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  1. I've had that issue while playing both Trails of Cold Steel III and IV. I've been playing other PS4 games without issues since so it feels really random. I did notice it's also when the game doesn't have its own "save" screen (when it pops up in a separate black screen). I would stress out every time I went to save my game!
  2. I really don't see myself getting the Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session! platinum. The hori drums are waaaay too noisy (I keep missing because I don't want to make too much noise), though I heard you can get the plat with the DS4. I almost considered investing into the Taiko Force LV5 since I used to be super into Taiko and rhythm games in general but I find it's not really the case anymore so eh.
  3. 1. Breath of Fire III 2. Lunar SSSC 3. Lunar EBC 4. Grandia 5. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
  4. Definitely go for a PS3 (there's a gorgeous Tales of Xillia one if you want to be all thematic. I got one cheap off Y!Japan Auctions myself). I've kinda been putting off Tales games on PS3 since I was hoping the success of Arise would prompt Bamco to re-release some of the older titles (since "remasters are in") but with them, who knows.
  5. Perfect, exactly what I needed to know! Thank you!
  6. Does anyone have a rough estimate of how long you need to play to be able to knock this trophy out? As in, at what point can you do these battles? Is it postgame content or can you do it early on? I have this (and Hacker's Memory) in my backlog. I wasn't intending on playing them soon, but at the same time, you never know what will happen with online trophies. Kinda didn't want to start a new game without finishing what I'm working on, but it's been years since release. I guess it's what I get for spending years on MMOs and ignoring my poor consoles, ha.
  7. Thank you! I think I'll be stuck on my current game for months to come (Shiren the Wanderer), but hoping I can get to at least Lulua before the end of the year! So many games and yet so little time!
  8. Final Fantasy X HD. I need to get back to it but I dread the mini games so much. They were a pain back on PS2...
  9. Just added Meruru DX to my completed list yesterday. It was such a fun game! I thought I'd hate the whole population/building facilities aspect, but it wasn't a pain at all. I did end up having to do a third playthrough for some of the endings (learn from my mistake, save often and don't overwrite them... yes, I'm dumb). Taking a short break before jumping into Lulua and the Mysterious series. I can't believe I'm actually going to miss having deadlines, haha!
  10. I would go for the higher tier right away if this was the case. For now I just need the cloud saves. What I wouldn't do to see games like Breath of Fire III, both Lunar, Grandia (I'm still salty about the PS4 port we didn't get for that collection, sigh), Persona 2EP and a bunch of others to be re-released with a trophy list. I own them all physically but would gladly buy the digital versions as well. I would replay so many PS1 jRPGs (and PS2). Not holding my breath, but would be such a nice thing to happen.
  11. Not enough for a rank up, but added Totori DX and Meruru DX to this list since! Gotta say the Arland trilogy is now my favourite (especially Totori). I think it will be weird going from Arland straight to Lulua and Mysterious (already did Dusk). Playing another game before going back to the Atelier series. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll miss the time management aspect.
  12. Went back to Atelier Meruru DX after clearing up some Kiseki/Legend of Heroes stuff in preparation for Zero later this year. Might work on Shiren on the side as my portable game (for those moments where you just want to chill in bed)! Unfortunately, Remote Play never liked me much (good for the Vita backlog, I guess)!
  13. I'm not sure how I missed this thread, but please do count me in! My goal is to platinum the entire series in 2022 (slowly but surely). So far, I have the following: DUSK Atelier Ayesha Plus Atelier Escha&Logy Plus Atelier Shallie Plus ARLAND Atelier Rorona DX Atelier Totori DX Currently working on Meruru DX and having a blast (her design is too adorable)! I'll probably keep Nelke for the very end since I'm not someone who loves simulators (but I'll be happy seeing so many characters again)! So far Totori has been my favourite. Maybe because I was dreading it at first (couple of people I know gave up on it), but turns out the deadlines were pretty lenient? The only thing that felt bad was the inability to sort when crafting (the little things you take for granted). I had even started with Dusk to avoid getting into Arland right away. What a mistake, it's been so fun (well, all Atelier games have been so far)! Gonna do Lulua next before moving on to Mystery (Sophie 2 will probably come out by the time I get there)! Then finally Ryza!
  14. EDIT: Funny enough, after rebrowsing this thread, I decided to unhide them all. So 0 it is!
  15. Would love to join if it's still possible! My goal is to platinum the entire series by the end of 2022 (though just one of each for now). I currently have the following! 1. Rorona DX 2. Ayesha Plus 3. Escha & Logy Plus 4. Shallie Plus I guess that would put me under Alchemy Artisan?