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  1. My personal opinion after just having finished the game yesterday: This is FromSoftware's most accessible Souls-like game to date. If you impose any kind of restriction on yourself (not leveling up and playing with a torch exclusively) then this game is hard. If you don't and instead take advantage of both the open world game design and build diversity the game has to offer, then this is by far the easiest souls game to come from this studio. Even without resorting to summoning other players for help (there is where I draw the line for my own playthroughs). BUT... This is also the one game of theirs where the build you are using will have the most impact on your experience with specific bosses. For example... I used a dual curved-sword bleed / poison build (poison just to trigger the extra damage from the Kindred of Rot's Exultation... the status effect sucks otherwise) and defeated all bosses past the Capital on my first try except Malenia and Maliketh, both of which I defeated on my second attempt. Pretty much everything in this game is extremely weak to bleed, something I didn't know (since I played blind), but it was a happy coincidence that this is usually my preferred style of play. I later learned that Malenia is considered the hardest boss in the game, but I watched my recorded fight and it lasts less than 3 minutes as she has no HP and bleed procs constantly. But then I got to the final duo (Radagon & Elden Beast), and both are immune to Bleed... And I had a really hard time with them since my build just fell appart. Same with Valiant Gargoyles, they are also immune to bleed. These two bosses (or well, three) were the ones that gave me the most trouble in the entire game. For someone that doesn't rely on those status effects, those fights will probably be much easier, while other figths (specifically Malenia) might be more troublesome. Now... compare this to, say, Nameless King... I don't think anyone has encountered that guy and left the battle stating "well, this was easy", regardless of the build they were using. The previous souls games posed a challenge to all types of players and builds due to the more restrictive options AND due to better balancing due to the linear structure of the levels. So.. is the game difficult? I'd say it's entirely up to the player. It can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.
  2. They announced the release of "The Bank" DLC on Twitter and ended with this sentence: "Oh, and more updates and DLC are coming in the future!" Soooo... This won't be the last time we return to this game πŸ˜… ______ I'm usually not one to complain about DLC, but this one really didn't add anything of value to the game. It is pretty unecessary, especially given that the lore was already finalized with the Queen DLC, and the Bank doesn't really introduce anything new or interesting gameplay-wise... We'll see what will be added to the game in the future.
  3. Hm, I wonder if this applies to the Clawmark Seal as well now... Offensive spells would only scale off of Faith with this Seal, not with Strenght, which looks like a bug to me...
  4. Go to speedtest via the PS5 (google how to access the browser if needed) and check the results there. You should get similar results to what you are getting on PC. I guess the culprit is the server the 'test connection' option is using.
  5. Daaaamn this looks absolutely like something I'd enjoy! 😳 I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure!
  6. That's a feature included in the browser script PSNP+:
  7. The first one had you do pretty much everything there was to do in-game. The sequel has you do 50% of the game's content for the plat. In addition, PSNP nowadays only automatically updates active profiles, which leads to newer games generally having higher rarities. 41%+ is my prediction.
  8. Yes we've tried other types of missions but they seem slower, especially with randoms. With a full team that is efficient you can average a promotion every 4 hours, whereas late joining missions will give you one every 6-7 hours I'd say. It's still a long ass grind πŸ˜… Playing with randoms, it might take a bit longer depending on what they do. You might get people that want to take their time (understandable), or some that are unaware that you don't need to finish trylite events successfully for the XP... We'd love to find a similar mission but with any other warning. Elite Threat can be an ammo killer, and you don't want to have to mine Nitra if you can avoid it πŸ˜… Oh, and a warning is important because since you are popping all Eggs at once, you kinda need to play on Haz2 to be able to deal with the amount of enemies that will spawn at once. A warning kinda makes up for the lower XP modifier you get from not playing on Haz3, if that makes any sense.
  9. Just out of curiosity, can you name me any games that came out 2019 or later that have truly challenging trophy lists? I'm talking really challenging, 9-10/10. I can think of two games from the top of my head. It's everyone's right to be happy about the trophy list as is. It's also everyone's right to be disappointed that you only need to complete 50% of the game to get the plat and express that opinion. It's worrysome that Sony is imposing restrictions on what types of trophies are allowed in their titles, and to think where it will go from here.
  10. I say it depends. First and foremost, I really hate using guides, period πŸ˜‚ BUT, if I indeed need to use one, then it really depends... For game walkthroughs / platinum walkthroughs, collectibles, general tips etc, I 100% prefer a written guide. Pretty much for anything basic that doesn't require much explanation and that isn't complex. However... there are two topics where I would say I probably prefer video guides: Character builds. Strategies for short tasks. Let me elaborate. For the first point, let me take a game like Warhammer: Vermintide 2. A complex game filled with hidden mechanics that, on paper, would simply be too confusing to explain. However, commented videos showcasing the effect of different skills, useful attack chains against specific enemies, etc... can all be much better explained in a video (if well done). The second point is with regards to something like completing the "Top Roach" challenge in Trials Fusion... it's a 1-2 minute task that cannot really be explained in written form. However, while I was going for my own clean run, watching reference videos and studying what other people were doing in specific sections I was struggling with really helped a ton. So I think there is a place for both kinds of guides. The main questio to ask is "does this game / task REALLY need a guide?". And yes, I am referring to the pointless 10 minute video guides basically playing a visual novel
  11. Holy shit Copa, you got it! 😱😱 Huge, and I mean HUGE congrats for finishing this one. Forget the obscure Koihime Enbu RRR... Among the titles that are known to more than 5 people on earth, this game really is the one to beat. The top dog that is waiting to be sent back home with its tail between its legs. And you are sitting now in its place, at the peak of the mountain. Now, with all those hyperboles out of the way... The write-up was fantastic to read, too. Nice seeing where you are coming from. I didn't join this site much earlier than 2019, which is also when you started your checklist. You have always been known to me as "the guy to ask about fighting games". That's the genre I, and I think many of us, associate with you. Your Pikakratos will forever be associated with fighting games in my head. And so, it is crazy to think that only three years ago, you were still a noob at the genre. That just speaks for itself. It must have taken a lot of practice, tons of endurance but also a very strong will to stick with the genre and really master it! And for that... I offer you the following: (I just wanted to re-use this again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) Again... huge congrats on this achievement... You earned it!
  12. Huge congrats on getting this one done, dude Nice read as well! It seems like everyone struggles with the same things πŸ˜‚ Personally I played Fusion before Rising, and it was the first time I played a Trials game... But I instantly fell in love with the game. Such an incredibly high skill ceiling! Getting the 100% is already tough enough, but it is nothing compared to what is possible in this game, and that's just something that I still have trouble wrapping my head around πŸ˜… But I agree with your follow-up post... If I were to play these games again, I would start with Rising. The Uni 101 tutorial is absolutely fantastic. ______ Just a quick update on my side... I have yet to complete a single game for this event, so I thought a brief explanation might be needed πŸ˜‚ There are two reasons for my lack of progress... I'm moving to a new place at the end of the month, and will have a new gaming setup once it's over. Deep Rock Galactic is eating up all of my gaming time. So the second point is self-explanatory. I have been playing DRG whenever I find a free minute... Either having a lot of fun with my team (@Mori, @HusKy & @Exhuman1988), or just playing with randoms. It's addictive, it's fun,.. and it's a huge, huge grind πŸ˜‚ As for the first point... I decided that I won't be starting any new games before actually moving to the new place. I've been playing on a 65" TV for a while now, and I'm honestly speaking sick of it πŸ˜… I have already bought a gaming monitor and am currently thinking about my new office / gaming desk setup. Once eveything is set up, it's back to my unfinished games. I plan to return to Bleed and knock out the last two Arcade runs, as well as grind the deathless runs in Super Meat Boy Forever... I have meanwhile also completed everything in Badland and have been completing coop-missions solo as well, but I still have ~200 coop-missions left. @Mori and myself will start working on those soon after the move as well
  13. I wasn't expecting a challenging list. I mean, it's 2022 after all... πŸ™„ And in any case, the first game had a very easy list as well. But the list is underwhelming regardless. It has many similar trophies to what was found in the first game, but with heavily reduced requirements, which is a shame. In any case, I enjoyed the first game somewhat, but didn't think of it as anything exceptional, so I won't get around to this one until the DLCs have been released and I can get the game for 20€ or so.
  14. It's not the same though. RAD mode required you to just ride the courses with perfect landings. The Radysus challenges are tough challenges like giving a high five to three characters scattered throughout a level all while maintaining one single combo, for example. It's not the equivalent to RAD mode in the previous entries. As far as I know, you meet Radysus (one of the skate gods) after finishing Las Vulgas. There is also a trophy that mentions this in the description: Bossed VulgasFinish the main path of Los Vulgas and meet Radysus
  15. Nah, don't... Not because the platforming is bad, it's just not a game that you should spend your time with πŸ˜… Thanks! I have completed all three previous games as well (1 and 2 on the X360), and Genesis is definitely the weakest of them all. I think I enjoyed 2 the most as well despite it dragging on and on at points, but I really enjoyed playing as Death. Darksiders 3 had probably the best combat in my opinion, but the game was unfortunately filled with technical issues when I played, with constant freezes on area transitions, long loading times and bugs... But I still enjoyed it thanks to the fun combat and decent level and enemy design Genesis... First of all, as you can see from the screenshots, you don't see shit πŸ˜‚ I play on a 65" TV and still couldn't really recognize details on enemies or the characters due to the zoomed out perspective. Then, I enjoyed the open world structure more than the chapter-based progression... And while I didn't mention puzzles in the review above, in Genesis they are all reeeeally basic and boring... I don't know, Genesis is not awful, but it's not a game worth your time either. Unless, like myself, you just want to have played all entries in the franchise πŸ˜… You know, during our first couple of sessions, I was actually saying to @Mori "Hey, this game really isn't as bad as people say". I remember saying that, and I remember actually enjoying the game. And I think if the game would have been a couple of chapters shorter, it actually would have stayed fun. But after a while, once you have tried all of your skills and start just using the one that works, once you have seen all enemies and notice that the puzzles will stay THAT basic... Once the levels start becoming more platforming-intensive and you notice how atrocious the platforming mechanics are... You just want to stop playing the game. And then you still need to finish the game.. and play through it once more. Spend hours in the arena. Farm creature kills to get all cores... It's just one of those games that would be alright for 10-15 hours. But you will spend around 25h with it, and by that point I just wasn't having too much fun with the game anymore πŸ˜‚ It is indeed a bit of a letdown, given that I enjoyed playing the other three games, and from what I had seen before starting this one, it looked like a ton of fun a priori... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well to be fair, my character controlled a bit like in a twin stick shooter πŸ˜‚ But yeah, it's a bit all over the place. I didn't expect it to have such an emphasis on platforming, for example, while keeping the puzzles that simple. That wasn't the case with the previous entries.