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  1. Hahaha, I definitely won't 🤣 For one, I'm sure you have your more than valid reasons why you didn't like it... And secondly, I'm definitely aware that I might have forced myself to like the game since I was such a fan of its predecessor... In a bubble, I still like the game a lot... But I'm not deaf to criticism, that's for sure 😅 In any case, I hope you manage to find the motivation to get back to it and, doing so, actually enjoy your last playthrough!
  2. Hey Doc.. sorry, but I have to ask... What's the reason you are taking such a long break before finishing up Solar Ash? 😅 I'm also definitely looking forward to reading a bit more about Inscryption :).
  3. Well the important part is that it seems to be a great game, judging from your impressions... I also think I remember reading some updates a while back when you were playing the game, @Rally-Vincent---, and I believe you were positive about this game as well..? 😅 I'm just hoping to have a good time, as I thought Slay the Spire was fantastic and really woke my hunger again for card games. Yeah I finished the game and then Sabbath told me that he had been thinking about playing it.. I told him that this was not the right game to play after going through Trials of the Blood Dragon to forget about thos shitty controls (since, you know... I Am Bread's design has awful controls on purpose), but he wouldn't listen 😂 He enjoyed the game as well though, and blitzed through it in no time either! I will repeat that I think there is a lot of fun to be had here if you go in with the right mindset, but it definitely isn't a game for everybody. Oh absolutely.. I've seen videos of A++ runs without the SIF glitch and damn, it was already tight without the glitch, I don't wanna imagine how much practice went into those glitchless runs 😂
  4. Oh yeah, without a doubt, you were one of those to actually change my mind about giving this game a go Did you use the SIF-glitch when you attempted the game? Sure, though I think it's important on this one that you make up your own opinion, so I'm glad to see that you are giving it a chance... I might be the outlier here, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case! Sure, I don't play the games I play for the trophies, but I'm always looking for a good challenge, and so many of the toughest games I play just tend to be UR... However, it's always difficult to know how difficult a game is going to be a priori, and I think my experience with I Am Bread is a good example of this 😅 But I can tell you which games I have in my backlog that I EXPECT to be really hard, even if - as you say - I have no idea when I will get around to them... I list only games that I actually own already: This one is known for being one of the toughest racing games to 100%. The plat is just below 2%, but most of the difficulty comes from the "Colin McRea" DLC. There is no doubt in my mind that, should I manage to complete this, Dirt Rally 2 will be among the top-3 hardest completions on my profile. No platinum, but I think it still qualifies, with the toughest trophy sitting at 0.39% in the version I have access to (NA, as EU has been delisted, unfortunately). One of the toughest precision platformers, especially since you are required to beat the entire game without dying once... How many times have I been about to start this one... And yet, I keep postponing it 😅 But there is something that always reminds me of Nuclear Throne, and I have no doubt that I will take the plunge sooner or later... 0.48% plat at the time of writing, and I think this one will give me a lot of grief. This is a bit of an obscure one, and I have no idea what to expect... The EU-version sits around 1% platinum with 8 achievers 😅 The guide on trueachievements rates this a 10/10, though I was planing on playing through the toughest challenges in coop with @Mori, which might make this slightly easier... However, we will need to do those challenges twice as the game doesn't feature online coop, so shareplay it is... Griftlands, a game that I expect to be as good as Slay the Spire... Although that might be a difficult expectation to fulfil. Again, no plat, but 12/13 trophies are UR, with the rarest one sitting at ~1%, only 6 100% achievers. I think this is going to be tough also because there is not much information about this game out there 😅 Probably the next game I'll start. A Pixel Story should be chill for the most part, but has a challenge hidden in the post-game that is probably going to require multiple hours of practice. Sits currently at 2% rarity, had 3 achievers before the guide came out, has meanwhile been achieved by 11 players on PSNP. I have plenty of other sub-2% games in my backlog, but I don't think that all of them will give me as much trouble as those I listed However, don't be fooled by the rarity.. Splasher is almost at 4%, Super Meat Boy Forever is over 4%... both games are definitely harder than most other games on my profile... And certainly harder than some of the games I just listed (I'm guessing confidently... we will see though!).
  5. Ha, yeah 😅 I really looked at these games as "frustrating for the sake of it", but over the years I've talked to other people that finished those games and really showed me that they enjoyed their time with them. After playing I Am Bread, I understand their perspective. Those games can be a lot of fun if you go in with the right mindset and know that the controls are desingned to try to drive you nuts... If you can keep your cool and look past that, there is a lot of fun to be had here. I will definitely get to Surgeon Simulator at some point Maybe briefly, who knows... As soon as I notice that I spend time on here where I should be doing other things, I'm out Yeah, it was Eos... almost 6 hours of retries... 😅 But alll other bosses were very easy after that. The most frustrating part was that there is no instant retry option... After getting hit, you need to try to die, and depending on Eos' mood that can take some time. They should implement a retry option... That would save a lot of time for sure.
  6. So, I finished a couple of games and thought it might be time for a new update, along the lines of the last one... If there is one thing I don't have at the moment, it's time... And so, writing long reviews won't be a thing for the time being 😅 And to be honest, it's one thing to write a review about a game that surprised me and with which I had an incredible time, but it's only half as fun to write one for an "okay'ish" game... However, this checklist should still serve as some sort of archive for future me, so I keep updating the OP and may as well write a sentence or two about each of the games I finish I might also start doing these updates after each game finished instead of waiting, but those updates will still be small. Shiftlings A game I played in coop exclusively, together with @Mori. But despite a promising premise, a game that both of us didn't really enjoy all that much. The gimmick is as follows: You have a think but agile, and a fat and heavy one, connected via an umbilical cord (or maybe it's a less gross cord, but that's what I alwasys imagined it as). By the press of a button, the think alien becomes fat, and vice versa. The goal is to navigate the different levels using this shift mechanic. Now, the first two worlds were more or less fun, but the gameplay got old pretty quick. Paired with the sometimes incomprehensible placement of collectibles, shitty hitboxes (especially of the fat alien) and rather poor platforming mechanics, the game didn't really convince. I Am Bread "Arc, I remember you writing that you would never, NEVER, play the Bread game". Yes, you remember correctly.. However, I used this game back then when I wrote that sentence as an example. What I actually wrote was that I would never play games purely for trophies, be it UR trophies or otherwise. Over the years, I always avoided buying I Am Bread.. But I was always curious. You will see it constantly popping up in discussions, people talking about it as "a very hard and frustrating game", guides giving it a 9/10 or 10/10 in difficulty, with a completion time of 40-75 hours... And one day, I woke up and somehow had the urge to give it a go myself... And so I did. Two things: First, the game was way, WAY more fun than I thought it would be. Honestly, if it wasn't for the glitches in the Cheese Hunt mode, my rating would be even higher. Secondly, the game was surprisingly easy. And I mean it, it was surprising to me how quickly I was done with the game. There is one level, the famous Garden level in Cheese Hunt mode that gave me some grief, but everything else was ridiculously straightforward. To put it in perspective... I finished the game in 13 hours. I spent 4-5 of those hours in that one Garden level, with many runs ending due to the aforementioned glitches. Returnal Now, this one might piss some people off. I'll start by saying that I had a good time with Returnal... But I have to add that I didn't love it. It's a gorgeous game, one that plays great, is responsive, can be somewhat challenging... But during my time with it, it failed to click with me entirely. It felt to show me why so many people praise it to the moon and back. During my entire time with it, I couldn't wait to be done and go back to something with more of a retro feel (see next game in this update ). The gameplay-loop is fun, but each run can be a tad too long for my liking. Most weapons I felt were lackluster, which always made me resort to the same 2-3 weapons each run. Though I enjoyed the 3D-bullet hell aspect. I still think that Nex Machina is the best game by Housemarque to date . Eldest Souls Ah, back to gorgeous pixel-Art 😝 Honestly, playing this game was such a joy... Great aesthetics, fun boss fights (this is a pure boss-rush game), build diversity... And a challenging trophy list on top of a great game! Now, the game was a bit more challenging than I was expecting 😅 Especially NG+ was a surprise, with bosses now being relentless and hitting like trucks. Similar to Jotun, the one game I've played that is closest to Eldest Souls, the biggest challenge is to beat each boss without getting hit. I really enjoy these types of challenges, and it wasn't different here... HOWEVER... Despite there being build diversity in Eldest Souls, no-hitting bosses can often be a DPS race, forcing you to use a high-damage build and taking away all flexibillity. All videos I've seen of people overcoming these challenges use the same build, which is a shame. I didn't mind too much though, since I could already experiment with builds while playing through the game normally. Until next time!
  7. I'm theoretically on an indefinite hiatus from PSNP, and don't really have much time to play these days anyways... Hell, I'm still stuck in Tier 1, if that's not saying something 😅 Still, I have finished 6 games for this event, I thought I would write a short post summarizing my thoughts on them: I am Bread I woke up one day and spontaneously decided to give this one a go... I was expecting a difficult, frustrating game that would take a lot of time and effort... But that wasn't the case. The only real challenge this game has to offer is the "dreaded" Garden Cheese Hunt level, and half of the difficulty in that level comes from the constant glitches ruining your run. There are a couple of other rather annoying levels in this mode (for example the Bedroom level), but even that one is nothing compared to Garden. Slay the Spire One of the best games I've played this year! I love card games, and this one is probably the best "on-the-fly" deck builder I've ever played If I were to give a tip to a new player... do everything with The Watcher 😂 That character is both extremely fun, and also extremely OP. Can't wait to get my hands on Griftlands! Hopefully that one is equally great! Deep Rock Galactic Played this one with @HusKy, @Mori and @Exhuman1988. The game is fantastic in coop and on the harder difficulties, and the most memorable moments for me were the tense situations in the Elite Deep Dives. Unfortunately, the trophy list is a piece of crap. The initial 40h were a LOT of fun... The subsequent 120h were the worst, most meaningless grind I have ever endured. What a draining experience 😱 Shiftlings Did this one in coop with @Mori, and somehow we never got into the right mood for this one 😅 There were too many issues with this game, ranging from the placement of collectibles, to shitty hit-boxes... Or maybe we just played this game at the wrong times... dunno, but it wasn't the most enjoyable experience. Badland Now, this was a long-term project... Again, my coop-partner for this one was @Mori, who approached me a couple of years ago thanks to my Trophy Checklist asking if I would be interested in this game... After quite some time, we decided to give the game a go. And it was actually a rather enjoyable game for the most part! The single player campaign, the various challenges and most of the coop campaign were fairly straightforward and enjoyable... And then there are a couple of really infuriating coop levels, with absurd requirements that allow for little to no mistakes... Add a shareplay-connection on top of that and making "no mistakes" can be pretty difficult, depending on the connection... Even the "impossible" power up was less frustrating than some of those later coop levels 😂 I don't remember how long that one took us, but it wasn't longer than 1h per person, somehow. Eldest Souls My latest completion! Eldest Souls is a boss-rush game, very similar to Jotun, but with build customization and in pixel-art. I had a lot of fun with this one, and was also surprised by NG+... It was a bit harder than I was anticipating! When going for the no-hit trophies against all bosses, the game shows some design flaws.. but besides one boss that took me 532 (yes, you read that right!) tries (~6h of retries), the remaining bosses were relatively easy... As long as you have a high-damage build! That's probably my biggest issue with this game... Most builds are not viable for these kinds of challenges. All videos I've found about no-hit fights use the same build, which is a shame. As for the other games that have some progress... I still hate Bleed and am not at all looking forward to getting back to it eventually... I got some motivation to get back to Super Meat Boy Forever and completed 3/5 deathless runs of the dark worlds before dropping the game again to play something else instead (Returnal, which doesn't qualify for the event), but I went back to it yesterday... And I started Victor Vran with @Mori, @Koro249 and @Exhuman1988, but the game might take a while to complete still... If I run out of patience with SMBF, I will probably start A Pixel Story next... That's it for my update. You all keep having fun!
  8. Your account is pretty insane. No bullshit; and some really excellent titles and even one I assisted development on. Nice work. 

    1. Arcesius


      Ha, thanks man, just trying to make the best out of my limited gaming time :)


      Not equally impressive, but I wrote the guide for the game you helped develop 😝

    2. CelestialRequiem


      I feel that. I work more than I exist, it feels like. 


      Thanks for that; I'll actually be using your guide. The irony isn't lost on me with that one, lol. 

  9. See, it happened again.. I quickly wrote an update, and proceeded to keep checking my phone way more often than I'd want to just not to miss potential responses.. It's just not "healthy" for me to hang around here it seems 😂 Let me adress a couple of things though... Hmm, you two are not the first ones to tell me that ~50h is fast... But honestly I didn't really feel like it was THAT fast..? 😅 The challenge runs and most misc trophies, the first wins and heart kills... all that takes some time, but the most time consuming single challenge is unlocking and beating A20. And that takes... maybe 25-30 hours? But it also depends a bit on your background with card games. I am a passionate board gamer as well, and spent a TON of time building decks for Magic the Gathering. I have also experience with "on the fly"-deck building games, such as Slay the Spire... I was once 6th on the leaderboards for Star Realms, won a couple of tournaments, and generally played that game to an unhealthy extent. That game consumed me during my time as a PhD student, But I think the main reason I got it done that "quickly" is because I did almost everything with The Watcher. Honestly, that character is extremely powerful, and luckily fits my playstyle. Also, Slay the Spire is additionally complex in that it has shops, events and a very strong emphasis on Relics... But The Watcher has such strong cards that I simply used shops to remove shitty cards, almost never accepted events with negative trade-offs (never take curses unless you have the relic that allows you to play them), and while I did not avoid all elites, I didn't rely on strong relics. The ones you get from the mandatory boss-fights are usually the most important ones. Yeah I thought about just reading when I have time, but most of the fun for me comes from the actual interactions in these checklists... It's great to read a nice review, but I then often have the urge to comment on the review, share my opinion on the game in question (if I've played it), and just share some positivity with the awesome people that you can find in these parts of the forum... I'm pretty sure I will experience the same thing once my son is a bit older and interested in games He's almost 2 and a half now and still doesn't consume any media that requires a screen. But he is very active and wants to go out all the time, and I just don't want to keep checking my phone when I'm with him... It's a "me"-problem, but the only solution I have right now is to make a clean cut. Yes I adored the early game... Just exploring limgrave and the academy, searching every nook and cranny for items, trying to find every dungeon I could... But the more I kept playing, the more "repetition" I started seeing. How many unique bosses are there really in the game? About 9, right? In a game with 130+ "boss" encounters, that number is waaaaay too low in my opinion. I might be a couple of fights off, but the scale is more or less correct I think. Also, the side dungeons... Initially I thought they were all cool and unique. But they all end up being one of 4-5 types of dungeon. The one with crystals and miners, the one with the bleed-imps and fire-statues, the one with illusionary walls... There is not much variety, which you might not notice at the start, but definitely towards the mid- and end-game. And then there is the issue of rewards being "meh"... How often did I solve a puzzle, or clear a dungeon, just to be rewarded with some spell I knew I would never use... I would replay DSIII or Bloodborne 10 times each before thinking about a new playthrough of Elden Ring... But I'm still looking forward to any potential DLC You, my man, are always full of positivity The move was smooth, especially considering that we have a small child that had to live with us between moving-boxes for a couple of days, and then had to adapt to the new place, change his daycare-place (that was not easy for him..)... We had "only" two weeks off from work, and tried to do everything we could in those two weeks... But obviously there are still things to do. Badland... I honestly wasn't sure how long it would take 😂 But after a slow start with the coop-part, we both eventually were really motivated and just wanted to get it done. And hell yeah it feels great!! Finishing all those games (especially Badland and DRG... what a fucking stupid grind that was) actually gave me the motivation to keep cleaning up my profile. I started playing SMBF again, made some more progress and am now currently practicing Dark Chipper Grove I should hopefully get a clear in the not too distant future 😂 You are making amazing progress in Crypt!! What a game Good luck with the remaining characters!!
  10. Thanks! Just so that there are no misunderstandings (maybe it wasn't clear enough above)... The "meaningless interactions" do not apply to the interactions in the Trophy Checklist section, which is more about exchanging experiences and keeping the motivation high. This is also why the next paragraph mentions those But most other discussions that are repeated at least five times a year and always result in the same outcome... Yeah I'd say most interactions in those are pretty meaningless 😅
  11. Ok let me answer some questions here... How did the move go? Very well! Man, our new place is absolutely amazing, we have plenty of space both inside and outside now (despite it being an apartment in a city and not in the outskirts), I have my own room now for both home office and gaming, etc... Everything went much better than expected, and we are only dealing now with a few issues that come with every newly built apartment, but nothing worth complaining about, and all stuff that is being taken care of. Ok, great. Now, where the fuck were you then? Hear me out... During my time away from PSNP, I noticed two things. First, that I usually spend a LOT of time on here. I keep checking my phone while I'm away with my family, I keep reading and sometimes contributing while at work,... Secondly... I also noticed that the time I spend here is mostly spent reading meaningless stuff that has been discussed over, and over, and over, and over again. Or reading status updates from people that treat the PSNP forums as if it was their facebook pag. Participating in the discussions about EZPZ games, about the state of trophy hunting or the "lack of quality control" at Sony, about how Sly doesn't give a fuck anymore is all great at first, when it's your first time participating in those discussions. When you think that you can have a meaningful discussions with the community. But with time, I just noticed how meaningless those interactions are. I understand. But you can just keep chilling in the Trophy Checklist section then..? I could... And that is what I had been doing for some time already. But this still costs a lot of time. Maintaining my own checklist is already time-consuming enough (as everyone with one such list knows), but trying to keep up with what others do (which is what makes hanging around here interesting in the first place) takes even more time. And that time I should spend working, gaming, or just hanging with my friends and with my family instead. Why did you make this update? Because I didn't want to leave things unexplained. I got some messages on PSN (I'm still very active there! So if you want to keep in touch, that's the way to go I'd say ) asking where I am, and I also saw some messages here. So I thought I'd make a quick update explaining my situation. I'll probably keep updating the OP in my list, just for documentation's sake, but I won't be making tons of substantial game reviews going forward. But since we are here... I haven't finished a ton of games since my last update, but the ones I have finished are worth mentioning. One paragraph per game: Valfaris. A game in the style of Slain: Back from Hell (and from the same developers), but with a focus on ranged instead of melee combat. A fun and short game that can offer a challenge, but whose challenges are trivialized due to the exploitable save system. Elden Ring. Difficult to write only a paragraph about this game... In one word: massive. It's a massive game that kept me in awe for a long time. But the more I kept playing, the more I started seeing things that I didn't like. The two aspects I disliked the most: Recycling of Bosses (why would you put such an epic, gorgeous boss such as Astel in a forgettable dungeon... I don' t get it), and balancing issues both due to the open world structure (especially in the early game), and boss design in the late game. Probably FromSoftware's most incredible achievement to date, but not my favorite game of theirs and the one with the lowest replay value in my opinion. Also the most accessible game, and for veterans their easiest for sure. Even if I only wrote the two negatives, I had a fantastic time with this game! Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Coop game played with @Mori, @Koro249 and @Exhuman1988. Not a game worth writing about. Very mediocre, though a bit better than Warhammer: Chaosbane, but very forgettable. The worst part: After playing through the story together, we all needed to do everything else solo. Always great when such "coop" games implement trophies in such a way that you are forced to play solo. Bravo. Deep Rock Galactic I had high hopes for this PS+ coop offering from the beginning of the year. I played through most content with @Mori, @Exhuman1988 and @HusKy, and especially playing the highest difficulties and completing the Elite Deep Dive was a ton of fun. Then... the grind started. Playing the same missions over, and over, and over, and over again, simply to level up all four characters and promote them all the way to Gold. The first 40 hours were incredibly fun. The subsequent 120 hours had me endure the dumbest grind I have done in my entire gaming "carreer". I've seen it through, but fuck me if it wasn't stupid. Badland The game that started my friendship with @Mori. Or well... The first game that Mori asked to play with me. After prioritizing many other games for the last two years, we finally decided to start this one. First, we each completed the single player portion of the game, which I'd say was pretty fun. Then... The frustration began. With no online-coop, we needed to play the coop missions via shareplay... twice (once for him, once for me). What's worse than having to deal with a laggy connection is that the coop missions don't feel playtested. There are levels where a mission can be "Nobody dies", and then contains multiple RNG sections that can kill you without much you can do about it. There is a mission towards the end of the game that will randomly crash the level. There is even one mission where the developers made a gap too small to collect one of the power-ups, with one of the missions for that level being "collect all power-ups"... The list goes on and on. But we kept at it, session after session, both committed to get this done, both dealing with the increasing frustration by keeping each other motivated, by keeping the atmosphere positive (most of the time ). Thanks Mori, as always... You are the man! And thanks @Exhuman1988, @Koro249 and @HusKy for the times you were hanging with us in party chat and had to listen to us bitch and curse 😅 Slay the Spire I had been wanting to play this game for a long time, so when it came to PS+, I couldn't wait any longer. The game definitely didn't disappoint! I'd say that it is one of the better card games (especially on-the-fly deck building games) that I have ever played. Slay the Spire seems complex at first, but once you get to know each character, its challenges become very manageable. I did most challenges with the DLC Character, The Watcher... One-relic run (starter relic upgraded solves the energy issue), only common cards (Pressure Points deck), minimal 5-card deck (infinite stance-switching loop), and Ascension 0 --> 20, and only did the speedrun with the Ironclad, since you don't really need to think much when you play him (especially on A0). I didn't get bored once in the 51 hours I spent with this game. Fantastic experience, and I cannot recommend the game enough! That's it guys... Thanks for stopping by
  12. My personal opinion after just having finished the game yesterday: This is FromSoftware's most accessible Souls-like game to date. If you impose any kind of restriction on yourself (not leveling up and playing with a torch exclusively) then this game is hard. If you don't and instead take advantage of both the open world game design and build diversity the game has to offer, then this is by far the easiest souls game to come from this studio. Even without resorting to summoning other players for help (there is where I draw the line for my own playthroughs). BUT... This is also the one game of theirs where the build you are using will have the most impact on your experience with specific bosses. For example... I used a dual curved-sword bleed / poison build (poison just to trigger the extra damage from the Kindred of Rot's Exultation... the status effect sucks otherwise) and defeated all bosses past the Capital on my first try except Malenia and Maliketh, both of which I defeated on my second attempt. Pretty much everything in this game is extremely weak to bleed, something I didn't know (since I played blind), but it was a happy coincidence that this is usually my preferred style of play. I later learned that Malenia is considered the hardest boss in the game, but I watched my recorded fight and it lasts less than 3 minutes as she has no HP and bleed procs constantly. But then I got to the final duo (Radagon & Elden Beast), and both are immune to Bleed... And I had a really hard time with them since my build just fell appart. Same with Valiant Gargoyles, they are also immune to bleed. These two bosses (or well, three) were the ones that gave me the most trouble in the entire game. For someone that doesn't rely on those status effects, those fights will probably be much easier, while other figths (specifically Malenia) might be more troublesome. Now... compare this to, say, Nameless King... I don't think anyone has encountered that guy and left the battle stating "well, this was easy", regardless of the build they were using. The previous souls games posed a challenge to all types of players and builds due to the more restrictive options AND due to better balancing due to the linear structure of the levels. So.. is the game difficult? I'd say it's entirely up to the player. It can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.
  13. They announced the release of "The Bank" DLC on Twitter and ended with this sentence: "Oh, and more updates and DLC are coming in the future!" Soooo... This won't be the last time we return to this game 😅 ______ I'm usually not one to complain about DLC, but this one really didn't add anything of value to the game. It is pretty unecessary, especially given that the lore was already finalized with the Queen DLC, and the Bank doesn't really introduce anything new or interesting gameplay-wise... We'll see what will be added to the game in the future.
  14. Hm, I wonder if this applies to the Clawmark Seal as well now... Offensive spells would only scale off of Faith with this Seal, not with Strenght, which looks like a bug to me...
  15. Go to speedtest via the PS5 (google how to access the browser if needed) and check the results there. You should get similar results to what you are getting on PC. I guess the culprit is the server the 'test connection' option is using.