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  1. My Name Is Mayo 3 is a genre-defying masterpiece.
  2. Anyone made a joke about Money Laundering Simulator yet? No? Alright, I'll take it.
  3. So far none have popped for me (the earliest being picking your gender at the very start of the campaign) but Ubisoft trials are hit and miss for trophies, some have unlocked in the past, some haven't. I'm keeping an eye on it. Edit: just confirmed with Ubisoft twitter, any trophies you unlock in trial don't carry over until you purchase the campaign due to it having a different SKU. Currently the game is 50% off.
  4. Unlimited play as far as I can see, just only good until Monday. I'll only be playing it for campaign but for the speedrunners, estimated plat time is 30 hrs.
  5. Plat #45 Surprisingly low platinum percentage for a LEGO game, only 1.2%. Also did 100% dlc.
  6. Free visual novel prequel now available: Playstation Blog announcement.
  7. Let's see: Genshin went down the route of alternate outfits being China only due to increasingly stringent censorship policies, then they went to the global servers, then they became forced NPC outfits for quests and cutscenes. It doesn't take Norman Osborn to see that they're pushing this in phases and the next one is probably removing the original outfits entirely. If you're still playing this game anymore simply because of some jiggly toned anime thighs, I got no respect for you. Reinstated the account to complain simply because not enough people are mentioning MiHoYo caving to political pressure from CN more and more.
  8. I'm not going to ping or DM a site owner who's probably busy with other things. I'm just going to generate a random password and set my browser not to save it. Thank you.
  9. I've mainly switched over to Xbox and Steam due to personal ideological differences with the path that Sony is taking (just finishing up Shadow of the Tomb Raider and L.A. Noire, the last two games I have left to play on Sony platforms) and I only rarely interact with the site anymore. I don't personally care if I'm out $15 for the lifetime premium, it helps support the site for those who still use it.
  10. While we're still here, notice how there's been almost no media coverage of this. IGN had to be publicly pressured into covering this after one of the head editors got accused of being a headass and deliberately ignoring it (presumably so they don't lose favor with the all-powerful Sony gods and their presskits/game review codes): Eurogamer and Kotaku are the only other major gaming sites covering this (to their credit, I despise them both) and even Newsweek (once prestigious, now clickbait tier online buzzfeed shite), a lot of other places are media silent for obvious corporate political reasons. This isn't some no-name John Doe who's just another programmer this is a major executive at a multi-billion dollar corporation. This feels exactly like the Randy Pitchford situation at Epic Games a few years ago where a flash drive filled with CP was left at a Medieval Times and it was promptly buried.
  11. California should join the ocean, regressive puritanical hypocrites. Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay.
  12. Edit: this was meant for UndeadWolf's Censored Game List so I'm removing and posting in the proper channels.
  13. Senran Kagura Ninja Wars has been rated for PC and Switch on the ESRB site, exclusivity period ending already?
  14. GTA V was censored in a similar fashion back in 2015. They removed the confederate flag that was hanging up in the Lost trailer park.