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  1. I just completed portal with limited moves using basic weapon. Try to hit spot at the back of deamon and hold kick / punch button for Bayo to start shooting guns for some extra damage. Hope that helps and sorry if you mean actually different portal
  2. 4 playthroughs wow.. I feel your pain.. I can't remember all of the names but here is what I've done to get this trophy. -shop owner killed during the robbery - all of the finger prints removed from the Manfred shop so you don't end up at the police station in the next chapter. - Scott let drown his partner girl in the car. - let Kramer die and don't give him his pills. -Madison dies in the killer apartment -Ethan don't get to the warehouse so he never see the killer -Jeyden dies during the fight with origami killer in the last chapter. That's what I've done to get this trophy and I did not had any problems with it on ps4 or ps3 Edit: All need to be done in one playthrough without chapter select, Youbcan start from the chapter that you need to change the outcome and from there finish the game.