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  1. @Lonemankane your ment to have ticked off at least one game in level 3 beofre ticking one off from 4 etc but ill let you off
  2. congrats @ExHaseo its was worth swapping
  3. @Lance_87 talk about getting peoples hopes up that there might a free game available lol
  4. Look forward to see what gets cut from your list @Spinacheq
  5. keep up the good work @Neptuos @Arethien If you have a vita or ps3 you can use the limited time vita and ps3 i don't know if this would help you but it may kick start your progress again?
  6. thanks for updating @Lonemankane Good luck with the next game you decide to do IF you interested the leaderboard here is the link
  7. same here its a bit annoying
  8. Finally getting around to catching this up ! January Alekhines gun (Ps4) £2.39 Homefront the Revolution (Ps4) £3.99 Far Cry Primal and Mafia Defintive Edition (Ps4) £9.16 (Used £20 amazon gift card so had to use up the remaining £5 or so) Mafia 2 Definitive Edition (Ps4) £12.49 Far Cry Classic (Ps3) £7.99 Call of Duty Classic (Ps3) £11.99 Puppeteer (Ps3) £10.99 Daytona Usa (Ps3) £6.49 Infamous Festival of Blood (Ps3) £7.99 Prototype BioHazard Bundle (Ps4) £7.99 Ratchet & clank tools of destruction, Ratchet & clank Guest for booty, Ratchet & clank A crack in time, Ratchet & clank into the nexus (ALL Ps3) and Just Cause 3 (Ps4) £35 Months Total £112.48 February Various F1 games £23 Batman Arkham Origins (Ps3) £8.60 Plants vs Zombies (Ps3) £18.99 Months Total £50.59 March Homefront: The Revolution Expansion Pass (Ps4) £2.99 Mirrors Edge (Ps3) £3.54 Infamous 2 (Ps3) £4.20 SnakeBoat: Otterrific Arcade £0.79 James Bond Game Bundle (007 Legends, Bloodstone, Goldeneye Reloaded) £18.20 Spec Ops The Line (Ps3) £7.19 Brothers in Arms Hells Highway (Ps3) £2.99 Red Dead 1 and Undead Nightmare (Ps3) £9.33 Tearaway Unfolded (Ps4)£3.83 Batman: Return To Arkham(Ps4) £10.99 Ps PLus 12 months £49.99 Months Total £114.04 April Arsenal Edition PES 2021(Ps4) £9.89 Fuser VIP Edition(Ps4) £64.00 Judgement and Mad Max (Both Ps4) £22.00 Far cry 4 The valley of the yetis DLc (Ps3) £11.99 Sleeping dogs NIghtmare in northpoint Dlc (Ps3)£4.49 Sleeping dogs the year of the snake Dlc (Ps3) £4.49 Toy story 3 (Ps3)£8.99 Batman Arkham Origins; Blackgate (Ps3) £11.99 The Walking Dead: MIchonne (Ps3)£9.99 Hydrophobia Prophecy (Ps3) £1.19 DeadFall Adventures: The Heart Of atlantis (Ps3) £ 4.29 Alien Destroyer (Ps4) £0.79 Months Total £132.10 Overall Total so far £ 409.21 My plan is to slow done a little as im try to stay at 500 per half a year but whether i will hit that target with 2 months or so to go lol. Im now imposing a rule on my self that i must do at least half a pyramid on my event page (Link below) before buying a new game whether that will work lol depends on the sales lol
  9. Just finished Judgement What a fantastic game with a brilliant story with a lot of twists and turns in my opinion. The game is a spin off from the yakuza series but what puts this apart from that series is the fact your not yakuza but a detective but i won't go any further as i don't want to spoil. The gameplay is the same but what makes this game better is the fact there is English voices which is brilliant as i felt i got into the story much more than when i played yakuza kiwami last year (although that was great story as well) that would be the fact you had to read all those subtitles but i digress. If you want to try a Yakuza game but put of by the japanese speech only then this is the game to play. Ryu Ga Gotuku Studio Know how to make a great story. I hope they go back and add english voices to the yakuza series one day this game proves they can do it and do it well. Anyway I strongly recommend this game! LEVEL ONE Kickbeat (PS3) LEVEL TWO Heavy Weapon (PS3) Infamous 2 (PS3) LEVEL THREE Peggle (PS3) Batman Arkham Asylum (PS4) Judgement (PS4) LEVEL FOUR Mafia 2 Definitive Edition(PS4) GoldenEye 007 Reloaded (PS3) Brothers In Arms Hells Highway (PS3) The Walking Dead Michonne (PS3) LEVEL FIVE Spec Ops the Line (PS3) Homefront The Revolution Dlc (PS4) Infamous Festival of blood (PS3) Mirrors Edge (PS3) GTA V (PS3) Up next its gotta be a ps3 title but not sure what yet
  10. why are you going ? @Sword besides i won't be takeyou out incase you ever change your mind
  11. @Edunstar84 Welcome! your the 40th participant to join ! This is perfect for people wanting to finish a pyramid but not feel pressured to 100% like a lot of events on here. you do you It also helps people in other events who overlap as means they can work on too events at once and maybe one will help the other in the long run if you get my drift. Any questions feel free to ask? I look forward to hearing from you !
  12. @ExHaseo Welcome ! Im glad you have joined! Good luck with your list and i hope this helps you get through some of those games Any questions feel free to ask ! P.s Hooray we have made 25 followers for the page and one of 40 participants !
  13. you can put the dlc as a separate game in a future pyramid or use it as your one normal swap per pyramid later down the line if you get stuck