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  1. Thanks for the info, definitly gonna try it when i had a chance to get ps5
  2. It is, can confirm in asia, IDR 89.000 (indonesia psn) has both vita and ps4
  3. never mind, just got platinum. you can have repeat all stages in WRC class
  4. Just finish 2nd in Finland and can i replay the stage before instead of next rally? Thanks.
  5. another stack, thanks
  6. Any idea what region is this ?
  7. I'm playing LCS first in PS2 and PSP when i was a kid, and never play 3 before, and when it was released on PS4 that was my first gameplay and immediately feels nostalgia from LCS and i'm quite familiar with area and maps. and even better if you played GTA SA and LCS before. I admit the game isn't great compared to SA and VC but this was the first 3D GTA released and since PS2 games are literally emulated on PS4 not a remastered edition. the only hard in this game is the camera suck when you shooting and you can't open maps which is annoying in some emergencies mission especially in shoreside vale. As for platinum isn't that hard if you follow guides. i recommended only using cheats if you're already had "Is That All You've Got?" trophy first. and i'm only using Money cheats (for increase criminal rating) and spawn a tank (Blow up 2000 cars).
  8. i might be use this method for my last trophy, thanks for video.
  9. yup, every firetruck or vigilante must be completed 20 each island, you don't need to do in row, just like in taxi fares.
  10. Can confirm still works with indonesia account, even my wishlist still there https://store.playstation.com/en-id/home/games?smcid=psapp
  11. Drift : RX7 or S15 Offroad : Mercedes A Class AMG Speed traps/Runs : 911 RSR You can use Regera for SpeedTraps/Runs but since i'm using manual gearbox i'm prefer Porsche 911 RSR for better acceleration in corners and there's one particular speed trap that's curvy road and need more than 300km/h to 3 stars, and regera didn't go well in corners and slowed you down. The Offroad and Collectibles such as billboard and gambler chips i'm prefer merc because it's better stability for cornering in gravel and tarmac. RX7 for more power but a little bit wild, S15 for stability and easy to drive, and i'm using both of them. But that's what i'm using personally, you can use your own choice car and suit for yourself.