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  1. Yup i have the collection ,i created a new account to get 100% completion so i have many games i just want something to get after the little backlog i have I like most ,i like to try all them and i have bloodborne and nier and love nier on my old acc ,Thanks I put as many hours till i get it 100% and I love like rpgs like fallout and im looking forward for the new walking dead game ,far cry 5 and spiderman rpgs and my faveorate but i love most genres and i try to try all them and i do have most of them like collection ,nier,last of us,doom so maybe ill give them a try on my new account ,thanks Ive never actually played nor seen a yakuza game ,ill do some research and see if it appeals to me ,thanks I love rpgs like fallout ,and i just brought the metro series i like to try alot of games as i think you cant judge a game until you have put hours into it and if i love it i add it to this account which is my attempt at a 100% account
  2. Looking to play some games ,whats are your suggestions to go plat?