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  1. June 2020 - Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection - DOOM (2016)
  2. Is ten levels a day a reasonable enough goal for ACIV multiplayer or is that too ambitious?

    1. Spaz


      Do Game Lab and Sacred Land first. If you don't plan on doing the DLC then just focus on getting everything for All Rounder and Game Lab.


      Then just play Wolfpack Solo or Wolfpack with a partner until you reach level 50.


      Meant to say level 55 in multiplayer.

    2. ChimJiminie


      Thank you for the tip! For All Rounder is it recommended to stick with the copycat method then?

    3. Spaz


      Yes, that's what I did. It's better to boost that trophy with others, let them know what abilities you need.

  3. Twice over I've been able to get to max notoriety and walk around without triggering police, and this seems relatively abnormal, so is there anything I'm doing wrong? Am I supposed to wait in an area for a certain amount of time? Switch areas until I see the police? Just keep doing crimes until they show up? Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. Hey congrats, and welcome to the site!
  5. Probably Star Fox 64. Getting top scores and trying different routes was always fun. Otherwise, Persona 4. Just because.
  6. Casual is still there, it's just called 'Quick Match' now. Only quick match and ranked count for trophies I'm pretty sure (as per the descriptions).
  7. May 2020 God of War 2018 Ace Combat 7
  8. Compatibility was the main thing I cared about, since I was hoping to retire my PS3. I guess silly me, for hoping for that much, but that guarantees it'll be a buy way later, maybe when they introduce new (better) editions. May even be my first pro console! Or maybe my first limited edition console!
  9. My biggest problem with Nemesis is his voice in comparison to the original.
  10. Oooh, to add to this, I'd love to see a remaster of Dokapon Kingdom for the switch or something, since Wii and PS2 copies are so hard to find (plus it's just like, a fun party game, so it would be enjoyable to have it on the go and more accessible).
  11. My thoughts exactly. I don't have a problem with Ratalaika bringing these really small games over, I think a lot of them look like nice little games. I think if people don't like the trophies or the games they can simply not play them or maybe stop focusing so much on the profiles of others that do.
  12. April 2020 - Celeste - Crash Trilogy
  13. March 2020 - Crash Trilogy - DOOM (2016)
  14. Cats. What an exceptionally surreal experience. It was boring and I couldn't hear or understand what they were singing about most of the time, but I chalk that up to the fact that I've also never seen the musical and I think this movie is supposed to be for fans of it. The CGI is pretty bad, and that goes down to the character designs too. Would've been better off in costumes but that's not flashy enough I guess. Jennifer Hudson did a great job with her solo moments! That's all I've got to say about it.