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  1. Any profile where they complete games they enjoy playing.
  2. No. I still have a huge backlog. I will probably get around 100 platinums first.
  3. Hell, if I can do Skyrim and Fallout 4, I can do this.
  4. No advantage. It's cosmetic only.
  5. This worked for me, too. I killed it with the magic sword and it worked.
  6. These trophies did not stack for me, either. I killed another enemy with the arm to make that trophy pop.
  7. This game froze on me once in the sleeping village level and it crashed in the enchanted earth level. I am playing on a pretty new Pro. Ugh.
  8. Looks like there might be some new gameplay elements. "Give the Knights of Gallowmere everything you have." for Almost a Hero? Never heard of this before. But I really look forward to this.
  9. Screw it. The only cosmetics and characters I care about are the ones you earn playing single player (such as Aviator Crash and Digital N. Tropy). I will just play the game, get the platinum trophy, and play this game for a quick burst of fun every now and then.
  10. I am talking about trophies such as the following: - Alchemist (throw a beaker at a racer) - Hyper Speed (finish first when last on the final lap) - Photo Finish (win a race with 0.3 seconds or less between second place) Thanks in advance.
  11. I call this the "empty lot" trick. I recommend that you have at least $50,000 saved up. When I did this, my household had four sims. You have some leeway with the number of sims, but I recommend more than three. Traits don't matter too much. Move them into a house, then go to town map, and click on replace house, and choose the empty lot. Go back to Live mode. Your Sims will start generating stupid easy wishes, such as: Buy a Stove Buy a Fridge Buy a Chess Table Talk to (sim) Etc. Do not buy anything unless the wish pops up. But make sure to watch those motive bars. You'll soon find that you're fulfilling wishes at an accelerated rate. When you feel that your sims' needs are replenished and that they're all "wished out", just repeat this process by going back to the town map again and replacing the lot with another empty lot. I hope this helps!!!
  12. All your saves are belong to us.
  13. As long as the trophies are reasonable, I'm game.
  14. Mine was about 3:00
  15. Who to sacrifice while playing as Kara at the Canada security control gate.