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  1. Just a quick question. I started to play last night after finish 1 and 2 HD again. I'm taking my time with it and this morning I sold a few herbs I collected to get some money. Am I screwed or should I keep going?
  2. Thanks a lot brother. Will finish Trails of Cold Steel then I'll go back at it!
  3. Thanks for the tip mate!
  4. Thanks! Will need it in a near future!
  5. In all honesty, should I just give up on it?
  6. Planning on going for this platinum this week. Hopefully I'll find some people for the online trophies!
  7. Willing to do all the Online trophies with someone who's interested. Seems like a tough Platinum, but willing to go for it if I find someone. Cheers
  8. This makes perfect sense as Kiwami 2 is a lot more polished and 'complete' than Yakuza 6.