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  1. I send you the request, i will help to reach the 50.
  2. I sent you a request, I'm Shinigami_98212. I sent a request, when I get the trophy you can kick me from the crew. I'm Shinigami_98212
  3. Hi, guys, I got the platinum on 14th march, all I can say is the final arc (the new palace) is missable. You'll have to bring the Consulator confidant to rank 9 before the 11/18, There's other missable, but they are so easy to obtain that is so hard to miss.
  4. Someone can tell me if save the creation, plus recording or not the music (farming with piano for example) give some extra points? Tonight I spent 7 hours in farming with turbo controller (via remote play) and I got only one level (from the mid of 20 to mid 21).
  5. Hi Guys, I need some help to reach the level 30! Anyone is avaiable? My Psn: Shinigami_98212
  6. I use the variant dual wield too but nothing. I'll try with the CPU.
  7. Guys I have some problem with the gold trophy for Sen I Shoshitsu arts. I do all art but the trophy won't unlock. Any suggest? I use a second pad to make fast this trophy but nothing, it won't unlock.
  8. Good to hear.
  9. Hello guys! I tried to obtain all SEN I SOSHITSU but once I have do all the technique, the trophy isn't unlock. So I can imagine that I missing Mako. How can I unlock her?
  10. Hi Taz, I ask a question: What veichels you used to obtain the gold medal on Tokyo Skycrapers circuit?
  11. To Obtain the trophy, you must banish all sins and redeem Chanel! Good Hunting!
  12. Hello Guys, I obtain the "Exalted" Trophy! To obtain it, you must banish all sins and redeem Chanel! Good Hunting!
  13. I beat the Nightmare Challenge and obtained the Caestus, a pair of glove that let you perform 10 normal attacks with the entire stamina. You can get the trophy in this "harder way", but I see that one guy make this trophy with the normal sword combine the normal attack with shield.
  14. Hello, someone know how to obtain the golden trophy "Exalted"? I see that one guy get the platinum of the game so, if you know how to obtain it, can you answere?
  15. I don't think that is necessary to do those things to obtain the "Exalted" Trophy. I'm trying some stuff into the game, and I play many walktrough ( around 3-4 times ), so I think that trophy is bugged for the most people (including me). Then I search into the Twitter's account of Sinner: Sacrifice of Redemption and I discovered that many trophies are bugged. The team is working on a patch that comes in few days, so we have to waiting. Adam is most powerful when he buffed, the trophy is obtained from someone casually. Sorry for my english but isn't my first language.