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  1. Hi. Shoppington is the correct Name and stand so in the Friend List. The other Construct with the Axe called Bellringer. I played the Game at the moment, so if you need more information pls ask anytime Greetz Beji
  2. HI. I created a Map for the 120 Carvings in Windstorm. If you follow this, you will also became all Places Trophys. On the way are always diffent Flowers for the 4 Flower Throphys. Then only ride 50 kilometre for the "Traveler" Troph and jump 100 times over obstacles for the "Jumper" Trophy. The Track for "Cross-country race" is on the Left in front of Kaltenbach Estate. Its the only Field Tack with a kind of gate at the Start and the End. With the two Story Trophys from the Game Start you have now Platinum Trophy. Sorry if the quality of the Map is not the best. Its my first created Map ever And i still work on my english... Greetings Beji