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  1. I just left 2 first items from this chapter. I remember this exactly. I haven't cheated but I now doubt that anyone will believe it. Moreover it's 1.5 year passed, It's kinda hard to describe and answer for any question. The key question for me is that did this rule about close timestamps looking like you backed your saves was already implemented on psnprofiles at July 2016?
  2. Can anybody say if this rule of removing persons for having mixed timestamps was in rules from the start? It feels like it was added during some update and if that's right how can you ban someone for rules violation AFTER you implemented your rule? This is just ridiculous. Being cheater when it wasn't possible to cheat is just great. Just offtop but looking at whole leaderboard and see how team accounts have plenty of games done (the rate they have games completed is like they need to play 30 hours in a day to get it done). The whole fun of this site is going down because years passed, and here you discuss persons with 5-50 platinums while whole top persons are there though it's so obvious and shitty. It start feeling like politics.
  3. SpeedyGreedy Wolfenstein: The New Order Just tell me how could I cheat in 2016 year.<br /> Even if you not care about this, okay. If you play a game, you'll see that these perks really can be unlocked very fast together. There was no perks which you can't unlock so far. You just have to play it couple of times and know where to unlock it. Using retry option in good place you can farm anything you need very fast and then pop 3-4 perks together. As I did.