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  1. Nice, with the current update 1.93 the issue was fixed.
  2. Hey guys, do somebody also have the problem that since couple of days you can't play the game anymore? I got an error message while starting the game that dlc peninsula corridor has a wrong version or so (error code: sanfransanjose). I can't play any of my dlcs. Also in the ingame store the peninsula dlc is marked as not installed and even not purchased! Although I'm playing the collectors edition and had the dlc installed for a lot of months now. Doesn't matter if the tsw2 dlc version or the tsw2/3 compatible version, i have to buy them both again. Created a ticket to dvg now, but did somebody of you also had that kind of problem already?
  3. Can you confirm it already? Want to start that game in the next time.
  4. Will be interesting if they fix their bugs in the DLCs for TSW3. e.g. OSD: Master Class Complete all training modules on Oakville Subdivision -> currently anobtainable on the ps4 version Also, sadly partial progress of trophies not supported for TSW3. Somehow a lot of new PS5 games aren't supporting this feature.
  5. Got it, thank you both for response. Yes indeed, workshop parks did not work. I tried to use the workshop parks because in my own parks immediately after the train left the track it disappeared with a magical dust so it did not hit any people somehow. But now I've set up a new park and the train could left the track without any problems, trophy plopped.
  6. Hey guys, does anybody else have problems to earn the trophy? I'm using the method like all the others to derail the train of the coaster into the crowd of people. I've downloaded three different parks from the workshop designed for the trophy (just search the keyword "crash" with the filter for parks) and startet testing the coasters. The trains hit the people but no trophy coming. Tried the parks in sandbox- und challenge mode without any differences. My trophy is not popping. Anybody else or any suggestions?
  7. Alright, found out something in chapter 20. Additionally to the fact you may not speak to Alfred you also aren't allowed to make a safegame during the tracking down with for Remigius. Making a safegame anytime in the birdview map is also causing a crash at the end!
  8. Damn, thank you so much. Run also into the bug at chapter 20, good that I've head a manual save shortly before. Edit: Oh oh, I still have the problem even without talking to Alfred. I'm ignoring him and the crash still appears..
  9. Turning the HUD off and the trophy pops!
  10. Absolutely agreed. Try and error is the way to go. My personal experience is having tcs enabled always on 1 as default because disabling it completely you will loose too much time with spinning tyres. Sometimes you even need to increase the value.
  11. The most important thing is to have good tires. Always try to buy the best tyres allowed in the race. It's been a while since I've completed the campaign, so I don't even know if there are any reglementations for because some races may forbid some kinds of tyres. The best tyres from best to weakest are pretty straight forward: Race Soft Race Medium Race Hard Sport Soft Sport Medium Sport Hard Comfort Soft Comfort Medium Comfort Hard After tyres I recommend to buy a suspension upgrade (coilovers) to lower your car. Let the settings on default, that's okay for the beginning. Then you can upgrade your with more power to reach higher PP.
  12. Quite interesting method, will follow this thread.
  13. Finally, on my (around) 25th try I could finsih this level. My 12th platinum rank I've did with mysterio because it's a lot easier to do. Holy moly, I'm so glad I could finally throw this piece of sh*t away!
  14. Does somebody of you also have massively problems with the carnage level? I just need the level on hard and it is absolutely not possible to finish it. It freezes aaalways at the scene where the helicopter is crashing in a blackscreen or infinite loading screen. Also on every checkpoint reload. Then I have to restart the whole level. On the next run he engineer I have to save isn't showing up, again restart from new. Then complete freeze at one hangar, also restart again. Then again infinite loading screen at the helicopter crashing scene. Then again, now at the helicopter level the heli itself isn't appearing, by entering the new level: blackscreen. Damn guys, I've already started this level 10x times and it isnt possible to finsih it. Am I the only one? I'm so freakin frustrated about this game, I will throw it straight to the junk when platinumed it somehow..
  15. Just want to clarify for others because I was confused about the third step (as the second player). You have to take out your gun for availabling the option to deconstruct with square button. I thought at first I have to "deconstruct" (or better destroy) the blueprint with my weapon by shooting it down but no.