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  1. The soundtrack to Lollipop Chainsaw is easily one of the top 5 best licensed OSTs out there. Fell in love with a few bands because of it and there were some pretty oddball choices on there. Five Finger Death Punch being the biggest one even if they fell off after their third album. Newest one is a return to form though. I'm not even going to dignify it with my usual stylized post because it was an auto-pop but Fallen Order on the PS5. Still one of my favorite Metroidvanias even if I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan (nothing to do with the new trilogy, just never really into it other than the Clone Wars animated series and the Heir to the Empire novel trilogy.) The best combat system since Force Unleashed II though.
  2. Platinum #36: Doom FUCK ULTRA-NIGHTMARE. Didn't want to do the exploited way of clipping thru map for UAC so died approximately 30 times even though I played through the entire game on Ultra-Violence. This is the rarest platinum I have at the moment as well which is awesome since it's a nice Christian game.
  3. Agony Unrated on PC is still one of the most terrifying games out there. Here's hoping the Succubus spinoff game actually launches well. In light of Sony's authoritarian and prude policies I think I'm just gonna use my tax return to upgrade my rig. Still have a backlog of PS5 games to play but I don't think I'll be purchasing anything new.
  4. Just Yuffie's story.
  5. I beat up an orphanage for Joe Rogan some bald dude who runs a podcast.
  6. Remaster of Kingpin and now Shadowman? Blessed 2021.
  7. Nope to both, the trophy "That's a lot of them, and only 4 of us" requires an internet connection so 4 player co-op can be completed for each of the 9 campaign missions.
  8. A while back when I was first starting off my Platinum journey, I caved and bought My Name Is Mayo because my legitimate count was only 15 or so at the time. So to complete my Duology of Shame, here it is: Enjoyment is 14/10.
  9. Got it, just have to do nightfalls next. Thanks boss.
  10. #30 - Sleeping Dogs : Definitive Edition Difficulty : 4/10 Enjoyability : 8/10 This is a game I absolutely fell in love with as a fan of Hong Kong Martial Arts Cinema. Played it as a trial on PS3 when it was new and it somehow fell off my radar. 56 hours later and 100% completed it along with 100% DLC. Probably my favorite platinum I've gotten so far with Persona 5 Royal coming in second with 309 hours played for original P5 ending then Royal ending in NG+. Strikers or L.A. Noire is next, absolutely loving it so far. Just bought Altier Thighza 1 & 2 and really looking forward to it.
  11. We were so innocent back then. *sniff*
  12. First two games plus DLC supposedly. On the PS4 homescreen in "your add-ons".
  13. It's 2021, if people are still falling for /b/ and /v/'s troll campaigns, then they aren't smart enough to be in the industry. ResetEra is called REEEEsetEra for a reason though. Fuck em.
  14. Uninstalled the game before Kate even came out, this is just further incentive not to retry, especially with the cosmetic tweaks as well.