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  1. Before the PS4 I used to play just one or even none gaming during a year, now it's totally different. This just shows how it was a going back to gaming:


     2017   2018 
    PSN Level 6 13
    Trophies 180 903
    Games 19 76
    Platinum 1 13
    Just 100% 0 4

    *Oh yeah I've started my account on November 3rd, 2017, so that year didn't get so much love as 2018 got.


    To finish I'll say my gaming of the year:


    Game of the Year - Oxenfree - this game didn't get out of my mind even after I finish back in January, I still remember how impactful it was for me, I can't explain, but it's in my heart, it's on a fewer games that I want to go back and play again and I already got 4 playthroughs. And for a game that I've played back in January and it's still on my mind and there's a place in my heart, it's the reason why it's my game of the year.

    2018 Game - Fe - at the end of game I have create my own theory of what was going on, so it made it special in this aspect, I've played but my mind keep thinking about the story.

    Happy New Year everyone and I just hopes that this year for everybody will be a very fun gaming year! 😄

    1. KaiserVendrix


      Hopefully I can get some work done on my new account also, good luck to you on yours :) 

    2. Gesyca


      Thank you KaiserVendrix and hope you can get a lot done too!

  2. I was thinking in not participating because I may not have all those games for the monthly themes, but then I thought why not? So here it is: Current number of achieved platinum trophies - 13 Current number of 100% completed titles. - 4 Current completion percentage - 40.68% (this will go down the reason why is that I bought a lot of new games and I didn't started them yet, some of them I didn't even open it and it don't show on my profile, so if I could let it stay near this number during January it would be great for now)
  3. I will join this and if I go well I'll buy the game for the missing category and announce it later, all games will be played on the PS4. The DLC is the one that I don't know so well, I'll choose one from that game for sure, but I don't know with I go with DLC 2 or 4. That's my list: Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ The Little Acre Completion 81.75% Ultra Rare 2064: Read Only Memories Completion 4.72% Platinum-Less Stick it to the Man Unpopular Fallen Legion Flames of Rebellion #916 Owners DLC Rise of the Tomb Rider DLC TROPHY PACK 2 Difficulty South Park: Fractured But Whole The Token Experience Speed Run Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Up a Short Creek Without a Paddle MP Knowledge is Power Three's a Crowd Peripherals Frantics PlayLink Bad Rep Homefront: The Revolution Metascore 48
  4. #17th 100% [Song of the Deep] - I would normally go and collect 100% of stuff but somehow on my map there's items missing, that's it I will stop here on my search on the map it's just miscellaneous and it doesn't affect any trophy at all, if it's a bug well let's move on, I don't want to stress over it. So let's just celebrate my completion on a game that a bought a year ago. 🎊 😄🎈

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. DamagingRob
    3. Gesyca


      Thank you guys! 😃

  5. Hi, thank you for stopping by. 😁 Ha, it's never too late, thank you for being so nice and so friendly! 😃
  6. Ops... I forgot to post my bingo card. I have to admit it will be hard for me, I just hope to complete some of these. So, this categories is important to clarify: You Think You Will Dislike - SOMA (I think I don't like horror games in general, I avoid them the most, for me Tomb Raider was freaking too much) Player’s Choice: Adventure - Rise of the Tomb Raider Recommended By a PSNP Member - Recommended by Dragon-Archon, Alternatewarning and DrakeHellsing - Persona 5 That's the ones that I need to specify better, all the other ones I will edit later with the final choices (some of them I need to buy, so that's why).
  7. I'm participating on a Bingo Event here on PSNP and my bingo card asked me that someone here on PSNP recommend me a game and I'll have to finish it in order to validate, so please only games with obtainable trophies. So, can someone help me with this? 1f603.png

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, then yes, I would say Persona 5 as well actually, it's a good game (even if I have yet to get further in it... I was stuck in the first world after all xD ), but hey, I do want to get back to it eventually.  but yeah, Persona 5 then shall be my vote too :)

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      I'll go with Persona 5 as well for the recommendation you have to finish. I do plan on playing it myself eventually (perhaps early next year after I go back and play some of the games I have not gotten around to playing in quite some time).

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      hanahaha montana is queen of all plats

      on a serious note, Hyper Light Drifter :)

  8. Thank you, I love the guides showed here. 😃 Thank you, I've seen some events, I will participate in one just to see how well I'll go, but I will try to work on my backlog because with this holiday time I've bought a lot and now my list is crazy with so many started games with little played, so I will try to find some events to help me with that, actually that is really a great idea, I'm losing so much time just choosing what to play. Thanks again. 😄
  9. I wasn't online here, but thanks to stopping by and being so friendly. Just hope we can talk more. 😃
  10. That looks fun. Count me in! o/
  11. Ok, I had a blackout today during a thunderstorm, I generally don't play online games, I didn't like it, I lost my progress. 🙁 The sad part is that I always play offline games with auto save, just when I was playing online... well I guess the universe is trying to give me a trick or something, maybe all I need was just to contemplate the games I should have been playing in that moment. 😁

  12. It's what de_digibeet said you need to use your Enforcer's rush ability to blind the opponent behind you. And also this is a co-op challenge you can have someone else help you with this challenge, so every opponent blinded your friend do it will count for you as well.
  13. Hi, thank you, I'm happy to know that. o/ Well I don't feel bad for not completing the ones I don't like, I feel for the ones that I love. Some of them I just need to go back, but when I buy a new one I always forget the last one, it's just normal. I will try not to be shy, I'm glad to know that this community is very welcoming. 😁
  14. Thank you, yes I've noticed a lot of people sharing help here. I will, thank you. 😃