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  1. There is only one way to get a game done... and that's by playing the game 😅 In all honesty though, while probably really tough, Splasher also offers the kind of challenges that I love in games. It has tight speedruns and a challenging no-death run... Especially the time attacks should be really fun to go for! So far I did the first 4, don't know if I will be able to keep the pace though since the latter levels are really complicated. In the video I just posted I can only shoot water. Eventually, you have three different types of ink that you can shoot, so things get messy. I own Matterfall but somehow cannot bring myself to start it. It looks clunky and far inferior to Nex Machina... But maybe it would be the perfect game to start parallel to Splasher 🤔 We'll see!
  2. 5 days from now? We need more frequent updates than that!! 😂 In all seriousness though.. I hope it turns out to be great! It looks gorgeous, that's for sure... Good luck, and have fun!!
  3. Do it! 😬 I enjoy your updates regardless of the game you are playing, but as @Miles mentioned, I, too, am not sure what to think of the game yet. Would be awesome to have your opinion!!
  4. Alright, there is no going back now. There is a lot going on right now that I hope I will be able to cover soon. After finishing Vermintide 1 a couple of weeks ago I though I'd have a bit more time to review the game before finishing the next one, but I was wrong. I have meanwhile also finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake AND Rise & Shine... So that's three games waiting to be destroyed on a public forum 😅 However, what I mean by no going back is... I finally started Splasher! That's right. I feel in the mood to tackle what is probably the hardest game I own after Crypt of the NecroDancer. After a casual playthrough and getting all Misc trophies out of the way, the next step now is to go for the ridiculously tight Platinum Medal times in each of the individual levels... I believe that there will be plenty of time to review all my pending games before I make any significant progress in Splasher, soooo... 😂 Anyways, here is my Platinum Medal for Level 2... I'm not going for top-placements on leaderboards or anything. Just getting the Platinum Medal is enough for me. Depending how draining these Time Trials are, I might start another game on the side to make some progress when I don't feel like grinding miliseconds. Alright, that was a short update from my side... Take care everyone!
  5. I really dig the aesthetics, both of the game but also the trophy images and their descriptions. I am very positively surprised in that regard (well, the trophy aspect I mean.. the artstyle has been known for a few years now 😅) I just checked out one of your videos. Good job! However, from watching the gameplay, it looks like at times the "flow" can be broken pretty badly... Is it noticeable while playing as well, or isn't it THAT much of a deal? You know what I mean? It doesn't look like all sections are traversable very smoothly... Also, speaking of seeds.. you can input seeds without them disabling the no-death achievements? 🤔
  6. Are you serious? 😅😂 I sit far enough from the TV that the cable doesn't reach, but I have a socket behind my couch and just plug my DS4 cable into my phone charging "head" (you know, the thing that goes into the socket.. no idea how it's called). Nice setup! Do you have enough space to properly play VR, or can you only do games that you can sit for? I haven't touched it in a while (well, ever since my son was born... cannot immerse myself entirely with him around!), but I always had a lamp in the way, or a table, or the wall... 😅 Was a bit awckward when going for Beat Saber, for example, I needed to keep in mind that there was a lamp over my left arm... not the easiest thing to keep track off while playing fast songs, letting yourself go to the music 😂
  7. Hahaha why am I not surprised that this didn't go smoothly either 😂 Well, at least the game released, who would have thought! In all seriousness though... The list is very similar to SMB in that all light and dark worlds need to be completed without dying. This could be harder here though since, as mentioned, levels are not fixed. Instead, there is a pool of 7200 stages, and levels are constructed by randomly stringing together stages from that pool, so that you will have to rely on reflexes rather than muscle memory. I guess since there are 12 worlds, each world has a pool of 600 levels. I haven't played the game yet so really dunno how tough these worlds are. However, if you can use seeds...
  8. Is the site closed ? I acoont post anymore

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      New members are post restricted when they first join up. You've posted 5 times already, and that's the limit for new members. I forget what or when the restrictions are lifted though, so not sure when you'll be allowed to post again. You should be able to post again after 24 hours have passed from your join time, and I think the restrictions are fully lifted after 1 week.

  9. Hmm, there is one specific game that comes to mind that has it all.. Awesome bosses, incredible gameplay and almost no plot (which is anyways your order of preference, right?), in addition to a kick-ass soundtrack. It is not retro, but it is arcade, so there's that, and you will need to keep resetting runs while going for the plat. Any guesses? Of course, it's this beauty here: Not too challenging, but will definitely require a bit of practice I wrote the guide for this game since I found it so much fun that I just had to...
  10. After playing through Final Fantasy 7 Remake, I finally made some progress again in my second Tier: Rise & Shine completed! It was a pretty fun game, but way shorter than I anticipated! In fact, I just got second fastest achiever (there are only 24 achievers, but whatever 😜) and could have easily gotten the fastest time, had I known that it would be this short... Anyways, this is a game in a cartoonish aesthetics, but reminds me a lot of games like Metal Slug (and while equally brutal, maybe with less chaos...). A nice 2D-shooter with LOADS of references to classig games such as Mario, Duck Hunt, Pacman and the like. And it is a game that doesn't take itself seriously at all, and the dialogue had me smiling quite often 🙂 Probably a bit overpriced at 15€ given that the game can be beaten in 40 minutes (and the 100% takes 3-4 hours), but I got it for like 2€ so can't really complain..
  11. I just finished the game yesterday, with the following hours: Blind playthrough on Normal with all sidequests, no cutscenes skipped and no fleeing: 40 h Trophy-Cleanup (6/9 dresses, Malboro, all Misc except Ultimate Weapon): 5 h Hard-Mode playthrough with no sidequests, including Ultimate Weapon once I reached Ch. 17, no cutscenes, flee as much as possible: 15 h So yeah, the 60 h estimate from the guide was pretty accurate for me at least. Would have been even faster if I had done the first playthrough on easy. The Three-Person vs. Top Secrets had me stuck for a while, too 😅 I guess the hard-mode playthrough could be longer if you decided to do some sidequests there. But the last couple of nodes you would be able to unlock from the manuscripts are pretty garbage if you ask me, so I decided not to do any during that run.
  12. I was in the same position as @Baker. This was the first racing game I ever played, and as such gave me quite a headache at times. Definitely one of the hardest games I completed thus far, and one of the few games that I would not want to plat again. But, as you can read in this thread from people with more racing-game experience, it might not be THAT challenging if you have experience with arcade-racing games. The worst track for me was #178 at 6 hours, followed by #180 at 5 hours, with many other black tracks taking 2-3 hours. And I also struggled a lot with #125 and #130... I have since only played another racing game and that was WipEout Omega Collection. It was an absolute joke in comparison 😅
  13. Well talk about an aesthetics 180... 😅 This looks so different from their previous games, and while I think I'll need to get used to the new style, this could turn out to be pretty awesome! Winter though... still some waiting time ahead..
  14. I dunno if its necessary to be able to delete your own posts whenever you feel like it, but it would be nice if you could delete it within, say, the next 2 minutes after posting. If you didn't know, pressing Ctrl + Enter while in the editor wil send your post... A shortcut needed in other editors for line-breaking and that I sometimes accidentally press here as well before fin... Edit: Happened again
  15. Alright, here goes nothing... 1. Team composition Our 4-person team completed Vermintide 2 together, so obviously we came into this game with experience. We played the following characters: Bardin Kerillian Saltzpyre Sienna Now, in V2 you obviously have different classes tailored for different roles. In this game, though, I feel like the classes don't really matter as much. You have the same HP pool, no abilities,... so the only thing that makes characters feel different are the weapons. With the above setup, you have everything covered. 2. Approach to 100% We didn't plan our roadmap before we started the game, but this is how we ended up getting 100% in about 60-70 hours: Main campaign on Hard with all Tomes. All DLC trophies that are doable on easy. Main campaign on Nightmare. Farm and Upgrade Exotic Gear for Cata / Last Stand. Gold on Last Stand. Main campaign on Cataclysm. DLC trophies that need to be done on Nightmare. Grind (200 badges and lv. 100) Now, we played on Hard with starting equipment, but again, we had experience from V2. I wouldn't recommend this to a newcomer. Play on Easy / Normal first if you are new to the franchise! 3. The best Dwarf: Bardin I played Bardin almost exclusively, only touching Kruber on occation (for example when one Teammate was going for Riverwarden as Bardin). The first thing I want to mention: Shields are completely unecessary in this game. You can do fine without them, and I personally also think it is more fun to slay than shove. My two favorite loadouts for Bardin: Greataxe and Grudge-Raker If you are playing with a team and headset, and can communicate properly, this is my favorite loadout. I mention the headset part because with the Greataxe, Bardin is SLOW AF when blocking (50% movement speed) and has only 2.5 Stamina Shields, so if you have teammates that rush through the level, you might get left behind and... die. If you advance together as a group though, you will just have a fantastically fun time with this setup. Greatexe: Backstabbery, Improved Pommel, Bloodlust Grudge-Raker: Bloodlust, Rupture, Extra Capacity When using the Grudge, a Strengh Pod is amazing against a Patrol. But you can wipe your entire team in an instant, so be careful! Axe and Drakefire Pistols This setup becomes a bit less viable in Cata due to the Axe requiring 2 headshots to kill a clanrat, and having no cleave whatsoever. But using the Drakefires, you can Crowd-control just fine. The Axe also has a very high mobility, and you can chain-dodge infinitely (and chain dodge-jump to move even faster... requires some practice). Axe: Bloodlust, Devastating Blow, Improved Pommel Drakefires: Haste, Regrowth, Channeling Rune And there is a fantastic double-heal potential here... Set a horde on fire with the Drakefires, proccing Regrowth, switch to Axe.. when the enemies die from the fire DoT, it will proc your Bloodlust. Fantastic healing capabilities! Now, there are specific levels where Greataxe + Drakefires shines, levels where you need to camp and defend. For example Well Watch. The Drakefires are absolutely amazing there... just camp in the barn (ignore the first well) while you are not defending and set everything on fire that tries to come through the entrance. The Greataxe's lack of speed is not an issue here since you are not progressing through a large level, and its cleaving is very welcome while protecting the well / while your Drakefires are on cooldown. Backstabbery + Strengh Pod takes out the Rat Ogre in a matter of seconds, which is also helpful, and the double-healing I mentioned above keeps you alive, so that your teammates can use the limited healing. Now, obvously Bardin has other great weapons.. if you are great at ranged precision, the Crossbow is a fantastic Special-sniping weapon but requires headshots. The 2HH is also a great weapon (albeit a bit slow) for crowd-control, with good single-target damage and great stagger-cleave. However, I feel like while the changes to the stagger system in V2 now make staggering really useful (and required), in V1 it is not as important, so I prefer killing over stunning. As for trinkets... We didn't play the game long enough to get many good trinkets, but the ones that were AMAZING in many situations were: Movement speed - Obvious. Bomb Trinket - Incendiary Bombs do a shit-ton of friendly fire on Cata... having this trinket was really great. Heal Share - Being able to heal 2 players with one single MedKit is inredibly useful. Potion Share - This made "The White Rat" a walk in the park, after it gave us headaches for a while first. 4. Trophy-Tips Many trophies in this game are pretty straightforward... Here are a few tips for the ones that are not: Domestic Disturbance - Destroy 500 breakable objects In the Inn, either as Sienna or Bardin with Drakefires, overcharge... It will destroy everything that is destroyable. This way, you don't need to slash / shoot at every single bottle 😅 Karl Franz - Reach Rank 100. This is a huge grind... One of my teammates recorded a fast way to grind levels... Failing Trial of the Foolhardy on Cata for easy 500XP in about 1.40 minutes. You don't need to jump over the gap at the end. What I did is jump to my death once I reached that bridge. This way, you can get one run on a basic PS4 within 1.30 - 1.40 minutes, including loading times. If you start grinding levels at level 65, you are looking at about 10 hours of repeating this process. It is boring, but it is fast. Connoisseur - Equip an Exotic item in every slot on a single Hero. This includes Head-Gear!! It is a pain in the ass to get three exotic Accessories and Head Gear. I only got one from mission-rewards, and got eveything else from the Bounty-Board. I recommend checking daily for these things and do your 2-key contracts every day, starting as early as possible. Tenacious - Collect 200 Endurance Badges in Last Stand. We got Gold on Last Stand on our third attempt, so did not collect too many badges while going for that trophy. What I did to collect 200 Endurance badges is repeating the first two waves on Last Stand in Town Meeting, on Heroic. Why Heroic? Because it doesn't take longer than the lower difficulty and grants more XP, contributing also towards lv. 100. Collect the badge after wave 2, and either suicide (Bardin with Drakefires, Sienna) or let yourself get killed at the start of wave 3. You are looking at 15-20 hours of doing the first two waves over and over, with no way to know how many badges you have already collected unless you keep track yourself. Riverwarden - Survive the boat event without taking damage on Nightmare As the person going for the trophy (do it one person at a time), use any shield weapon with Devastating Blow AND Improved Pommel. Bomb Trinket helps a lot to clear the deck with an Incendiary Bomb without risking friendly fire, and Potion Share is very helpful as well. That way, one Strenght Pod is enough to destroy chains before enemies can jump onto the ship. Again, this is one of our runs, recorded by a teammate: In that video, Bardin has the Potion trinket, and we start using our Strengh Pods for the second wave (the chains are destroyed within seconds as you can see). What also helps is getting Stamina-Boons from the Bounty board before attempting this trophy I think this is it for now... if there is anything else you want to ask go ahead! And maybe it's a good idea to go into details with mission-specific tips once you are actually writing the guide...