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  1. Managed to get the last two skill-based trophies in Beat Saber: Getting an SS rank without modifiers in expert mode, and getting 15 full combos on expert mode. What a fun game.. and a good workout at the same time! At least if you play it like I do.. just cannot help but moving nonstop to the music 😅


    But, I still have a huge grind ahead for the plat.. The last two trophies I need are getting a total score of 100 million, and play for 24 hours... After having done all the other trophies, I'm still at 13 hours and 54 Million total score... 😶 Will try to figure out which songs grant the best scores while being fun to play.. 

  2. Hey I just saw that you got the trophy.. how did you get it to pop?
  3. That will only be the case assuming the second and third DLC cost the same or less than this first one. Personally, I will buy the season pass, worst case scenario I overpayed 2-3 €, big deal. I did this mistake with FFXV... Instead of getting the season pass, I bought the first character episode as a single DLC.. in the end I spent 15€ for the three character DLC and 10-15€ for comrades, so ended up spending about 30€ instead of the 15€ that would have been the price for the entire season pass.
  4. Damn that's unfortunate... I backed up my save purely out of caution before I popped 20 Luminous Visages at once. But luckily the trophy popped instantly and I didn't need to reload my save. I cann assure you that I was level 80 and popped 20 LV to get to exactly level 100... 😐 Did you try talking to Vulgrim after reaching level 100?
  5. Each time you complete a challenge category, you unlock an item at the trapper. To get higher level cores than 8 you need to buy those items. Each full set you purchase increases your core capacity. Hope that helps!
  6. Sure, but the OP didn't say Ratalaika should stop publishing games. But for the users here that are not interested in stacking easy game after easy game, seeing new "Trophy thoughs?" topics and quick 10-minute video guides for the newest 6-stack game week after week can become pretty tedious. Thanks for giving us insight. And I really mean it. But let me write my opinion on the first two points: 1) Fair enough. But he certainly also needs to play entirely through his games to test them out.. or at least I hope he does. It wouldn't be too much to ask if he at least compiled a trophy list that requires you to play through the entire game to achieve the plat. I've only played one game in my life where the plat popped before reaching the end, and that's Undertale. Knowing the game, I wouldn't be surprised if that, too, was a critique to how things are evolving today. In any case, it felt weird, and I still finished the game after getting the plat. 2) OK so let's say that the Weekend whatever game was an exception with the ridiculous sub-5 min plat times. In my opinion, 40-80 minutes is not really an improvement. But I don't want to turn this into another discussion about the meaning of trophies. Let's just say that I'd hope trophy lists would not incentivize stacking as much as they do.
  7. Just out of curiosity... Where did it pop?
  8. I usually don't mind speedrun trophies, difficulty-related trophies, tough trophies that test my skill or patience.. I even don't mind mindless grinding sometimes (although I really would not have wanted to grind 200h in OMDU 😅 respect there..) But I do have a problem with trophies that force me to be absolutely bored while playing a game. And there are two trophies that come to mind that do precisely that, and nothing else. All Talked Out - The Last Guardian Hear every hint. Alright, so you need to play through this game multiple times anyways... And sure, this game has other trophies that are questionable... But this one is just complete bullshit. There are a total of 95 hints to be heard during a playthrough, I guess you could say they are a sort of "collectable". How do you get those? By being complete garbage at the game. Seriously, those "hints" are actual hints to help you progress further in case you are stuck. But seriously, this game is super easy, so NOBODY will get this naturally. You might get a couple, sure.. some trigger automatically, some trigger pretty quickly while you are solving puzzles. But the majority will need to be waited out. And I mean that literally. You'll find yourself playing with a fucking checklist, idly waiting for those stupid hints to trigger. I kid you not, some take upwards of 40 minutes of standing still before they trigger. So yes, I hope you can see how this trophy made its dedicated playthrough a boring, tedious, boring (yes, 2x boring) chore. The Strong, Silent Type - Oxenfree Play the whole game without saying anything. Really?? WHY? Ok I'm not a fan of Oxenfree anyways, it's a pretty slow-paced walking simulator, but at least you have some inflluence in how things turn out by choosing from several dialogue options. You can be a complete asshole and everyone will end up hating you, or you could be nice to some and not so nice to others, or whatever you decide to do. But for this trophy, you need to just not say anything during the entire playthrough. Yep, just walk along, ignore any question that comes your way, and just be silent. Again, a trophy that bored me to death. Although the game already did a good job at that before I went for it.
  9. Demon's Souls I want a remake! Now! 😅
  10. I'm still in my first playthrough, right at the secret passage. The game has been tough so far, but I never felt really stuck.... ... until now. Fucking hell, I simply cannot beat Isshin, The Sword Saint and it's driving me nuts! I tried for an hour, got twice to the third phase. Then went for a couple of beers, which probably didn't help, and tried for another hour afterwards, got to the third phase twice more, but nope, didn't manage to finish him off. 😶 It's enfuriating too... Genichiro is alright, I somehow cannot flawless him, especially because of his jump-attack, since he can follow that one up with three different attacks that need different reactions to completely avoid and I cannot react quickly enough, but that's ok. I still get to Isshin with 9 or 10 Gourd things. And honestly, the first Isshin phase is super enjoyable! That one I have down. But man does this fucker get angry once he gets his spear out... 😳 I'm sure I'll get him, but already now he gets my vote for the toughest mandatory boss in any FromSoft game. I've never felt this stuck other than maybe before Vicar Amelia, but that was my first Soulsborne experience. Orphan of Kos / Midir are probably a bit tougher, but at least those are optional. 😅 I WILL GET HIM TONIGHT! 😆
  11. You need to approach the ape's body after the fight with the mortal blade in your possession to get this trophy. You don't get it automatically from killing the ape, you need to kill the centipede that comes out of the ape.
  12. Well the best grinding spot before the latest update would probably have been the infinite goblin spawn point, but that has been patched. I didn't want to grind, so I speedrun through NG+1 and half of NG+2 (until I beat Pride), which took me about 6-7 hours. I started NG+ at around level 50, and by the time I defeated Pride I managed to level up to level 80. I then popped all 20 Luminous Visage I had saved up at once, and earned the tropy. So the most time-saving tip I can give you is to find all 15 Luminous Visages during NG+ (or 16, but I didn't bother going to Abraxis' room) and save them, since the amount of souls you need to feed Vulgrim for your next level depends on your current level, and not on how many souls you've already fed him. Going from level 79 to 80 requires almost 60k souls, so I cannot imagine how tedious it must be to grind for the final 20 levels.. using Luminous Visage, you don't really have to grind at all... For "Made of Sterner Stuff", as soon as you have 3 ore, simply go to The Maker and upgrade your basis armor.. I never bothered getting other armor sets (sold all my crucible items for souls anyways).
  13. OK maybe I should not participate in this discussion since I didn't finish the game 😅 But he could have killed the Ape down there and just not have the Mortal Blade to kill the Centipede.. right? If he went to the Fountainhead Palace, that means he needed to get the Stone from Mibu Village, no? Ignore if it doesn't make sense. I'm still on my blind playthrough, but that's what I did..
  14. I'm playing the game blind, still on my first playthrough... But the trophy popped yesterday right after praying in the stone altar and being brought to where you fight the proper Corrupted Monk (Fountainhead Palace). It popped right after the cutscene with the rope-creature that brings you there... Was actually pretty surprised.. I didn't expect there to be so few areas in the game to be honest.
  15. Ha! I wasn't aware of such a glitch.. So nope, I didn't try it. That of course would make things faster. 😅 In any case, they also patched the infinite-goblin spawn, so maybe they also patched this glitch..