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  1. damn they still didnt patch it
  2. 11 days till I leave my PS3 for University... I'm planning on replaying Asura's Wrath before leaving as it's only six hours long. 

    1. Sir_Bee


      Why can't you take it with you?

    2. AlchemyAwesome


      I want to settle first and reduce the amount of stuff I bring. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      You could always get it when you visit home.

  3. awesome! my wi-fi is spotty for my ps3 so i make sure to use my ethernet cable to update trophies every now and then (and back up all my saves with a memory stick since no ps+)
  4. idk if you done something but it says 86% on psnprofiles, maybe you just havent sync'd online to your account yet
  5. lol there's no point playing a game if you're doing it only for a little picture of a blue cup
  6. Killzone Shadowfall, although I bought the PS4 for Bloodborne I had a week or so prior to release, and Killzone was cheap.
  7. Two more Rorona assignments to go... then I'll check all endings and then reload back to become a millionaire! 

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Nice! Don't forget Atelier need love, so once in while an Atelier platinum always can be something great! 😄

    3. AlchemyAwesome


      maybe I'll platinum Sophie one day :)

    4. AlchemistWer


      Sophie is agreat game and without a doubt a nice choice, it's the first Mystery game so yo won't have any problem. After you can try with Firis-chan, a lot of people do not like the "open" world Firis has but I think it's great and very colorfull Atorie game. But in any case I'm sure you could love Sophie. Btw nice photo! 

  8. I'm not sure what's meant by backup file? Do you mean for games that had trophies added later (E.g. NFS Undercover) and you autopop them if you load up your file after the trophy patch.
  9. I think on a relative scale, when you have absolute joke games that take under 30 minutes to plat with no effort, they set a standard for 1/10. Even the game in the thread has some level of challenge (albeit seems to be very easily figured out hence 2/10). Demons was the only Souls game I done a no death run on (running it quickly in NG+) but if I was getting everything dropped and duped at the start then it would be like 2/10 based on random falls or something, but it's not really a fair comparison of the game if I'm being maxed out asap. Now online is gone, I think I'd leave it as 6/10* on a guide considering people are new to the series. But keep in mind you have many more platinums so can use a relative scale better than I could. It's definitely the easiest souls game though. I'd probably put the other Souls games (not played DS3) at 7/10.
  10. Depends if difficulty = time though. I think there's no way anyone should rate Demons a 1/10. I'd even say the very best players should give it 2/10 (2.5 hrs to do), considering literal meme games like My Name is Mayo exist. I think 4/10 is a fair rating for people who already are familiar with souls games though, and maybe 6/10 for new players (and 5/10 for me since I forget how world tendency works). It took me about 40 hours no dupe and under 20 hours dupe on a second run I think (did get pbs dropped lol). I think 1/10 should be for meme games, and 10/10 for games which require you to be high on the online leaderboards (unless dead game). Unless you just don't count either for being ridiculous, and allow yourself to have more flexibility in ratings.
  11. i literally had to quote their own policy on refunds (like 2 weeks after buying if you haven't downloaded) directly from the sony website, to get a refund on a game i bought digitally but had physical anyway i wonder if they're random people from a call center or something without any specific interest in sony or video games sometimes
  12. lol sony is awful for customer service who has actually read the entire TOS? i dont want to be tied down on online purchases too much so i dont end up feeling bound to one system or whatever
  13. Just won the cabbage fair! Now to year two!

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      I immediately thought of Atelier :awesome: 

      Glad I was right this time.



    3. AlchemyAwesome


      I just got onto year 3 a few days ago. Now it's the period where I need to raise my IQ to get each ending without messing up my save. 

    4. AlchemistWer


      Hahaha 😅

  14. really good choice