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  1. Personally, I buy only digital. There are a lot of reasons why, many of which have already been mentioned in previous posts and which I don't want to repeat. However, there is a reason important to me personally that I havent seen mentioned yet... and that's an environmental one. Physical games generate millions of tons of waste every year, both the packaging and the discs. And sure, a huge amount of energy is required for cloud gaming, keeping servers running, etc... But that applies to games regardless of whether they have been purchased physically or digitally. Since the one aspect of gaming where I can easily reduce my contribution to waste generation is how I purchase my games, I choose to purchase digital games only.
  2. I wrote above that I was going to wait for the developers to fix the unobtainable trophies... Yeah, I couldn't. I downgraded the game and quickly farmed 250k REP for the two remaining trophies. And with that, my first game is completed! Pier Solar and the Great Architects Neon Abyss Descenders 10 Second Ninja X Warhammer: Vermintide 2 As I wrote above, the game was quite fun until I needed to go for the more challenging trophies, at which point I needed to be too careful for the game to be much fun. But it's an alright title and definitely something I haden't played before (procedually generated highspeed downhill mountain biking...) While our team is making steady progress in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (currently 67/80 weaves done), I'm probably going to tackle Neon Abyss next. I don't own 10 Second Ninja X yet and am waiting for a price drop. Keep the pace up guys! Almost 90€ raised already, and it's still mid-January!
  3. #78. Descenders

    I couldn't wait for the devs to patch the unobtainable trophies, so I grinded 250k REP in version 1.0 to finish up the gameΒ πŸ˜…


    This one was quite fun while I was playing casually, learning the game. But once I started going for the more challenging trophies, Descenders needed to be played too safe to be much fun.Β 


    Overall a pretty decent title, but I still prefer Action Henk by these devs.Β 

  4. Haha you can still read my review once it's up πŸ˜… I was worried it would be too similar to Pumped BMX+, which I did not enjoy at all. It luckily isn't. Action Henk is still better and more fun I thought, but Descenders can be a good time. I think it is a decent game, and I think if you play the game casually, there is a lot of fun to be had here. Unfortunately, it is one of those rare games where going for trophies can potentially make the game less fun. Levels are procedually generated (which is a good thing), so you never know what obstacle is waiting around the corner, and the game is basically a rogue-lite, so if you run out of lives, you need so start all over again. Now, there is one trophy for completing an entire run without a single crash / bail. And while not terribly hard, since you cannot practice the individual levels (them being random), you will be riding like a grandma on a Sunday afternoon. That's not how this game is supposed to be played, but the trophy basically requires you to play that way. The only glitched trophies at the moment are the ones with a cummulative element.. Unlock X items, get Y rep and complete 10 mini-boss jumps. Everything else unlocks just fine. I would personally give it a 5/10 in challenge, though I'm writing a guide and will probably rate it 6/10 not to piss people off πŸ˜…
  5. First update from my part... I just "completed" my first game, Descenders! And I put completed in ""-marks because the current patch made a couple of trophies unobtainable.. I reverted the game to v 1.00 and got some of those trophies out of the way, but the remaining two would be a pain in the ass to get (even though possible), and since the devs are aware of the problem and will fix the trophies with the next update, I'll just wait... So while I cannot yet cross the game off my list (or delete it from my system), it's done
  6. An entire month without an update, mhm? Damn, you could think that having holidays would grant me more time, but it's actually quite the opposite... Despite most things being closed here (and we are entering our first proper lockdown come Monday), it is still difficult to find time to properly take care of my checklist... There is also not terribly much to update, either... but let's still get into it: Nioh 2 I completed the third and last DLC, and am done with this game for good. With over 200h played, I think the money spent on pre-ordering the deluxe edition was money well spent πŸ˜… And somehow I spent longer with this game than with the original Nioh, despite not having to play every single mission on NG+2... The third DLC was actually pretty good, I definitely liked it more than the second one. There were two missions that drove me crazy though, especially a 30 minute gauntlet, "Against all Corners". My build just couldn't handle that mission... So I completed NG+3 to unlock the true endgame content, the "Underworld" in NG+4 (what used to be the "Abyss" in Nioh) and upgrade my gear to a ridiculous degree... Ethereal 190+40 gear, let's goooo! 😁 Can you believe that I completed NG+3 solo without dying once? Even beat the final boss no problem, but still couldn't complete Against all Corners on NG+2? Talk about the DLC being a difficulty spike, mhm? 😳 Anyways... It looks like a Nioh 3 is not planned, but I can't say that I'm sad about it. The two released games are amazing, but I don't wanna see that cow being milked to death. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Still going strong, still having a blast. But progress is slowing down. With 64/80 weaves completed, we have reached the Cataclysm 2 content and have "only" 16 weaves to go! And while a lot of fun, the balance seems off at times... There are weaves that we have completed in 1-2 attempts, even Cata and Cata 2 weaves, but there were also a couple so insane that we needed 4-5 hours to clear. It can be draining, that's for sure. On the other hand, I'm really glad that our group seems to be incredibly determined. No thoughts of quitting, no "let's do something else". Everybody is putting in the time and the work, and that definitely can't be taken for granted! We have been recording the weaves (with voice) since 41, and I personally have always put the 5 with the same modifier into a single video. I have been playing either the Ironbreaker or the Grail Knight, depending on what was needed. Here is the playlist with the ones I've uploaded so far! From those uploaded, 56 and 60 have been the hardest BY FAR... which I think you can gather from our reaction after completing the weave With 2 sessions a week this might still take a while, but the end is in sight! Descenders I know I mentioned that I was going to do Enter the Gungeon next... but I played the game for a bit and I just don't like it... 😐 Fortunately, I didn't pop a trophy, so I'm skipping the game for now. Instead, I started Descenders! A rogue-lite mountain biking game by the developers of Action Henk! πŸ˜… Aaaaand.. the game is alright I'm having fun with it, but it is a bit clunky and becomes a bit samey after a while... but it can be completed in around 30 hours, so it's not too bad. I'm actually writing a guide for it. Unfortunately, there are a couple of trophies that are unobtainable on the latest patch on PS4, so I reverted to version 1.0 and got a couple of those out of the way... but I also contacted the developers and they are now aware of the issue and will release a patch relatively soon (or so they have told me), so I'm playing on the latest patch again just because there are daily quests that need to be completed, and for those I need to play online, which I can't do on 1.0... Anyways, that's it for me so far... I know I still have to write the Divinity 2 review, and I'm going to soon, I promise! πŸ˜‚ Oh, one last thing... together with @Mori and @Copanele, we are hosting the new UR-Event for 2021, with no sign-up deadlines and such. But in contrast to last year, this one also has a philanthropic aspect, and by completing games the participants raise money that will be donated to two organizations by the end of the year. So, consider signing up for the event!
  7. Quite a few guides from the OP have already been published, so that could maybe be cleaned up a bit I'm starting a guide for Descenders, no help needed.
  8. The Underworld in Nioh 2 has 108 floors. Once all floors have been beaten, you gain access to a 5-floor Underworld on daily rotation which have to be beaten in a row.
  9. Ok I can confirm that the patch 1.12 broke at least the following trophies: Get 10k, 50k and 250k REP. Unlock 10, 25 and 50 items. Complete 10 mini-boss jumps. I just reverted the game to version 1.0, did one session with one mini-boss jump and unlocked one item, and the items and mini-boss trophies popped. The downside is that I'm back at 0 REP, so will need to grind that out on this unpatched version... EDIT: Ok I just did quickly grind 10k REP and the trophy popped. The only problem now is, that if you quit the game, your REP resets, so I will have to get 250k REP without shutting off the game.. And since I have to play offline, I cannot proceed in the sponsorship. It's pretty shit, but at least there is a way to get the trophies without having to hope that they'll patch this.
  10. Yeah so Against all Corners is a piece of shit mission, and my build could not handle the Saito Toshimitsu, followed by Ryomen Sukuna fight. So I said fuck it, let's just go higher. To my surprise, I cleared Dream of the Wise without dying once.. Even beat Otakemaru no problem. Imagine, beating NG+++ without dying, but still not being able to beat a NG++ mission... πŸ™„ Anyways, once in Dream of the Nioh, I went to the underworld... it's insane. 190+37 gear drops that I used to upgrade my own gear, and about 500 Million Amrita every 4-5 minutes πŸ˜‚ After about half an hour of farming the first Underworld mission, I was ready to tackle Against all Corners on DotD again, and beat it no problem. So if you are stuck, rush to the Underworld. I unlocked DotN without doing a single main mission except the last one of course, a couple of side missions are enough.
  11. In addition to the REP and item trophies, the trophy for 10 mini bosses is also bugged for me. I believe it could have to do with the 1.12 update from December 10th, since nobody has earned any of these trophies since then (also on the EU version). The 720 double backflip popped fine though. I reported this on discord but haven't gotten any reaction yet... One could always try to revert the game to 1.00 and see if it works. EDIT: I actually reverted the game to version 1.0 and got the trophies for 10 and 25 items, as well as that for 10 mini-boss jumps. My REP was reset to 0 though, so will have to grind that out in this unpatched version. So yeah... December-update 1.12 broke those trophies. At least there is a way to get them. EDIT 2: Ok I quickly grinded out 10k REP and the trophy popped. The only problem now is that every time I quit the game, my REP resets to 0.. so I will have to grind out 250k REP without shutting off the game... And since I have to play offline, I cannot proceed with my sponsorship.
  12. I'm playing the EU version though... Did you plan in offline or online mode? And did you get 10k rep in a single session? Or before reaching Forest for the first time? It's really unfortunate... EDIT: Maybe the 1.12 update from December 10th screwed things up.. nobody has earned REP trophies since...
  13. Quick update... I'm now at over 50k REP, and neither the trophy for 10k nor the one for 50k has popped I know these achievements were glitched at least on X-Box at release, but have been patched a long time ago...
  14. Hey guys, I'm playing this on the latest patch (at least it says no updates available), and while most of the things seem to be unlocking without issues, there are two trophies that should have unlocked by now in my opinion: Carving a Path: Get 10'000 REP. Get some Gear: Unlock 10 items. I'm closing in on 40'000 REP yet the trophy for 10k has not popped yet. Same with the items.. I have unlocked way more than 10 things in The Shed, but no trophy. Are there more specific requirements to these two trophies here, or is there any way to get them to pop? I might be misunderstanding how to get them, since everything else has unlocked just fine. Thanks for any help!
  15. Happy new year everyone! I see you guys have started strong, nicely done! The spreadsheet is almost finished and should be posted in the OP soon. I will let you know when that is so that you can check that everything is correct. As for my own list, here it goes: - Pier Solar and the Great Architects - Neon Abyss - Descenders - 10 Second Ninja X - Warhammer: Vermintide 2