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  1. No Man's Sky would be so cool if it didn't crash all the time, and you lost progress ...

  2. Hannah Montana The Movie
  3. So let's try closing Path of Exile again ...

  4. Thanks Will I finish one more before Alicization Lycoris ?... 👀
  5. I came back, and I bring one more platinum Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization after 2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks 😍 @Leon Castle @Masamune More Asuna please ❤️❤️
  6. Is it possible to set the clock to dial in 24h ??
    It is currently at 12h and I constantly think 12AM is 12PM.

  7. Besides that, this site is very strange, I use this here: https://www.poebuilds.cc/ It has no ads, and it links directly to the official POE forum, having the advantage of being a little more organized by types of builds and characters. additionally, the game could display the IDof who sells things in the game because I tried to buy items and the person denied placing a website to buy the items in dollars ... I would love to report these people as it disrupts the game market as a whole.
  8. If helping, the mod monsters from the beyond seems to fall more often on red maps. I put alchemy on about 60 maps between yellow and red and fell pretty in the reds.
  9. Should the guides mark the trophies won in more than one version of the game or is this still not possible?

    1. TheYuriG


      Not yet possible, unlikely to be anytime soon

    2. Dreggit


      I believe guides are set up only for a specific trophy listing. So say there's a JP ps3, NA ps3, and EU ps3 lists. If you're earning trophies on the JP list and using a NA guide it won't show the earned trophies.


      But if you are earning NA trophies and using the NA guide it'll show the trophies earned on that guide.


      Also, if a new release happens, and it's added to a current list so it's now a multiplatform list, like for example, NA ps3 gets a ps4 release that shares a listing with the old list, the guide will show earned trophies for either version so long as it is sharing the list. 


      However if the games rerelease gets a new list, even if the guide from the old list is reapplied to the new list, it will not show progress unless you are earning on the version of the listing the guides associated to. 


      Borderlands is a good example:

      NA PS3 listing: https://psnprofiles.com/guides/190-borderlands

      JP PS3 listing: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/740-borderlands

      NA PS4 listing: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8956-borderlands


      All three show the NA ps3 guides, so trophy progress will only show on ps3 na trophies because those guides call on na ps3 trophy information.


      So in short... trophy progress on guides only shows on the listing the guide was written for.


      Or at least that is how I understand it to work


    3. WerneyPark


      Yes, I'm playing Persona 4: Dancing All Night JAP and I realized that I was not marking the guide, and maybe it was some registration, it would help since the texts of the trophies are in Japanese, I'll look at the image even xD. thx all 😁

  10. Actually change yes, I'm not sure when it started, because in the first version I played I do not remember having repaired. But in the summer the rivers dry up, and in the winter they are full (a constellation stone is blocked in this period) and the lake in the ice also freezes. And there must be other little details.