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  1. Very fair point. I'm sure I will run into a problem like this at some point during this journey. I'll have to really make sure my demoing period on my primary account will thorough in this regard. On another note, I love your completion checklist format. You aren't kidding when you say you are doing something similar to me--yours is basically what I want to aspire mine to eventually be, but in a blog format. Definitely an inspiration for me now.
  2. My line was just joking back at you for your response. I meant no disrespect, I fully understand that what I am attempting to do here is going be really rough and could very well break me. I am largely playing games from a completionist mindset already--one of the first things I consider with my games is how likely I will be able to get the platinum--so I don't think this will be a HUGE leap of logic for me, I just need to be MUCH more careful at selecting what to play. As @eigen-space suggested, I think I will play the game on my personal, primary account here to demo it first and see if I want to gun for a platinum or not and go from there. I appreciate your candid view on being a completionist but I am willing to at least give this dive into further insanity a try.
  3. Advice promptly ignored. 😄 Otherwise, points taken. I do need to start building some more connections regarding other trophy hunters. I've used the Gaming Sessions tools a few times but I might be using it much more in the near future to tackle this.
  4. I really like the idea of demoing it on my main profile first and then deciding if I want to tackle it. Good call!
  5. For me, I largely consider these two things--fun and competition percentages / difficulties--to be one and the same. Such is the curse of a trophy hunter! 😀
  6. Good points. To better my wording, I don't want to attempt a 100% profile but I want one. I don't mind harder games so I won't avoid them actively but I will have to keep difficultly in mind. I'll also be writing reviews for the games I complete as well and I don't think it would be fair to avoid games just because they are hard. I'd also like to inform potential players too, you know? I think it would be fair, if I come across a game that is just inherently broken or glitched that makes the game impossible to 100%, I make a visible note of it on the blog and hide it from the profile stating why it is not on the listing. But ONLY reason I'd do that is if the game is GLITCHED without a fix or impossible to 100% due to servers being shut down etc. Might even be a good idea to keep a page on the blog specifically listing glitched games and why they cannot be completed. These would all have to be things I take into mind when selecting games to play, obviously. A major concern I have is the latest trend of surprise post game DLC trophies (looking at you Days Gone) but I am hoping to avoid the worst of those by avoiding multiplayer games that seem to do it more frequently like Battlefield as you mentioned. I do have a primary profile I can always play those multiplayer games I have no intention of 100% on if I want to partake in them while they are active. Thanks for your thoughts, it actually got me considering things I hadn't thought about, particularly about sapping motivation.
  7. Agreed, I have taken this into consideration as I remember some migraines I've had. For me, I guess that means doing some research on games I haven't done before I start them. I will be redoing a fair amount of the games I have done in the past so I am working on a list of them I know I had glitch-related problems to and seeing if there are sure-fire workarounds. Thanks for the pointer!
  8. Hey there! I've been on PSNProfiles for awhile now--mostly as a lurker with the occasional trophy question--and I am starting a bit of a project for myself and wanted to some advice / feedback on it from the trophy hunting community. To make a long story as short as I can, gaming is my passion and I started up a gaming blog last year mostly as a venue to get my thoughts out there on the various games I've been playing. To accompany the blog I started a gaming meme page along laughs that has developed a decent following but due to working a full time job and going to college, my activity on the blog fell to the wayside. I was just too tired to play the games and also have time to write thoroughly about them. Luckily, I am going to be starting a new job soon with a better work / life balance so I'll be able to spend more time on writing and chipping away at my backlog. I started to reevaluate what direction I wanted the blog to be about beyond just the board topic of gaming--something with an ultimate goal in mind--and decided to integrate my love of trophy hunting into the mix. To accomplish this I am starting a fresh, 100% PSN profile work my way through my PS4 library and up the trophy ladder again while indulging in my insanity of re-earning many of my platinums. Since I have never done a project like this before and I want to do it right, I wanted to establish some guidelines to follow for this 100% profile. For example, I want to avoid competitive multiplayer focused games and trophy lists due to their potential RNG and time to complete (excluding co-op focus like Monster Hunter World) or avoiding easy / cheap platinum farming games like 'My Name is Mayo'. Things along those lines to keep in mind as I pick titles to 100% and to write reviews for about the overall gaming experience and summarizing the actual enjoyment I derived from 100% the title. I also want these guidelines to act as a selection criteria to also post on the blog to make it clear to potential readers what my process is. However, this is purely a passion project for me, so I am not really worried about marketability of the blog but focusing more on making this an enjoyable, mostly smooth (we all know trophy hunting can be rough) experience for myself. So I turn to my fellow trophy hunters for advice and suggestions on how to tackle my 100% project. What do you guys think? Any advice, suggestions, or related criticism are welcome.
  9. @Stormwarrior90 I see you got the platinum, congrats! Sorry I didn't answer your question in time but it looks like you worked it out!
  10. Marvel's Spider-Man. Absolutely fantastic game with a non-irritating platinum.
  11. For the stealth run I started with the tranq gun, the outfit, and the alarm clocks. Start on the lowest difficulty obviously. I never ended up using the alarm clocks, though. Take it slow and try to traverse the map using the jungle paths whenever possible. I am not sure if this is the case or not, but I didn't get the trophy until I made sure I never triggered any form of response from guards. You cannot even trigger a 'yellow' alert status in the enemies when they start searching so no guns outside of the tranq. You also cannot get help from any of the friendly NPCs (green) as that counts as being spotted. So whenever it is safe, search desks to potentially get documents to narrow your search radius for Alex. When you do find him, DO NOT LET HIM SEE YOU. Use the tranq gun from afar to shoot him and hide the body immediately. Then head straight to the exfil as carefully as possible. The game is randomized but most of the enemies and searchable items stay in the same place so you can memorize enemy patrols to an extent. Pretty much all I got.
  12. I earned the mole trophy / not getting spotted trophy today. Platinum achieved. Appears to be working fine (stealth trophy is a pain in the ass though).
  13. Huh, didn't expect a standalone trophy list but I think I am okay with this.
  14. I am personally dreading new trophies for this one if they involve more Crowns. I haven't earned the trophies in the base game yet (200 hours in) but I am planning to return to the grind once this comes out.
  15. 1) Dead Space 1 / 2 2) Resistance: Fall of Man (never got the series) 3) Red Dead Redemption