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  1. Resident evil 6
  2. Finished the game. Cool game and I'll definitely go for the plat. I really want to see more about the new characters (and sherry)
  3. For me, hearing a chainsaw means more free money. The enemies move slower than me so there's no real danger. Just run away and shot them from afar. Also the final boss was real lame. I played it once and then deleted it. It's a decent game but I was pretty much disappointed. Nobody wanted it, but it's way more fun when you play it with a friend Leon's motivation was stopping Simmons and clear his name (and Helena's) Helena's motivation was her dead sister and the fact that she (unwillingly) helped Simmons to kill thousands of people and the president. Jake's motivation was money. Which makes perfect sense since he's a mercenary. Sherry's motivation was being like Claire and Leon and trying to save the world. Cannot say anything about Chris, Piers and Ada. As I said I still don't touch their campaigns. But so far, motivations at least make sense. I think that's the main root of the problem, I agree. People expect horror from a game called resident evil. They should've stopped expecting that since RE4. If RE6 was sold as an action game and not a horror game, the game probably would've been less hated.
  4. Yup. RE4 wasn't a horror game either but people still say it's a goddamn masterpiece, and that confuses me and makes me think they hate RE6 only for the sake of hating it. I can't say anything about the story because I still have to finish it, but overall I don't have any complaints. Just small details like "why didn't Jake and Sherry's hair grow in those 6 months?" Or "why are the Leon and Helena immune to zombie bite?" LMAO it do be like that sometimes True tho. Not really a fan of QTE, specially when you think you are in a cutscene but it was actually a 0.2 sec QTE and you die and get low ranks because of stupid QTE (looking at you bayonetta)
  5. Unpopular opinion: the game is great and not as bad as people make it out to be We all agree that this is more of an action game rather than a horror game. Yeah ok... And? I'm having a good time playing it and I fucking love when games tell the story from different points of view. I still have to play Chris and Ada's campaign but I enjoyed this more than RE4, which felt really long and boring in some sections. So why? It occurs to me that the change from horror to action triggered the nostalfags so the only people who hate the game are die-hard RE fans, but idk
  6. What I'm trynna say is, there's no correlation between base game difficulties and grounded. That's why you can play on Grounded without even touching easy mode. As if the game didn't let you play Left Behind because you didn't finish the main game. It's stupid
  7. Grounded is a DLC
  8. Obligatory "thank you leaker you saved me 60$" daily post
  9. .....Then how did they get access to development?
  10. What should I play next and why?

    -Resident evil 5 (or 6)

    -Dragon Age Origins

    -Tomb Raider 


    1. Neputyunu


      You cannot do anything wrong with Dragon Age. It is a masterpiece. <3

    2. nombre_en_uso867


      You say it's worth it? Why should I play it?

  11. Yes. I was also pretty much drunk when I wrote it