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  1. Unlocked for me after completing first part of Oracle.
  2. I have the same problem. All files collected (except DLC files) and no trophy. Any ideas?
  3. Add me pls.
  4. Any good place to grind time-based deliveries? Just figured out re-deliveries don't count towards this trophy which is really stupid! It needs to be all unique deliveries.... more grind to already over-grinded game...
  5. True, had the same problem few weeks back, now I have only 1 trophy left as I'm trying to grind gameplay accolade. Great post, thanks!!!
  6. So, I was playing connected to the network and got few accolades after I reached like level 10 or so and the trophy for 1 accolade at level 2 (Progress) unlocked for me but not the Mastery Trophy (Level 6 w/1 accolade)... is it glitched or should I restart the game offline??? Any input would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Accolades are not working, updates backwards for me, for ex. need 2 miles to get accolade, after completing event I need 8 miles? LOL
  8. It's still broken, going backwards what a joke....
  9. How you make this glitch work? Spam X when ?
  10. Thanks!!! I'll try tonight
  11. Stupid question - How to get Premium Order??
  12. Amazing game, simple as that!!!
  13. I almost never can do mission in time... ridiculous.
  14. Thanks, I did it - took 1,5h lol
  15. Anyone can help, just need 2 more wins!!!!