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    I'm addicted to it. --> Black Clover - Black Rover (cover by MindaRyn)

  2. I got the trophy yesterday, I had talked to the NPC in the room, and I did not unlock the trophy, but I actually missed the parchment on the way between Sasuke's fight and the killerbee to the akatsuki hideout. as soon as I got it, I went back into the room with the comrade and won the trophy.
  3. thx I think it does not stop for all in the signature né I've uploaded a profile myself ...
  4. They are very beautiful, Thank you In this case, one more from Sinon, please. I need to finish the other games, there is not much missing besides courage on my part
  5. Yes please. All of them are very beautiful and I will use it in WhatsApp Asuna for those who have options
  6. I think my translated question was bad, but assuming there is no deadline I would like to participate I have 3 games complete: Lost Song (it makes no difference but the two regions) AWvsSAO FatalBulet
  7. my god, 21% XP, I need one of these rs ... I wanted to be the first to end the DLC in my country, but as I saw it will not happen, I go slow and explore a few DLC's, it seems to have weapons and interesting items that I have not yet discovered.
  8. I've seen something like having an event deadline, but I have not seen dates, is it still valid?
  9. I hope these faults are corrected in Progressive. In the past, I thought it was good, SAO was one of my first anime, but today I see how strange it is ... what makes me less hate is knowing that it was Novel Web and etc. seeing alicization I am happy to see the development of the author and a more complete and complex story. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ora ora, o que temos aqui, escreve Brasil certo Sr. Loli (Well, what we have here, writes Brazil right Mr. Loli) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen It had started this when it was in release in 2016, but I stopped by about the 20-22 episode. I decided to finish in those days.
  10. I'm next to you, lv 172, Assuming that the required xp is equal (which is not true) it would take another 10 hours :'( Since I did not finish the DLC stories, I bought a gun on the guy next to the "suspicious salesman" who is helping me kkk, damn time I did not get it after the LV 100 and sold the game.
  11. In fact it is very simple, All of your group's (additional) weapon and accessory extras count for you. With all dlc's and att, Argo will sell an item that can exchange additional items from your item to your friends' items (other than your Arfa-Sys). What remains is to go to the black market and buy weapons and accessories with XP bonus. and then exchange their tributes on the weapons and equipment of their partners, and on their Arfa-Sys, equip them. By doing this the 17-22k of XP described in the guide, go to 40-50k XP per enemy.
  12. I'm not sure, but after getting all the pre-assembled items I had the unproductiveness of not being more winning the construction pieces, they were 2 at the end, what I did after a few hours was to buy a DLC, and then I won what missing.
  13. For that I did not expect, in the previous games they pretended that the DLC's did not even exist for trophies, I'll buy the game again ...
  14. For those who already have a lot of platinum is complicated, but who does not have much, just get 30-minute games and it's done.
  15. Activate/deactivate with ALT+Space. The script will press ENTER every 1,5s (doesn't lag this way). Which the Remote Play app reads as X.F5 will exit Autohotkey. For Remote Play in other languages, change the window name 'PS4 Remote Play' to your window name language. Thanks, it worked perfectly here, I was in doubt how to run the program, but just create a txt. and renometar the file for and extension of the program, execute and make the command.