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  1. The game camera was completely bugged here. I will try to change the language of the console when I get home. but it will be delayed if someone has had the same problem and can say how it solved.
  2. I like that in your signature, I have only used MAL but I want other lists as security. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Without Hardcore, it seems pretty simple at first.
  4. If they used the same requirements as Steam, it will be a beautiful job to do. I have doubts if they will have trophies for the updates that have already occurred in the PC version, or they will leave it as if it were the first version of the game
  5. I liked that and would like to attend. I have all the Naruto (Shinob Striker is not Naruto) below. https://psnprofiles.com/WerneyPark?search=naruto
  6. try to create maps of "dangerous mountains" so that the mountains with ice, to appear in the workplaces that can find the maps. ps: I think it has a construction pre ready rows the lawn mower in Portuguese would be something like "beach house" or "camping house" like this
  7. A colleague had done 3 times, and believed that this was the problem so I commented, but in the 4 time bug the trophy (yes he is a crazy that keeps changing of account and doing the same games). As I knew of bug reports, I thought I had bugged, but only those scrolls were missing. I was lucky.

    I'm addicted to it. --> Black Clover - Black Rover (cover by MindaRyn)

  9. I got the trophy yesterday, I had talked to the NPC in the room, and I did not unlock the trophy, but I actually missed the parchment on the way between Sasuke's fight and the killerbee to the akatsuki hideout. as soon as I got it, I went back into the room with the comrade and won the trophy.
  10. thx I think it does not stop for all in the signature né I've uploaded a profile myself ...
  11. They are very beautiful, Thank you In this case, one more from Sinon, please. I need to finish the other games, there is not much missing besides courage on my part
  12. Yes please. All of them are very beautiful and I will use it in WhatsApp Asuna for those who have options
  13. I think my translated question was bad, but assuming there is no deadline I would like to participate I have 3 games complete: Lost Song (it makes no difference but the two regions) AWvsSAO FatalBulet
  14. my god, 21% XP, I need one of these rs ... I wanted to be the first to end the DLC in my country, but as I saw it will not happen, I go slow and explore a few DLC's, it seems to have weapons and interesting items that I have not yet discovered.