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  1. I've been using Nano since I unlocked it, and Dustdriver before I got Nano
  2. The Witness Rocket League Horizon Chase Turbo I've been playing them since they were on plus and I'm still having fun (I'm still playing the witness because it is hard for me :X)
  3. Just started the game and saw that there's no trophy guide, Is the platinum hard? Are there any missable trophies?
  4. Yeah, I don't judge people by their trophies, but I don't really consider a 30%+ plat, because I think it should be difficult, to show how much you like a game.
  5. Far Cry 4, 3 years and 10 months, I didn't have a stable connection for online back then. And MHW, that took me 280 hours of grind over 4 months.
  6. lol you actually asked my question Nice interview man, it's cool to know the people of PSNP
  7. Tactical Challenge - Complete all the challenges on Vanquish Countless atempts, no success :c
  8. All crowns. 280 Hours.
  9. C'mon guys, on trophies that are like, get 50 kills in some way or do certain things an amount of times, by now, we should already have a tracker, I know it will not pop up until the requirements are met but I feel blind on the progress, and I have no idea if I've got 10 kills or 45, Kongregate has had this for like, 9 years or something, and it is a flash games site. And I believe that this feature is already there, we just can't see, it already knows our progress, it just doesn't show.
  10. You need to get 5 kills 5 times.
  11. Hey, that's pratically my last pvp trophy, any tip on how to get it? Should I be doing Dominion or Skirmish matches?
  12. Favorite movie? Favorite Survival Horror game and why is it soma and the existential questions it brings up about how we, as a society will face the end of our history and how can we adapt to a world that is non-human dominant?
  13. I just finished it, I gotta say, one of the best survival horror that I've ever played, but it could be the heat of the moment, I'll digest better the story and think more about it to see if it really is all this.
  14. I wish I could turn off the led of the controller, and make a "favorites" hotkey on the XMB, so I can turn it off without going through all those menus.
  15. I'm at 280 hours and one crown away, the large nergigante crown. Wish me luck :-P Also good luck to everyone going to the plat ^^