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  1. Thanks!!! I'll try tonight
  2. Stupid question - How to get Premium Order??
  3. Amazing game, simple as that!!!
  4. I almost never can do mission in time... ridiculous.
  5. Thanks, I did it - took 1,5h lol
  6. Anyone can help, just need 2 more wins!!!!
  7. Was close to doing the same yesterday... Gold missions are ridiculous...
  8. I have no much of a complain about trophy list, the only trophy I truly hate is 70 gold medals, it's ridiculous - you don't know what you need to do to get gold rating, and if you check online you spoiler it, plus it's some stupid almost impossible time frames for some missions.
  9. No, need to check that Valentine stables again but I doubt.
  10. No I know, no offense taken.
  11. Does it still work? I have started Money Lending V but never found the marker on the map to finish it. Is it required for the trophy?
  12. For me I just started part V and then the "$" marker does not show up on the map anywhere...
  13. This trophy is the stupidest part of the game, what a joke - 70 gold medals wtf...