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  2. CONTROL #400 Director Of The FBC Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  3. No cleanup, but doing these: 1. Friday The 13th (0.91%) - 100% 2. Rayman Legends (4.25%) - 100% If u have suggestions, quote 3 additional games (with U.R. platinum, but not too frustrating like the ones above) to start for my list
  4. I got these platinums + 100% dlcs: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  5. CYBERPUNK 2077 #362 TROPHY #10.000 Never Fade Away Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  6. #350 Slayer Of Trophies Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  7. 53 >>> 584
  8. I did not find a discussion for this, so i wanna start one. which were the WORST trophies you earned and why? Share your experience. This is my list: Perfect Sphere Master - Final Fantasy X Soooo long grind, definitely one of unnecessary trophies for this list, cause Sphere Master trophy was enough. Giant Tower - Final Fantasy X-2 Get a perfect walkthrough until last floor, to discover that final boss get just 100-130HP damage, destroying every chance, so you go back on previous 60 floors to increase skills and magic options. One Shot - Alien: Isolation Damn, facehuggers! Blessed second save slot! 🙏🏻 Mist Walker - Final Fantasy XII - THE ZODIAC AGE Just four words: WORST RNG TROPHY EVER! Hail To The King - Final Fantasy IX thank you AutoKey developers 🤘🏻 death to Square Enix 👎🏻 Well Master - Downwell Probably the best trophy for tachycardia attacks. Charted! - Brutal - UNCHARTED 1, 2 & 3 What to say... dualshocks learned to fly, really, really well. Lady Maria Of The Astral Clocktower - Bloodborne Loved this character so much, but damn, how the f*** you can be so fast?!? Winning a solo match against this biatch would be a satisfying prize (i done with co-op obvs to have some seconds to breathe 🥴 but i will try again as solo, with a NG+++++). ...It - Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Frustrating but funniest trophy to get with Uncharted 4 Survival DLC. Completed Grounded Mode - The Last Of Us Joel, dear Joel... so many bullets you got in the head... 😖 The Dark Soul - Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Bosses, sorceries, bosses, hexes, bosses, pyromancies, bosses, miracles, bosses, sorceries, bosses, hexes, bosses, pyromancies, bosses again, again and again. Yes, i hated this game exactly like you (first and third chapter were simply perfect). Hard and fast - Unravel Two No clock, no pauses, no deaths, no patience, no brain, just a psycho player. You Got The Touch! - God Of War Knives, many many knives on developers’ hearts, not our poor Kratos. 😏🤜🏻 🔪 🩸 Strong Arm Tactics - Jetpack Joyride 50 long and annoying days. Please, abolish these trophies once for all, especially when there’s no a platinum 😩 Challenge - The Witness 20th Century Fox present: CAST AWAY starring Usain Bolt Soundtrack by Edvard Gried Gasmoxian Slug - CTR: Nitro Fueled No comment. A New Blademaster - Final Fantasy XV One of first experiences with badass trophies. DLC was pretty good tho. Legendary Warrior - God Of War Ascension Do you know the actor of Muse’s Hysteria music video? It was me. Best Of The Best - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare I’m still hearing Sergeant voice screaming in my head. Infallible - Fall Guys Two of worst weeks, thirty of most satisfying seconds in my life.
  9. Around 50 wins, cause lost many times 3-4 win streaks for Infallible trophy otherwise were just between 15-20.
  10. #307 Ultimate Fall Guy Difficulty: 10/10 Enjoyment for game: 8/10 Enjoyment for Infallible trophy: -1.296.000/10 A nice gift for PSplus users, game was really funny on first days, then bugs, server issues and many other nonsense things came to ruin everything. How to not mention “Infallible” trophy, one of most discussed on last weeks, frustrating as few platinums i got like Unravel 2 and Downwell. The actual exploit was a good help, but frustration did not decrease so much. Now i’m bit curious about DLC trophies by developers for Season 2, to be released on October. Anyway, 1.296.000 are the seconds i spent to get platinum 😖
  11. same. just won, after hundred attempts, and server gone down 2 minutes later on next episode. Server disconnection can ruin your streak? If so, this platinum will be a total utopia.
  12. THE LAST OF US PART II #300 and WORLD FASTEST PLATINUM Every Last One Of Them Collect all trophies. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 11/10 A perfect conclusion for one of best games ever. Loved this part II so much, that i wanted to learn every detail and shade, playing many many runs in this last month, and becoming also the fastest platinum achiever.
  13. No, cause there’s blank account method to avoid this problem. i would allow it only for unattainable platinums, or in alternative developers can release a patch to let people earn that trophies with different skills.
  14. AVICII INVECTOR #282 Platinum Trophy Collect ‘em all. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 An interesting “guitar hero-like” project, with music from one of best musicians gone too soon. RIP Tim Bergling 1989 - ∞