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  1. isn't it obvious? it's cheating. wow lmao
  2. most likely when season 5 starts as the crack in the sky could hint to it aswell i'm thinking @SniperEliteDido
  3. Idk just enjoy the game lol
  4. since you didn't reply to me directly I didn't see the repsonse, but ok. just because it's free doesn't mean that's why it's popular... wtf? that's like saying paladins is more popular over overwatch because it's free. no. fortnite requires skill, not luck, unless you're really awful. and how did you get top 10 with nothing? did you run around or camp the whole game? no wonder you would get bored if you don't actually properly play it. do you think god of war is an adult game just because it's story or an old game series? at the end of the day you probably don't like it just because you haven't played much and therefore aren't that good.. streams are fun to watch because they have personalities and do funny shit, be good at the game etc etc. maybe you might not wanna play it yourself because you don't have it? that's like saying why watch a football game when you can play it yourself. it's entertaining; ridiculous. you obviously have the very unpopular opinion of if it's a good game or not, but oh well. enjoy your games and i'll enjoy mine.
  5. Will be up for a long time to come.
  6. I know you're being sarcastic but tbh it actually is a great decision. It appeals to much more people.
  7. Team SoloMid
  8. Yeah, no worries. Everything is safe, the reason the comments are like that is because it actually works. This is the only one I found that works because the other ones amazon declines your credit card.
  9. Probably because it is popular. Go and find some then, instead of just sitting the whole game and maybe you might understand how to play it. What are you talking about? The hype is deserved, the game is unique, and really fun, and is probably why it's so popular. You probably had like 2 games to yourself. Go and grab some mates, play some squads, and I'm sure you will experience some fun then.
  10. Yes, definitely. I wouldn't just play games for trophies. I play for fun, and play games that don't have trophies. For example, Fortnite Battle Royale. Once I platinum a game like COD, Battlefield, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, etc I would still play them because I play multiplayer for fun and not play for trophies. I play alot with my friends, and I join clans etc.
  11. Nah, I quite enjoy the battlefields so it would be no bother. My play style is what would worry me though, as I don't think I could grind up alot of kills unless I play aggressive, because I quite like sniping. I might change my play style to more assault rifles and rushing and that could work out. Thanks for the advice man, you changed my thoughts. I think I may start it soon!
  12. Thanks for the advice man! I will probably hold it off until I find a good boosting group to work with for the awards, and I will start the kills then. Seems like alot of hours, but I think it's doable, and I will try my best when it comes to it, again, thanks man.
  13. Thanks for the information and advice man. Really helpful, this does seem quite stressful to be honest, but as long as I can find people to do it with, I'm up for trying, but if not, I may leave this game to rest until i can. I understand man, I could just do the rest of the battlefields and if I have time before June I can give it a shot. As I said, if their is a big group of people willing to try I'm up for doing it, and I'm not sure if their are any groups atm, but if their are someone can let me know? But anyways, thanks for the helpful advice man, I might just go for bad company 2 or battlefield 3 first then instead.
  14. Agreed. What I do the now is just do some trophies and then play Fortnite and balance it out that way.