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  1. Stop treating it like an obsession. Only go hunting for trophies if they seem fun to you. I usually check our road maps before I start a new game. If the trophies seem tedious, boring, too difficult or too long to get... pass. I play another game or I play said game on a different plattform. Then there are games that I want to play no matter what... Quite recently RDR2. I already know when I started that I won't bother with trophy hunting. So this is what I did. No stress. Used to boost online trophies and such (Overlord come to mind), which drove me off from achievement and trophiy hunting completely for a while. Will never do this again. I only go trophy hunting if they trophies seem fun and are quite easy and fast to get. Otherwise, like I said, I either pass on the game completely or play it on a different account or plattform. I'm a 100% sucker.
  2. I love hunting trophies but over the years I grew a distaste for the practice of adding trophies later on - and Ubisoft became king of this. Usually I put in some time and effort to get the 100% for a game. I love it and all but when I'm done I'd really like to move on. So I'm not a fan of coming back to a game I already completed a few months later. They should keep this GaaS practice for their online games like Division. I'd rather have them release a completely new entry every year. That's probably also the reason why I was never bothered with the anual cycle of the series until after 3.
  3. They kept getting more and more after launch support with every game though. Odyseey is just a next level. Origins already had a shitload of support later on as well.
  4. For the love of god... Just let it die... No wonder the yearly cycle doesn’t work for AC any. Since they keep throwing so much additional content at their games it’s literally just a few months between each entry.
  5. Funny how tastest can be different. For me Origins was not only the best AC (and I’ve been a huge fan ever since the first) but also one of the best games ever made... Hmmm...
  6. Hey guys, anyone else has problems with the above mention trophy not unlocking? I finished the quest and killed all the legendary animals but didn‘t get the trophy for some reason. Do I have to kill the quest giver or let her live? Not sure if I did or not because I honestly didn‘t pay attention to the trophies in general before I finshed the game earlier. Are there some other things I have to do for this trophy? This is a tad bit frustrating because I poured well over 100 hours into this game and before I restart the whole game because of this I want to make sure it‘s really necessary. So, anyone else had the issue of this trophy not unlocking after he killed all the animals?
  7. Man, you're the best. I could kiss you. Yes, the solved that issue. If you choose the lover option you need to go back to the Huntress Village and then quest marker for the final quest will pop. Geez, already thought I have to restart the whole thing. Thank you so much!
  8. There are no stupud questions, only stupid answers. Yes, of course. I have the whole Artemis gear set.
  9. Don't worry too much about the Speedrun. I replayed the game earlier this year on the PS2 and boy is it short. Even if you have to do 3-5 runs for the plat it won't take you longer than 20 hours.
  10. Well shit... Must have been one of the few idiots then who did it the normal way. Didn't even have the golden guns. lol
  11. No platinum but I was quite surprised to see that beating Uncharted 1 on Brutal is only Very Rare instead of Ultra Rare. I mean, that shit is HARD. Last checkpoint of the game was crazy because it was purely luck based if you could even attempt it. 9 out of 10 times you'd just die immediately after the cutscene without being able to do anything. I'm nuts and all but I didn't think that so many people were just as crazy.
  12. I did enjoy the game the first time around (only got tired of it when I went for the completionist) but that is not the point. By adding such a trophy you are forced to replay it again if you want the 100% and that is annoying after you‘ve put so mich time in it. If Ultimate would have been in there from the start, I‘d have played it on that difficulty right away and would have also had my fun with it. Now you can argue if it‘s necessary to get all the trophies but I think that is kind of a shallow question considering on which site we are...
  13. I‘m getting very annoyed bis this as well... Well, at least you can do it on NG+ and can hence focus on the story and ignore the rest. Imagine if you‘d have to do Ultimate from scratch and be forced to do that repetitive side stuff again... *shiver*