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  1. TOMB RAIDER: DEFINITIVE EDITION #150 True Survivor Story mode was enough good, apart from some challenges, while with a dead multiplayer, platinum became too annoying. Difficulty: 3/10 (5/10 with multiplayer) Enjoyment: 6/10
  2. #125 Lionheart The PS1 game i loved the most got finally its remaster and platinum! Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 (of course 😜)
  3. List confirmed. Nice that at least max points are 1230.
  4. Yeah but i can’t play it until 3/9 😂
  5. Where’s the definitive trophy set for ps4? i’m downloading the game right now but no list yet 😑
  6. Let’s see today when x2 will appear.
  7. No trophies for: - collect all cards - complete Shumi village quest - complete all Chocobo forests - reach level 100 - finish the game without Squall lvl up - complete Ifrit side quest in less than 10 minutes - upgrade all weapon - kill ultima weapon - collect all Quistis’ Blue Magic - use Selphie’s The End - unlock both ability pages for a G.F. - kill 100 Kyactus - cause a 9,999 damage - defeat Edea - defeat Adele - increase G.F. affinity to 1000 for a character - win 50 or 100 Triple Triad matches - collect all G.F.s (instead one trophy for each one) - get Odin (considering it’s not available on G.F. list) and YES, i really love this game. FF9 got 52 trophies (you enjoy the game at 101%), FF15 more than 60, so... come on, just some (final) fantasy for these trophies...
  8. Was so excited to have finally this remaster, especially for trophy challenges (FF7 and FF9 sets were perfect, expect some grind trophies), then i seen these leaked list 🤮🤮🤮 I hope seriously this set is a fake.
  9. Saturday and Sunday start always at same timing in my country. Someone knows how works timing?
  10. What happened to Friday bonus weekend? this is the second one x2 bonus is missing.
  11. CTR: NITRO FUELED #100 Woah! Earn all the other trophies. Definitely one of my hardest platinums, along with Downwell and Unravel 2. Done also when game had many bugs on tracks, like shortcuts and invisible walls, so satisfaction for this 100th was higher.
  12. After almost 2 weeks of blood and sweat, i got finally platinum (also the 100th) winning my last oxide track, dragon mines, probably the most unfair level in the game. I can confirm, also after the platinum, that this game needs a nerf, cause there are too many wrong, unbalanced and overall unfair things, and adapt yourself is the only thing you can do (this part is dedicated to people who have fun griefing with “git gud” “crybaby” other players). i think an “easier”, NOT easy or medium difficulty for every track can tempt players more to try to earn this platinum.
  13. Beaten now after hours and days of attempts 👍🏻 f**k 3rd july update
  14. Done first all CTR tracks, only Sewer Speedway and Dragon Mines left for Oxide, maybe for these levels i’ll wait for July 3rd update where they probably solved corruption files and shortcut bugs, same for CNK tracks. Personally i’d swap Papu Pyramid with N Gin Labs.
  15. This level is pure s**t. Stopped now to try after three full hours without a damn pause. 20/500 tries for shortcut gone successfull (tried every method posted here, on youtube, on twitch, on Saturn), some on first lap, some on second lap and some on third lap. only one time i got all three laps, but guess, oxide never do a minor mistake, and he’s always behind your ass, so obvs race can’t be won. and my controller is almost broken. I don’t know how the f*** people made a platinum in less than 48 hours when there are these sh***y levels projected with feet. maybe developers thought 100% of crash players are masochist, but unfortunately it’s not so.