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  1. Black ops 1 because Sacrificial Lamb 1 year 10 months I've spent a lot of times and made countless attempts to earn the trophy in multiplayer. But apparently I've found no good enough players to help me do it. I tried to do it solo but it was too hard. The goddamn box never gave me the crossbow, and if it did, we died after that before I could upgrade the crossbow. I gave up for a time. Then, I invited a friend who actually knew how to play COD. We had a bit of luck and I finally earned it
  2. why does every profile I see not have Arkham City plat Go for it
  3. Kingdom hearts 1 plat is stressful, can confirm it, so if you don't like to stress yourself don't do it
  4. I didn't plat CoM either (and not going to plat neither CoM nor BBS since I don't have these games anymore, also CoM is a pain in the ass so no) But yeah I'd like to though Do the OG God of War since the only difficult trophy you've left is the Challenge of the Gods one, it's worth a try
  5. Batman: Arkham Asylum Predator is really fun and also the invisible predator trophy is one of the easiest
  6. arkham city It's a great game and yeah the challenges can be too much but it's satisfying once you complete it
  7. Batman Arkham Asylum It's easy and there aren't as many challenges as in Arkham City
  8. But guys the batman games are really easy and fun to plat, I liked doing that with Arkham Asylum and City my list: Mortal Kombat 2011: that stupid kung fu is stronger, and my game is having some issues (when I choose some specific characters like mk1 scorpion or robot sektor, the game crashes, not sure why tbh) Gran Turismo 5: servers closed, and there some really painful trophies, also I'm not a fan of race games Rayman Legends: Fuck that online trophy, I got bored of the challenges Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix: The game is not mine and I have to return it soon, so I don't have time to plat. Pes 2012: servers closed Medieval Moves/sports champions: I don't think there's people on the online MP, but there's a chance I do some trophies just for fun lol London 2012: Not sure if MP is dead or the servers closed
  9. well only Kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 and they are not even mine lol
  10. Rocket league
  11. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix and 2 Final Mix Also Rayman Legends but it's a bit annoying
  12. god of war ps4 i really want to play that game but i don't own a PS4
  13. Ghost of Sparta Platinum Trophy