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  1. Thats actually in the ROS game, not Diablo 3 vanilla. The 500 bounty was really terrible ill agree. What bothered me the most was that i could be doing greater rifts instead of that and have much more fun. Being stuck doing the same boring bounties arg... Lev 70 on multiple characters yeah , i guess its them wanting you to try all of them to pick your favorite but ultimately not every player will play this game for hundreds of hours and just gring it all. I mean this game story is underrated, its actually very fun to progress through, and i could totally see players just wanting to play the game for the sake of enjoying its story. So asking for that many playtrough seem a bit excessive That being said, it coud had been much worst, when you have a look at the in game challenges and such... ouch. Im glad ultimately i was able to 1000/1000 this game 3 times on Xbox 360/One. And now im going for the platinum of the D3 vanilla on PS3. But ill end it there, no ROS playtrough lol, i played this game enough
  2. Alright, i know my chances to find somebody on that old and irrelevant (since ROS) game is basically close to 0, but cost nothing to ask. So i did all trophies but now im doing the hardcore one. I had done it on the 360 back then, and attempted it last year but got kill at some point and it pissed me off. I put aside and just recently got back to it, im currently lev 11 and its starting to take time... So im just wondering if anybody would be kind enough to rush me so i lev up super fast. If not ill just do it "the old way" but if i could save some time... And yes this time im backing up my save... lol
  3. I did All that Gliters TWICE (once on the 360, once on the PS3) and the thing is, yes its overly long currently but the initial intention i think wasn't that bad. What i mean by that is that Diablo 3 was always planned as a long game that you would play countless hours into. The problem is, they decided to release a new version of the game with a different set of trophies/achievements and have you import your save. So if you didn't played a shit ton of Diablo 3 with friends before the initial release of ROS then you would just farm for nothing basically. On my first time on the 360 i actually didn't find All that glitchers that bad because i played the game with friends and simply enjoyed it. But on the PS3 years later i did a single player playtrough and my gawd was it terrible long and boring... lol
  4. PS3 Exclusives i own that i wish had trophies Resistance Fall of Man Dark Kingdom Heavenly Sword Ninja Gaiden 1 PS3 games i wish had trophies so i could replay them (did them on Xbox 360) and re-unlock stuff Oblivion Clive Barker's Jericho and probably more that don't comes to mind right now. Its a shame trophies where an aftertaught after the succes of achievements and not there from the start, because of that i feel its "incomplete" , i was an Xbox guy only during the 7th gen and only played the PS3 from 2016 and up but so many games i played them strickly cause of achievements, always gave a solid motivation to try smaller games and sometimes find something i liked.
  5. Ah the famous question of the PS3 servers going down. Personally i think up until the PS5 we are probably fine for sure. BUT once the PS5 is out, i think it may be a matter of borrowed time. Im not saying they will close it right away on release day, but with the PS5 being out and focussing on that one, they may announce a closure date for the PS3 online support. I don't worry as much when it comes to Xbox because Microsoft is super supportive of the backward compatibility and intend to have everything that Xbox One plays also play on their next console. I don't know how PSNow is important for Sony, especially the PS3 side of it, In any case this year i have been trying to play as many of my PS3 exclusives as i could, will keep doing so this summer at leats up until big release season.
  6. Personally i just won't bother. I was too late to the party on PS3 so im going for MOSTLY single player stuff. If there is easy/quick online trophies i can still do fairly easy then of course but no grinding and other nonsense like this. When i started killzone 2 i looked at the online trophies and said "Nope!" (and that was before the server shutdown) but 3 (regular edition) didn't had that many and they seem rather easy so i did them (or most of them, can't remember if i did it all) plus i wanted to try it online for the sake of it. Honestly at this current time i am just more worried ill have time to play all my PS3 games before they hypotetically decide to shut down the online entirely. I known its not guarenteed it will happen but i feel by the PS5 release they may do it. And since there is no backward compatibility on PS4 (outside PSN and i dunno how it work and if you can unlock trophies) then i don't see why they would keep the PS3 online when it does not make money anymore. On xbox since tons of games are BC it make sense to keep the online open and still allow achievements to be added online. I have 3 major games to do wich will be very time consuming, Yakuza 3-4-5 so thats why im a bit worried.
  7. Hum.. a playstation app. Maybe is should download that lol.
  8. To be honest i am at peace with my choice of having gone the Xbox 360 road during the 7th gen. I do game on PS3 now, bough one in 2016 for the exclusives but it always gave me that feeling the online entirely was an after taught, from trophies being added later (and so many good games missing them) to the servers wich closed way too soon in some cases , to the lack of party chat/voice messages and other basic features. The 360 did had its problem (red ring of death and disc optical drive failing) but it just seem overall like a more complete machine. I should had upgraded to the slim black 360 instead of sticking with the white too, but i was paying a microsoft warrenty every year so everytime i had to change console (wich was around every 8 to 12 months lol) they would do it as part of that warrenty but always give me another white old model. Plus i liked i could swap my HDD tough very easily. Also i find it so annoying to "synch my trophies" and i have only 19 games, i can only imagine peoples with 200+ games how long it may take... lol In any case, i do personally love the 7th gen, actually i love it more than the 8th gen. I feel that the 7th gen just had more games, more variety. It seem these days its either big AAA titles (with an emphasis on live services) or its the indy routes. There is not much in between titles like on the 7th gen, like "smaller" full scale games that were still enjoyable. Also it may sound a bit dumb for some, but i miss liscenced games. Yes a lot were crap but not all, and they were entertaining for what they were, at least for me.
  9. Naughty Dogs games are faboulus games in term of gameplay, graphics and fun. But they are the most glitchy stuff i encountered in my short time on the PS3. Uncharted 1 would freeze if you played for too long and didn't played another game in between. I managed to do the game with only 2 freezes but such a bummer when you playing a good game and just feel like continuing. Its a known issues Uncharted 2 i was lucky to not have problems but there is known glitch call the spinning dagger of doom or something like that, basically an infinite loading screen. I have yet to play Uncharted 3 and this is partly because i read that it also has glitch. I was kinda tempted to wait to play it on the PS4 trough the collection but then again i had fun with the first 2 games and im eager to play it and not ready to get a PS4... i dunno. As for The Last of us it was the worst of the bunch for me. My disc is in great shape, like super great shape, yet at one point in the game i encountered a bug where i just couldn't advance. The environement wouldn't load and i would walk on empty and such. I uninstalled and installed back, no luck. I had to rent another game and litteraly uninstall the game and install back to have it debug. I didn't want to erase my save file and restart, i was like half way in the game and was having fun, it would have really kill the mood. Thankfully it was able to debugg and i could finish that excellent game. But yeah naughty dogs games on PS3... so much glitches...
  10. Yes ! Some of the games i got the PS3 for. I have 3 and 4 is on the way (from ebay), sadly 5 is digital only in North America, its a bit of a bummer but maybe eventually it will get a remaster on PS4/5. As for the thread oh boy if you didn't owned a 360, there is SOOO MANY GOOD GAMES in the 7th gen... Too much for me to list them. My PS3 is more for exclusives as i games from 2006 to 2015 (still do but got the X1 in 2015) on the 360. Resistance 1-2-3 Killzone 1-2-3 Yakuza 3-4-5-Dead Souls Infamous 1-2 The Last of Us Uncharted 1-2-3 Beyong Two Souls Heavy Rain Prince of Persia Collection (never played them during 6th gen and they have trophies now) God of War Collection Those are exclusives i got for my PS3. Have not played them all yet but had fun with the ones i did, even if its years later. Sure muiltiplayer servers down is a bummer a bit too but i don't put too much attention in that. I knew by getting late in the PS3 i wouldn't have a high completion % anyway. Even if the servers were still up they would be half dead. Granted i only have a 65% or so completion on Xbox too... and its my main platform so...
  11. Well i guess it also depend on your type of gaming. I changed 360 since my last post because the other one couldn't read much disc anymore (only when it felt like it, and that was when the disc holder didn't stuck...) and i now have a 250 GB and i still have so much space left after installing everything i needed to install. Granted i didn't install all my digital retail games as i prefer to play them on Xbox One when possible by way of Backward compatibility and i prefer disc games usually (but have a lot of digital games due to games with gold) but my point is that i have plenty of space with 250. But i only play alone on my console, i don't share. I can understand if you are 2 or more playing on the same machine with different taste in gaming it may be an issue. In any case with my PS3 ill have enough space to install every DLC i own (its not a lot tough lol), all the PS1/PS2 games i bough (trough the store via the emulation thingy) and a few digital games + the installs and patches of my physical games. I don't think ill ever lack space lol.
  12. 250GB was not enough for PS3? Dammmn.... lol You must only buy digitally i guess. I think my 360 Hard Drive is a 120GB and i never had any issues with space. I can't install all my games obviously but i don't need to have all games installed at the same time. In my PS3 i am unsure of what size i got, its in the 100GB+ but i can't remember if its 120 or 160. Now ganted i use the PS3 mostly for exclusives only so i am sure that ill have plenty of space for all games lol. I never understood the concept of copy protected saves either. Ultimately you can't copy a save from one profile to another anyway. Copying saves is always for backups to your own profile. Yes in some games it may defeat the purpose of a specific trophy (like do not die for the entire game) but i always find those stupid anyway... no games should have a "no death" trophy for the entire game.
  13. Its a shame so many games where not trophy patched and that it took Sony that many years to finally include trophies. I mean Smackdown vs Raw 2009... damn thats late. I would definately get Oblivion and Clive Barker's Jericho on PS3 if it mean re-unlocked stuff.
  14. Always give me a laugh when i see the mention of the "ds3" or "ds4" i kinda think Nintendo DS for a second before remembering Playstation is the only company to ever actually name its "base controller". I mean Nintendo named the wireless controller "wavebird" at the time cause it was a novelty and Xbox does named its smaller controller the "s controller" for Small but it was because it has a major difference from the original model. While the playstation 2 and 3 controller is basically the same thing and only ever got one model (that i can recall). I know the original PS1 controller had no joysticks and the name dualshock came from the second model wich had joysticks and (i supose) a rumble feature thus the name "dual shock" but honestly after the PS2 release its kinda funny they kept the name and used it til the PS4 wich was the first time they actually change the controller layout/model. Im not counting the "sixasis" motion control crap or whatever its call lol. ANYWAY maybe im making too much a fuss about it. Its just i call them the "ps3 controller" and the "ps4 controller" personally. Now unto the subject i think having the PS4 controller work on PS3 is more like a conveniance, allowing you to play games in case your main controller broke or allowing a second player to play while the first player play with the regular ps3 controller. I think its still a nice feature even if limited. I wish my X1 controller would work on 360 cause the D-Pad is so much better on X1. The D-pad on the 360 controller is its only flaw pretty much. Well i guess you could say the battery pack aspect too as sometimes if you give a tiny shock to the controller it can unclip the battery, but im talking button layout.
  15. Not sure i understand the OP's point but considering its a 2016 post ill never get the answer anyway.... more than likely. That beingt said, "synching" trophies is truly a big flaw on PS. I mean... its obviously tied to the fact that PS3 trophies where an "aftertaught" after the succes of achievements. My PS3 profile is rather small with not even 20 games, as my PS3 was bought in 2016 and its main purpose is to play Sony exclusives from the 7th gen along some older PS2 games that where re-released on PS3. Yet the "wait time" synching trophies bothers me and its only like 5 secs. I think when you earn a trophy it should automaticaly update to your profile. I don't understand still to this day why the PS3 has "2 profiles", when i sign up it kinda sign me on a generic profile on the PS3 and then on my PS network profile... I can only imagine guys that have 250 games or more on PS3 and have to wait to synch them up everytime.... oh boy. I just hate having trophies "unsynched" to online. Today i was continuing my Killzone 2 playtrough and unlocked a few tophies along the way and it took me all the small change to mustard not synching them before being done playing and then synching them. Everytime i unlock a trophy i want to synch it immediately I heard on PS4 they synch super fast but i still question the reason why you need to do so... when a trophy unlock it should unlock both online/offline at the same time.
  16. I am going trough the exclusivities mostly when it comes to the PS3 so once im done with the exclusivities i want to play then ill stop using it. That is not for anytime soon as i still have lots of games to go through. Once the exclusivities are done, MAYBE ill replay some of the games i loved on 360 and earn trophies for them since its always fun to unlock stuff, wich i already done on Xbox. I actually did this already but realized its slowing me down too much so ill stop doing it at the moment. I still have PLENTY of 360 games to do as well. So im far from done with the seventh gen and if the video game industry keep going in the direction its going at the moment (lootboxes, "live services", broken games etc) i am happy i have so much to play still on the 7th gen. Cause my 8th gen backlog is nowhere as big as the one i STILL HAVE for the 7th gen imagine that, and i play the 7th gen since 2006 and its been "done" since 2013 pretty much. Now i just hope the online services remain open on the 7th gen. Im not worried too much for Xbox as they are big on backward compatibility but Sony... we never know. Yes there is the "patten" but until we know for sure i don't trust that too much.
  17. My Story about RE is also a bit of a "love letter" in a way. I was in juvenile detention, had been there for around 6 months or so, i had an N64 at home that i had for a couple months before going there, only had a couple games including Mario 64 but i had ranted Goldeneye and some wrestling games, also played a ton of those at friend's place. Anyway, so there was that guy who was a "step 3" , wich was a ranking system we had, the better you behave, the highter you could get but at that time they where very picky on step 3. (I was a 2 myself for a long time before getting my 3 much much later) So that guy because of it had acces to a "step 3 local" where you could play N64, while us we only had an SNES. He had also acces to a sound system, personal tv/dvd player while us in the group had only a VCR. This was in 2000, around january or so. Anyway so that guy managed to get RE2, i can't remember if it was a rental or he owned the game at home or whatever. Anyway he talked to us about it and how good it was. The "fun line" was "you could kill cops in this game". Wich obviously for guys in juvenile detention looked interesting. 😄 So when i got out of there, i rented the game. At first like everybody i was shit at it, eventually i switched my control scheme to "D" and this is what made it easier to play for me. Dunno why, anyway these days i play with the default control and im fine. Unlike many peoples i love tank controls and don't feel they "aged" at all. I like that type. Anyway back to the rental of RE2, i played for a while during those 2 days, had fun but i made it just far in the police station. Saving was on the cartridge so i didn't expect my game to still be there if i rent it again, so i didn't do it. A short while afterthat, the dreamcast, wich i also heard about in the juvenile center, was getting cheaper and cheaper, it was in 2001. My grand father bough one to me for under 200$CAD wich was not too execessive for a system at that time. The console was on the decline but PSO was still going super strong but thats a story for another time. So when i got my consol i got PSO with it (part of an used bundle) and i also bough RE3. I remembered how cool was RE2 but the DC version was not at the store, and i had seen the third game at the video store for rental. Tough the "big monster" on the cover looked awesome so for around 30$ or less, i got that game as well. I really enjoyed it, had ton of fun. So much i wanted another RE game right away. I had already seen Code Veronica in video stores as well so i got that one and damn i loved it. Even more than 3. Then it was time to get back to 2 but again, no DC version in stores near where i live. I settle back on getting the N64 version, wich i still had the console, and i had lots of fun once again discovering that game entirely exept maybe for the fact that the graphics was very subpar compared to me now being used to the dreamcast. Eventually i did find a RE2 DC version in stores. It took me a long time to get to RE1 because i had no PS1. Yup, one of the few peoples who don't associate RE with PS1 but Dreamcast. lol. Eventually i got a very cheap PS1 wich i played only a few games on. RE1, RE Survivor and Metal Gear Solid are some that i remember playing entirely. But it was hard for me to go back on a very very dated system. I didn't grew up with PS1, i had an N64 wich is superior graphically (double the bits, released 2 years later too) and by that time being used to the dreamcast i just couldn't stand the graphics. So the first time i did RE1 i had trouble apreciating, just because it didn't aged as well as 2, 3 and CV on dreamcast. The fun thing is the remake of RE1 came like 6 months later and then i LOVED that game. Nowadays i apreciate RE1 for what it is, its campiness and such, Gotta play it on an old TV tough because PS1 looks even more shit on modern TVs lol. I really wish the OG or should i say the director's cut (the one i had) would be ported to modern system. I love having the RE1 remake (or as we call it on the french side, REbirth) but i wish the OG trilogy would be released enhanced for modern systems. 2 and 3 still looks fantasic on game cube by the way, i played 2 on the Wii via backward compatibility a month or so ago.
  18. I only have less than 20 games, so the trophies sync take around 5 secs and that still annoys me, imagine if i would have 200+ games... I can't really say between PS4 and PS3 as i don't own PS4 yet and im not a veteran PS3 user, but switching between my 360 and X1 there is sometimes that feeling for certain things as its an older, slower machine. But i gotta say i have been very badlucked when it comes to Xbox 360, my consoles always have problems, either its the red ring, errort 74 or disc drive don't want to open or read properly. But all and all, i find it just annoying to have to open another console. When im at home my X1 is always open, i can acces almost all i want on it, youtube mainly but netflix and most of my games. Altough the PS3/X360 do have those 2 apps options, i just didn't configure them as i didn't feel it was worth it. I mostly open the old machine to play a game and shut it down when im done. But sometimes just that seem like a chore in some way. Its hard to explain. I don't even shut down my X1 when doing so, so the 2 consoles run together :\ just because i don't want to have to re-open the X1.
  19. Really hope you are right In any case i will double down on doing PS3 games until May just in case. Just finished Killzone HD, will chain to Killzone 2. I am not worrying too much about trophies on this game as servers are shut down and even if they where not, the trophies where ridiculous anyway, was not gonna do them. I will just play the game regulary and enjoy it.
  20. Really hoping this is fake. I got too many games to play on my PS3. I I will never be able to do them all before May 2019 I am obviously aware eventually this will happen, but would hope they would announce it way in advance (like a year or so, so we can buy/download all that we need to) and secondly not before the PS5...
  21. Personally i got a PS3 in 2016. I was an Xbox 360 gamer during the 7th gen. I regret having taken my sweet time to play some of these games. I should had focuss more on the PS3 the last 2 and a half year but it is what it is. I still have many great titles to play on the machine and im mostly looking only at exclusives... The factors in getting a PS3 now are... 1) Most games have multiplayer servers down, and if they are still up, there mostly empty unless its Call of Duty, making it either impossible or very hard to unlock the multiplayer trophies. 2) PS3 Servers going offline may be a thing... nothing heard from Sony so far and i do think they would announce it well in advance, but you never know. If it happen it may block earning trophies... But personally i think PS3 and 360 games are holding up just fine... There not "aging badly" by any means.