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  1. Cool! I'm excited. Still have to get around to playing Berseria.
  2. Don't mind me, just passing by! Nice use of Amaterasu as your cover photo.  Makes me wanna play Okami HD again. :D

    1. Carrie Kitteh

      Carrie Kitteh

      Thanks! Definitely one of my favourite games, I've completed it a few times now but always find it so relaxing to play 😌

  3. Spoiler


    Thanks, also to you lil Gabumon chan

    !Bildergebnis für gabumon gif



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    2. Chirithy84


      Bildergebnis für gabumon gif

      It´s wonderful when I can make People happy!

    3. ShonenCat
    4. LunarianLight


      How'd I miss that. lol xD

  4. Been playing ever since I got a Sega Master System and an NES.
  5. XBlaze: Code Embryo.
  6. Hibachi steak.
  7. Edit.
  8. This post contains so many holy grail level items. Nice haul dude!!
  9. One Piece
  10. 8.5/10
  11. Switching off between Sly 4 and Okami HD.
  12. Eh, not a very original origin story but I'm a SAO nut so I took Lambent Light and added my own spin on it.
  13. Spoiler

    Bildergebnis für sword art online kirito welcome

    Wish you a nice Friday!


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    2. Chirithy84


      @Vincent Brooks - thank; you i try to be at my best side!

      @LunarianLight - the first beginnung of a good knownship is a nice welcome!

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      'Come back when you are main character, Klein'

    4. LunarianLight


      @Shirokane84 - Yes, you're right about that!

      @Satoshi Ookami - LOL.  That was great. 😂

  14. Thanks Shirokane.
  15. @Shinobi - Thanks for the thread link it’s just what I was looking for! @Squirlruler - Thx for the welcome bro. I’ll check out all those games you mentioned. Thanks!