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  1. I'll join. Thank you for doing this event.
  2. My response to my own thread is late, but yes it is pretty bugged. I also encountered an issue where my notoriety would instantly be maxed as soon as I arrive on Mars as I restarted the game quite a few times, or it would max after only doing one job (and either it's a gameplay mechanic to not have cops spawn at max notoriety or that's bugged too, but those instances were why I made this thread in the first place). I don't remember exactly how I overcame this but I believe uninstalling the game helped as well as keeping an extra save to go back to in case any jobs maxed me out again because for some reason that still happened. The key is to try and get the police spawn when you're at one of the mid ranks (forgot the names). Maybe keep a save after you get to that rank prior to getting the police as well so you don't have to go through the process again. As Angus suggested though, just get the Vicious trophy done first to avoid it altogether. Was a headache and added a lot of unnecessary steps lol
  3. Wake the f*ck up, Samurai. We have trophies to earn. Icons look cooler than I initially thought.
  4. Strange question (that I probably already know the answer to), but can you still earn trophies in Subnautica after enabling the commands for no oxygen/food/water and no damage? I don't want to do the full dev console thing as I still want to actually play the game, just in my own way.

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    2. ChimJiminie


      I've seen mixed things about whether or not you'd need to save/reload to earn trophies, and there was just a patch for the game I believe, so I figured I would ask in case someone has tried it recently.

    3. HaserPL


      You can always give it a shot on an alt account. My guess is it won't take you too long to get a couple of easy trophies with the stuff you want to be turned on. Then you will know for sure.

    4. ChimJiminie


      That's true, maybe I'll try that. Thank you. 

  5. Edit: No longer need help!
  6. I'll try this too. Wanted a game that wasn't overly scary but still 'on theme' to play this month and this seems to fit the bill.
  7. November 2020 - Horizon Zero Dawn - Spyro Trilogy
  8. Life things got in the way of my initial plans and I was only able to do 6 trophies from DJMAX. The amount accumulated thus far is impressive though! Nice work everyone!
  9. This was a really neat idea, thank you for hosting! And congrats to the winner!
  10. In order: 1. Horizon Forbidden West 2. Deathloop 3. Stray 4. Bugsnax (genuinely interested in the implied horror narrative for this game) 5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Games I feel I need to see more about to get excited for them: - Pragmata - Returnal - Kena: Bridge of Spirits
  11. October 2020 - Dark Souls Remastered - Man of Medan
  12. September 2020 - Spyro Trilogy - The Last Guardian
  13. I'll join with Planet of the Eyes (6637).
  14. Tough choice. I initially wanted Street Kid to be my first, since that seems to be the most on-theme for the genre, but I might go Nomad since some aspects of that path seem more appealing. I don't care much for Corpo, but I'll probably try them all at some point.
  15. Is the first Destiny (with expansions... if I can find a code) worth a shot at all? I want to play it before I get further into 2 now.

    1. KingGuy420


      Sure. It sets up a ton of great plot threads that are still being told today. Plus it does have a lot of really fun content.

    2. ChimJiminie


      Thanks! I was worried about the community being dead but if the content is good and applies to 2 then that's not really a problem.