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  1. Yep, seems grind as heck, but since its such a simple game if there's crossplay at least I can have fun playing with friends, like I did with the flash version
  2. Today I bought another year of plus because of the discount and I realized that my PSN Avatar was gone, anyone else in this situation?
  3. Welp, my version of the game comes with 3 of the DLCs so, I just lost some time
  4. There's a crown event quest with Black Diablos in it. Heavy Metal in The waste
  5. I wonder if uninstalling and installing only what's needed to play offline would make the DLC levels unecessary
  6. What difficulty was it on? Does it make a difference?
  7. You just have to go to your room so the room trophies refresh, just wanted to clarify that because I was kind of losing my sh** because I thought I would need to do another playthrough
  8. Demon's Souls and only if they finish the removed area, what I really want are new IPs and sequels
  9. When it stop working
  10. Rocket League is a very fun plat to do, and to keep playing after the plat too
  11. Still glitched, just follow a guide from the start and you're free from another unecessary playthrough.
  12. I never made a meta build, just some comfy builds that gives me some good damage and good health/defense, but I don't remember timing out on quests, maybe my teamates were good enough to carry me through, try it with randoms, a lot of people are obsessed with MR Kulve rn
  13. Yeah, I'm up to 90 Brute Tigrex kills already, I'm gonna give Guiding Lands a shot, thanks.
  14. Anyone has gotten a gold crown from the single guiding lands monster event quests? (A roar that splinters the sky, scars tell the whole history, etc)