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  1. 368. Am I the only one that likes a very clean list that reflects what I'm currently enjoying? I have the platinum for 90% of the games I'm hiding but I don't play VNs anymore so it just looks cluttered to me. I can't hide them from myself on PSN but I love how this website lets me neatly organize how my list looks (I don't think anyone but myself looks at it anyway). Sometimes I unhide it all, but then when I look at my page, it bugs me (I load my own profile to look up trophy tips/see which trophies I'm missing). I wish there was a way to hide them from myself only, haha (if so, I'd display them all to others). I'm too much of an organization freak. I like things to look a specific way. Interesting how people seem to think it makes you a cheater, though. Different folks, different strokes, I suppose.
  2. Would love to join if it's still possible! My goal is to platinum the entire series by the end of 2022 (though just one of each for now). I currently have the following! 1. Rorona DX 2. Ayesha Plus 3. Escha & Logy Plus 4. Shallie Plus I guess that would put me under Alchemy Artisan?
  3. I changed my PSN handle since (I'm now Aknosom, previously Mishipyon). I just got the platinum for Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy so I believe I can be added under Mysterious Dungeon ahead. Thank you!
  4. I managed to get the platinum last night! I never did find that Oblivion Clover, haha. Forever a mystery! Thank you for the tips! Hell Soup was indeed a life saver and a game changer when I managed to bring a whole lot more. Not sure if I'll go for the Arland trilogy or Mysterious next, but been having lots of fun with the Atelier series.
  5. Thank you! I JUST got the hang of the alchemy system myself and I have the feeling I'm gonna run super tight on time to get this done. I could go back to a previous save but I don't feel like making the equipment and accessories all over again. All this flushing out, moving at the top, moving at the bottom, transferring, denying is giving me a headache, haha. Feels good when you get the gear you want, though. I guess they want to make sure you truly learn the system to get the platinum (and I'm down with that). I'm currently running this setup for equipment (that I got from user GrimValesti on Reddit, sharing here in case it helps others looking at this thread). Quality at 120 for all of them. Though I'm still looking for that Oblivion Clover for Oblivion Power. I can't find where to gather it. I assumed Alt. Yggdrasil but it doesn't seem to be the case at all (I've been gathering randomly here and there and reloading my save, but no dice. My Google-fu has failed me and I can't find its location). Ayesha Fairy Queen Staff, Rainbow Shirt, Resonance Bell Moon Power, Virtual Image, Stat+6, Skill Enhance lv3, HP+25 Silent Shoes Moon Power, Virtual Image, Gale Words, Oblivion Power (once I find it, will have to remake, yay), HP+25 Juris and Linca Best weapons (I never recall their names, ha) Skill Enhance lv3, HP 25, Soul Words, All Soul Pour, Spirit/Dragon Specific (at the bottom so it can be flushed out/replaced by the other). Meteor Plate Stats+6, Skill Enhance Lv3, Red Power, All Soul Pour, HP+25. Dragon Scale All Soul Pour, Stat +6, Skill Enhance lvl3, Skill Enhance lvl3, Stat+6. Silent Shoes Red Power x 5. I made some Hell's Soup (Auto Activate 50%, Light of Life, Reinforce Body, High Speed Lv3, Critival Lv3), but I just finished God's Miracle Drug so I don't have that many (registered a bunch at least, haha). I still need to make Forbidden Capsules (iirc it won't work against Dragon Master) and Needleless Shot. The only thing is that my Linca got steamrolled on my first attempt at Dragon Master (he goes first and when he does his AoE, it just nukes her sometimes. When he crits maybe)? I guess I definitely need more of those God's Miracle Drug. I did consider using Odelia just for her Tera-Slag summon. Aiming for this on other items (following the recommandations of GrimValesti): God's Miracle Drug : Keen Sense, Reinforce Body, Gold Honey, Explosiveness, Time Power Needleless Shot : Light of Life, High Speed lv3, Recovery+20/30% Forbidden Capsule : Light of Life, High Speed lv2, High Speed lv3 Fingers crossed all the hours spent understanding the alchemy system will lead to some good results!
  6. I'm curious as I recently started playing this and I'm already thinking of the superbosses: was adding those property what did the trick for you? I saw you got the platinum, congrats! It's been fun so far even if the alchemy system feels a bit convoluted after Escha&Logy (I've been going backwards). I guess I was expecting to be able to transfer properties (rather than flush unwanted ones out)!
  7. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. I keep meaning to start that game but the online trophy tends to keep me away. Maybe I shouldn't worry about that so much considering it's only the colosseum one.
  8. Would love to be added! I have the following : FFVIII FFXIII FFXIII-2 FFXIV ARR World of FF (I do recommend it on Vita. I used crossplay with both versions, but the portability was such a nice bonus)! I believe that puts me at Chocobo Trainer.
  9. With Miku at lvl10, I found one of the best module to use was Ultimate Miku (rate up lvl5). I'm guessing you're already using the Cyber Musician set. What you really want to practice is the chance time event (and the two technical zones, but chance time made all the difference for me). It's the key to pretty much all the extreme songs. If you can constantly get that, you should be clear. I would constantly just retry the song every time I failed chance time until it all became muscle memory. I second what @LoveInHell said, I regret not focusing on the cloud request first. It's 211k voltage and three effects into play (though the only really annoying one is the speed boost. Nano-targeter makes it easier I find). Otherwise you feel like you're finally done after the Aura Training only to discover you have an even harder version of this stupid song left. I know everyone recommends Deep-Sea Lily to get the hang of dual wielding, but somehow it was Holy Lance Explosion Boy (Extreme) that did it for me. Maybe because it's catchy? Play around with the songs, everyone is different (I find it has to be a song I don't mind listening to A LOT). Though, you should only be playing Extreme songs at this point (hard doesn't help much with practicing). It can be a frustrating experience at first, but trust me, if someone like me who isn't incredibly skilled can do it, so can you! Don't give up! I put the game down for years before going back to it and sticking with it. The key is to keep practicing. You can also study the beat chart on YouTube videos (sometimes I'd pause the videos and notice patterns). Wishing you the best with it!
  10. While it's certainly not one of the hardest rhythm games out there, I'm proud I finally got the plat for Project Diva X. The Ultimate Medley Triple Threat Extreme (well that's a mouthful) nearly wrecked my hands. Really just had to play it until it all became muscle memory. Glad it's done.
  11. Oh, I'd love to be added! I have Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden, P4 Dancing All Night, P3 Dancing in Moonlight and P5 Dancing in Starlight. I believe that would put me at The Great Seal and also unlock Light the Fire up in the Night. This gives me motivation to push Royal, Strikers And SMT Nocturne higher-up in my backlog list!
  12. Don't think I've seen any one mention these yet, so as a fellow turn-based fan I'd recommend the following: World of Final Fantasy (hands down one of my favourites) Tales of Hearts R (the story might not be the best, but the battle system is super fun) The Atelier series. They come in trilogies (i.e. The Dusk trilogy is Atelier Ayesha, Atelier Escha & Logy and Atelier Shallie) and some entries have time limits. Having lots of fun with the Dusk games right now (that I'm playing backwards, go figure). The alchemy aspect pulled me in!