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  1. I just spend about 2 hours fighting a duo and so many times i nearly had them yet every single time they are near to death he spawns his cheese ultimate attack and ignores any of my attack even God mode and insta kills me, this is sooo broken and annoying!
  2. Yeah, I've just notice, looks like I got more grinding to do lol, I am level 34 so still a bit to go and 6 trophies left. I wonder once the game is patched will they add them 'km' We have actually done so far or not?. 15 minutes looking for a games without cross play 10 seconds with it on, can easily tell where the majority of players is from... seems like ps5 community is fairly dead.
  3. Well even to get him down twice is better then once Level is not to bad, i have done like 11 levels recently, played few days for several hours, missions is the main thing to do, some give you like 25k exp and 28 is a lvl up, so try to focus on them and it helps me a lot also been good at the game gives a fair bit of xp byt yeah that's not me I am afraid , i mean i got far better then at the beggining but cros play has ruined it for me ;P, and to get constant new games it is better to have it on. And when it comes to 'distance' wait for June patch, this trophy will be fixed so all you got to do is run around and it should stack from every game fro You i only wonder if it will add my km from tracker as it is 2x more than trophy shows?
  4. So what i just did is when i got an opponent down I decided to wait for him to get up and down him again with crossbow( 3 shots) and shotgun(2 shots) from very close distance and i did it like 10 times each before the wave came and then as a gratitude i let him live and he didn't fight me we just went separate ways. Anyway if You get lucky to be in a good spot and will down a player try not to finish him off just yet farm this metod as much as You can also You can use your skills on him while he is on the ground and it will stack towards trophies, Hope this can help a little edit: just did it again only about 5 times because someone interrupted but yeah it dose work
  5. Finally!!, thx for the info!! I have this problem I am so happy it gets fixed : PS5 – The adaptive triggers no longer get stuck in an unintended “activated” state JUNE UPDATE PRE-PATCH NOTES The Trophy/Achievement “From Prague to Malmö” has been fixed (finally!)
  6. I hope so! I have nearly 200 km from all 3 modes according to tracker, got 2nd recently and game updated from 39km to 52km...
  7. Just started my 2nd playthrough , I have missed two artifacts in the first two chapters, once picked them up trophy popup, so there is no need to collect everything again on 2nd run Edit: Just got the only missing skill from 1st playthrough and I also got a trophy.
  8. Atm I don't get any progress at all even if I am in top 2 but yes I think sometimes is worth waiting, I died but my teammate got to 2nd place once game finished and a 🏆 pop-up for being in top 3, didn't expect that at all. As for this throphy it's just worth waiting while they are looking at this issue, hopefully will get patched soon.
  9. Exactly, it's free and there are Vampires 😁