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  1. The way the hatch spawn works other than the last survivor standing is number of generators completed = number of survivors +1 = hatch spawn With that for all 4 to get it you need all 5 gens done 3 to escape is 4 gens done so on and so on I wish you luck in your endeavor on this, this was the last trophy I needed for the plat on ps4
  2. others I've seen have been uncharted lost legacy, WRC 9 and predator hunting grounds Not long to wait to find out though so fingers crossed its not cod and wwe
  3. Currently on the grind for Dead By Daylight, other than that Marvels avengers, ghost recon breakpoint and fall guys so a varied selection atm
  4. I was challenged by rebellion to get sniper elite 4 as my 100th, so I thought why not and I delivered, the other I'm proud of is fallout 76 was my 76th platinum
  5. And your point is? I didn't finish it because I sold my ps3 and haven't gone back to it, I was merely commenting on a way to fix the issue But go ahead, tell me how awesome you are because you couldn't be bothered to try and fix something that took only 4 minutes max to fix and just stuck at it
  6. I had the experience on Skyrim for ps3, constant freezing when going into a new area. Turns out the file size glitch can be resolved, turn off all auto saves, wait for a total of 7 days, it clears all the items dropped in places and lowers the file size So I would say for sure DO PLAY NV
  7. Yeah sadly most of the "do x task" trophies have to be done with one operative, hopefully they fix it soon with an update
  8. https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2020/09/29/elite-dangerous-horizons-free-download-october/ as silver-I-chatioy said only the dlc is going f2p
  9. yeah had already started another playthrough but its the whole thing of do I play (imo anyway) a sub par borderlands game just to get those locations If I could guarentee that if I played it in co op then I would enjoy it a lot more
  10. did minos prime and midnight and still nowt
  11. Having the same issue as well raised a ticket and they said let the hot fix apply, when i said i have as all the other location trophies unlocked they said start again from the start great its not like ive spent nearly 3 days to do that before
  12. Watchdogs 2 Going through it atm and loving it