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  1. The icon thing I find interesting, but it could have the same thing without multiplying the current one by x100 or more just to have "999" levels. Many levels without a purpose, just multiplying the values to me just makes it seem less interesting.
  2. Did you repeat any monsters? I don't think there are 10 different ones,I think that every 2 maps has one and you would have to repeat at least 2 of them. I wasn’t counting very well, but I basically repeated the spider from the first map.
  3. In addition, defeating a "MN" boss who is at level 40 or higher provides skill points, the higher the level the more points. These MN bosses are the gray balls that appear on the map.
  4. Thanks already made my sticker to display on whatsapp 😍
  5. I don't know if I understood the skills comparison part. but basically, you have to get mastery of at least 500 with each weapon, to unlock all the abilities of that weapon. the active abilities of buffs have upgrades. and these upgrades count towards the 400 skill trophy. if it was not corrected in 1.3 the points you earn while playing with another character are added to your mastery. so when you have between 200 and 300 play with a character with a low level of mastery because the starting points are quick to win and you up faster. The gray dots are not the mythical monsters. you have to defeat the gray and orange dots to release the mystical monster, each time you defeat a different one. will get a seal, when you have 7 the mythical monster is released. (after defeating the mythic has to redo)
  6. for the skills, kill the boss monsters "mn", it is the gray ball on the map that releases the legendary beasts. they give skill points, but only monsters above level 40(with 40 included) grant skill points, the higher the level the more points. And skill upgrades count towards the trophy. tip: don't buy the expensive passive in tree weapons, only the weapon skills count for that trophy of all skills weapon. so you spend points with upgrades that cost 1 point and not with a passive skill that costs 4. referring to gallery
  7. Hello friends, Another game completed Sword art Online Alicization Lycoris. @Leon Castle @Masamune Once again I would like to thank you for this topic and these wonderful badges, and ask for one more from Asuna thx 😊
  8. I believe that the skill upgrades would be valid, here I would have approximately 320. but I still need to unlock an ex protector tree and I assumed a number of 5 upgrades, many of which have 6 or 7.
  9. Without 100% gallery, it seems easy, because some things can simply be ignored and do not generate possible losses. we see from grind farm. no, it only goes until the end of the first arc of alicization, from the administrator it was said that it would be an alternative ending.
  10. God of War: Ascension - I never managed to finish this game