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  1. It does.
  2. I don't know whether some of the reports are missable but it popped for me after reading the last report I got just before the ending.
  3. Did you actually fight him or did you skip the battle? Either way I would wait until you beat the game - you get a chance to reload a save file from beginning of each act and getting to Kelltulis shouldn't take more than few minutes if you skip all the side stuff. Maybe having a different save state will help.
  4. There's a unit which name I can't remember right now, but it has over 10 base power and gets boosted by 7 every time Loyal gets triggered. They are the most important ones, I think. Gascon and the Strays we're a good combo too because he gets boosted every time you move a unit. As for weapons I used the one that lets you remove one of your units and pick two new ones from your deck. There are also some units that get played from your deck automatically at the beginning of the game meaning you pretty much start the first round with a score of 50 or so. Oh, and there's also a trophy that boosts every played unit by one. I'm sure there are some other ways to make it easier, but this should suffice, I think.
  5. The weapons are definitely missable. Luckily it takes only about, dunno, hour and a half to rush through the game and get all of them. This video was pretty helpful. As for the units, I don't think the special ones (the ones you collect along the way, not craft) count towards the trophy as I had and it still popped.
  6. It was fairly easy to get this one more or less naturally. Most latter battles (on Easy, though) I ended with a score over 200 and then it's just a matter of pushing as many units as you can. If you wait until your opponent passes in the first round, this one's a piece of cake.
  7. It creates a new save from your original one Just the story Yes