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  1. I normally get motion sickness on games that have "walking" mechanics; that's why I tried the Demo before deciding; the moment you start flying I was afraid it wouldn't work for me but at the end it did; I played the whole thing no issue. If you only have tried on PSVR Beat Saber and The Playrrom you probably have not fully tested if you feel motion sickness; try a demo for here they lie; robinson, resident evil 7 (if they actually exist) or any other game that may have walking, just be careful while doing it and stop right away if it feels bad:
  2. That's it, I spent around a month trying to get to the 100k score,and one day it just happened and got the plat 5 mins after...
  3. Most of the codes related to money (psn cards or ps plus) do not work outside their intented store, everything else does, I'll recommend you to try and hopefully it does work
  4. same as you; an ATARI 2600
  5. Jack Sawyer from "The Talisman" and "The Black House" by Stephen King and Peter Straub
  6. The game seemed awesome, plus Insomniac is also a wonderful developer for a colorful action game. I'm glad is up to expectations and can't wait to play it
  7. Well, you'll find abhorrent behavior everywhere, the only difference is that in online play you have the option of a) log-off and don't care or b ) legally beat the perpetrator. To be honest they can hurt you (to a point), as once they ruin the experience for you and you'll end up not enjoying a game you should be having fun with. Funny thing is that it seems to be a common answer around here "if it bothers you then don't play", which even though is the road I've taken (I'll always try to avoid MP games) I don't really agree with it as an argument.
  8. I love how the collector's edition looks
  9. Generally I stop playing the game for a while (sometimes months), most likely a very different genre of game and then come back to it when I just feel like it.
  10. It's a big grind, but honestly it was ok for me. I just got it naturally after playing the daily towers for almost a year (or more), I just didn't mind keeping that pace, 20 minutes a day or so...
  11. Is true that digital games are taking command, and for physical release I could see as a an example the collector's edition for Hitman and Child of Light (that I can remember now) and Telltale games that are getting a physical release that contains a voucher code to download the game. I think this could make sense for editors and developers as well as fans, although not so much to videogame stores. Probably everything will remain the same, with microtransactions as counterbalanced to pre-owned games.
  12. same here, not even sure I know how they look
  13. 2 England vs 3 Belgium 1 France vs 0 Croatia
  14. Having a bit of hesitation about what to play next, after god of war, I got to Telltale's guardian of the galaxy and now trying to 100% AC Syndicate to clear room on my HDD.

    Not sure if trying a game I haven't started yet or trying to finish the ones I have going (Horizon, The Witcher, Far Cry 4), but between work and the world cup, time to play has been super limited.

    1. IntroPhenom


      Out of the games you've listed, I've only played The Witcher, so I'll choose that one.  Surprises are plentiful throughout the main game and the DLC, so keep going!

  15. I think we'll get a remake and sequel on PS5, now that Insomniac seems to be close again with Sony