to 3 mins and 50 kills, my percentage of saved games really improved. Also, make sure that you finish the game before the timer runs out! (in my case I managed to get 50 kills in like 2:30 - 2:50 minutes against 7 alts) 😉