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  1. Hardest: Super Meat Boy Easiest: Oxenfree Oxenfree is easy to plat, but after one or max two playthroughs also boring as hell. There is no skill involved, as it is a story-driven game where there are only dialogue choices to make. One playthrough is interesting, but man, multiple playhtroughs killed it for me. Undertale is a close second.
  2. Probably what I wrote above didn' make a lot of sense if you went in blind then 😂 But you definitely choose wisely with Nioh, and in my opinion going in blind is right thing to do, so I think it makes sense to discuss builds and optimization later... 😬 Once you find your playstyle. Personally I loved the Dual Katanas, but I also used two-handed shortswords in DS3 and wherever I can, so.. that's just me 😅 I can recommend playing the game the way I did, which is doing the first playthrough blind and experimenting with all the available weapons. You'll have to use all of them for the platinum anyways. There are no missable trophies, so there you go! Aiming for the plat without DLC should take you anywhere between 60 and 80 hours (it took me ~70). If you got the disc version of the game I doubt you have the DLC.. the golden armor is no indicator, as I had it too and the DLC wasn't out then yet. They are three DLC in total as you probably know, each adding a new region to the already huge game. One of the trophies in the first DLC requires you to finish every single mission (yes, Twilight Missions, Dojo Missions, Story Missions, EVERYTHING!) on Way of the Demon, which is basically NG++. And here is where deciding on a build and optimizing it is crucial. If you split it up this way, platinum first then DLC content, it will take a bit longer. After my 70h for the plat I finished the last trophy with around 185 hours on the clock. I assure you, this is probably the only game that I've played for 100+ hours that I've enjoyed every single second of. Keep us updated! 🙂
  3. Hi there! Very nice profile you got there... very varied and filled with great and fun games! 🙂 Congrats on that! And also very nice checklist you have going on. I have been lurking but didn't write yet since I've never played XCom and that seems to be what has kept you busy lately 😅 But, I see that you started Nioh.. And I reeeeally hope you like that one! You name the DS games and Bloodborne in your list of favorite games, so I guess that's already a good indicator. Looking at your profile, I guess you are going for 100%. The game really shines on higher difficulties, when you need to start thinking about builds and optimization, so you'll have a ton of fun I'm sure. Are you planning to do all missions and DLC first in Way of the Samurai, or is the plan to unlock Way of the Demon quickly and do everything there? I'm curious since I played Nioh first before the DLC came out, so I did all missions on the standard difficulty first and then again on WotD to get 100%. Have fun!
  4. Super Bomberman R. The grind in that game is unreal! 😲
  5. Platinum #44 - Darksiders III 100% Enjoyment: 7/10 100% Challenge: 5/10 Seven years after following Death on his journey, seven years of waiting and uncertainty, the tale of the third Horseman, Fury, can finally be told. And while not the best entry in the series and despite its lack of polish, I'm happy that the franchise came back from the depths of bankruptcy. A much smaller game than Darksiders II, but a fun experience nonetheless. 100% Enjoyment Darksiders has always been a metroidvania-style action game with simple but satisfying hack-and-slash combat to dispose of angels and demons, tons of collectibles, and cartoonish visuals. The tradition continues here to some extent. ☑️ Collectibles ☑️ Demons and Angels ☑️ Cartoonish Visuals ☑️ Metroidvania-like backtracking The biggest departure from previous entries is the combat. Instead of button mashing, this entry has a more methodical approach to combat. There are invincibility frames in place, your attacks cannot be interrupted to heal or use items, and there are irrevocable wind-up animations when attacking. Sounds familiar? Yeah, a lot of titles go in this direction now a days. Personally, I enjoy this type of combat much more, but I think that a lot of the negativity in this game's reception comes from this change. And to be honest, there is the option to either enable or disable this type of combat... The old approach can instead be enabled in the options menu! As usual there are not many stats to be leveled up, so build variety is not a thing. But it doesn't have to be. Apart from the initial weapon Fury will get four more powers which will open up new paths in previously visited areas, leading to additional collectibles and minibosses. There is a lot of fun to be had with Darksiders III, if you go in without too many expectations. From a technical perspective, though, thie game is a joke. After playing games like God of War or RDR2 on my system, it is simply embarrassing to see this cartoonish-game perform the way it does. The frame rate increases and drops like a roller-coaster, and makes the game really painful to play at times. Sadly, it doesn't take much for the stuttering to begin. Then there are the freezes when moving between areas. You'll see Fury freeze in place, while enemies and textures are loaded in the area you are moving to. It looks ridiculous, and frankly when you have to go through 2 or 3 of these freezes multiple times on your way to recover your lost souls, this can get on your nerves. Then there are a lot of bugs. Mostly clipping through textures (I needed to reset my game a couple of times cause I was stuck in the floor only seeing my upper body sticking out) and a couple of out-of-bounds glitches. Also some floating objects, but that's minor. I would have happily waited another year for this title to come out if that would have guaranteed a more optimized and polished experience. 100% Completion The trophy list is nothing out of the ordinary. You have your standard difficulty-related trophies, and playing on "Apocalyptic" - this franchise's highest difficulty setting - from the start allows to get the platinum in a single playthrough. Fortunately there are only three missable trophies, thus with a bit of research there is absolutly no need for a guide. I don't like to overlevel myself, so I played on Apocalyptic and decided against grinding out levels early. Luckily there are no areas which will swarm you with enemies, hence mastering the combat will give you an easier time. Most of the collectable-related trophies will come naturally during the playthrough with a bit of careful exploration, and whatever doesn't pop before the final fight (if you are like me, saving all 20 humans, for example) can be completed within a short time after the credits. Then there is the "Beast Mode" trophy, which requires you to kill 666 enemies in Havoc form. I didn't really use this form that much during my playthrough, so I thought I would need to grind this out for hours. Luckily I found an amazing spot, and with only 6 or 7 havoc shards I was able to get this trophy within 15 minutes 😀 Overall, an enjoyable trophy list, with a little bit of challenge due to the difficulty related trophy, but nothing too tedious.
  6. Since I wanted to take a break from RDR2 before jumping into the MP part, I replaced my pick for the "Difficulty" category, Downwell, with something a bit more meaty: Darksiders 3. Category Game (all EU / PS4) Qualifier EZPZ Ultra Rare Thumper 3.61% Completion Platinum-Less Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Unpopular DLC Difficulty Darksiders 3 Death Incarnate Speed Run Bound Speedrunner MP Red Dead Redemption 2 Notorious Peripherals Bad Rep I also finished the "story" in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. For the last trophy I'll have to complete all challenges, so that's probably going to be the next completed game for me.
  7. There are only two games that come to mind. But I really would love to see those on PS! Cuphead Ori and the Blind Forest
  8. Hmm that is really weird.. You are looking in the Kaydine Glacier area of the Paramina Rift, right? The Death Magick should spawn there with a rate of 100%, so you either picked it up already, or you found a glitch, or the information that it has a 100% spawn rate (as stated also in the trophy guide) is wrong...
  9. Six different games on my list Super Meat Boy x17 OlliOlli2 x8 Bound x16 Furi x3 Titan Souls x5 Red Dead Redemption 2 x1
  10. Well thanks a lot! Hope to keep the list interesting Lemme write where I stand with my ongoing games: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris We (my girlfriend and I, that is) finished the story this weekend, so the only trophy left is to complete all the challenges. I think I will need go do this solo... 😅 Though that's probably gonna be faster. Red Dead Redemption 2 I only have the multiplayer trophies left, of which I've only completed the first one (awarded for completing the intro). I think I've read that there is extra XP until the next update on February 26, so maybe it's worth doing some missions this week! I have only heard bad things about the MP in this game though, so I don't know if that's gonna happen... Darksiders 3 After defeating the seventh Sin I thought I'd be done, but I was wrong. There is still a final boss to be defeated, and she kicked my ass twice before I needed to stop playing. Otherwise I still have some collectable-related trophies left, but they shouldn't take too long. This will be my next plat, should fall tomorrow or in 2 days the latest.
  11. Hello there! And welcome to my update and completions thread. The purpose of this topic is twofold. On one hand it is an easy way for me to keep track of and display games I've completed, and I can write down my thoughts about my time with a game while the experience is still fresh. On the other hand it could hopefully be a good way to discuss games and share tips with you guys. So please, if you want to ask anything about games on my list or contribute to the discussion with your own thoughts, go ahead! I will also try to regularly post updates and thoughts about games I'm currently playing, so feel free to chime in if you've got something to add! 🙂 As you can see from my profile and the list below I have a pretty manageable number of completed games. This is due to my approach to gaming. I will only play games that I am interested in and, once I start a game, I will – try to – complete it. Hence, you will never see me play games only for quick trophies, which is why my list doesn't grow as fast. Conversely, I will not avoid a game because of its challenging trophy list of long completion time. Also, I never owned a PS3, so all my completed games are from the PS4 aera. At some point I might add some sort of rating system for 100% enjoyment and challenge. I like to quantify things 😅 I will also maintain a backlog. At the moment, the colors used can be interpreted as follows: Currently playing. Already bought and downloaded. Wishlist Backlog List of completed, platinum-less games. 100% 1 - 10 List of completed games with a platinum. Platinum 1 - 10 Platinum 11 - 20 Platinum 21 - 30 Platinum 31 - 40 Platinum 41 - 50
  12. Do you want to start a new speedrun category for this game and do the platinum in one sitting? Cause that's gonna take a while, and nobody runs this category... 😅 If you are simply interested in getting this plat quickly but not necessarily in world record pace, you could look at the strats for the "Nemesis%"-speedrun category. There you need to beat the superboss "Nemesis" before moving on to beating the game. A lot of preparation that you will also need for the plat is done during this run. From there you could find what is not covered in the run (for example maxing out the sphere grid with all the characters, beating the Dark Aeons, etc...) and try to work it into the speedrun. This is the link to the current world record (19:16:26 hours): Link to Stream Here you can find some written notes: Link to Notes Hope that helps!
  13. None. I'm not particularly intersted in some types of games, like sport games, fighting games or FPS, thus I won't spend my money and time on those. But other than that, if I'm intersted in a game I will play it. And I will - try to - complete it. I like challenging games as long as they are fun, why shy away from what could be a great time? I have Necrodancer downloaded on my system waiting to be started. Maybe that will be the first game I can't finish, or maybe it will just take a long time, but I certainly won't avoid it only because of its difficulty.
  14. I did the same, played NG+ for my second run but started from stratch for the third class. Don't forget to kill the first Boss with his own weapon, since that can only be done on NG+ (not that it takes too long getting to him, but anyways..)
  15. The only item you need for trophies is the one you get in Disc 4 when you return to Nibelheim. Earlier you can get 1 gil or "Tifa's secret savings" when playing the piano. If you choose to "jam" as Cloud during the flashback and then inspect the piano as Tifa (when she becomes the party leader) you'll get the Elemental Materia. But this is not tied to any trophy.