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  1. I hope so! I have nearly 200 km from all 3 modes according to tracker, got 2nd recently and game updated from 39km to 52km...
  2. Just started my 2nd playthrough , I have missed two artifacts in the first two chapters, once picked them up trophy popup, so there is no need to collect everything again on 2nd run Edit: Just got the only missing skill from 1st playthrough and I also got a trophy.
  3. Atm I don't get any progress at all even if I am in top 2 but yes I think sometimes is worth waiting, I died but my teammate got to 2nd place once game finished and a 🏆 pop-up for being in top 3, didn't expect that at all. As for this throphy it's just worth waiting while they are looking at this issue, hopefully will get patched soon.
  4. Exactly, it's free and there are Vampires 😁