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  1. Rocket League is a very fun plat to do, and to keep playing after the plat too
  2. Still glitched, just follow a guide from the start and you're free from another unecessary playthrough.
  3. I never made a meta build, just some comfy builds that gives me some good damage and good health/defense, but I don't remember timing out on quests, maybe my teamates were good enough to carry me through, try it with randoms, a lot of people are obsessed with MR Kulve rn
  4. Yeah, I'm up to 90 Brute Tigrex kills already, I'm gonna give Guiding Lands a shot, thanks.
  5. Anyone has gotten a gold crown from the single guiding lands monster event quests? (A roar that splinters the sky, scars tell the whole history, etc)
  6. The hoarfrost quest hopefully will arrive with a seasonal event, remember that on the roadmap the crown quests were due to February, and now on March it's only the variants, so we will probably get it on April. Or not :c
  7. Yeah, same thing they did with diablos' "variant" on heavy metal in the wastes they are going to do with rathalos. Which is a shame since azure rathalos was on the base game crown quest
  8. There's HD images from the crown events on MH JP twitter account. Coral Highlands quest: Zinogre, Coral Pukei Pukei, Ebony Odogaron and hopefully no repeated monster Rotten Vale quest: Acidic Glavenus, Tigrex and Fulgur Anja, sadly I don't think there will be a Blackvei Vaal Hazak because there were no Ancient Dragon in the base game crown quests.
  9. I didn't get a Mini narga from yodelling in the forest, and now I only need a Mini Savage Jho, wish me luck
  10. Ok so, RNG is just being an * Guess I'll just keep hunting then. Anja and Rath on this quest? No idea why, maybe to fill the 5 monsters, but I hope they don't bring back any HR monster to the next crown quests
  11. Has anyone gotten a mini nargacuga from yodelling in the forest?
  12. So a "resume" of the quests: Yodeling in the Forest (Anjanath, Rathalos, Nargacuga, Yian Garuga and Rajang) Available from 02/13 16:00 to 02/20 15:59. Heavy Metal in the Waste (Black Diablos, Savage Jho, Glavenus and probably more 2) Available from 02/20 16:00 to 02/27 15:59. Symphony of the Coral (Ebony Odogaron, Zinogre and probably more 3) Available from 02/27 16:00 to 03/05 15:59. I believe they will all be available at once when we get a new event. And probably we will get more 3 quests like those, one for each region (Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess and Hoarfrost Reach, maybe even for the Guiding Lands?)
  13. Just a heads up, to unlock one of the rare molies you need a region of at least lvl 5, then it'll start appearing in that region.
  14. They announced at MH Festa that they'll be doing MR event quests that have bigger chance of crowns, spirtvein gems and decos, just like there was in the base game.