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  1. Any of the noises Hydrus makes in SoTC, but I’ll link it’s little wail: (Don’t know if it worked but it’s around the 1:53 mark if it didn’t.) Just... any underwater creature noises or underwater noises like sonar, creaking metal, that kind of thing creeps me out especially in games but I think that’s more a fear of large bodies of water than a fear of these sounds themselves... they certainly make me feel uneasy though, and the Hydrus fight is genuinely hard for me to watch and play.
  2. Love Persona, love Persona 5, but disappointed in Atlus for this game. OT for the CE, looks as if the CD comes in a flimsy cardboard sleeve. Bleehhhhhh. Seems lame, but it has a leg-up on the Japanese CE for the mask and the steelbook I guess.
  3. There’s quite a few things I’ve been wanting- Patapon, Graveyard Keeper, Shadow of Mordor... But how is Parappa? I heard it has all the same problems the original has so it’s not much of an upgrade sans trophies. Overall, good sale for me. Mostly because I’ve been waiting for Graveyard Keeper.
  4. Seems like fun! January 2020 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Celeste
  5. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. It was my first foray into the new 3D Pokémon games and it was also my last. It's a shame since R/S are childhood favorites and I was really looking forward to them being remade.
  6. Frozen 2. Interesting, I thought it was a better movie than it’s predecessor overall (both are quite mediocre in my opinion but they have good messages about loving oneself and family so they’re still somewhat decent) but comparatively it didn’t pack as much of a punch and all the more emotional moments felt like complete misses. Granted, it’s also been six years since I’ve seen the first one and I do not feel compelled to watch it again to have a ‘fair’ comparison. It was decent I suppose. Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2. I did however feel compelled to rewatch sequels of other animated movies that came out not too long ago and wow, I really do not like either of these lol. What Toy Story 4 lacks in compelling plot and character development it makes up for in beautiful animation I guess? And the plane scene in the first Incredibles is more riveting than the entire 2 hour run time of the second film. Point is, neither of these were as good as their predecessor. Plus side is this also made me rewatch Toy Story 3 and damn that’s a good movie.
  7. It’s not that I’m disgusted by fruit on pizza, it’s more like I just don’t like pears. :/ Willing to try this if it ever crosses my path though.
  8. I picked AC!D because I never really got the opportunity to play them. It would be an interesting departure from the rest of the games in the collection.
  9. I was critical of the Supercross game but I’d kind of love to have a platinum with the Monster logo on it for laughs. Titanfall seems decent.
  10. Ah, it's definitely EU only then. It doesn't show up after getting the US one.
  11. Spider-Man, so I can be Spider-Man and do spidey things.
  12. Since the deluxe edition is on sale at the moment, can anyone confirm if this is still available through it somehow? Edit: It is no longer available through the DE. Shame.
  13. Been wanting to try the Watch Dogs games for a while now, is the standard edition double pack worth it? I’m wondering if A Way Out is worth it as well. Otherwise, blehhhh. I was actually looking forward to this sale. I guess I got my hopes up thinking more indie/smaller/older titles would be on sale too? Just a bummer.
  14. I dunno, if a game has enough of a fanbase and is beloved enough to be considered “overrated,” then it has to have some merit regardless of whether I like it or not yeah? That said, I think I need some other draw in certain open world games for me to properly enjoy them (i.e. the story in games like LA Noire, the setting in games like Sleeping Dogs, or even just being Spider-Man in... Spider-Man), and the GTA series doesn’t really have any of that for me. At least not without mods or something. It’s a little hard for me to understand the massive popularity these games have because of this, but I respect them for having such a massive impact on the industry anyway. It’s actually a little strange, I had fun goofing off in IV a long time ago, dunno what happened to make it hard for me to play these and question them.