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  1. I'm interested in this game It seemed casual and moderate diffilty at first look. But only ONE user got platinum. Is there any gliched trophy or difficulty issue?
  2. I tried your method but still one trophy is not popped.."Gold digger" I got gold pot in online match, friend match, offline match with my ulter account as main. shoul I have to delete my save file and try again? Delete save file works?
  3. Thanks a lot. Great help.
  4. Thank you for reply. But now, REGION SELECTION is NO LONGER POSSILBE after the most recent patch. if 10 Players are ready, is it easy to match each other? (I mean boosting for trophy)
  5. Patches has been updated and now it's IMPOSSIBLE to CHOOSE REGION. So if I have enough boosting members (10 Person, 2 Team), will it be easy to meet each other? I hope present matchmaking system let us meet each other in priority. If it's not, boosting looks impossible....
  6. SD Gundam G Generation Genesis and SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays have Korean language tropies. And these games' tropies show by Japanese dafault. I want to view these games' trophies by Korean. I can set my language and I can see it by Korean but My Trophy Milestones shows only Japanese