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  1. Well, we already disagree there 😅 Downwell gotta be one of the most polarizing games in terms of challenge... For some it's a relatively easy game that can be beaten in a couple of days, but I've also come across people that had not been able to beat normal mode after 45 hours (That was on steam though). Personally, I gave this one a 6.5/10 in terms of challenge, but that doesn't mean I didn't have any problems with it. It took me about 5 hours to beat normal mode and another 12 to beat hard mode, which, let's be real, is like a completely different game. For both game modes I got to the boss 4 times before I could finally beat it. Sooo... very motivating, right? 😂 Seriously, you just need to keep at it. My winning run was probably my worst run among those that made it to the boss... I had reached the boss with 8 health before, but choked and lost. It got so bad at one point that I needed to take a 2 week break from the game because I lost all my motivation and drive. And when I came back, I had a very, VERY bad run (losing HP all the time but getting it back thanks to Armspin and K&F), I made it to the boss with only 5 HP and managed to get the win. Goes to show, you shoudln't reset your game only because you took damage in the first zone (I'm guilty of doing that a LOT). You just need to keep at it, hope for some luck with the upgrades, and try not to lose motivation. There's not really much else to it... try not to switch up styles, just stick to one and practice, practice, practice... For such a short game, 10+ hours can feel very long, but it isn't, and finally popping that plat is very rewarding. That is interesting... I definitely needed longer for hard mode, most of my runs died in the Catacombs, because screw the Catacombs with all the spikes and angry skulls... 😳
  2. Hey guys, I know there is not a lot of activity regarding this game, but maybe someone has experienced the same thing I have. I just got to the Obelisk in the Abandoned Halls in the Legislative Archives on Apexion. There is an armor shrine right before it, and according to the wiki it should be "Elemental Resistance IV". However, it seems to be deactivated and I cannot interact with it... What's up with that? 😅 So far I have been able to interact with all armor shrines I've found...
  3. Ah come on!! That makes the mistake even worse! 😂😂 I haven't played a Pokemon game since Emerald, so I didn't even know Arceus was a thing until you brought it up 😅 Damn, the name change needs to happen sooner than later! Alright, that's what I was leaning towards as well... 🙂 I could get used to Arces1us, but I'd rather not. Cassy is right here, that would really be putting a giant glowing arrow pointing to my previous mistake 😂 Now I just need to decide whether it should be Arcesius7 or Arcesius-7. I have to say I like Arkeisios as well, but I have never used that form in the past... let's not start now. 😅 Did you notice we have equally many plats? 😬 But yeah, I'm a mathematician What is your engineering field? I wrote my dissertation on algebraic methods for wireless communications, so worked with many electrical / communication engineers and computer scientists. Interesting stuff for sure! I have no doubt that my completionist tendency has a lot to do with the part of me that wanted to pursue maths in the first place. The advantage is that it is not a chore to aim for that 100%... It's something I really enjoy 🙂 Oh man, I see we pretty much share the same taste in music... Metallica and Megadeth still show up in my playlists from time to time, but otherwise I find myself listening to more progressive music nowadays. Many bands are too obscure to be well known worldwide (have a listen at Twelve Foot Ninja... ), others are huge over there in the US but less well known here (Animals as Leaders, for example). That sounds promising! We need to level up 6 characters for the plat anyways, so worst case we could play at least one or two characters with you whenever we find time on weekends, if that is something you would be ok with. 🙂
  4. I'm determined to see it through 😂 But yeah, I'm not playing it alone, that makes it way more fun! Not yet... The person I'm playing Helldivers with already had played Alienation, so we started Helldivers instead. But it sure is a game I'll check out at some point! 🙂
  5. If you need to ask that question, I would say "no" 🙂 There are players that find enjoyment in challenge and enjoy completing games. I am such a player, I enjoy practicing for tough challenges, and I enjoy the satisfaction I get from completing those tasks (man I've written "enjoy" a lot haven't I) But if you are asking how I get motivated... I don't need any additional motivation, that's just in my nature. Not everyone needs to be a completionist or tackle challenging games. The most important thing when you are playing games is.. having fun doing so. If you don't enjoy a challenge that's perfectly fine! I personally do care about mine, but I don't think less of players with a lower completion %. Those players have just different goals or approaches to gaming than I do. I mean, I have a high completion %, but I have very few platinums in comparison with many other players. Just find what your hunting style is and have fun!
  6. What exactly did you do then? 😂 That's a unique composition of instruments, that's for sure 😀 When we started we were influenced by bands like Nirvana, Green Day and such... A bit later we used to listen to a lot of Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin when we were not playing. And as our music taste shifted a bit, so did our style... In the end, I think I'd classify our music as "progressive rock" or "progressive metal". Myself I play the drums, and I've always been fascinated by polyrhythmic music... Now that I'm back from Finland, I started playing with the same friend I started the band with (he plays the guitar), but just the two of us, and so far we mostly play covers just to have a good time. In case you know some of these bands: Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Porcupine Tree,... that kind of stuff. 🙂 Oh man it would be great for sure! But 10pm EST is like 4am where I'm at... 😳 So that doesn't sound too promising 😅 It's still gonna be a while before we can start though, so I'll get back to you, maybe we can find some suitable slot on weekends or so 🙂 Thanks man! I was really happy to pull it off. But it's funny how luck also plays a big role in this game. I've had way better runs that weren't successful, and one of my shittiest runs (I'm not exaggerating, I have video proof 😂) was the winning run... I'll take it, I guess! 😅 Also glad to see you referring to my reviews as "mini" 😂 I thought they might be a bit too long, but I really enjoy writing them.
  7. Absolutely true. There should have been a trophy for beating the game on "Give me God of War". I personally played the game on "Give me a Challenge", the Valkyries, especially the Queen, were no joke. But sure, that is not required for the plat. I never owned a PS3, and in general I come from a gaming history of mostly JRPGs, with some God of War or Onimusha and DmC here and there.. so I have to admit that I only started discovering challenging games on the PS4, thus I might be a bit biased. There are plenty of challenging games to be found on the PS4, you don't even need to look at the indie market. Devil May Cry 5 is such an example, as is Wolfenstein II, to just name two. Also more mainstream games such as The Witcher III, while admittedly easy, has a trophy for playing through it on the highest difficulty. Yes, gaming is becoming more and more mainstream, and many games are very streamlined and try to offer a great experience, not a challenging one, and that is reflected in their trophy lists. I mean look at what happens when challenging lists are put out... "This is so unfair" or "I can't get this trophy, what were the devs thinking!" or worse... "Can I cheese this?", "Does this and that glitch still work?"... Or the very worst: "Sekiro needs an easy mode". As a recent example, take Darksiders III. There is a trophy for playing that game on Apocalyptic, the highest difficulty setting. Even then, it is really, really easy, yet one of the first threads about that game is something like "YOU DON'T NEED TO PLAY ON APOCALYPTIC", and many players have been using a glitch to play on Easy and get all difficulty-related trophies, even downgrading their game to be able to use that exploit. You see that more and more often. Most players don't wanna be challenged. And many trophy hunters don't wanna be challenged either, they wanna inflate their trophy count with as little effort as possible. But there will always be challenging games, you just need to look for them. What games you play is up to you.
  8. I've gotten 100% a few times, but that doesn't last long (there is always something to play, right?). But 100% is what I aim for. Since I have only around 70 games, starting one with many trophies often results in me dropping to the ~95% range, but I try to not drop below that, and I try to not have more than 4 unfinished games at the same time. As I complete more games, I hope to be able to stay in the 97-99% range even when I start something new, that's what I'd consider optimal 😊
  9. If you don't want to play the game on your main account, you can just create a local account without registering it on PSN and play the game there. I don't know why you would want to do this, but it should work just fine.
  10. There shouldn't be any issues. My credit card verification still fails (who knows why..), but I topped up my wallet with like 10€ and could download the DLC just fine and without paying extra 🙂
  11. Haha sorry but cannot promise that I will 😂 Thanks though! I thought that the Downwell one is probably longer than necessary, I'll try to not describe each aspect of every game in the future and keep it more about my experience with the games 🙂 Good question... And a good incentive to mention a couple of things that have been on my mind. Game Roadmap: This is of course subject to change... but just so you get an idea. As always, I need a game for longer sessions (1), a game for short sessions (2), and something for couch / online coop (3). For the next 2-3 games in each category, I was thinking of the following: Immortal: Unchained --> Final Fantasy VIII Remastered --> Death's Gambit Downwell (done) --> The End is Nigh --> Trials Fusion Helldivers --> Diablo III --> Divinity: Original Sin 2 Crypt of the NecroDancer --> .... Who am I kidding.. this isn't going anywere anytime soon 😂 I could start The End is Nigh right away, but I want to finish Zone 4 and some All Zone Runs on Crypt of the NecroDancer before I do so. Might start this coming weekend with my attempts. I am already regretting writing this, so please don't hold me to it later: I have this ridiculous thought that I want to make Crypt of the NecroDancer my 100th platinum (sooo... in like 6 years 😂), so I should keep playing it from time to time. I guess we'll see how realistic that is when Ive unlocked more characters and are closer to that milestone 🙂 Mori only has one DLC trophy left for Helldivers, but I am still looking at quite the grind. Next up for us will be Diablo III, so if anyone has been thinking about giving this one a go but hasn't yet, feel free to join! I played it on the X360 and it's really fun. We usually talk in German, but English isn't a problem! Oh, and the last (I think..?) piece of DLC for Overcooked 2 dropped a couple of days ago, so I'll get that done as well. Trophy Checklist: I wrote in the initial post that I might add some quantification to enjoyment / challenge in the future. I think it's time to do so, and that is because every time I finish a game, I need to put it in context and compare it to the other games I've completed. So far, I've only rated the games I also wrote a review for, so getting that context is not always as easy. I need some sort of dynamic system. You know, something like Bloodborne might have been a 6 when I played it but put in context and compared to other games I've played by now, it might as well drop down to a 5. I don't know, I'm still trying to figure out what would work here... PSN Name: It's storytime! You see, my PSN name is Arcesus7... You wanna know why? Because I'm an idiot, that's why. If you compare it to my forum name, you'll notice that an "i" is missing. It shoud be Arcesius, but I created my account without knowing that name changes weren't a thing (because how are name and country changes not a thing?!?!) and didn't pay too much attention... Yes, there is a typo in my account name 😂 Because of course there is.. 😳 And I have been living with that typo for the last couple of years. Time to change that now that name changes are available! Some background: At the age of 16 a friend and I formed a music band called "Down to Ithaca". Ithaca is the home island of Odysseus, and was ruled by four kings: Arcesius, father of Laertes, father of Odysseus, father of Telemachus. I was the oldest of the five guys in the band, so that's how I got that nickname and have been using it ever since online. What about the fifth guy you ask? Well, he had the longest hair, so he became Penelope, the wife of Odysseus 😂 Now, Arcesius can also be written Arkeisios, but both names are taken on PSN, and I've been trying to figure out what I wanna do. The straightforward thing would be to just add the "i" to Arcesius7 (as a mathematician, 7 is just my favorite number.. it has no other hidden meaning), but if I'm changing my name, I wanna do it right. I also tried getting used to Arces1us, but that looks weird somehow. Arc3sius looks even weirder. I really don't know what to do. If you have any suggestion that would be really appreciated! 😁
  12. Damn, thanks for writing about the settings! Like yourself I haven't played a VR game since Beat Saber (which, by the way, you should get...) and might pick up Doom VFR at some point after reading your positive thoughts on it. Will make sure to change the movement options first thing! 😅 Do you have a PS4 Pro? Asking cause I have the vanilla one, and VR is obviously better on the Pro. I'm only a bit hesitatnt to start this one cause I guess it's pretty fast paced, and I'm worried that things will be blurry or even cause motion sickness... I haven't had any such issues thus far, but all the games I've played on the VR have been pretty chill (in terms of player movement).
  13. Well, you shouldn't have posted that screenshot above about hiding games... Because now that I know you own it, I won't stop bugging you about playing Furi 😬 Do it! Why haven't you played that already? he? In any case, if you decide to start The Witcher 3, lemme give you a tip: Do one single playthrough on Death March. It's what I did, and you'll get used to the game mechanics in no time. Like in any other RPG, if you do sidequests left and right you'll be anyways overleveled for the main campaign. Plus, it makes the game more engaging 🙂
  14. Yeah for me as well, but weirdly enough, the verification step failed... I tried a couple of times yesterday evening, but without success. Which is weird, it's the first time I've had any problem. I'll try again tonight when I get home from work, hopefully it was just a temporary problem with the store 😐
  15. Currently none, I have always managed to get every trophy I went for. 😊 I don't think there are many trophies out there that couldn't be earned by more than a couple of people due to lack of skill by the vast majority of players. I think it more often comes down to lack of determination and patience. I am by no means one of those god-tier gamers that can take whatever challenging game and be done with it in a couple of days. For me, it takes time and practice. But whenever I start a challenging game, I do so mentally prepared. I know it's gonna take me a while to complete said game. I know I will experience (more likely than not) many setbacks. And I think that going in aware of those things, not expecting to be done soon and without putting in some time, often prevents frustration from building up. Sure, it doesn't always work, and sometimes I still feel like throwing my controller at the TV, especially when I'm really close to the end and still fail (looking at you, Hollow Knight ). But in the end, all that frustration is nothing compared to the feeling of satisfaction I get when I overcome the challenge. And that alone is motivation enough to attempt the next challenging game 🙂 One of my favorite games for sure! Try not going in circles. Instead, only dash left and right (like 2-3 times to the right, then back to the left). Mute the music and listen to this instead: NOT my choice of music by any means 😂 but it just happens to be in the perfect tempo for the dashes. Good luck if you go back to it!