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  1. The only game I finished is The Sims 4, so use as my skip, I played this one for the bingo, but I realised that it can go in two squares, so I decided to not update till I decide where to use it, I'll probably just update when I do a line on my card. This month was great I played a lot of multiplayer with my friends, because of the quarantine everybody is at home, so it was nice, but it means I started a lot of games and my stats went down. I have to confess that I've got distracted playing with my friends and forgot about the theme. Unfortunately my game discs is in my other house, so I couldn't play my open world games that I was currently playing and I didn't want to start a new one, however I started Borderlands 2 as a friend request, but I couldn't play for too long, my eyes got tired and I felt dizzy, the sad part is that I liked the game, this never happened to me before, so now I reading about motion sickness to see how to minimise it or wait when the quarantine go down and se my ophthalmologist again, but for now no Borderlands... Well, the good news we have a new theme this month, so let's move on. Anyway, now the stats. My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 34 (+1) / all year (+3); 100% completed: this month 45 (+1) / all year (+3); Completion: 51.61% this month (-1.48%) / this year (-0,08%).
  2. First the game for this month is: Vambrace: Cold Soul, I would consider any bosses as monsters because they have the bad green monstrous form and the white normal human one, and there's giant spiders, but anyway, that the game I started this month and stopped everything else to play it, so if it's not on the theme just use as my skip. My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 33 (+1) / all year (+2); 100% completed: this month 44 (+1) / all year (+2); Completion: 53.09% this month (+0.72%) / this year (+2,19%).
  3. Oh my, before I start any games I should update this. My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 32 (+1) / all year (+1); 100% completed: this month 43 (+1) / all year (+1); Completion: 52.86% this month (+0.49%) / this year (+1,47%). I got this idea for a theme and I don't know if it's huge enough, I know it's quite subjetive from one person to another and people may find things in game better than me or to know games that suit best the theme, well it's what I got for now, if needed some changes on phrasing or the rules it's ok, well the idea it's here, I hope people might like it. Go†hic - Play a game where one character/place/building it's goth Both South Park games has some goth characters, Raven from Teen Titans on Injustice, some people might argue for Batman but for me the 3 Arkham games it's more of the hardcore because of the whole setting, but if it's just him in any other game like the Lego or a fighting game then it goes here, and Assassin's Creed Unity has the Notre Dama cathedral, it's gothic architecture but I think this would expand to more games as this theme looks kind of restrictive - Play a game that it's filled with gothic stuff Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon, Castlevania, Vampyr, Hollow Knight, Batman Arkham series.
  4. This is my first platinum this year, I was letting this to play later on, but I like that this event always make my order of playing certain games being different than planned. Detroit: Become Human * Hardcore; * Started this month; * Part of another event (Bingo Bonanza).
  5. Oh I want to join in again, I love this event. That's my card, it's different from last year, some new stuff, some old ones. That's great and fun. Hope to complete some squares soon.
  6. Unfortunately, I got an illness, so I wasn't able to play, but I was able to finish the story of Batman: Arkham Asylum these last couple of days, well, this means I get a silver rank this month, right? I hope to play more specially because I was the one who said this month's theme last year, I remember it was based on a game I played, actually I don't even know the game to play yet, that's ok, I will figure it out. My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 31 (+) / all year (+); 100% completed: this month 42 (+) / all year (+); Completion: 52.37% this month (+0.98%) / this year (+0,98%).
  7. My stats at the start of this new event: Platinum trophies: 31; 100% completed: 42; Completion: 51.69%. Now the new game journey begins.
  8. I want to join in for more one year! =]
  9. And my game this month is: Degrees of Separation Different Event (Bingo Bonanza); Hardcore: 8724; Unfortunately it's a game that's not a platinum, my games that I wanted to play was an odd number, but it's ok, by the way thank you @MarkusT1992 for taking care of this event, it was very enjoyable. My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 31 (0) / all year (+18); 100% completed: this month 42 (+1) / all year (+25); Completion: 51.69% this month (+0.30%) / this year (+11,7%). What a great year, I've reached the 50% mark, I had more than doubled my platinums, reached more than 100 games on my list (for someone that was away form gaming in two whole generations it was fantastic), so many games completed, I know that my bigger games I couldn't handle, but I played a lot of games that I wasn't planning in playing and I enjoyed it a lot, so thanks for this wonderful event more one time. =]
  10. I've got a triple bingo here, unfortunately for this event I moved in to a new house this month, I also travelled and I've been busy overall with good stuff, well that's all that I've got in gaming and it's going to be it because I'm not going to play any games this next couple of days, so many things going on. I love this event, but I have to admit I completed more games than I expected and many of them are games that I wasn't expecting to play, it was many good discoveries just because of the themes, so here's my update and my progress in each month. January: For another PSNP event - The Little Acre - Event: 10 Things I Hate About Games; Ultra Rare Platinum (1,7%) - Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion; February: That You’e Been Meaning to Get to - Stick it to the Man; With a # Or a Punctuation Mark in the Title - South Park: Fractured But Whole; March: Peripheral-Based - Hidden Agenda; With a Female Protagonist - Shadwen; Developed in a Foreign Country - Crossings Souls; With Player Choices or Multiple Endings - 2064: Read Only Memories; By an Independent Developer - Broken Age; April: Retro Rerelease (Originally On a Console W/o Trophies)- Spyro The Dragon; May: Award-Winning - What Remains of Edith Finch; Cult Favorite - Psychonauts; June: Arcade, Rhythm or Puzzle - Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut; July: Favorite Genre - Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! You Think You Will Dislike - Soma; August: Redeemed from PS Plus - Claire; September: Racing or Sports - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled; Player’s Choice - Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon; October: That “Everyone” Buy You Has Played - Life is Strange; November: Starts With The First Letter In You PSNID - Goosebumps: The Game; December: Originally Released in 2019 - Degrees of Separation;
  11. Oh boy I forgot to post this: My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 31 (+) / all year (+18); 100% completed: this month 41 (+1) / all year (+24); Completion: 51.39% this month (+0.69%) / this year (+11,4%). Well the even won, so I will look at my games now because I don't have a clue which game to play, by the way great event so far. I'm not that good in create themes, but I will try to think for something.
  12. And my game this month is: Goosebumps Complete a game you started this month; Different Event (Bingo Bonanza); Hardcore (ghost, werewolf and other stuff). I think that's it.
  13. OMG! It's impossible to see, I didn't even notice that. I really appreciate your effort to make it work, thanks for the change, it's really better your way.
  14. Oh I almost forgot to post, ok ok... let's see... well, I've platinum Life is Strange, I don't know if that counts or not, for me it was a 15-16 hours, I think hahahah, I forgot the time need to the challenge as I write, but if it's not enough, so please use it as my skip for the month. I didn't have time like always to play bigger games. My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 30 (+2) / all year (+17); 100% completed: this month 40 (+2) / all year (+23); Completion: 51.39% this month (-0.16%) / this year (+10,71%). That's the first time I got a negative number, but it's because I played a lot of new games, one in particular I played to my younger brother to see Batman in a video game form. He loved, but that's ok the moment is what counts.
  15. Let's post this, if you notice my completion didn't go up as much because I started so many new games this month, but it's fine I had some great fun. Now I should start to work on my games for October as it seems it's the bigger ones this time around, but should I use HowLongToBeat site statistics for this month or some other statistics are going to be used as well like the guides? My stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: this month 28 (+1) / all year (+15); 100% completed: this month 38 (+1) / all year (+21); Completion: 51.55% this month (+0.06%) / this year (+10,87%).