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  1. Congratulations to your #100 ! 👏 Indeed, you can now rest for a while and play your games while not thinking of any milestones - I should probably do the same! 😝 Do you know which game you will play next? ❓ Thanks a lot for your suggestions, Formed Adventurer would be a really nice name for a milestone as well! I've wanted to play the Far Cry games for a while, but due to my OCD I would have to play them in this order: Far Cry Classic -> Far Cry 2 -> Far Cry 3 -> Far Cry 4 -> Far Cry Primal -> Far Cry 5 And to be fair I am pretty scared of Far Cry 2 which is like a 350 hours grind, so I keep postponing it! I quickly skimmed through your list of games and if you'd like to finish the Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends online trophies, we could go through them in June together. 😉 I am planning to review the PS+ subscription of my old account at the end of May and I'd like to get rid of as many games as possible. đŸ‘ē I wish you a nice Sunday! 👋
  2. Thanks for your answer! So just finishing each race is enough? There is no need to be in TOP 3000 to get the trophy to pop (sooner or later - considering that it's glitchy)? Just looking for confirmation from multiple people, even though I trust you on this - I really don't want to mess this up. Your nooby times could have made it into TOP 3000 as well. 😝 Thanks a lot in advance! 😇
  3. These are great news guys, thanks a lot for the update! 😀 I was pretty sad that I had missed this one, and now I can go for it! I'll be buying the game today. 😉 As I've never played this game (or any hardcore racing sim before), I have some noob questions : 1.) All I need to do is to finish within the TOP 3000 players? If I finish at 2900th place (for example) and 101 more people beat my time before the event ends, would I get progress towards the trophy or not? 2.) If I want to do it like @Saionji and @TrueMrBubbles and get Community Ambassador as my first trophy (to prevent possible glitches and thus avoiding an unobtainable on my profile), the only thing to make sure of is not over-heating the breaks? I suppose this would be quite hard to avoid for someone new to the game like me - @totallycrushed you said you had some method, could you link it to me, please? 🙏 Also which would be the other miscellaneous trophies to avoid that @Han_the_Dragon mentioned?❓ I wish you all lot of luck towards this trophy and thank everyone in advance for the help!
  4. I would love to add you, I've just sent a friend invite your way. 😉 I'll make sure to stalk your progress! Yeah, I also avoided the online DLC trophy from Wipeout HD. If I was trying to maintain my 100% percentage again, I am sure I would burn myself out sooner or later. So I am just making sure that all of my s are obtainable. My initial goal was getting rid of as many PS3 base-game online trophy lists as possible and keeping them on my profile to plat them later, but now I had to come up with a different plan, because I can only access my PS3 consoles sporadically. Still, I would like to do LittleBigPlanet Karting next month and possible Modnation Racers before October, but I am really worried about any future announced shutdowns (I already missed Top Spin 4 ), because if there will be some huge grinds (such as Far Cry 2, Battlefield: Bad Company), I'll have no chance. 😟 I am currently playing Road Rage (congratulations to being the #1 achiever, Taz! 👍), but I've lost like a 300 pedestrians progress due to an unexpected crash, so I guess I will be ragequitting this buggy pile of crap for now - I'll get back to it at the end of month and this time I'll make sure to save my progress by buying stuff from the clubhouse frequently. 😜 Speaking of bugs, I got a '502 getaway error' while I was submitting this message and so I had to re-write it - I am really lucky these days! 😨 I apologize for (temporarily) hi-jacking this thread. Feel free to PM me anytime, guys. I wish you all nice weekend! 👋
  5. I am glad to hear that you are doing well! 🙂 I typically tend to choose by some witty or nice Trophy names when going for milestones, but this is not exactly easy, because it's pretty hard to calculate the trophy to pop in the correct order (so I mostly research just the trophies at the beginning of games - the ones that have a high percentage of achievers) and when I finally find something, this trophy is either part of a DLC or non- game which both I pretty much avoid. 🙄 I finally came up with the trophy for my #500 Trophy Milestone, and it's The Stranger from Bastion. I think it's a nice name for this milestone, because after only 500 trophies, I am still a stranger to most of the people in here! 😉 I used this trophy as my First Trophy milestone on my old profile, so it was also the first proper PS4 of mine (since I've made my latest two accounts and started to play on PS4 seriously), plus so far I've been enjoying this game the most of all the games that I had played (on both profiles), so I think giving it this milestone is the right move. However, I am now struggling with the 10th Platinum milestone - at first I was 100% sure about Killzone 2, because I've spent more than a month in this game when I was leading my Valor Grand Cross group, and I also chose the Killzone platinum as my first deliberately, so that I could choose Killzone 2 as #10, Killzone 3 as #20 et cetera. But now when I don't have access to my Playstation 3 consoles, I have to come up with something new. So far I have these ideas: 1.) A simple Platinum from Deadlight Director's Cut, this would be my first Ultra-Rare on this profile and my First Platinum milestone is called the same. 2.) Completionist from Claire, this might or might not be a funny pun, because if you check my Completion Percentage, it's really terrible! 😱 Still, I consider myself a completionist of some sort (most likely a 'Platmpletionist' ), because I always go for s in games (unless I do their online portion first and decide to go back to their single player later, or, unless I play the games just for fun and don't care about their trophies - majority of the games in my profile are these cases ) 3.) Ruining my Bastion timestamp and also choosing it's You Done Good as my #10 . This trophy would remind me that I did well in the Platagonist's 10 May Plats Challenge by ting many games and raising my Trophies per Day ratio. But at this point (and also when I reach my #10 ) I can't be sure if I'll do well or not. So, you can see that you definitely are not the only one with Milestone problems. If I failed Killzone 2, a back-up milestone plan for me was Need for Speed: Undercover which still holds a special place in my heart, because it was my first platinum ever (in March, 2010). Sadly it's a PS3 game as well and due to my challenge I am currently limited only to s from the following games: I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions and I wish you a nice day!
  6. Hey @LionSharky, how are you? I was forced to take a break from gaming altogether due to some personal issues, so I apologize for a late reply! I see that you are quite indecisive about your #100 milestone, which reminds me of myself - during the last month I've changed my plans for 500th trophy and #10 milestones at least 3 times, so I guess this time I will just let it play out by itself. 😝 Also, I see that you ted Gravity Rush - and I've just done this game recently! So far it's the game that I've been enjoying the most! 😉 I am really looking forward to playing it's sequel next month - for this month I prepared the Platagonist's 10 Plats May Challenge for myself, because considering that I currently don't have access to most of my consoles, I see this as a great opportunity to finally boost my Trophies Per Day ratio and get closer to my 50 s/year goal. 😛 I noticed that you also started Gravity Rush 2, but have not finished it - do you remember what put you off? ❓ Lastly, I'd like to thank you for your reply regarding the Pura avatar and I wish you a nice day! 👋
  7. @Tomy_IV Hey Tomy, I apologize for a slight necro, but I've not managed to get on my PC before today. From the experience of someone who has already done this, I'd strongly advise you against this! 🙀 In late 2008 I created my first account, but I did not really like it's username, so in 2010 I made my second one. I've been using this one as my main with many breaks until late 2015, when I decided to play more seriously and having unobtainables on my profile started to bother me. Making a third account was a logical choice (mainly because I've only had like 5 s in total), but this is where I started to care way too much - I made an extremely hard challenge for myself and decided to give up when I was not meeting it's quotas. 😕 What I am trying to point at with my story is that I've pretty much wasted a unique profile with a nice simple username and some Ultra-Rare s just because of my OCD. 🙄 And so I am agreeing with @DARKB1KE that being so obsessed over trophies or statistics in general is not really worth it! 😉 In your case it would be a real shame to 'throw your profile away' - I too am one of the people who love stalking profiles of others and along with @PrinceOfPeace who you mentioned or another Norwegian - @Beatminaz - your profile is one of the most impressive ones. 👍 Sure it might not look like the biggest deal to abandon your profile for a while and concentrate on a new one (or concentrate on replaying various games instead), but if you are as OCD as me (and I am extremely obssessed about all this stuff - you can clearly see that from my Trophy Checklist), you might soon start finding even more flaws. I experienced this first hand when I was forced to take a one month break due to some personal issues last month. After seeing my trophies per day ratio drop to 2.20 (when I wanted it to be at least 3.50 - 5.00), I was really devastated and I was pretty close to abandoning this profile too! 😱 But after giving it some hard thought, I realized that I would be making the same mistake again! On this profile I've managed to meet some extremely nice people (and got somewhat active in this community) and I also achieved some pretty rare trophies that are now unobtainable. đŸ‘ē So what that I won't be able to keep to my old plans (mainly the online PS3 grinds and self-boosts - because I am not able to use my PS3 consoles atm and will likely be selling them)? đŸ˜ŧ Gaming is supposed to be fun and letting statistics and crazy plans ruining it really is not right! That's why I managed to come up with another new plan and I will keep going. I apologize for this wall of text, but I really feel like we have a lot in common. 🎮 Our gaming styles are very similar - I also do not do stacks and I try to avoid ezpz games (and I am not afraid of URs) - even though I am not doing any DLCs and therefore not aiming for a 100% completion (however I want no unobtainables on my profile), mainly to prevent the reasons that are now bothering you - the last time trying to keep a 100% profile really burnt me out (it took me 2 years to start playing again ☚ī¸), plus it's quite easy to end up with an unobtainable when it's not even your fault, i.e. un-released/glitched DLC trophies - but I feel like I can share my story with you, because I've already ruined one profile and lost about 10 s. If I was to lose 450 of them, I would likely never manage to recover! 💩 Either way, I hope that you will do a decision that you won't regret. 🙃 But I'd still like to appeal to you to do the 'correct' one. 😜 You might end up in a similar situation with your new profile as well and in that case, you'd be losing out even more! 😖 I wish you great luck to your gaming future!
  8. UPDATE: I am back from my break and my current goal will be raising my trophies per day ratio as high as possible. I put my old challenges on hold, came up with a challenge for May and renamed this topic accordingly. 😉 During the next months I will likely play some games which I am really looking forward to, because I won't be able to concentrate on the online soon-to-close-games grinds, because I am currently back at my parents and there is no place for all the consoles (I will most likely be selling them). However this won't stop me from gaming after all - actually I am sure that I'll manage to come up with some new challenges soon! So stay tuned for my next updates! đŸ‘ē @Zolkovo, @Smashero, @JohzyDeMartin, @Ptirle I really appreciate your PMs and I promise that I will get back to you guys soon! Once again I thank everyone for reading my Trophy Checklist and wish you all a nice day! 👋
  9. This did not cross my mind - implementing the feature OP requests might be quite problematic because of this as well! 🤔 Even though it's not a bad idea in it's core, I still see the possibility of it being abused by cheaters/flagged members as it's biggest downside. 😕 This is off topic, but damn, this is exactly my case! I could care less about my LB rankings, but having a pretty low 'trophies per day' ratio is exactly what bothers me! I feel like I am not making enough progress (my initial plan was 'ting 1 game/week 🙄), but on the other hand I would never resort to games like Slyde in order to 'raise' it. I'd like to keep it high while still playing 'proper' games, but sporadic lack of time and long online trophies grinds are really making this hard for me! 😠 First World problems...
  10. While I see where you are coming from, these two things kind of depend on each other, because such option would give the flagged members even more 'freedom'. 😕 In your case (or in case of any other flagged member - I am only using you as an example) you'd be able to hide your profile (but still use the site) and nobody would know that you were flagged. The system is already pretty much lenient towards flagged users - theoretically you can cheat 2 games and still get away with it (or even more, if you hide them and nobody founds out prior to it)! 😒 If you get flagged, the options are to either remove your profile and leave the site, or stay and continue to use it, but deal with the consequences of having cheated. It would not be really fair if there was some other alternative in between - but that's just my opinion. If being flagged in here really bothers you that much, then your only option is to create a new account and start over. If I were in your shoes, I would just let it be (considering the amount of money spent and s earned) - you are not restricted to use everything else this site offers (except of the leaderboard rankings, but you can still browse PSNTL or any other site for that). 😉
  11. Hey, you took off really nicely - I am also aiming for 50 plats/year, but with my current progress it seems pretty much impossible (these online grinds are taking way too long! ) - unless I 'slyded' some mayo into my profile, but I don't really feel like doing that. Also, I had no idea that there was a Pura PSN avatar! đŸ˜ŗ Over the last few years I've kind of got used to the default one, but if I had to change it, a Pura avatar would probably be my number one choice - my first ever PSN account was actually named after Pura. đŸ˜ģ Don't forget to update us about your #100. 😉 I wish you many more gaming accomplishments!
  12. @Sipkowitz I am really sorry that this happened to you. The trophy glitching on me was my biggest fear, that's why I've not synced the game to my profile until all it's trophies popped. If it glitched on me, I am sure I would have ragequitted KZ2 for good, and it's even worse that it happened to you during the last week and on top of that you were the #1 rank! 💩 I certainly would not give up, there is still hope that you could pop your trophy today, I have found some info from @IDiivil on Discord in which he's thinking of possibilities how to get the trophy to unlock: The guy on who the trophy glitched (and he managed to get it the next day) was @CloudxLightningx - you could try to hit him up. 😉 Also there was @Sergen's post advising what to do (pretty similar to iDiivil's theory). I wish you a lot of luck! 🖐ī¸
  13. Thank you for your kind words @Afro_Gear, I am still a stranger to most on these forums, but the people who recognize me probably know that I am that person who likes writing crazy amounts of text - I should have probably named myself 'walleroftexter' instead - or something like that. I am really glad that this journey is over (at least for some time - I want KZ2 as my #10! đŸ‘ē) - even though I managed to meet some really great people who I am hoping to talk to and play with again. 🙂 After all everyone from my group managed to get the trophy (plus one more guy who we brought in solely to help him), so having that 100% success (as @Sergen described) as well really warms my heart. However I have to admit that I was not always so nice and that this game has pretty much taken over my life during this month. I was not able to leave home for long periods of time, I had to keep checking the alts continuously, I was always in Discord talking to 'my' guys and keeping a nice atmosphere, I tried to encourage and advise everyone who asked me for help - on the other hand I was stressing myself over trophies of others and my real and social lives were both non-existent which was making me really moody. 😕 When @DuXiC4FuNN decided to give up on Wednesday with 50k score, it made me really angry and I started to ramble on about a wasted week, wasted time, not enough dedication of his etc etc. - I was pretty mad and I admit that this game took away the better of me in that moment. 😞 During the last two weeks I've become extremely fed up with this grind and wanted to be done with it as soon as possible. I swear I will never dedicate my life so much to a single game again! 😾 My 'hysteria' likely made me lose a friend, but in the end I am really happy to see that it was all worth it and when I saw Dux among the VGC achievers, a huge weight was lifted from my heart. 😌 I could not believe it at first, I really expected the cut-off point of the last week being much lower and when @JohzyDeMartin posted that 'Our guy is at 175k' hoax, I totally believed it! 🙄 I'd also like to congratulate the following guys: @Sipkowitz, @ClockWorkPhantom, @Bilal_Ibrahim, @PhoddaII, @Eric_742 (I am glad it did not glitch this time!), @ShianKiri and @Devil_Max. 👏 In the end I regret nothing (even that I had to 'sacrifice' my own KZ3 MP trophies) - all the hard work has paid off - and I hope I will be forgiven for my rage some day - I apologize for everything! Now I will be taking a one week break from gaming altogether - I am fired up to spend Easter with my family and finally get back to job-hunting - it's time to get back to reality again! I wish you guys many future gaming accomplishments and thank you again for continuously helping me out and accompanying me! If you would like to read some more about my VGC week or take a peek at my newest VGC chart, feel free to check out my Trophy Checklist (shameless promotion again! 💩). I am looking forward to seeing you all around!
  14. HUGE UPDATE!!! I am finally done with all the soon-to-close online grinds (except of KZ3 MP but I don't really mind having not done it after all), so I can finally get back on track! đŸ‘ē I really slowed myself down this month (I went from 6.00 to <3.00 trophies per day ratio), so I decided to postpone all my next big grinds to June and concentrate on finally finishing some games again during the next two months. 😉 I also did many changes to this Trophy Checklist: 1.) I edited the 'About me' section and I made it shorter, 2.) I added the 'Additional challenges' category and wrote some info about KZ2 VGC grind 3.) I prepared my April - May schedule and put Beach Buggy Racing on hold 4.) And finally, I liked every post in this topic! All your contributions are highly appreciated, guys! I wish you all a nice day and thank everyone for visiting and/or reading my Trophy Checklist!
  15. @Dreamcatcher4891 Finishing the Online Campaign took me 20 hours 23 minutes - it's quite a grind, but if you've reached Rank 30 prior to starting, it would take some hours less, because from Rank 30 you can unlock a ship called Qirex Prototype (via a hidden Campaign event) which has a fixed on rechargeable cannon with unlimited ammo and using it makes the killing of alts (and other players as well) much faster and easier.