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  1. God of War: Ascension - I never managed to finish this game
  2. Yeah, I was talking to my brother yesterday about this (he plays on the computer), and it seems kind of really annoying. As for completing the maps, I remember that I didn't have to make the bonuses, I did, because my brother says he was good at winning items and blablabla, but a friend who played with me didn't and won the same trophies.
  3. Well, descriptions have changed, The individual map trophies apparently do not need to complete them, just change / link the atlas. but you still have to complete them all, so it doesn't change much of the platinum.
  4. an update came out today that says it fixed the save problem, I just got addicted to ffxii, so I can only test later.
  5. I ended up closing the game holding PS, now I lost my save
  6. The game displays error CE-30028-3 and does not save. happens to anyone else?
  7. This game looks very good and fun, and the trophy list is very complete, will yield a good hours of coop gameplay.